Orbán Must Die! And Also Pope Francis, While We’re At It

In Ukraine there is an unofficial internet hit list of the enemies of the Ukrainian state. It is “unofficial” in the same way that the Southern Poverty Law Center is “unofficial” in the USA: it provides a convenient resource that the state can utilize while preserving plausible deniability. The main difference with the Ukrainian version is that the targets on the hit list are specifically recommended for assassination.

The Ukrainian enemies list recently added Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Croatian President Zoran Milanović as targets.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Enemies of Ukraine: Kyiv puts Orbán and Milanović on death list

It is actually an unofficial declaration of war by Ukraine against Hungary, Croatia, and thus against NATO and the EU. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Croatian President Zoran Milanović now find themselves on a state enemy list.

Do you know the website Myrotvorets.center? No? Well, it was created by Ukrainian government officials in 2015, just a year after the Maidan protest leaders took power in Kyiv, to publish the names and personal details of thousands of people considered “enemies of Ukraine.” This site (whose name literally means “Peacekeeper”) is allegedly managed by the Ukrainian Security Service and officials from the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. It is thus a kind of death list for politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs and other public figures who have been “cleared for shooting” by Ukrainian patriots.

Now the names of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Croatia’s President Zoran Milanović have been added. A step that can be seen as an unofficial declaration of war by Ukraine against Hungary and Croatia, and consequently also against NATO and the European Union. After all, this can certainly be understood as an incitement to murder high-ranking government or state politicians — and that by official Ukrainian government representatives. But so far there has been no criticism from EU or NATO representatives, nor any consequences from these state alliances.

“Accomplices of Russian War Criminals”

For example, Viktor Orbán is described on the site as an “accomplice of Russian war criminals”, “an accomplice in the crimes of the Russian authorities against Ukraine and its citizens”, for his “participation in humanitarian aggression against Ukraine”, as an “anti-Ukrainian propagandist”, and listed for his general “collaboration with the Russian aggressor”. Orbán’s specific “crimes” include his refusal to allow weapons destined for Ukraine to be shipped through his country’s territory and his decision not to refuse Russian gas supplies in the long term. The prime minister’s willingness to pay for Russian gas in rubles is also mentioned. The website also recalled Orbán’s April 4 statement on the forces Hungary faces in order to remain independent, ranging from the local opposition to “the bureaucrats in Brussels, money and institutions of the Soros empire, international media as well the Ukrainian President”. […]

Croatia’s President Zoran Milanović is listed as an “accomplice of Russian invaders” for his alleged “humanitarian aggression against Ukraine,” “distribution of Kremlin propaganda,” and so-called “support and justification of Russian aggression against Ukraine.” The site recalls Milanović’s comments on February 2, 2022 that Russia must be “a factor” in the “equation” of pan-European stability and his opposition to Ukraine’s joining NATO. The Croatian President recently announced at an event in Vukovar that he would veto the invitation of Sweden and Finland to the NATO summit and implement a patriotic policy for his country.

List releases personal information — reports of death threats

In 2015, the website began publishing personal data of Russian military personnel involved in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria. The Interior Ministry adviser at the time, Anton Gerashchenko, publicly called on the “Islamic State” to “proceed” with the Russian troops according to Sharia law. In 2016, Myrotvorets obtained detailed personal information on about 5,000 Ukrainian, Russian and Western journalists who had worked in Donbass. The leaked records included detailed personal information such as phone numbers and addresses, and many of the journalists reported threats against their lives.

Orbán is not the first Hungarian to be included on the Myrotvorets list. In 2018, the website listed over 300 ethnic Hungarian residents from Zakarpattia who had “illegally” acquired Hungarian citizenship (Ukraine does not allow dual citizenship, but much of the country’s political and business elite nonetheless hold two or more citizenships). In October 2018, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó criticized the site and the Ukrainian government, claiming authorities in Kiev were using the site as part of a “hate campaign” in a desperate attempt to boost then-President Petro Poroshenko’s plummeting approval ratings.

If Viktor Orbán has to die, what about Pope Francis? The Holy Father recently criticized NATO for “barking at the gates of Russia”. Surely Comrade Bergoglio also deserves to die…?

The following article from the Austrian weekly Der Wochenblick was also translated by Hellequin GB:

Holy Father doesn’t want to be a father of war

Warning of world war: Pope criticizes NATO eastward expansion as a provocation

After his divisive statements in the Corona crisis, many would hardly have believed the controversial Pontiff capable of this attempt at conciliatory words. In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Pope Francis criticized the NATO provocations for the first time. He wants to work for an end to the war — and is therefore of the opinion that he should first speak to Putin before traveling to Kyiv to see Zelensky. The Bishop of Rome thinks little of the rearmament and the many arms deliveries.

“Barking NATO” as a provocation for the attack

Born in Argentina and sitting at the Holy See since 2013, he is certain that a piece of wood alone cannot burn. He told the Italian newspaper: “Perhaps it was NATO’s barking at the gates of Russia that prompted Putin to invade Ukraine. I can’t say whether his anger was provoked, but I suspect that the attitude of the West favored it.” At the same time, he believes that the Ukrainians’ right to defend themselves is compatible with Catholic Social Teachings.

