Marine Le Pen: “You Owe to the French People the Protection of the Law”

In the following video Marine Le Pen, who represents Rassemblement National (National Rally) in the French National Assembly, addresses the Assembly concerning the rape, torture, and murder of a 12-year-old girl named Lola by an illegal Algerian migrant whose deportation had been ordered. She directs her remarks at Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Thank you, Madame President. My question is for Madame Prime Minister.
00:05   On Friday, time stood still for all of us.
00:10   France froze in shock, pain and horror when it learned of the ordeal of little Lola.
00:17   This young schoolgirl whose life was taken in the middle of the day and in the middle of Paris
00:22   in the worst possible way. The compassion of the country for her family,
00:27   which everyone knows could be our own, is profound. Once again,
00:32   the suspect in this barbaric act should not have been on our territory
00:39   and was here for over three years. Another instance too many.
00:44   And you will not be able to evade the subject as you do in all circumstances,
00:50   and as the Minister of Injustice has just done, shouting “political exploitation”
00:55   and attacking those who are outraged, with this hackneyed argument.
00:59   Far too many crimes and offenses are committed by illegal immigrants
01:05   whom we have not wanted to nor been able to send back home.
01:10   The Prefect of Police, [Didier] Lallement, writes it himself in his book:
01:14   he says that one out of every two crimes in Paris is committed by a foreigner,
01:19   who is often in an illegal situation. Without fail, Madame Prime Minister,
01:24   we have questioned you about this migratory laxity and about the obligations to leave the country,
01:30   90% of which are not carried out. I did so, just this past July, on the 12th, without any response.
01:38   The government’s delayed response to this unbearable murder proves that
01:44   you have not anticipated the immense, deep emotion that
01:48   this drama has aroused in the heart of the French people. What a pity.
01:54   However, you still must provide answers urgently, and uncompromising solutions so that the law
01:58   is applied and respected in our country,
02:02   because you owe to the French people the protection of the law.

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5 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen: “You Owe to the French People the Protection of the Law”

  1. We are hopefully only temporarily stuck in this absolute insanity. This vile ideology with its open disdain for humanity in general
    and European in particular. Easy to understand why some African countries simply wiped them out.

  2. Hello Miss Piggy

    There is little problem with your translation of the speech at 1 min 19 s . Marine Le Pen is saying “cent fois” ( hundred times” ) and not “sans foi ” (which means “without faith” ) , words that you translated as ” without fail” “Cent fois” and “sans foi” has exactly the same pronunciation in french, this probably explains the confusion.
    “Cent fois ” in french, is a metaphoric way of saying ” a lot of times” . Marine Le Pen does not mean actually that she said the same thing exactly one hundred times, of course…

  3. Dear Docdory,
    Thank-you for your comment. I work with a team of translators and normally only do German translation. Unfortunately, we lack a native French speaker on our team and if you would be interested in doing translations – please let Baron know.

    French is my 3rd language and I don’t use it on a regular basis, so errors are to be expected. I WOULD WHOLE-HEARTEDLY give this challenge to someone more able.

    With kind regards,

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