The East is Dead

H. Numan, who is based in Bangkok, sends this report on the current socio-political crisis in China.

The East is Red Dead

by H. Numan

Football is a sport. Sometimes a deadly sport. I’m talking of course about what Americans call soccer and the rest of the world football. It even caused a war in 1969. Right now, it’s causing massive uprisings in China. Something nobody, least of all Chinese censors, could foresee. Likely with deadly consequences for the entire world.

Football is hugely popular in China. The Qatar World Championships are shown live on Chinese TV. The censors clearly forgot that TV cameras will show not just the players, but also the crowds. Who are sitting side by side, shoulder to shoulder, without wearing masks. Chinese citizens are not stupid. They probably heard stories about the West being no longer in lockdown. Now they see those ‘wild conspiratorial rumors’ confirmed. By their own government.

At the same time an unfortunate accident happened in Xinjiang. A building caught fire while the city was under lockdown. The residents were welded inside their building. Literally. Municipal workers welded the doors and the locks shut. That happens a lot during Chinese lockdowns. The people had no way to escape the fire, and firemen couldn’t enter the building. Ten people lost their lives.

The news of the fire combined with the championships made the population explode in anger. Ordinary Chinese citizens could see with their own eyes, on state TV, that the outside world was okay after Covid. All their suffering and hardship was, and is, in vain.

This is by far the biggest crisis the Chinese Communist Party has faced since Tiananmen Square in 1989. It may very well grow into something much bigger, because the Tiananmen Square riots were not widespread. Only some students revolted, and only in Beijing and a few other large cities. With, at that time, nearly a billion people, ‘some’ students does quickly add up. Also, nobody outside university campuses knew about Tiananmen Square. It could be controlled. The current riots are all over the country, by enraged ordinary citizens.

There is no formal cadre or leadership in this outburst. People have simply had enough. All over China riots are flaring up. So far, nothing that the police can’t handle. Demonstrating in China is highly illegal. Any gathering of more than a few people is closely watched, and often dispersed quickly by the authorities. Even if it is a ‘long live Xi Jinping!‘ demonstration. With extreme violence, if that becomes necessary. That’s the situation the authorities face right now. How to handle it? Difficult to say. Normally the riot police would be sent in. That probably would make things far worse, causing more and much bigger riots.

They could give in, and ease the Covid lockdown regulations. However, that will very quickly cause more problems. You see, China isn’t a superpower. It is a lower income country with a huge population, some nukes and a very bad public health system. Under the most oppressive regime since Mao.

Xi Jinping, the present chairman just got his tenure extended. He is effectively president-for-life. Technology gave him much more of a grip on society than was possible under Mao or even in the DDR. With much Western support, by means of Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter, China was able to control its population to an extent few people in the West would think possible. Xi Jinping used it to build his own power base. Don’t believe a word of anti-corruption in China. It’s as hollow and meaningless as anti-corruption in Thailand. In Asia, notably China, corruption is endemic. Built into the system. Anti-corruption simply means replacing corrupt officials with your own cronies.

Xi Jingping used it to rule with more personal power than Mao had. Yes, including Little Red Books. Right now, China is a one-man show. Because Xi doesn’t like bad news. He shoots the messenger. After you’ve done that a couple of times, nobody bears him bad messages. Contradicting the leader, no matter how justified, is life-threatening in China. However, he is only one man. Even the best and most benevolent leader in the world has 24 hours in a day, and one brain to work with. Everybody else does what they think the leader wants them to do, in that situation. Nobody is stupid enough to go ask him. That’s the end of your career, and very likely your life as well.

We see that with the Covid pandemic. It started in China, remember? It could have been controlled — possibly — at the outset, but the Chinese authorities tried to sweep it under the rug. Once the situation got out of hand, they reacted with lockdowns and their own vaccine, Sinovac. That is what Xi Jinping decided, so that is what we will do. It seemed to work, for a while. Even when the vaccine became available, it was the least efficient anti-Covid vaccine. Right now it doesn’t work at all. The current mutations, beginning with Omicron, make it completely ineffective. The only way China was able to keep the pandemic under control was by enforcing draconian lockdowns.

