No One Can Stand in the Way of the New World Order

Many years ago, when I used to write about the machinations of the globalists, the details of the plan for the elimination of nation-states were murky. It was obvious that shadowy forces were working to force mass immigration on Western governments as a way of breaking down national identity, among other strategies designed to usher in “global governance”. But the exact process was as yet only dimly visible.

All that began to change after the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Mr. Trump was considered such a major threat to the coming global order that its proponents were forced into the open in their concerted attempt to bring him down.

Then along came the Wuhan Coronavirus to expose even more of the globalist scheming. And now we have the war in Ukraine to introduce an additional burst of clarity. The World Economic Forum and its Young Global Leaders have become a prominent topic of public discussion. Millions of people can now see the man behind the curtain.

The two videos below from France provide a look back to earlier years. What was said back then may have attracted little attention at the time, but in hindsight the two men’s statements are fraught with significance.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The first video is from 2009. In it French President Nicolas Sarkozy talks about the New World Order, saying that no one will be able to resist it when it arrives:

Jacques Attali is a French writer, civil servant, and former advisor to President François Mitterrand. He has been featured here in the past in a number of videos. The clip below is a composite of several segments that were recorded back in 2014, after the US/Soros-engineered coup overthrew the pro-Russian government in Ukraine and installed a new pro-American one.

Mr. Attali is matter-of-fact in his assumption that the civil war in Ukraine will lead to a world war, which in turn will usher in a New World Order and a world government:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   The crisis is global.
00:04   We need a global response.
00:10   I appeal to all governments.
00:14   None of us will get out of it by conducting our own policy,
00:19   in isolation from what others are doing. None of us.
00:26   We need everyone’s energy for two things.
00:32   The first is to find a new regulatory system.
00:38   That will be the challenge of the London summit. And I can tell you one thing:
00:44   Europe will have a common and strong position.
00:50   And I can tell you a second thing: We will not accept a summit that does not decide.
00:59   And I can tell you a third thing: We will proceed together towards this new world order.
01:06   And no one, I mean no one, will be able to stand in the way.
01:10   Because all over the world the forces of change
01:14   are considerably stronger than conservatism and the status quo.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   In Ukraine, are we on the verge of…? —We are on the verge of a world war. —A world war?
00:05   Yes, because, well I’m not correcting the specialists, but there’s a civil war,
00:09   in which we shouldn’t have interfered. It is a civil war between “pro-Russian” Russians and
00:15   “different Russians” which are a part of Ukraine. This civil war can, if we involve ourselves,
00:22   lead to a world war, absolutely. —Let’s remember.
00:26   Attali tells us that the solution is a world government, a central world bank and the…
00:32   Let’s conclude by mentioning this topic is surely a long time off, but intellectually,
00:35   he is supposed to mention it, it is his regular duty to do so.
00:38   It is important, but I think that we should aim for world government as a strategy, today’s government
00:43   is an illusion, a sort of late setup before the world government. We’re approaching that,
00:47   if we reach a world government during this world war or after the world war?
00:51   I don’t know, but we have to aim for this. —In fact, our follow-up to this ideal is a city
00:56   which will become the universal capital of the planet. We can imagine a world government,
01:04   we can even imagine Jerusalem to become the capital of the planet,
01:11   which will one day be unified around a world government.
01:15   It is a beautiful location for a world government.
01:18   And I can tell you a third thing:, we will proceed together towards a new world order
01:24   and nobody, and I do mean nobody, will be able to oppose it.

13 thoughts on “No One Can Stand in the Way of the New World Order

  1. That elitist filth is so confident in his assertion that nobody will be able to oppose the imposition of the new world order because he likely knows that part of their plans include killing off almost all of us “useless eaters”.

  2. Gee, what was spoken and written 2,000 years ago, and 2,500 years ago is coming to pass just as it was described then. Ad for nobody opposing it, Mr. Attali needs to be introduced to the Lord God. The Lord God warned us about folks like him and what they would be about during these last daze.

  3. It is an unfinished business: The tower to reach Heaven. They try to make people “One” once again, out of many “One”, etc… But if the Bible prophecy is any good, they will eventually try to mix iron with miry clay, which will not mix, and the whole structure of Babylon will fail and break into thousand pieces.

