Eric Zemmour: The Government No Longer Has Any Legitimacy

Earlier this week I reported on the horrific murder of Lola, a 12-year-old French girl who was killed a week ago. Lola was raped and tortured before being murdered by an Algerian culture-enricher — who was in the country illegally, and should already have been deported.

In the following clip from a French talk show, the popular commentator and former presidential candidate Eric Zemmour discusses the murder of Lola, and the culpability of various governments that enabled the crime with their lax immigration policies.

Note: this clip is a composite of three separate Twitter videos, so the transcript at the bottom of this post shows the times from the original videos.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   This was a terrible murder of little Lola, who was raped,
00:05   tortured and found in a trunk. It’s a murder that stirs all of France,
00:10   which shocks all of France, too. Naturally. An Algerian suspect,
00:14   in France illegally, was quickly arrested. It’s a subject which,
00:20   understandably, unleashes passions and anger. This morning,
00:24   we’ll try to understand your position. You have decided,
00:28   Eric Zemmour, to participate in a demonstration in reaction to this murder.
00:35   Why would you do this, Mr. Zemmour, while the family of Lola, who is not yet buried,
00:39   has expressed a wish for no political exploitation?
00:43   What do you not understand concerning this wish, Mr. Zemmour?
00:47   I understand very well! First of all, you said it yourself, it’s a horrible crime.
00:53   It’s a crime that touches us all, that turns us upside down, that revolts us.
00:57   You know, we all have children. We all have a sister or know a little girl.
01:03   We identify with this family. We identify with this poor child.
01:09   For myself, I confess to you that I was, I don’t know how to say it,
01:14   in a state of emotion that cannot be described.
01:20   I too have a daughter, though she’s a few years older than this poor child.
01:24   We all imagine ourselves, you know, being in the same situation.
01:27   Mr. Zemmour, do you understand that the emotions of the family must be respected?
01:31   I respect them. —There’s a spirit of essence —Of course, Madame,
01:34   I respect them. And how! It is precisely because I respect her that I do all this.
01:41   Because, you know, I saw [Economy] Minister Bruno Le Maire on your show last night,
01:47   asking, like you, for decency and silence. —It’s for Lola’s family, he’s asking.
01:53   Of course. Well, we know very well what will happen.
01:57   If we don’t talk about it, if we remain silent, in three days, there will be another subject.
02:04   We’re familiar with the media rhythm. We know this method.
02:09   And so, what are all the people telling us? —Mr. Zemmour, there is a big difference
02:13   between… —What are all the people saying who blame us for political exploitation?
02:17   There’s a difference between being silent… —They’re telling us to shut up.
00:00   So when we speak of political exploitation, it’s really just one-eyed political exploitation.
00:04   When the poor child Aylan was on the beaches of the Mediterranean,
00:09   what didn’t we say?! Plastered everywhere, he was in every headline!
00:13   “Special reports” on television news, etc. Then there was Adama Traore,
00:18   who died fighting with the police. There was no holding back! Nothing that wasn’t said!
00:24   The difference between him [and Lola]: it’s only been two days! —And there was George Floyd;
00:28   once again no one called for decency at all. So I don’t understand. If that’s so, why do we have to
00:33   talk about certain cases? —You make a distinction between… —But others we’re not allowed?
00:37   Certain victims and other victims? Based on what? —I feel like we’re making a distinction.
00:40   Based on what, Eric Zemmour? —Well, I’m asking you. Is it about skin color?
00:44   Is it about nationality? Is it about the nationality of the criminal? You see! So I…
00:52   But the difference this time is that the victim’s parents don’t want it politicized.
00:56   Dear Madame… —We can keep repeating that. —Dear Madam, the parents of the victim are,
01:02   I have the most infinite respect and compassion for these people. I tell you, I identify with them.
01:10   Excuse me. This story goes beyond these parents.
01:15   The whole of France is concerned, and because this is not the first crime of this type.
01:20   There have been countless crimes in previous years committed by illegal aliens.
01:26   Let’s remember these two little girls, at the Marseille station, killed by a Tunisian.
01:30   Let’s remember the priest, killed by a Rwandan. Let’s remember the woman, raped by an Algerian,
01:35   by a Kosovar. All these topics, we’re familiar with because each time it’s the same story.
01:39   These are people who shouldn’t be in France, who are receiving the famous OQTF,
01:43   Obligations de Quitter le Territoire Français [deportation orders]. —We’ll talk about that.
01:47   And they never leave! Why? Because the police arrest them, put them in a detention center or not,
01:54   but in the end, they’re never deported. I’m saying that this is the government’s responsibility.
02:00   The government, you know, as we learned when we were students. The government’s
02:04   legitimacy is founded on the protection of all. This is why each of us has renounced taking justice
02:10   into his own hands. If the state is no longer doing its job, there is a major problem!
02:15   That’s why I don’t want us to be silent.
00:00   You only point to the government’s responsibility,
00:04   naming Eric Dupont-Moretti, Gerald Darmanin, as if they were responsible for this murder
00:08   and you somehow exonerate the alleged murderer. She’s is at the heart of the subject,
00:13   more than the responsibility of politics. —I completely agree with you
00:17   that individual responsibility should be restored. Yeah, you’re right. She killed someone.
00:22   It’s wasn’t Darmanin or Dupont-Moretti, I never accused them of murder!
00:26   I’m simply saying, let me repeat it… —You imply complicity… —Legitimacy…
00:30   Just as you did in front of the Bataclan, by saying that Francois Hollande was responsible
00:35   for the Bataclan attacks. —Yes. Yes, just a moment… —You often do that, point to the
00:38   responsibility of the president. —But Madame, if he doesn’t want to be responsible…
00:43   for tragedies. —If he doesn’t want to be responsible, he shouldn’t be President of the
00:47   Republic. I repeat, the legitimacy of the government, for 2,000 years, has been the protection
00:53   of its “subjects” under the King and of the citizens since the Republic.
00:59   If it doesn’t protect them, it no longer has any legitimacy. You understand?
01:03   It no longer has the legitimacy to collect taxes, it no longer has the legitimacy to have
01:08   a monopoly on violence, it no longer has the legitimacy to forbid citizens to defend themselves!
01:12   It is fundamental! It is the social pact. So yes, yes the government is responsible.
01:16   It’s not solely responsible; all the preceding governments are also responsible.

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  1. What if it is all part of the Great Reset Leap Forward and all of these clowns in power are to mock us?
    Dumbed down and distracted to the point of not even noticing a revolutionary worldwide coup.
    Be ready for anything and discard outmoded ways of thinking as this is a Brave New World.

    • Those “outmoded ways of thinking” could very well be the ones that have kept us alive through the millenia. We humans are programmed to know what’s bad for us.

  2. That woman is hopeless. If she were raped by an illegal Muslim immigrant in France she would probably say it was her own fault for wearing a skirt. If she were killed also her family would say,” Don’t politicize our daughter’s murder.”

    This is how cultures and countries die. Western Europe is totally Eloi.

    • Great you reminded HG Wells, a first tier visionnary. I think his Time Machine was first published 120 years ago and its vision is much closer to reality than all,the other dystopies, Orwell, Huxley…

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