Thierry Baudet: “The New World Order is Upon Us”

Thierry Baudet is the founder and leader of the Dutch party Forum for Democracy (Forum voor Democratie, FvD). He has been a member of the Tweede Kamer since 2017.

In the following English-language video Mr. Baudet discusses the New World Order, the World Economic Forum, “climate change”, and the coming regime of totalitarian global governance. He believes that the globalist project is so far along in Europe that there is almost no chance of impeding it. I tend to agree, but would take it even farther and say that the same is true here in the USA. The process is fully underway now, and not enough people are aware of it for it to be stopped, by democratic means or otherwise. Not only can we not vote our way out of what’s happening, we can’t shoot our way out either, because we are too fragmented and isolated, and under such constant surveillance that the formation of any coherent mass resistance is now all but impossible.

The political process has devolved into theater. We can be entertained by it, as if it were a sportsball event or a series on reality TV, but it has no meaningful effect on the major issues that control our lives, especially those surrounding the imposition of the new order.

Look at the stupid things Joe Biden said! Listen to Kamala Harris cackle! Nancy Pelosi is drunk! Justin Trudeau is a moron! AOC is an idiot! Boris Johnson’s hair is out of control! Emmanuel Macron’s wife is old enough to be his mother!

That’s what preoccupies us, so that we don’t see the boot stamping down on our faces — forever.

Here’s Thierry Baudet’s take on the NWO from a Dutch perspective:

Hat tip: Thomas Landen.

7 thoughts on “Thierry Baudet: “The New World Order is Upon Us”

  1. Be very careful with Thiery Baudet. Yes, he is vilified by the media even more than Wilders, certainly at this moment. They want him gone. He’s done his job (lessen the advance of Wilders and the PVV), so he is no longer useful.

    However, they don’t have to put in a lot of effort. Baudet is perfectly capable of destroying his how party himself. He’s openly supporting Putin, for example. Most of his faction split off into JA21. His second in command, Hiddema, left the party as well.

  2. I’m a 71 year old, VN era Marine and I’ve known more freedom than most alive today. I can’t speak for “us” but I can damn well speak for “me”. And the NWO ain’t here for me until they take the Mossberg 930 SPX from my dead hands.

    • Wouldn’t it be better to take an M-4 from the hands a dying stormtrooper?
      Finds some friends and plan accordingly?

  3. Most of modern European political problems can be traced to The Great War, more specifically, the House of Saxe-Coburg-Goethe. An honest discussion of this issue at Versailles fell to deaf ears, therefore another round of slaughter sealed the fate of these liberal fools.

    Perhaps a deep depression and famine can eliminate the remnants.

  4. Don’t worry ! Baudet will never be a Putin-fan as long as Putin is a follower of Schwab, the dirty WEF-ideas, their criminal great-reset-nonsens…Thierry Baudet is always promoting you have to use your own brains to check everything..He goes for truth and has proven to be capable to change his mind when he’s wrong..In fact in the beginnig he was a very short time believer in the whole covid-nonsense and the measures…So he is my man ! Shaked hands with him, already twice and will support him even if not all his ideas are the same as mine !!!! Like we say here : he’s a man of charácter/guts/courage !

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