    Genesis 11:5 And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.

    • This is interesting because my husband has been saying for over a year now that is all starting to look like a Tower of Babel moment in our history. Those never work out and this time won’t be any different. But its destruction will bring chaos and very hard times for all of us. I do see it as hopeful though for our future generations.

  4. Well, here’s the proof. I told you before that Rosemary’s Baby is just a tool.

  5. The whole bunch has gone mad with Megalomania.
    It’s a full blown Pandemic.
    They are gunning for it and WILL destroy the Planet – for the greater good.
    Where are the Assassins Creed guys when humanity really needs them?

  6. “So people assume we are just going back to the good old world which we had, and everything will be normal again in how we are used to normal, in the old fashion. This is, let’s say, fiction. It will not happen. The cut which we have now is much too strong in order not to leave traces. So this is really a test case for the capability of global co-operation.
    We are at a turning point of humankind. I think we should not underestimate the historical significance of the situation we are in.
    Klaus Schwab
    September 2020

    • In the essay “Revolution and the Intelligentsia”, Rozanov described the embarrassment in this way: “Having sat with pleasure at the play of the Revolution, the intelligentsia were about to gather in the wardrobe for fur coats and go home, but their fur coats were stolen and the houses burned”

      • I hope somethink like that happens to Schwab and his cronies. That their train is derailed because of one, tiny cog, that didnt work as planned. And then everything goes down.

        (Does anybody remember the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie with the villain Cutler Beckett, where in the end he sees the enemy coming and his brain just shuts down? Thats how it should end for Schwab and Co.)

  7. Philip Dick has a novel called “The Simulacrum” – an unbearable situation ends abruptly as the elites squabble among themselves over spheres of influence.

  8. The Ukraine war is sure to result in one thing: a massive refugee influx into Europe… Already over 500 thousand arrived in Poland alone, in one week. There is a great willingness of people to help, in any way they can. Whether its offering accomodation (often in the home where they live), making donations or transporting people from the border (as I did).

    Long-term though, this will sure lead to strains on the system. e.g. I’m not sure, whether the Polish education system is able to teach another few hundred thousand children in its schools, just like that… New apartments are also badly needed now.

    Anothr aspect is the influx of Islamic immigration, started by Putin’s ally Lukashenko through Belarus to Poland and Lithuania, last year.

    Poland is building a wall now along the Belarus border, but if Putin takes Ukraine, we may find that they come across the Poland-Ukraine border instead, in their masses. This is hundreds of miles of forests and mountains difficult to patrol, already known for many years as a smuggling hotspot….

    And already, according to a high-ranking Belarus dissident, Belarus are planning to setup an “Afghan corridor” soon, with spring/summer coming.

    All in all, a very unstable situation, with the main “destabilisers” being the EU and globalists (earlier), and Putin and Lukashenko (right now)…

  9. On the subject of “revolutions”, Viktor Orban in Hungary also came into power on the back of a revolution, after the previous government admitted lying to the people. After the huge protests which followed, the government was forced to resign and after the election, Orban came to power.

    As to the Ukrainian revolution of 2014, it happened after Putin’s puppet, president Yanukovich, broke a promise to sign a deal with the EU, which would have put Ukraine on the road to accession. After the massive protests that followed, Putin sent army and snipers who fired on the protesters, which only further enraged the people.

    Eventually Yanukovich fled to Russia, taking a vast amount of ill-gotten wealth with him. Earlier he was also a standard criminal, serving 2 jail sentences and now it’s rumoured Putin is preparing him, to be his puppet president once again.

    Whatever “support” the 2014 revolution may have had from the West, it could not have happened without the support of the enraged Ukrainian people, who also later elected Zelensky as their president in a free and fair election.

    Before the current invasion, there were no widespread protests against President Zelensky, only against Putin, even in the Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine Putin supposedly wanted to “liberate”.

    Hence the revolutions in Kyiv, or earlier Budapest, are in no way comparable to a military invasion of an independent country, to topple its democratically-elected government.

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