People are locked up wherever they are when a lockdown is enforced. That might be at home, if you’re lucky. It might be at work. In that case, that’s where you stay. For weeks. Nobody can leave or enter the factory. You and your colleagues work, eat, sleep and live on the work floor. Until the lockdown is lifted. It happened that people on a domestic flight arrived in their destination to be locked up in the terminal. They came from a virus-free area, but entered after a lockdown was enforced. So at the airport, they’ll stay. Or even in an amusement park. For as long as is required.

That created a lot of pressure on the population. Pressure that is exploding. First that fire in Xinjiang. Immediately followed by the football championships in Qatar. Until now, people accepted their fate. But since they can see with their own eyes the world outside China is back to normal, they started to riot. That’s a huge problem for the CCP, and effectively impossible to solve:

Heavy handed won’t work. It’ll aggravate the situation. Sooner or later leaders will emerge and make more demands.

Lifting Covid restrictions is even worse. China doesn’t have much health care to begin with. Their system can’t handle the situation as it is. Covid infections are rising already. Supposing they lift restrictions, the pandemic will flare up immediately.

Once it gets out of control in China, you can be 100% sure we will be hit as well. Be aware that Covid 2.0 may be coming soon.

How events will unfold, I have no idea. This is a suddenly-emerging crisis. The only thing I’m certain of is that it’s going to be very bad.

— H. Numan

53 thoughts on “The East is Dead

  1. I cannot understand why China, which does what it wants, can’t just roll out Ivermectin and put an end to it. What do they owe the WHO and Pfeizer? India did it, China should do it. They could make tonnes of Ivermectin themselves.

    So stupid.

    • I second what Sara said.

      Why in the world does the CCP not distribute Ivermectin to everyone? It is absolutely known to work extremely well and quickly.

      In Uttar Pradesh, a province of 240 million in India, public health officials effectively crushed Covid last year in the span of roughly one month. How did they do it? They distributed emergency Covid kits to every man, woman, and child containing vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc, and…..Ivermectin. From mid-May to late June 2021 they went from 30,000 new cases of Covid PER DAY to about one or two dozen new cases a day.

      So why don’t the ChiComs do likewise, instead of their ridiculous lockdowns? Can the CCP really be that monumentally stupid?

      • They went full totalitarian, and now they can never admit ivermectin works. Even if that means they have to slaughter tens of thousands of protestors. To admit ivermectin works completely destroys the entire narrative of the past two years, and everyone who pushed it, in a single blow. Never happen.

        • I’ve read all the comments here, and not one has mentioned the importance of “face”, and the loss of it, in Far Eastern culture.

      • They won’t use ivermectin for the same reason the west banned it’s use, they want to kill as many of their people as the western governments do! It’s that simple! Let’s not kid ourselves. Look around at the all-cause mortality numbers and insurance companys and the funeral businesses. Remember that the crisis was formed so that uninformed and scared people would voluntarily line up to get, what can only be perceived as a bioweapon, injected into them. And it worked on a mass scale. In 2017, Johns Hopkins, published The SPARS 2025 paper, look it up. It was the media and gov play book on how to coerce the public into its’ own suicide. Then Event 201 the final table-top exercise before this new global genocide kicked off. It’s all out there for everyone to see. Good luck to everyone, stay vigilant.

      • Ivermectin VitD and Zinc would be the smart play. But like he wrote, China is a one man show and no one wants to tell Xi that their vax isn’t working or that they simply could have gone with Ivermectin two years ago and saved many lives and untold billions of dollars/RMB. And the CCP/Xi has so much pride invested in Sinovax, to admit it’s a failure would cause the government and therefore Xi to lose face.
        The system is sclerotic and brittle.

        The whole thing has a late 1980s Romanian vibe about it.

        • Sinovax…GMAFB….It’s Mrna gene therapy manufactured with spike proteins from the Wuhan Lab with help$ from the CDC, Eco Health Alliance etc. It’s all the same poison

        • China is the testing ground of totalitarian technologies. What is happening now in China will happen tomorrow in the EU, US, Russia, Canada, you name it. Chinese good practices of society control will be used the world over.

