The Silent War Against the Germans

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the news portal

The Silent War Against the Germans

It happened again: a Somali immigrant randomly stabbed young Germans. This time the victims were young men who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Again, attempts will be made not to give the victims a face. It is the wrong victims that our Federal President Steinmeier is reluctant to commemorate, because he cannot indulge in his eternal cult of guilt and hold up the mirror to the majority of society that they have failed again. Last year in Würzburg the victims were German women; in Dresden they were homosexuals. The perpetrators were always said to be in an “exceptional psychological situation” and then everything quickly returned to business as usual. It will be the same again in Ludwigshafen.

And how does it continue? The next attack will not be long in coming. NRW [North Rhine-Westphalia] Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) announced in August that in the first half of 2022 alone, no fewer than 7,131 “crimes involving stabbing weapons” were recorded — in this one federal state alone. That corresponds to thirteen attacks per day — not counting a considerable number of unreported cases. This trend will continue to increase with ongoing and currently exploding illegal immigration. It is only the most spectacular cases that make it into the mainstream media for a short time.

Concealed Facts

On the other hand, one can read every day everywhere in Germany, at least in the local media, about rape, serious physical injury and murder of those who “have been living here for a long time” by men who came to Germany supposedly “seeking protection” — these almost always belong to the Islamic culture. This is a fact that is either hushed up or put into perspective — and anyone who dares to state it openly is denounced as “Islamophobic” (the Islamists’ combat term), “right-wing” and “Nazi”, or more appropriately, accused as “servant” of certain “narratives”. No other people in the world deny crimes against their own citizens in a way comparable to the Germans.

Since Maria from Freiburg, Mia from Kandel and Susanne from Wiesbaden, hundreds if not thousands of victims have been added who rarely make it into the national press as so-called “individual cases”. They are women, homosexuals and also men: people who became accidental victims because so-called “refuge seekers”, who were able to get into Germany unchecked and unhindered, had destroyed their lives and those of their families. Merkel’s legacy is only just beginning to take effect.

Deafening silence

And those in politics? The silence is deafening. On the contrary, with the basic income one creates the next incentive to immigrate to the German social system. People are taken indiscriminately from Afghanistan, and countries like Greece and Italy also want to relieve the burden of “refugees” — as if the majority of them wouldn’t end up in Germany within a short time anyway. Those in government at the federal, state and local level believe that currying favor with Islamic values would soften the immigrants. In doing so, they criminally fail to recognize that many of them have not the slightest interest in the values that made our society the successful, peaceful and free country that Germany became after 1949 and that have distinguished us for decades.

On the contrary; they often reject them deeply, and every step back we take is understood not as a gesture of friendship but of weakness. Like the unlawful approval of the muezzin call, which is now calling out to everyone in the cathedral city of Cologne that there is “no god but Allah”. Ultimately, this is an order to all Muslims to spread their own faith among the so-called unbelievers — in extreme cases, in accordance with the Quran, even through violence.

Ex-Muslims and renegades live dangerously

Of course, not all immigrants agree. It’s annoying to have to keep pointing out this trivial fact. Also, most immigrants are not knife offenders — but most knife offenders are immigrants. There are undoubtedly many great people among the immigrants, including some who fled from the conditions in Islamic countries and who enrich our society; only they are not thanked for it. On the contrary, one’s own cultural circles perceive it as disturbing or undignified when ex-Muslims in particular profess the values of our society and warn against the influence of Islam; many express corresponding criticism at the price of being threatened and persecuted even in Germany.

But that’s not all: it can even be observed that those people who have not veiled their origin, have a regular job and have a fixed address are at greater risk of being among the few who are deported at all — even if they are particularly at risk in their home countries, because of their open confession that they have left Islam or because of their sexual orientation. The other, often fanatical Muslims, on the other hand, usually stay here; if they are underground, the State does not get hold of them anyway or does not dare to enforce applicable laws — the handling of clan crime speaks volumes in this regard. Many of these tolerated illegals even bring their extended family over and form clan-like structures.

2022 will surpass 2015

Even Angela Merkel, who gave the go-ahead for this irresponsible immigration, had to admit after a few years that 2015 must not be repeated. As if it has really gotten better since then! Every year, several hundred thousand Muslims immigrate to Germany with their families, and only very few have integrated or at least become net taxpayers. On the contrary, they probably burden the taxpayer with a three-digit billion amount every year. And the year 2022 will even surpass the year 2015 — because in addition to the real war refugees from Ukraine, several hundred thousands (corresponding to several entire large cities) from the Middle East and Africa are now arriving in the country.

And, above all, it is again young men from patriarchal, educationally disadvantaged societies who come across the borders without controls, but will probably never get out again — even if, like most of them, they did not flee from persecution, but rather want to participate as fortune-hunters in the supposed prosperity of Western societies. Nobody knows how many of them are Islamist sleepers or criminals. Irrespective of this, this blatant excess of men will lead to an increase in violence; young women in particular will suffer from it, but everyone else who has taken for granted living in a largely peaceful society and have therefore lost any ability to defend themselves must reckon with it to become victims.

