Migrants ’R’ Us

As of 2021, 27% of people living in Germany have a “migration background”, according to the following article. As far as I can tell, Turks are counted as “Europeans” in this report.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Die Welt:

In 2021, every fourth person in Germany had a migration background

Last year, 22.3 million people with a migration background were living in Germany. This corresponds to 27.2 percent of the entire population. The most common country of origin is Turkey, followed by Poland and Russia.

22.3 million people living in Germany have a so-called migration background. As the Federal Statistical Office announced in Wiesbaden on Tuesday , this corresponds to a population share of 27.2 percent. People are counted as having a migration background if they themselves or at least one parent was not born with German citizenship.

According to the data determined on the basis of the microcensus, the number of people with a migration background increased by two percent from 2020 to 2021. Last year, around 53 percent of the population with a migration background had German citizenship and around 47 percent had citizenship from another country.

According to the Federal Office, almost two thirds (62 percent) of all people with a migration background are immigrants from another European country or their descendants. The most important countries of origin are Turkey (twelve percent), followed by Poland (ten percent), the Russian Federation (six percent), Kazakhstan (six percent) and Syria (five percent).

Afterword from the translator:

For comparison: In 2016 there were 18.5 million people with a migration background. That was a good one in five (22.5 percent). You can imagine the prognosis of what the situation may be in the years 2030 or 2035: a third, then half and…

Germany as a nation of Germanic people has literally been buggered all the way into oblivion by the political establishment for the sake of virtue-signalling. Personally, I cannot see any virtue in destroying any people or culture, in the past, in the now or in the future for ideological reasons that are outright EVIL only because someone decked them in the mantle of GOOD or a GOD.

3 thoughts on “Migrants ’R’ Us

    • Exactly, they don’t care , they are living in the [excrement] bubble, follow this traitors governments like the sheeps to the slaughter, in couple of decades all cultures and way of life will disappear, very sad ..

  1. So Kazakhstan and Russia are the former Germans of the Russian Empire. True, sometimes mixed with the locals. When my father served in Kazakhstan, from the window of my garrison apartment I saw a German village on a hill – with real tiled roofs.
    By the way, I know two such German men (real blond Hanses) who did not like their historical homeland and returned to Russia.

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