        • Vitamin D and Zinc will help reduce the impact of most viral infections. But they will NOT prevent your infection.
          I take them religiously and at the first sign of any infection add Vit C and OTC drugs to dry up my sinuses.
          Still managed to have 3 cases of Covid in the past year. The last one hit me just after Labor Day ’22 and wound up being Long Covid. Only sick (light flu symptoms with serious burning sinuses) for 4-5 days, but it took 3 more weeks to regain my strength, and I am just now (3 months later) regaining my ability to smell and taste food.
          This is some bad [solid waste]! Especially if you are old!
          Note: I took the J&J vax Mar ’21. First two cases of Covid after that in Fall & Winter of ’21 were very mild with symptoms lasting only 2-3 days, and 2 weeks loss of smell.

      • Because in the beginning China went with the SinoShots that did not work. The lockdowns were the fallback position. The core component is that the CCP has maintained a aura of ‘always right’. To break that aura would mean disaster for Xi and the CCP.

    • Simple answer – why do you think the Communist Party of China has any interest in curing its own population??

      I can see multiple benefits of the Chinese Zero-Covid policy:

      1) Economic damage to the West
      2) Individual population control (If you happen to be where the Party don’t want you to be, your “Covid App” will turn “red” and you must “self isolate” or else…

      Communists don’t care about the people, unless the people are able to work in Uranium mines and such…

      • Also, it gave an excuse to cripple the economy with COVID-restrictions, fatally damaging Trump’s chances of re-election.

        The economy was doing fine under Trump pre-covid. I recall a betting market, pre covid, giving Trump around 80 percent chance of re-election. But when the covid lockdowns started, that betting market gave Trump less than 50 percent odds.

    • Communists have a hard time changing horses and they’ve built the lockdown/vaccine narrative. It would effectively mean admitting they were wrong, and that likely ain’t happening

    • I think that any benefit Ivermectin provides against SARS-CoV2 is secondary — by reducing the burden of parasitic infection, people’s immune systems are better able to respond to Covid, particularly where the overall population is younger. China has developed enough that parasitic infection burden is low, and it’s population is older, so widespread ivermectin use might not bend the curve as much as it may have in India, Brazil, and Africa.

    • Ivermectin is not a miracle cure for covid. The high quality studies that show benefit do so almost exclusively in countries with high levels of parasite infestation — Bangladesh, Egypt, Brazil, Paraguay. Ivermectin works against covid there because it kills parasites. Parasites such as worms have a significantly detrimental effect on the immune system. When you remove the parasites, the immune system is better at fighting the virus. So, ivermectin *does* work — if you have a parasite load. If you don’t, it’s likely not the wonder drug many think.

  2. Covid 2.0 huh? What another WEF / WHO scam? I doubt that the Global Great Unwashed even those inside the Middle Kingdom will be taken in with another medical mass con job like the Covid 1.00 in-your-face planetary insane asylum street theater. I think the general population have finally seen the “mRNA Gene injections , masks, social distancing ‘ Pied Piper movie once too often to fall for another Gates and Fauci rerun show.

  3. I don’t know about that.
    Here in South Africa, Chinese people come and go and they must have noticed that we’re not having Lockdowns or walking around with the muzzle either.
    And I’m pretty sure they talk about that when they fly back to China.
    Just yesterday one of my customers introduced his father to me, just arrived from China for a 4 weeks holiday.
    He’s from a town called “Shanwei” if I had understood correctly.

    Also the Covid numbers are going up because of these Lockdowns, people have no chance to get immune in the first place, and I’m pretty sure the CCP and Xi know about that, but don’t care, because letting nature run its course would deprive them of Power.
    Something they will not give up, even the smallest amount.

    • “Covid numbers are going up because […] people have no chance to get immune in the first place”

      — Immune to what? PCR tests?

      • Immune to CCP bovine excrement.

        I’m pretty sure that these lockdowns are about controlling people and having régime opponents “die of COVID” while in quarantine, or things of that general nature, by now.


      • I can’t remember now in which publication I read it, it’s some weeks back, but there they said in the study that only about 12% of the Chinese population is immune to the Kung-flu because of these draconian lockdowns.
        And that PCR-test is obviously the “excusing” tool of how many are being “infected”, so that they can keep these draconian Lockdowns going on.

        • The PCR tests are the garbage and also unfortunately the key to all this [odiferous substance].

    • The lead picture made me think of Simon Bolivar’s comment… ” to serve a revolution is to plough the sea”.

      It appears the Chinese are not only ploughing, but harvesting and dancing in celebration as well.

