Crashing the Border at Melilla

Ceuta and Melilla are two Spanish enclaves on the North African coast that share a border with Morocco. Both of them experience repeated attempts by large groups of migrants to force the border fence and gain access to Spain, and thus to the European Union.

For the last few days Melilla has seen thousands of migrants attempting to cross the fence, and hundreds of them have succeeded in getting through. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from El Independiente:

Some 1,200 migrants take part in a second day of jumping the fence at Melilla, of whom 350 succeed

Police use anti-riot material to repel the crossing and four officers are injured

Some 350 migrants have succeeded in jumping the fence at Melilla in the early hours of Thursday, one day after 491 persons succeeded in entering the autonomous city in the same manner.

As Efe [news agency] has been able to confirm, this attempt was carried out by a very large group and took place at 7am in the area between the border crossings of Barrio Chino and Beni Enzar.

Several immigrants remained perched on the top of the fence faced with the important deployment of security on both sides of the perimeter.

Those who entered Melilla ran to the Center for Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI). According to the Government Delegation in Melilla, at 6am the Civil Guard Command observed a large group of immigrants, some 1,200, who were approaching the fence, so the anti-intrusion mechanism was activated. Around 7:25am, after overcoming the Moroccan security forces, the crossing of the fence in the area between the border crossings of Barrio Chino and Beni Enzar began. The anti-intrusion mechanism, made up of officers of the Civil Guard and National Police, with the collaboration of the local police at roadblocks, neutralized and prevented a significant portion of the group from getting into the city, and it is estimated that some 350 entered the city.

Efe has been able to confirm that on the Moroccan side of the fence, officers of the neighboring country employed anti-riot material to try and repel the crossing of the fence, and that some of the immigrants remained perched at the top due to the strong security deployment.

According to the government delegation, the migrants, “displayed extreme violence, throwing rocks and using hooks and clubs against the security forces.”

As of this time, four officers of the Civil Guard have been injured and are being treated at the Comarcal Hospital.

Thousands of sub-Saharans are at Mount Gurugu waiting to try and jump the fence.

The sub-Saharans ran to the CETI with evident signs of joy and to the cry of “boza” (victory), and upon arrival, entered the center after removing parts of the clothes and shoes they were wearing.

This Thursday’s entry occurred after the historic fence-jumping yesterday in which 2,500 sub-Saharans took part and 491 succeeded in entering.

5 thoughts on “Crashing the Border at Melilla

  1. Is there a reason why the border fence is not electrified?

    It’s puzzling to me why Spain, with its history of muslim invasions and conquering of its lands, would wish to allow these illegals to enter their country.

  2. Spain should cut its losses, evacuate those cities and in return move all invaders currently in Spain into those two cities.

  3. All those well qualified scientists, brain surgeons,
    Doctors, nurses and teachers kindly coming to
    Europe to rebuild their economies post the


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