Afterword from the translator:

It amazes me that there are still Normies out there who believe that unlimited mass-migration from hostile cultures is a good thing. Are they so gullible as to believe in this mantra “Diversity is our Strength”? Or, as I come to believe, are they so full of hatred towards their own culture and people that they will applaud and support each and every measure by the state that brings the destruction of one’s country to fruition?

If the West and the real Western values are to survive along with the people who uphold these values, then we will have to set them aside for a short time and start fighting back in the same way we’re fought against. And so that we should never have to fight the same battle twice, if we win this one, we have to make sure to crush our enemies so completely that they can never rise again.

18 thoughts on “The Silent War Against the Germans

  1. If indeed historic Germany is falling to the Saracens, in this case the Turks and their North African counterparts, then history will record that the American CIA had a role in that eventual outcome. How so? As documented in the book by Ian Johnson, “A Mosque in Munich” (2010, Houghton-Mifflin), the Central Intelligence Agency helped secure the Cold War-era foothold in Munich that the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) later used as a jumping of point for the spread of Islam throughout Germany.

    The case officers down at Langley thought they were using the Ikhwan to fight communism, but in reality, the ‘Brothers were using them as a Trojan Horse to get inside Germany, and thence all across Europe.

    In passing, it should be noted that the late Alois Schicklgruber, better known as Adolf Hitler, would have approved were he still among the living. He considered Islam the proper creed for a race of conquerors.

    • Actually, Alois was Adolf’s daddy. He was born out of wedlock, and his mother was named Schickelgruber. After he grew up, before Adolf was born, he was able to change his surname name legally to that of his stepfather. The rest, as they say, is history.

    • Georgia, sorry to disagree but even ole Hitler, though he might have admired islam, would have never in a million years allowed these GD savages into Europe and stated as such. Even General Gahlen after the war said to the spooks that allowing the muslims in would bite them as a result, the spooks at christians in action did it anyway because they thought they knew better, arrogance in action.

  2. Get out while you can. Over time it gets more difficult as your house/flat loses value. Buy elsewhere and learn another language. Rent if you still need to work in Germany and rent the home in your new country, probably Hungary.

  3. I heard Austria buying the train tickets and sending all this parasites to Germany!!, and again Gute Nacht Deutschland , just unbelievable …

  4. Hellequin GB’s question is answerable with a single word: oikophobia. Black Pigeon Speaks/Felix Rex has done at least one video dedicated to this subject, and others referencing it.

    • But, but , but I have been told by the feminaxi’s and beta males that females are equal in all ways to males????? And that white straight, alpha males are the problem, not the 3rd worlders invading us for more diversity??

  5. Hellequin makes the same mistake almost everybody else makes when chatting about these GD 3rd worlders, he says, amongst others, that some are jihadist and unter mensch, while the rest should be allowed to go about their business. This wrong headed approach is why we are where we are today, we tolerated them instead of putting the boots to them, for this is the only language these bloody savages respect and understand. Their utter refusal to even make an attempt at assimilating to our western civilization just leads to more contempt by them and fools out of the rest of the ruling useful idiots, feminaxi’s and alphabet people who want tolerance at any price and at the expense of the rest of us.

    The fact of the matter is, we cannot afford to mass depot these parasites and plague that they are, for it obvious, even with deportation orders, will not go, so they all must forced to go, all of them, and that takes a backbone and the ruthlessness to carry it out and soon, by their own actions will force us to get old testament on them with the Great Purge that I believe is coming, for history says so. They will resist at first, and then after they see we are not here to negotiate, after the first couple hundred thousands disappear, they will flee, and it cannot happen soon enough.

    • I support you.
      They must all go.

      But how do we make them to behave?

      Maybe we should look to the past.
      THEY only respect Power and brutality.
      So, what if we do this, you know, when one of them injures, rapes, murders etc one of the original people of Europe then 1.000 of THEM are executed.

  6. Have you seen many of them behaving, even in their own countries?
    I haven’t.
    My first encounter with the real face of Islam was when I was 13 years old, and we had a new addition to our class from Turkey.
    To be nice and make that boy welcome, a group of classmates decided to invite him to our homes for lunch after school, since he seemed to be a nice and well-spoken boy, although with a heavy accent.
    He in turn invited us, one by one, to lunch in his home.
    To make a long story short, the lunch was a subdued and in general unpleasant affair, no conversation or laughter at the table, and only him and his father. The mother and sister served and hid in the kitchen during my ordeal.
    I couldn’t leave afterwards fast enough and forgot my brand new Denim Jacket, so I went back and in time to see the mother throwing the cutlery, glass and crockery I had used into the trash.
    During the meal I wasn’t even surprised by the mismatched tableware, since at that time most people only took their good set out for Sunday lunches and used during the week what they had.
    That made me realize that they don’t like us, that they despise us and take any sign of a hand extended in friendship as a sign of weakness.
    I started to read their Quran afterwards and a lot became clear to me there and then.
    Needless to say, I told all my friends, and those that hadn’t him invited for lunch by now didn’t anymore.
    A year later they were gone from our little country town, moved to the Islamic State of West Berlin-istan.

    Also everyone that makes apologies for them and their behaviour should be send back along side them.

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