However, he tried to find common ground with Kirill, the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. In the first half of the 40-minute video conference between the two church leaders, he defended the justifications for the Russian “special operation”, as Moscow calls the armed conflict in the neighboring country. Here the Pope was critical: “Brother, we are not state clerics. We cannot speak the language of politics, but that of Jesus.”

International interests: Third World War looms

With this, Francis connects the unconditional mandate of organized Christianity to work for an end to the war: “We must find ways to peace.” He pointed out that he had already made an offer to talk to Putin in March, but the latter has not yet accepted the offer. What the Pope regrets is that, in his view, the only way to end the conflict is through talks. He therefore repeated his offer — without too much hope: “We are pressing ahead, although I fear that Putin cannot and does not want to have this meeting at the moment.”

But the first road would lead to Russia — for this reason Francis excludes a trip to Kiev for the time being: “First I have to go to Moscow, first I have to meet Putin.” He called the Ukraine war a proxy conflict. He warned of the outbreak of a global war. Its harbingers can also be found elsewhere: “We are moving towards a third world war. In Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Africa, one conflict follows another. And in each and every one of them, international interests are at stake.” In the current Ukraine war, too, “other states” had fueled the escalation.

Only a few dare to protest against rearmament

Pope Francis had already spoken out against armament and warmongering in recent weeks — but never so clearly. This time he also openly criticized the armaments industry and both sides of the war: “What seems undisputed is that both sides are trying out new weapons. The Russians, for example, have just found out that tanks are useless and may be developing new weapons. Wars are also waged so that the parties of the conflict can test their arsenals of weapons.”

This is already historically verifiable — for example, in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) or in the Second World War (1939-45). For Francis, war is a terrible activity: “The production and sale of armaments is a disgrace. But few are brave enough to fight back.” The fact that he recently described the escalation in Ukraine as a “fratricidal war” brought him a lot of criticism in the Eastern European country. About 6 percent of Ukrainians, mostly in the West, are Catholic. The dominant church there follows the Byzantine rite, but is subject to Rome according to canon law.

Afterword from the translator:

Well, I guess Francis just made it onto the Ukrainian government’s hit-list. Also, this was the first sensible thing I’ve ever heard from Francis. If he continues like this he will soon be replaced by one loyal to the “System”, just like Benedict before him, who was also “replaced” because he didn’t want to support certain things. His speech years ago in the Bundestag was very interesting and pointed to the grievances that are now happening worldwide… then came his “Resignation”.

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  1. The assassination list is the sort of thing that could start World War III, similar to Gavrilo Princip firing the shot that started World War I when he killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

  2. I find it very amusing that no one is wondering why the Ruskies are arming the Croats and Serbs to the teeth and nothing is being said about it?? The Bosnian muzzy’s and kosovo muzzy’s are screaming bloody murder about it yet is being ignored. Veryyyyy interestinggg.

  3. Not excusing death threats against politicians or journalists, but Orban isn’t exactly flavour of the month round these parts…

    Especially since many aircraft from Turkey or Bulgaria to Rzeszow, Poland have to go the long way round over Austria, to avoid Hungarian territory.

    And Pope Francis isn’t liked much in Eastern Europe, at this very moment, either.

  4. If Orban would have a spine, he would authorize his secret service to deliver a strong message to the guys in Ukraine.
    James Bond style, of course.

    But he wont. Sigh.

  5. As I have said before, there are no good guys in Ukraine.
    And this tilts things a bit towards the Russians.
    Despite massive provocations (what else do you call huge shipments of weapons to an active foe?), the Russians have not been calling for assassinations or even trying to attack the shipments before they arrive in Ukraine.
    I really, really wish the US would stop interfering (other nations can decide for themselves) and let things develop. As things stand we’re currently accused of being willing to fight to the last Ukrainian.
    We need to douse the conflagration before it spreads.

    • There’s a one-word answer, to why they’re not “even trying to attack the shipments before they arrive in Ukraine.” : Nato…

    • Russia invaded Ukraine, that makes them the bad guys in this despite the fact everything Ukraine is complex, but it doesn’t change the fact that the allies are going to bleed Russia white in this mess. The Russians meanwhile are going to fan the coals of war in the Balkans again and there will be nothing NATO will be able to about it this time, Bosnia and muzzy Kosovo are about to be divided between Croatia and Serbia. Stay tuned for more fun that is coming.

    • The Biden junta is dousing this conflagration with gasoline. Of course, what no one wants to understand, even now, is that the DC government is now functioning as the adversary to all American interests at home and abroad. It should shock no one that this regime is supporting the thug regime in Ukraine. The world is getting increasingly hostile to human life and happiness, and this illegitimate administration is working deliberately to destroy every good thing we’ve enjoyed in our own country and also helped to develop in other countries. So if you think this is just misguided or stupid foreign policy, you aren’t paying attention. There’s nothing accidental about it.

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