The Ultimate Guide to Making a Globalist Death Threat

A top official of an official Austrian state media outlet expressed his wish that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán should die. What was he thinking of??

Our Hungarian correspondent László sheds some light on the issue.

George Soros with Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig

The Ultimate Guide to Making a Globalist Death Threat

by László

(An advanced course for aspiring globalists, on the art of posting about your mostly peaceful death threat against PM Viktor Orbán)


The plot of the case study below features Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary, as the target of the death-wish recently made by Karl Pachner, a top manager of the Austrian state broadcaster ORF. In the meantime, the third actor in the play, Mr. George Soros, is lurking behind some lavish Viennese Biedermeier curtains before he jumps onto the stage.

If you are an aspiring globalist, don’t miss this course! Your membership in the Comintern may depend on it!

The Case Study:

Dear Reader, please imagine that you are Herr Pachner, a devoted Austrian neocommunist entrusted with the task of holding your finger on the trigger of a subversive Weapon of Mass Manipulation misleadingly called as “Austrian state media”. Also imagine that it is a nice summer morning in Vienna, and after greeting your colleagues with a harsh “servus!” as you arrive in the office at eleven o’clock sipping your Starbucks coffee, you suddenly decide to regurgitate this pile of unwashed globalist propaganda on your private Facebook page:

“May Mr. Orbán step down soon… A heart attack would be in order, considering his corpulence and penchant for uproars. Putin, Erdogan and Orbán — if they were just no longer around, Europe would be happier, more peaceful and the world a much better place. Unbelievable, that the self-proclaimed Magyar Chief Catholic stands up for this Russian-imperialist figure. Let’s not forget when the Russians invaded Hungary (twice). This just means that Orbán is Europe’s “fifth column”. He only wants to blackmail us, due to the Hungarian corruption proceedings against his buddies and proceedings due to his destruction of press freedom and the rule of law. If it were up to me, Hungary would no longer be in the EU. What a mistake to accept this ungrateful country with its thankless and nationalistic population! Without EU funds, Hungary would be like Moldova or Bulgaria. I expect countries whose budgets we help finance to basically be accommodating, not just handholding.”

[Highlights are mine; translation by Miss Piggy, exclusively published by Gates of Vienna.]

A Course on Making a Globalist Death Wish:

OK, you aspiring globalist, a.k.a. “Herr Pachner”. Imagine again that you are in a key Intercom media position in Austria, and you have just said the silent part out loud… it would be better if the Hungarian PM died.

What were you hoping for? That the Azov terror brigade, that has put Mr. Orbán on their death-list, would immediately fulfill your wish?

No, no, no, no, no: it doesn’t work like that, Herr Pachner. Not yet.

You can’t openly pursue the policy of a deep-state-funded neo-Nazi group (Azov) and suggest that PM Orbán is a Nazi who deserves death at the same time. You must also understand that your words go beyond the accepted limits of the commie invention of “hate speech” — therefore you will not be exempt from the consequences; not even because you are a commie.

As a media expert you should have known better that the general public of your country still believes in all the [offal] your media have force-fed them for decades — ideas such as the alleged benevolence of their “philanthropic” masters (i.e. the government that represents the interests of the global parasitic overclass you are serving). And you should have known that the sheep-like naïveté of the populace must be exploited for furthering the One World Government agenda… in a stealthy way.

You must not wake the slumbering subjects up, just like that!

Because if you do, unpleasant things will happen. For example, you may stir up a diplomatic disturbance and the Hungarians will summon the Austrian ambassador to Budapest and reprimand him. The Austrian and Hungarian media will be full of your post (which you have been trying hard to delete from the public mind in vain, in your effort to save your ass). And even though your employer was trying to ride the storm out by pretending to “suspend” you; and even with your Foreign Ministry trying to save the good name of the globalist cause by “distancing” itself from your post and claiming it was just a “private” matter — it will all be in vain:

The genie is out of the bottle.

The Austrian public will start demanding that you step down from the management position of the public institution they are paying for. Therefore you will have to step down and leave your cosy office for good. And it has already happened to you. Very unpleasant.

What else did you think would happen? After all, people may realize that an expressed desire for the death of a head of government made by the head of state media might — just might – be in line with the official policy of the said state media, and, by extension, state policy.


