The Amazing Prescience of Jacques Attali

Jacques Attali is a French writer, civil servant, and former advisor to President François Mitterrand. For most of his career he has been, to say the least, a strong proponent of globalism and the New World Order.

The following video discusses Mr. Attali’s predictions as expressed in several passages of a book written in 1998. Their applicability to events of the last few years highlights the author’s uncanny foresight.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Your 21st century dictionary, published in 1998.
00:05   Here, there’s an embarrassing amount of choice. Epidemic. Interesting.
00:11   “Due to the play of nomadism, people, goods and species, great epidemics could reappear.”
00:18   “We will take planetary measures of containment…”
00:21   Well, it’s not the word confinement, but containment.
00:24   “We will take planetary measures of containment which will briefly
00:28   call into question the nomadism and democracy.
00:31   It is from the epidemic that a police force will be born.
00:34   This time worldwide, out of necessity. And thus, in the long run, will become a planetary power.”
00:39   So yes, planetary power born from an epidemic,
00:42   and from that the establishment of a world police force.
00:46   On page 211 you discuss genetic therapy. From 1998!
00:54   “Panic: The engine of markets and democracy”
00:59   The panic, the sheep-like process by which each imitates the other for fear of being marginalized
01:04   and left behind, is not a malfunction of Western civilization but its very essence.
01:10   What a visionary. Oh well, the Prevention section is very interesting.
01:16   “The first risk against which we will continue to want to protect ourselves is disease.” Ah, so.
01:22   “The prevention will invade our entire existence.”
01:26   I like the section on the Republic very much.
01:30   “Above all, what remains especially important is to invent a republic without territory,
01:34   without walls. Diasporic.” Here we go again. “Every person will perhaps one day have the right
01:39   to a decent income paid by the state independent of any activity: The Universal Income.”
01:46   Oh, on page 311, “More than half of all workers will no longer be employed.”
01:51   “Working from home via telecommuting (home office) will account for half of all jobs.” Wow!
01:56   How could you write a book (in 1998) in which you talk about a virus linked to nomadism
02:02   that will allow the installation of a world police force, a world government,
02:08   that mentions gene therapy with nanotechnologies.
02:12   The proof is here. Here. And here.

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  1. The great Sage of the Utopian Age – Jaques Attali
    Or more like the great Planner for the greatest Genocide Humanity has seen.
    These people disgust me to the core of my inner being.
    They are an abomination of Humanity that needs to be rooted out and destroyed.

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