Losing Their Heads Over the Motoons (Again)

Angry culture-enrichers in France are threatening to give a teacher the Samuel Paty treatment, i.e. they intend to behead him. It’s not clear what he did to upset the soldiers of Allah, aside from the fact that he’s Jewish.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

“We’re going to make him a Samuel Paty”: A history-geography teacher threatened with death in Essonne

by Guillaume Poingt
October 13, 2022

An anonymous letter was delivered to the Georges-Brassens High School in Evry-Courcouronnes on Monday, October 10. The teacher was also the object of anti-Semitic remarks in the letter. An investigation is in progress.

A professor of history-geography at the Georges-Brassens High School in Evry-Courcouronnes in Essonne has been targeted with death threats and anti-Semitic insults in an anonymous letter delivered to the school on Monday, October 10, Le Figaro learned from the public prosecutor’s office of Evry, confirming a report by CNews. The prosecutor’s office informs us that an investigation has been opened for “death threats directed at a public service employee,” with aggravating circumstances pertaining to religion.

“The dirty Jew should stop being sly,” “We will make a Samuel Paty out of him and his father, the old Zionist rabbi,” and further, “We don’t want Jews in the high schools, stay in your synagogues,” we can read in the letter, revealed by CNews.

The teacher, who filed a complaint, was placed under police surveillance. “This is very violent, it touches me personally in my private identity, it touches me as a professor because there is the name of my colleague (Paty), it causes me anxiety… I am determined to return to teaching, but there will be a before and after,” he confided to our news colleagues.

These threats come as teachers and students prepare to honor the memory of Samuel Paty within the context of the revival of attacks against school secularism. On October 16, 2020, Samuel Paty, a 47-year-old professor of history-geography, was beheaded near his school, Bois-d’Aulne Middle School in Conflans-Saint-Honorine (Yvelines). His killer, Abdoulakh Anzorov, an 18-year-old Russian refugee of Chechen origin, accused him of showing cartoons of the prophet Mohammad to his pupils.

9 thoughts on “Losing Their Heads Over the Motoons (Again)

  1. Will we one day see boat people and caravans of heritage populations leaving the places their ancestors built?

    • And the question becomes, “Where is there to escape to?”

      The central logic of jihad is that, ‘ you can run, but you can’t hide,’ for the imperative of Islam is to rule the entire Earth. Three generations ago the idea that Europe would disappear into the dystopian 7th Century Ummah was considered ludicrous. Three generations hence it will be an accomplished fact.

      • If I may step off the boat (or what is the american expression for this?):

        Ok, lets assume the muslims rule Earth but we non-muslims did build spaceships and escaped to Mars, Mercury, Jupiter etc.

        Will the follow us?
        (Their commandment by sheep-… Mohammed – rule the ENTIRE Earth – has been fulfilled)

        Of course, does anybody expect Earth to be at peace or do you think the “disagreements” between the various sects will lead to continual warfare?

        • The world is divided into “The House of War” and “The House of Islam”. For those that think there will be “boat people” or “heritage caravans” I ask again, where do you think they can “refugee” to that is not already under attack. There is only The House of War and The House of Islam. Running away is at best a delay and at worst a betrayal of one’s ancestors and neighbors. And yes, they will follow; they cannot do otherwise.

          We are not really talking about a religion in the generally accepted meaning but a pathology. Mohammedanism is a cult of political ascendancy, wrapped in a legal mantle hidden inside a clay idol. It is the most perfect political dominance corporation yet conceived. Mohammedanism draws to it the type of personality that relishes the dominance and humiliation of others. Hitler was not enamored with it because of its antisemitism but because its requisite total supremacy over, and suppression of, any society it comes in contact with, its utter ruthlessness, and unrelenting tenacity across millennia. It was all that he had hoped the Third (Thousand Year) Reich to be but was disappointed in that Christian mores could not be completely expunged.

        • It come s down to the simplest terms Alex, and please wrap your head around it and embrace it, it is them, or it is us, it is that coldly simple. so it comes to the crux of it all, no more muslims = no more problems. What are you willing to do to ensure your heritage, bloodline and people?

      • Good point. By the way, referring to your “correction” of my Galileo reference the other day, what bio did you read on Galileo that produced your unflattering assessment of the man?

    • Chippy Morbark (great name, by the way): A sort of crypto-migration is already happening within the US, as people who seek political, ideological and medical freedom relocate to places that are, for the moment, and relatively speaking, more free. That freedom, however, is perilously fragile, if not entirely illusory.

  2. When will the French simply come out of their fog and assert, vigorously and unapologetically, that they are French supremacists?
    These barbarians stand in such sharp contrast to French civilization, I can’t even comprehend why civil war hasn’t kicked off yet. It’s not like the Muslim population isn’t goading them into it.

  3. Where to escape to?
    Won’t our “public servants” let us near the Patagonian water table bolthole or luxury cruise ships?
    Their doomsday bunkers are plush and well fitted out which is why they don’t care about starting WWIII.
    Find somewhere hundreds of miles from any university, city, government land, military bases, if it is possible on the Potemkin Ponzi prison planet.

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