Eric Zemmour: “The Replacement of One Population by Another”

Jacques Attali is a French writer, civil servant, and former advisor to President François Mitterrand. The following video shows excerpts from a French talk show in which the popular commentator Eric Zemmour confronts Mr. Attali about the Great Replacement of the ethnic French in their own country.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The major problem for me, as I wanted to say is, the Great Replacement. That means,
00:03   the replacement of one population by another. A civilization replaced by another,
00:07   which we are experiencing today. A war of civilizations on our own ground.
00:10   We have a quarter of an hour left. —It’s useful. You’re right and Fukuyama isn’t.
00:13   And so, obviously you’re right, the French feel humiliated by all this.
00:17   We could perhaps discuss another topic, but I’d just like
00:21   to draw your attention to the book by Hervé Le Bras,
00:25   ‘The Nature of Demography’. He happens to be my very close friend.
00:29   ‘The Nature of Demography’ is recognized as absolutely indisputable by everybody.
00:34   Great Lyssenko, for eternity. —He explains in an extremely clear way the statistics
00:39   that the theory of a Great Replacement is… —Which are bogus and counterproductive.
00:43   The theory of the Great Replacement… —I rode that bike ten times. I have read it
00:46   and fought against it. —The theory of the Great Replacement is absurd!
00:49   We’ll see, we’ll see. Go have a look and see if it is absurd.
00:52   Take a walk in all the cities of France. —Pardon me… —Look at the schools, Mr. Attali.
00:57   Look at the schools, where ¾ of the children are Muslim. You’ll see if the theory is absurd or not.
01:02   Look at the statistics from Fouquet, with 20% of French births having Muslim names.
01:06   Let’s allow Jacques Attali to speak. You listen, Eric Zemmour.

5 thoughts on “Eric Zemmour: “The Replacement of One Population by Another”

  1. finally- but possibly too late, the French people are waking up to this grand hoax, as attested by the recent open letters from retired French military personnel.

    I’d like to ask, just in passing, who’s idea was it to start using a Flamenco Bulerías for the credits music? Bravo! Good taste..

    • It just wasn’t the retired military, it was active duty as well. The active military sent a letter to the govt telling them they were not pleased that if the govt prosecutes the retired military personnel. Their female defense minister is being ignored up and down the lines.

  2. “I rode that bike ten times.”: This sound like a metaphor. What does it mean?

    “The theory of the Great Replacement is absurd!”: What does this theory state, and why is it absurd?

    • Well I’ll say this about the German occupation and Vichy, they would never EVER let the bloody 3rd world into Europe of France in the first place.

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