But your gravest mistake is that your supervisors, who abide in the divine realm of the Davos mountains, cannot forgive you that you have exposed the evil nature of their agenda.

What do I mean by that? I will describe the mistakes you have made, in three points:

1. First of all, in your Facebook post you exposed the fact that your personal death-wish is not that personal, but it is part of a larger geopolitical game, by stating that:

“Putin, Erdogan and Orbán — if they were just no longer around, Europe would be happier, more peaceful and the world a much better place.”

Now, in that context you have kinda sorta wished for a political assassination. Nasty.

Yes, I know that you did it only from your liberal good intentions “to make the world a much better place” as you just said. And what could make the world “a much better place” á la John Lennon, than a mostly peaceful yet covert wish for the assassination of the democratically elected leader of a neighbouring country?

But slow down! Those smelly sheeple cannot yet grasp the benefits of such a peaceful death wish! Don’t forget that your media have been indoctrinating them into the rainbow wonders of the inevitability of “liberal” communism, where there is no more death and all tyranny stems from pure good intentions!

2. Your second huge mistake is that you exposed all the hypocrisy of the “liberal” religious tolerance when you wrote this:

“Unbelievable, that the self-proclaimed Magyar chief Catholic stands up for this Russian-imperialist figure. Let’s not forget when the Russians invaded Hungary (twice). This just means that Orbán is Europe’s “fifth column”. He only wants to blackmail us […]”

At this point, dear Reader, as an aspiring globalist you should learn what preceded all this fuss, which has most likely upset Herr Pachner so much in the first place:

The Hungarian media outlet, writes about the Pachner scandal:

As we wrote, the Austrian journalist was outraged that the Hungarian government, after weeks of debate over the oil embargo had again vetoed the EU’s anti-Russian sanctions package because of a plan to freeze the assets of Vladimir Putin’s supporter, Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, but the EU finally decided to back down after the Hungarian veto was mentioned.”

Oops, again.

So top “liberals” crack down on a religious leader and want to confiscate his personal assets. And then you, Herr Pachner, double down on this assault, in a murderous Facebook post, wishing death on the politician who protected the Orthodox Patriarch.

So far so good, but it all got exposed.

And while you, the head of the Mass Brainwashing Department of the Southern Germoneystan of Austria accuse the Prime Minister of Hungary of “blackmailing”, at the same time you are emotionally blackmailing the Hungarians by attempting to scare them with the false parallel of a “Russian invasion”, by saying:

Let’s not forget when the Russians invaded Hungary (twice).”

True, the historical Russian invasions caused an emotional trauma for the Hungarians; and now you are trying to shock them with that, so that they take in your propaganda. How liberal and humane! It does not seem to work in Hungary, though, and they will not like you for that.

But you are right: who would have thought that those stupid and muddy Magyar peasants in Budapest can speak your language at all, let alone read your high-minded Facebook post? [Ordure] happens, I agree; this part is not your fault, I must admit.

All in all, trying to scare the Hungarians with a Russian military attack is a good idea: this one scores high on your social credit card, Herr Pachner.

3. Then you, a top dog of Austrian public media, make the mistake of giving the whole Soros plan away! Ouch:

“He [Orbán] only wants to blackmail us, due to the Hungarian corruption proceedings against his buddies and proceedings due to his destruction of press freedom and the rule of law.”, goes Pachner’s narrative. [Highlights are mine]

At this point the second part of the play begins, and George Soros jumps onto the stage from behind the red curtains where he was hiding in the background.

Now, Herr Pachner. When you are conducting an Orwellian agenda in an important public position, you never let your enemies know (in this case the population you allegedly work for) that everything you say means just the opposite. And you never tell them that you are furthering the goals of George Soros Inc., which is waging war on society.

Well done; you kept it secret, at least partially: you did not tell the people what your words really mean in the commie dictionary:

“Press freedom” = 100% globalist rule over the media of a country.

As PM Orbán revealed at CPAC Hungary 2022, the conservatives must regain some control over the media. In Hungary the communist share of the media market was about 95% 15 years ago. And back then the Left called that situation “freedom of press”. Since then, the conservative movement led by PM Orbán has gained a better balance by owning about 45% of the Hungarian media market. This made the globalists furious! And so they call that new status quo “the lack of a free press”.

