Eric Zemmour on François Mitterrand’s “Welcome Refugees” Policies

The following video is another excerpt from Eric Zemmour’s conversation with the French writer Jacques Attali about the “Great Replacement” of the French people. An earlier excerpt was posted here.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   François Mitterrand’s very first directive was the abolition of all the laws and decisions
00:07   that were supposed to reduce and contain the phenomenal migratory wave
00:12   that we have experienced for the last 40 years. Allow me to remind you
00:15   that [President] Giscard and Barre signed an agreement with the Algerian government (1978)
00:18   to send back hundreds of thousands of Algerians,
00:21   and the Algerian government agreed to receive them.
00:24   François Mitterrand abolished this measure as soon as he arrived.
00:27   He also abolished the Bonnet law [restricting immigration].
00:30   He also legalized 130,000 illegal migrants.
00:33   He also repealed parts of Peyrefitte’s Security and Freedom Law, which was a restrictive law,
00:39   and flung open the gates to judicial leniency.

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  1. Time for talking “immigration” has long been over. It’s too late. Those inside now have their own parallel societies and easily keep the doors open for the flood of followers including guns and ammo no doubt. Some EU types kinda sorta vaguely guessing somethings going on. All’s in black and female now. It’s the silly season for media advertising and nudes.
    See you anon.

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