  4. “Covid 2.0 may be coming soon”

    — You mean Covid PSYOP 2.0

    No way they can pull the same trick once again in Europe, though — at least not without getting psysical … But now it’s the Shortage Psyop and the War Psyop that are going on, anyway.

    Combine the two: jab for food, hungry sheople? You’ll only need a CBDC account for getting your fresh fried cockroach ration, not a big deal…

  5. Can any of these knowledgeable correspondents post the Covid trial results on ivermectin from reputable medical journals. They are urgently needed to support their contentions. I am holding my breath so please hurry!

    • I am sorry to let you know, but… there are no reputable medical journals left. Your best option would be to speak with the people in Uttarpradesh.

      Of course, Numan is wrong, and Cina had other options. China could do what Sweden did. But someone somewhere decided that the Chinese will be world leaders in lockdown. And here we are.

  6. It could be this new strain is one of those they cooked up in Boston that is guaranteed to kill 80% of every age group . The sheeples will forget Ivermectin in their rush to get vaxxed , heh . Death is a great motivation for most people . Unfortunately there are those stubborn types like me that have repeatedly faced death and came out on the other side not giving a f**k . That may spoil the game .

    • Yep, the Grim Reaper is an old acquaintance to everyone from the moment they are conceived.
      Most of us just don’t know when he’s coming to invite us to stay.

      I grew up with the notion that we’re born astride a grave, and if you live your Life knowing that, you live your Life.

  7. Like Let’s Go Brandon here, the Canuckistan truckers, voters in Brazil and Mexico.

    The world, not one country, not even a continent (Revolution of 1848), but the whole damned world is getting fed up and, if it all goes boom, no place for the Davos crowd to hide.

  8. The ego of the Western dissident is ever his down fall.
    I find it astounding how quickly they will jump on board with their own vile governments lines if it affords them the opportunity to talk trash about their perceived foes.

    Just setup Russians, Iranians, or the Chinese as the opponent and the Western dissident will gladly parrot the globalist talking points.

  9. Whereas the US and West have killed hundreds of times the number who died in China with a deadly vax and dangerous to lethal treatments for an otherwise unremarkable flu—and no one is demonstrating in the streets…

    • That’s because the West & the US has so much more to lose than the Chinese people at this point. It will only be once the US population have nothing more to lose they will stand.

  10. Power hungry leaders usually don’t know how bad they are. Their poor leadership influences all the underlings, to do and practice the same awful things, and the sickness works its way down to the base. Then the putsch back (sorry, couldn’t help it) begins working it’s way back to the top. The underlings, having been bad-practicing for years, have somewhat atrophied. They often believe they should double down on the beatings, until morale improves. What you get then is a poorly working behemoth, laboring to produce quotas that are being sabotaged from the bottom, and then through out the machine. It’s not the Chinese at fault here, just them taking their leaders offerings, which are lies, corruption, and more lies. The megalomaniacs who arise here and there in the world never seem to get the punch line: Absolute power not only corrupts the absolute rulers, but everything and everyone around them, absolutely. Want a productive, law abiding, happy populace? Listen to what they tell you, help them achieve their ambitions, not your own, and rule with the lightest touch possible. The only people who complained about Jesus Christ walking around Judea, preaching, healing, feeding, and giving people hope, were the morons He was showing to be poor leaders.

    • Unfortunately, the communists are allergic to feedback. That’s why their system always runs out of patient peons and toilet paper.

      They say the Chinese are the smartest people. So… er. It does not add up on that particular scale.

  11. “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” Sorry about my cynicism, but 1989 Redux will end with the protestors being crushed like bugs. And, when all of the shambling, texting, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, vaping, brain-dead Mall Zombies are out there buying Chinese products “for the holidays”, I doubt very much they will be concerned that the slave laborers which manufactured them are now human fertilizer or Soylent Green. Life is a vale of tears. Bleib ubrig.

  12. A society based on conformity tends to conform. Every once in a while, something provokes an outbreak of protest against repression of individual liberty, and such outbreaks cannot be allowed.

  13. “Once the situation got out of hand, they reacted with lockdowns and their own vaccine, Sinovac. That is what Xi Jinping decided, so that is what we will do. It seemed to work, for a while. Even when the vaccine became available, it was the least efficient anti-Covid vaccine. Right now it doesn’t work at all. ” Neither do “our” vaccines. Maybe they’re the same with different names?….Suckers!

