The Ingratitude of the Ungrateful

Migrants in Austria have taken to the street to protest the humiliating conditions they are forced to endure in their asylum accommodations.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from eXXpress. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Inhumane”: Migrants are now demonstrating against their asylum quarters

The asylum situation in Austria has recently caused a lot of excitement. Because of the “inhumane asylum policy”, the migrants are now taking the floor themselves. A rally and a demonstration will take place in Innsbruck on Friday. [I’m pretty sure that this turned out “peaceful”]

After the asylum situation recently caused a stir, the migrants themselves took the floor in Innsbruck today. They call for a day of protest against the “inhumane asylum policy of Tyrol and Austria”, reports the Kurier.

A rally has been underway in front of the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum since 1pm. In the evening hours (6pm) another demonstration is planned at the Anna Column in the city center. In addition to the “grueling asylum procedures”, the “inhumane accommodation” is also criticized.

Tents have “taken the situation to the extreme”

“The problem begins with mass accommodation or containers in which refugees live with several people in one room for years and thus have practically no privacy,” says an advertisement. This was “taken to extremes” when migrants were housed in tents all over Austria or “in makeshift halls such as in Kufstein, where more than thirty people sleep in one room.”

Afterword from the translator:

I somehow cannot imagine that these people stayed in 5-star hotels all the way into Europe on their “flight”? Can anyone? I rather doubt it.

I believe it was Elbert Hubbart who said something along these lines: “The ungrateful is one who has got something for nothing and wants more.” And that is exactly what these invaders are doing, demands after demands, as if they had been invited. As far as I remember, when my grandfather’s eldest brother had to flee the Nazi regime, at first into the Soviet Union and then from there to Canada, he never got anything for free — maybe a meal here and there or a lift — otherwise he had to foot the bill himself with casual work or the selling of his ever-shrinking valuables. No money for roof and food from the Russians or Canadians for a German refugee. And these people? They most likely want even their travel expenses paid back by the Austrian or German taxpayers. These people are all, by the looks of it, UNGRATEFUL and HATEFUL towards their “host”.

“Do the ungrateful no favors lest you make an enemy of them. The guilt of gratitude weighs heavily on him and makes him angry.” — Andreas Laskaratos (1811-1901)

12 thoughts on “The Ingratitude of the Ungrateful

    • What these criminally stupid European “invaders welcome” types don’t grok is that sending them back to wherever they come from even if it involves forcibly deporting them is the most humane thing that could be done for them. Because there will one day come a point when the current crop of ignorant and/or evil globalist European leaders will be replaced by those who actually have the interests of their ethnic kinsman at heart and those who don’t belong in Europe will instead be permanently deported via bullets to the backs of their heads.

      • That is exactly what is coming and the sniveling left and their feminaxi’s, gai worshipers and alphabet people will find to their collective horror, that it is not nice to wake that European man to he can do what he does best, conquer and kill all who vex him.

  1. These 3rd world vermin do this because they know they have lots of bleeding heart useful idiots to feel sorry for them. Purge baby Purge!

  2. In all fairness to these people, how would you feel to have spent your family’s savings to go to Europe, only to discover that you were lied to? Maybe these people should be paid to do public service announcements in their countries about how bad it is to migrate. They definitely need to be repatriated to their home region, if they can’t go home. Perhaps a small business loan combined with business classes would keep them from returning.

    • Barbara, Life ain’t fair, and never has been and never will be, these 3rd world vermin are going to go, one way or the other and it won’t be nice when Europeans wake up one day very angry these 3rd worlders are sucking their resources dry.

  3. Austria could have done so much more to secure its borders as Hungary did but they did not. I hope they realize how much harm they have caused to themselves. These migrants will never leave. They will just want more and more. I hope they enjoy each other.

    • Oh, they’ll leave alright. Just not of their own volition.

      Whether as coils of smoke from the chimneys of hundreds of crematoriums, or as minerals leaching into groundwater, they will eventually leave.

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