France: Culture-Enriching Child Murder in the Furtherance of Organ Trafficking

Last Friday a 12-year-old French girl was murdered and her body placed in a trunk. The young girl was nearly decapitated, but according to the autopsy she died of asphyxia. The principal suspect is a young woman from North Africa, and the motive was allegedly to harvest the victim’s organs.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

Paris: The body of Lola, 12 years old, discovered in a trunk, several persons arrested

A case has been opened for the murder of a minor less than 15 years of age. The hypothesis of organ trafficking has been advanced.

She was 12 years old and was returning from middle school. Her body was found Friday evening in a trunk wrapped in plastic near her home in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, and five persons have been taken into custody in the course of this macabre incident, according to information from the Prosecutor’s Office of Paris provided to Le Figaro. At this stage, the investigations have established that the victim died of asphyxiation, the same source noted.

It was 11pm when a homeless person reported to the police the discovery of an opaque box containing the body of an adolescent, in the inner courtyard of an apartment building in this eastern arrondissement of Paris. The body of the schoolgirl was concealed by fabric, according to sources close to the case. Two suitcases were placed at the side of the box.

In a video posted on Twitter by independent journalist Clement Lanot, who disclosed the discovery of the body, white tarps are hanging over one well, and police in white coveralls are working through the night. The Paris Prosecutor’s Office has opened a case for murder of a minor under the age of 15, which has been assigned to the Criminal Brigade.

Twitter insert:

The body of an adolescent born in 2010 has been discovered toning in the 19th District of Paris.
It was in a suitcase
She had disappeared yesterday afternoon as she was returning from school.
The Criminal Brigade has taken over the case.

Autopsy during the day

The trunk was found at the base of the apartment building where the young girl lived, the Prosecutor’s Office noted. Her disappearance had been previously reported to the police, a source close to the case stated. According to another source close to the case, her father, the caretaker of the building where the family resides, concerned about not seeing her return from school at 3pm, had notified his wife, who went to the police station to report her disappearance.

On her Facebook page, checked by AFP, the mother of the little girl had sent out an appeal for witnesses describing her daughter and the clothes she was wearing. Two photos accompanied this posting, one showing a smiling adolescent with long blond hair. In the second, apparently from surveillance camera images, we see her enter an apartment building. The surveillance cameras of the building clearly show the adolescent return, but she then disappears, according to a source close to the case. Le Parisien reports the remarks of a neighbor who reportedly saw the surveillance video with the father. We see the little girl accompanied by a woman in her twenties. “The woman makes a gesture to her as if she is telling her to come,” this neighbor describes: “Lola didn’t seem to be reassured at all. One can understand that what is happening is not normal.”

The hypothesis of organ trafficking?

Also according to Le Parisien, a local resident told police that a young woman, possibly the same on the surveillance video, reportedly asked him in the afternoon to help her carry a large trunk to a Dacia Lodgy [car]. According to JDD [Journal du Dimanche], the woman, North African and aged about 30, reportedly promised money in connection to “organ traffic”, but the man reportedly refused upon seeing bloody laundry in the car. An Uber driver reportedly finally helped the woman. Who, nevertheless, must have left the trunk near the residence of the young girl.

In retracing the subsequent route of the car, the investigators of the Criminal Brigade located the suspect at Bois-Colombes (Haut-de-Seine). In the evening they then arrested three persons near the location, the woman in the early morning. All were placed in custody as well as another person, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, who stated that their roles remained to be determined. The accused will reportedly be examined by medical personnel, also according to JDD, and had not yet been questioned by investigators in the afternoon.

An autopsy of the body should be performed during the day to determine the cause of death. According to sources close to the case, the initial findings show the head was almost torn off and writings on the body of the schoolgirl. Saturday morning, Manin Street, where she lived, is calm except for the presence of a technical and scientific police car in front of the child’s apartment building.

According to a report by Robert Spencer (hat tip Steen), all the arrested suspects are Muslim migrants.

4 thoughts on “France: Culture-Enriching Child Murder in the Furtherance of Organ Trafficking

  1. This really enrages me, for now these GD 3rd world savages are preying on us for body parts for money to enrich themselves, and people here wonder why I want those GD 3rd world savages gone by any means and I don’t give a damn how horrific it will be to get it done. Oh let us not forget there are thousands of European girls of all ages being trafficked to 3rd world nations on any given day and in our major cities in Europe itself being pimped out with drugs and threats of violence because our so called leaders lack a GD backbone to put a stop to it, plus the kickbacks to local officials. Give me a week, I will put a stop to it, give me a month, no 3rd worlder would ever think to touch one of ours again. My methods to the civilized would look extreme, to the uncivilized 3rd world, they would both fear and respect it. So amongst yourselves here, I ask the question? Where and when is your limit before you bloody act?

  2. This looks like another average day in another “Rainbow” Nation.
    In South Africa the papers and the MSM hardly report on this any longer, since it has become an almost daily occurrence.
    Personally I believe that in South Africa the Chinese are behind the trafficking of human organs.
    Not that this isn’t a “traditional” local problem either.
    Sangomas tend to be in need for body-parts for certain “witch-craft”.
    A human hand for instance is used, buried with the palm up at the entrance, to entice customers into a shop so that they spend their money there.
    Other parts of the body are used for different “Muti”

    Muti murders form South Africa: a case report – PubMed
    In Southern Africa, human body parts are sometimes used for medicinal (muti) purpose.

    • The bloody Bantu’s will slaughter each other till the cows come home, it is what they have done since they walked upright, I only care about our Boer and English friends who are suffering.

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