Michael Stürzenberger Bashed in Gladbeck

We’ve been reporting for more than ten years on the activities of the German Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger, who is most famous for his presentations on Islam staged on Saturdays in downtown Munich.

Mr. Stürzenberger has been prosecuted multiple times for his “hate speech”, and is no stranger to physical attacks at the hands of angry Muslims. In the past I’ve posted at least one video of him being beaned with a rock by an irate culture-enricher.

Last week Mr. Stürzenberger was beaned again, this time in Gladbeck, a town in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Below are excerpts from his own video footage recorded at the event.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Live from Gladbeck, Germany — Michael Stürzenberger /BPE
00:03   Oh man! —You’re pigs! You’re pigs!
00:18   Hey, people, this is dangerous! —Here, the police.
00:36   Matthias, best regards! Hello, hello 5,000 people. Bye.
00:42   Now you see what they did to them.
00:48   Please step back. —Please get out of the way. Everyone on the street please.
00:52   You’re supposed to get out of the way! Listen to the police, got it? Just do it.
00:56   Please step back. —I’m helping you. —NO! We don’t need help!
01:00   It doesn’t look that way. Unbelievable. —Please stay back. Please stay back.
01:34   He has a weapon. A weapon. A weapon. You pulled a weapon. Hey!
01:38   You are not permitted to carry that! —You’re crappy actors.
01:44   Hey, crap, this is such crap. —Please keep your distance.
01:55   Hey, crap! It’s crap, just total crap. —He’s play-acting a bit.
02:02   Something hit me in the head. Right here, here. —Stay back, I understand.
02:07   Please step back. Back.
02:11   What was it? —I don’t know, it was something hard. —A hard object.
02:22   You only did something once he left. What was he supposed to do against all of them?
02:27   You’re just an actor. We’re doing this together… —Ouch! It hurts so much!
02:33   Oh, did you get hit with something in the head? You slanderer! —Oh, ouch!
02:39   So, I was just hit in the head with a hard object.
02:46   As you can see, up here, there’s a wound. I was chasing after
02:50   people, radical young Muslims, who were throwing eggs.
02:56   A visitor to our event was hit in the face with the egg.
03:01   She’s now on her way to the hospital in an ambulance.
03:05   We are surrounded by radical Muslims. Here, have a look.
03:22   I’m now in our van, after I was instructed to do so by the police,
03:26   due to the precarious security situation. David has taken drastic measures.
03:31   For all of two hours we were pelted with eggs,
03:36   lighters and various kinds of hard objects,
03:41   and the police did nothing. Twelve police officers stood around in a row
03:47   like tin soldiers, and not one of egg throwers was arrested.
03:53   They simply just let it happen… let it happen.
04:00   There is such a show of force here from young radical Muslims
04:04   who adhere to a political form of Islam. This guy over there is poking fun.
04:10   It’s the same guy from before that was acting so nice, y’know? With the beard.
04:14   He was saying, “Y’know, I come from Turkey and I’m against violence,” and so on.
04:17   Now he’s laughing his a** off over there. Having a good laugh, right? Laughing his a** off.
04:22   It’s always the people who act nice at first, but it’s just a mask.
04:28   However, in many of their heads the radical political Islam is ticking.
04:33   They’re just acting as if they were nice, that’s the case with many of them.
04:37   They deceive us. Taqiyya. Deceiving the unbelievers.
04:42   So right now, here on this public square, we’re surrounded by about
04:49   200-300 radical Muslims. Very young as well. I’m guessing their ages to be between 8-12 years old,
04:54   who will soon be entering the Islam boarding school to be drilled.
04:58   Now there’s a police officer laughing. He probably thinks it’s all so funny.
05:03   They’re probably thinking, “He’s getting what he deserves.” There was one police officer,
05:07   Mr. Kloppenberg, we were told by witnesses, and he even proudly
05:11   confirmed it, he said to a Muslim present here, “Don’t be provoked by this s**t!”
05:18   So what we present here, our factual presentation, according to him, is “s**t”.
05:23   A police officer said that, and it is one of the senior police officers present here.
05:27   Mr. Kloppenberg, we will be submitting a disciplinary complaint, OK? Don’t worry.
05:32   We’ve driven into a swamp here. They are standing everywhere around our van.
05:38   Yes, of course. The middle finger. Yes, yes, of course, another one.
05:43   Super. Yes, yes. Good that the police are paying attention, otherwise
05:50   they’d probably start kicking the van.
05:54   Yesterday, some of the younger Muslims, around 12 years old, threw two eggs as we drove away.
06:00   Imagine how many will be thrown today. It unbelievable what’s happening here.
06:06   In Gladbeck, there’s a wasp’s nest and we kicked it. An absolute wasp nest.

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  1. Western Europe is at the edge of the Abyss, and the way it looks to me is that Germany is already one step further.

  2. I went through one of his videos and have some remarks to make:
    St. talks without stopping for breath( he is always right and on spot btw) ,
    does not care if audience can follow. He better should pass the mike to those muslim bystanders with their short fuses and shorter intellects who would ridiculize themselves within minutes. He should know that those muslims have no serious idea about their own religion, if about anything.

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