Bullied and Beaten for Being Swedish

Last week I reported on a Swedish girl who was severely harassed by her schoolmates because she was an ethnic Swede, while they — the majority at the school — were culture-enrichers. Joakim Lamotte, the journalist who reported on this sensitive issue, was reported to the press ethics board by the school principal for calling her up and asking her questions.

Below is the video report that Mr. Lamotte posted on Facebook. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   There are some subjects that are taboo to talk about in Sweden.
00:04   One such subject is that Swedish children are harassed just for being Swedish.
00:09   This question recently came up when the Environmental Party suggested that Swedish parents
00:15   should place their children in schools where the majority of pupils have an immigrant background.
00:20   I interviewed the teenage girl Emelie and her mother in Västerås.
00:25   When Emelie began at a school where the majority have an immigrant background,
00:29   she was beaten, bullied, and harassed just because she was Swedish.
00:33   Watch this report.
00:36   From about the 6th year, I began to be bullied because
00:42   I didn’t have a big family in principle…
00:47   I don’t have cousins, and I was bullied for that.
00:50   And I was bullied because I didn’t speak their vernacular…
00:57   And I was pale and green-eyed. I was everything they were not.
01:04   I was an outcast because I was Swedish.
01:10   What did they say to you?
01:13   They said I was a Swedish pussy…
01:20   They called me things in their language that I did not understand.
01:24   So I really don’t know what they called me.
01:28   We did not understand the breadth of it all,
01:31   and we did not understand what it was about from the start.
01:35   Because she didn’t report anything.
01:38   But later, we began to see that it had something to do with the young ones at school
01:44   That, in principle, she was bullied because she was Swedish.
01:50   What she told me is that she was a “Swedish pussy,”
01:54   and there was always the threat she would get a beating.
02:01   I ended up spending all my time outside of the classes, like breaks and lunches…
02:10   I spent the time in the toilet. I had nowhere to go.
02:14   I had nobody to talk to, and saw how all the others laughed with each other…
02:19   while I sat and ate in the school toilet.
02:24   The final term of the 7th year, I stopped going to school because I couldn’t take it any more.
02:29   About how many pupils with an immigrant background were there in the school?
02:34   It was the majority.
02:37   In my class, we were four Swedish pupils
02:41   out of about 28.
02:47   What countries were the others from?
02:51   Iraq, Syria, Kurdistan, and countries in Africa [unintelligible].
02:59   How is it that there are so many pupils with an immigrant background in the English School?
03:05   I think it has to do with families and friends.
03:08   Because everyone knows everyone else [unintelligible]
03:12   I think it has to do with them talking with each other and saying:
03:16   “Oh, I go to the English School. You should also start there. Then we can go together.”
03:20   Then it just becomes more and more.
03:25   In the end, we got Emelie out of the English School.
03:30   Had we not done that, I don’t know if my daughter would have survived this, really.
03:38   I have contacted the English School to ask how they see this problem.
03:42   And I was referred to the acting principal, Maud Segerstedt.
03:47   She has worked in the school system over fifteen years.
03:50   But when I wanted to talk to her, she hung up the phone in my ear.
03:56   Maud Segerstedt. —Hi. Joakim Lamotte is my name. I am a journalist.
04:02   Yes. —I am calling you because I have some questions about the English School in Västerås.
04:07   Yes, but I cannot answer any questions.
04:12   I don’t want to get into any conversation or answer questions. OK.
04:17   Wait, don’t hang up.

2 thoughts on “Bullied and Beaten for Being Swedish

  1. I feel no mercy for the Swedes. That government has sponsored and trained numerous terror groups including Marxists and is fully behind the NWO since before the 50s. The amount of deaths around the world due to their direct and indirect participation is a shame. They wanted to dissolve their own culture and follow the Zionist program of ethnic dilution and this is what they have. They talked the talk , now they must walk the walk . They have totally lost their cultural and ethnic self determination and will rot out and become a minority. Traitors always pay for their sins collectively. That is not only applicable in Sweden but the whole West who continuously abide by the demands laid down by their enemies within.

  2. “Yes, but I cannot answer any questions.
    I don’t want to get into any conversation or answer questions. OK.” That she can’t answer any questions is very believable , fear of saying the wrong thing could end her career. The modern West, self-censorship, pure hell, also why this school is pure hell for normal people, you know, ((((kufrs))))).

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