Herr Pachner, you should have thought of the dangers of opening your mouth too wide. Orbán knew you all along:

“This problem — if I am not mistaken, both in America and Western Europe — is the domination of public life by progressive liberals. The problem is the fact that they hold the most important positions in the most important institutions, they occupy the dominant positions in the media, and they produce all the politically indoctrinating works of high and mass culture. They — the progressive Left — tell us what is the truth and what is not, that is right and what is wrong.”, said PM Orbán at CPAC 2022.

Herr Pachner, know your enemy — because your enemy apparently knows you.

And the definition of the “rule of law,” which Herr Pachner posted about, in the commie dictionary:

“Rule of Law” = “Open Society”

Simple. But we will explain that.

Remember, Herr Pachner? You just accused PM Orbán of the destruction of “the rule of law”. Thank God Lenin, however: the ignorant majority has no idea that the “rule of law” in fact means “Open Society” in the Soros-agenda:

“Billionaire investor George Soros has said the European Union’s response to the challenge to rule-of-law conditionality in the next EU budget by Hungary and Poland; “will determine whether it survives as an open society true to the values upon which it was founded”, state news wire MTI reports, citing an opinion piece published on the website Project Syndicate.”, wrote the Budapest Business Journal, back in 2020. [Highlights are mine]

Oops — the third time.

Rule of law = Soros’ agenda

The irony of a “philanthropic” Soros minion openly wishing for the death of an enemy of the Soros mafia!

But there is even more to the “rule of law” than that: It is now an official EU agenda that is being used as a weapon against ideological dissidents — mainly against Hungary and Poland.

For God’s WEF’s sake, you never expose such connections if you are an agent planted in the Austrian public broadcaster! Never! And you should never tell the people what is written in the official EU-documents about the lack of the “rule of law” you accuse Hungary of. A paragraph from an EU-Parliament document that condemned Hungary for the lack of the “rule of law”:

“(11) In recent years the Hungarian Government has extensively used national consultations, expanding direct democracy at the national level. On 27 April 2017, the Commission pointed out that the national consultation “Let’s stop Brussels” contained several claims and allegations which were factually incorrect or highly misleading. The Hungarian Government also conducted consultations entitled ‘Migration and Terrorism’ in May 2015 and against a so-called ‘Soros Plan’ in October 2017. Those consultations drew parallels between terrorism and migration, inducing hatred towards migrants, and targeted particularly the person of George Soros and the Union.” [Highlights are mine]

OOPS. Oops, oops oops.

So one key part of the “corruption” and the lack of the “rule of law” the EU has been punishing Hungary for (with withholding enormous EU funds that are due in exchange for a lucratively dominant foreign position in the Hungarian market), is that PM Orbán engaged in a “national consultation” with his people, in which he asked them whether they wanted illegal immigration. (Mainly Islamic migration, on that note — also known as Hijra, i.e. Islamic conquest by immigration.) And yes, “those consultations drew parallels between terrorism and migration” — because there really is such a correlation. Where there is Islam, there is Jihad; and too many Hungarians know that, unfortunately for Soros Inc.

I hardly need to say that in the commie dictionary the “rule of law” has absolutely nothing to do with “the Law”. But do not leak it in a Facebook post, please!

Another key part of the “rule of law” in the EU is that one should never ever “target” George Soros, as you could see from the above. Oh, yes, you heard that well: the person of Soros is a “legal” ground in an EU document (!). — So what?

The above mentioned EU document also explains that the “rule of law”, as such, is tied to the “future of Europe”:

“[…] recalling the historic importance of the ending of the division of the European continent and the need to create firm bases for the construction of the future Europe, confirming their attachment to the principles of liberty, democracy and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and of the rule of law.” [Highlights are mine]

So the “rule of law” is the name of the future the Soros Inc. plans for Europe; the future where Soros and his gang cannot be called out for attacking a country. Clear enough. Do you understand now why you had to step down, Herr Pachner? Yeah, I understand that hardly any people know about all these fine details, but still…

Finally, at the end of this course, we sum up your biggest mistakes as the head of ORF:

By bringing up the “rule of law”, you accuse PM Orbán of protecting Hungary against Islamic Jihad — which your ideological supervisor, George Soros wages on Hungary and the West in general, by Islamizing Eurabia through immigration and other ways.