  14. I have heard so many opposing views on China that I wouldn’t even believe my own lying eyes if I was an eye witness.

  15. i simply do not believe anything of the mainstream media western narrative on china. they said there were lockdowns back in 2020 but it was never on national level as done in my country and other parts of europe. I really believe there is too much fog and it is not possible to understand what happens there, most of the journalists stay sit in their town and do not even travel to talk about things they have not even seen and most times it is all a PILE OF LIES. We do not have a democracy in fact and we live under an oppressive totalitarian regime, so this narrative on china (but it may be russia, iran or any other country they dislike for totally different reasons they said (of course who is in charge in western countries does not give a … of freedom, democracy, health and wealth on the people who are peasants)).

  16. “Lifting Covid restrictions is even worse. China doesn’t have much health care to begin with. Their system can’t handle the situation as it is. Covid infections are rising already. Supposing they lift restrictions, the pandemic will flare up immediately.”

    This is nonsense. He lost me here.

  17. .

    Swedish State Radio ‘SR P1 KONFLIKT’ gives a commendable portrayal
    of the current Chinese situation – many commentaries and interviews in English and Chinese


    China’s covidprotests from within

    55 min

    Sat 03 Dec at 09.03

    Conflict meets the young Chinese who dare to stand up to the regime and defy censorship. How big a threat are they to the Communist Party’s authoritarian rule?


    The image of China’s zero tolerance policy is cracking
    Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Communist Party has conveyed the image of the zero-covirus policy as a success story compared to how the rest of the world dealt with the spread of the disease. But as the infectious Omicron variant began to spread early this year, the image of China’s strategy began to crack. When Omicron reached China’s largest city and economic centre, Shanghai, an extremely harsh and lengthy lockdown was imposed, laying the groundwork for a growing dissatisfaction with the zero tolerance policy.

    Protests gain momentum after tragedy in Ürümqi
    Protests broke out across China following a fire in a residential building in Ürümqi, Xinjiang, where witnesses say doors were padlocked and blocked in the wake of the covidence policy. One of the loudest protests was held in Shanghai, Conflict gets unique voices from inside the protest, where one of the most vocal protesters was arrested by police.

    Regime critics and former protest leaders in exile feel hope
    “It feels like a revolution,” says Zhou Fengsuo, who helped lead the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.

    Nathan Law, who was prominent in the Hong Kong democracy protests, points to the importance of protesters being tech-savvy in order to evade censorship and keep resistance to Xi Jinping and the Communist Party alive. But he also knows that standing up to the regime comes at a cost, as his own story proves.

    Uyghurs in Sweden hope Uyghur oppression will not be forgotten
    Konflikt meets Ahmed Tursun in Sweden, whose sister lived in the apartment building that caught fire in Ürümqi and became the spark that ignited the protests. Uyghurs in Sweden hope the Uyghurs are not forgotten as Chinese in other regions demand more freedom.

    In Beijing, few dare to talk about the protests
    When the radio correspondent tries to talk to Beijingers about the protests, most are very cautious.

    There is some dissatisfaction with the zero tolerance policy, but also understanding.
    Participants: Zhou Fengsuo, one of the leaders of the Tiananmen Square protests, Nathan Law, Hong Kong dissident in exile, Björn Cappelin, Institute of Foreign Affairs, “Thomas”, protester arrested in Shanghai, Ahmed Tursun, Uighur whose sister lived in the apartment building that caught fire in Ürümqi, Nijat Turcun, president of the Uighur Education Association, “Amina”, Uighur in Sweden, Beijing residents, etc.

    Program host: Robin Olin

    Reporters: Fernando Arias, Lotten Collin, Hanna Sahlberg, Björn Djurberg, Simon Leplâtre
    Technicians: Jacob Gustavsson

    Producer: Anja Sahlberg

    Music played in this episode
    Ólafur Arnalds – Zero
    Ólafur Arnalds
    some kind of peace
    Label: Decca Music Group Ltd.

  18. .


    How the COVID-19 vaccine may transform humanity forever,
    going from HUMAN 1.0 to HUMAN 2.0

    This video is banned on social media, because it’s so powerful and true.
    Download and upload it wherever you can. Share truth worldwide!

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