Herr Pachner, it is a mistake to let people know that you hate that Hun bastard who, while protecting his people from the Islamic conquest, is also protecting Patriarch Kirill from your ilk who wanted to rob him — all at the same time!

For God’s Stalin’s sake, never reveal the absurdities of your policy like that!

Moreover, in a wider sense, you have accused Hungary of the crime of not following the official EU policy of George Soros Inc. on Russia and his domination of the entire civilization — and therefore Orbán has to die. Again, you exposed the agenda. As Soros said in Davos:

“Billionaire George Soros says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has “shaken Europe to its core” and could lead to the next world war. “Other issues that concern all of humanity, fighting pandemics and climate change, avoiding nuclear war, maintaining global institutions, have had to take a back seat to that struggle,” Soros says in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “That’s why I say our civilization may not survive.” (Bloomberg)

Yes, “civilization” means the Soros agenda.

So you screwed it all up, comrade Pachner. But relax: you will surely get another job in a subversive NGO.

And some good news: little Alex Soros has reassured your kind that they will never leave Ukraine ! So everything is fine; you are protected.

Perhaps the best thing I can praise you for, Herr Pachner, is that you have nicely disparaged the Hungarians, by which you have made your timeless contribution to the divisive Soros-agenda, when you said this:

“What a mistake to accept this ungrateful country with its thankless and nationalistic population!”

You just planted the seeds of animosity between Hungary and Austria, so that the two countries cannot collaborate in the future in order to resist the globalist agenda! Congratulations, Herr Pachner!

Just don’t say the silent part out loud, ever again!

11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Making a Globalist Death Threat

  1. Orban should send his secret services to have a nice chat with Herr Pachner, put the fear of God into these people and quit messing around!

      • Why disappear them? They need to be dealt with in extremely loud manner that makes no doubt what happened and why, I would go one further, anyone who took money from that SOB needs to be dealt with in the same manner.

  2. Bravo László, well said.
    Those NWO shills believe themselves to be above the common Law, because they think to them only applies the Canon Law of the NWO Church.
    Though luck, we still live in a secular Society, even if they don’t like it.

    I hope you did email this to Karl Pachner.

    P.S.: Do you think he’s aiming with this pile of “intellectual” manure for a Cardinals Hat?

    • Herr Packner already is on a list and recently has been made to know this fact, time will tell if he changes is tune or not. The Arch Duke is not pleased.

  3. Well written article.
    This just means that Orbán is Europe’s “fifth column”.

    That Herr Pachner is serving George Soros (an American) and his agenda, i.e. a definition of the fifth column, doesn’t even enter his tiny mind.
    They don’t bother with cognitive dissonance if they serve the new regime.

  4. Erdogan in the triumvirate of sane resistance? That man is even more deluded than our esteemed critic would attribute to him. On the surface, one could say he got one of three right, but… no, nobody should wish for our Erdolf to cease existing. With him, the EU is, for all its faults, at least safe from you-know-what. I wish him a very long life. As for the other two named, Herr P. forgets that they are democratically elected (or he doesn’t know what that even is anymore.) To get rid of those, one needs to commit a lot more murders. Not that that is unheard of in history.

    • I don’t like Erdo any more, but consider what happened to him.
      A military coup with tacit if not explicit support from the CIA.
      A rejection of Turkey’s application for EU membership after a long try (not unlike Russia tried to suck up to the West, and was kicked in the bollocks).
      He uses NATO as a rug to advance his agenda since he knows noone dares to kick Turkey out. The cucks that are selected to high offices in EUstan can be played at will, Washington does it.

      • Of course, Turkey uses anything the unbeliever provides only as a means to advance its own agenda, there can never be any semblance of alliance or partnership. Turkey in NATO is like a rattlesnake in your living room. If the US ever gets a sober government again, they would kick it out and take Israel in instead. Then the idea of a defense alliance makes sense again. After the smoke clears, we’d be living in a world one can at least understand again. Is it allowed to dream?

        • Edit: Just noticed my first comment above was unclear. With “that man is deluded” I meant the Austrian who is the topic of the article, not the Turkish leader.

    • Herr P was recently reminded that life is short if he continues doing what he is doing, the gloves are starting to come off, thank God about bloody time, so we shall see if he changes is tune or is made an example of.

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