Och, the Puir Wee Bairns of Hamburg!

The following report from Politically Incorrect discusses the criminal depredations of gangs of very young children in Hamburg. It’s important to note that these violent, feral kids are gypsies, and not Muslims or Africans.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation:

Hamburg: “Children’s gangs” make the headlines — who are the perpetrators?

by Manfred W. Black

Very special attacks — even on eight-year-olds — are currently making headlines again in Hamburg. The very young perpetrators usually target money and cell phones. It is not uncommon for their victims to be brutally beaten. The media usually call these criminal groups “children’s gangs” (Hamburger Abendblatt ). Background information on the robbers is completely lacking in most of the media.

Practically all of these gang members come from families with a migration background. Many of them belong to the large group of “unaccompanied minor refugees” who have come to the country from the Orient, Africa or Eastern Europe.

Costs of up to €8,000 — per person and per month

“Unaccompanied young refugees” cost the local state — depending on the federal state — because of the socio-educational all-round care in special apartments, between €4,000 and €8,000 per person, per month. There are well over 40,000 of these foreign young people nationwide. Around 5,000 in Hamburg.

Most of these minors are between 14 and 18 years old, reported the Deutschlandfunk. Meaning: Quite a few of these “young people” state that they are younger than 14 years. These “child perpetrators” can repeatedly become active criminals in Germany without having to fear a serious punishment.

Age information may not be checked

At the beginning of May, the Abendblatt wrote on its front page about gangs of children, especially around the neighborhood of Hamburg-St. Pauli, who attack other children and cause great fears there. According to witnesses the perpetrators are often only ten or eleven years old.

In many cases, however, it has already been established that these “children” are in reality considerably older than they indicate. Since no papers are allegedly available, the age information cannot be verified because forensic age examinations are generally not allowed in Germany for foreigners.

“Children” attack children

“Child robbers” often use brute force. In one case, their victims, two children, were only eight years old. The most recent attack on two eight-year-olds happened on May 1st in front of the Altona Friedenskirche. There “four boys” (Abendblatt) ambushed the two younger ones.

One of the victims was punched in the stomach, and then his wallet was torn away. Finally, the two eight-year-olds were able to run to the nearest police station. The officers started a manhunt. Once again unsuccessful, of course.

Perpetrators are known to the police

Also on May 1, a twelve-year-old was attacked and robbed at a skating rink in St. Pauli. The perpetrators pressed the child against the wall and stole ten euros from his wallet. In this exceptional case, an alleged 13-year-old and a robber who had just officially turned 14 were identified by police officers.

These “children” have been known to the police for a long time, they have bought drugs several times and were caught several times armed with knives in the no-weapons zone in the neighborhood.

The police said they did not rule out the possibility that there may have been other attacks of this type which, for whatever reason, have not been reported.

The police and the courts are powerless

Police spokesman Holger Vehren said that “preventive measures” would be taken. This included “very detailed discussions” with the parents of the perpetrators identified.

In other words: the police and public prosecutors pretend to be powerless. The ruling politicians are responsible.

The police did not provide any information about the ethnic background of the “child gangs”. Whether they are “German” children (with dual citizenship) — or “child robbers” who come from the ranks of the Sinti and Roma? Journalists often don’t even ask the question, let alone put it on paper.

14 year old and 20 buddies

A mass brawl broke out in Hamburg-Bergedorf on May 4. Around 20 young people beat a small group of young men with great brutality. The 14-year-old alleged main perpetrator had phoned 20 of his friends and relatives — between the ages of 14 and 18 — as the leader.

In the wild attacks, even people “lying on the ground” were “kicked considerably” (Abendblatt).

Here the police reacted massively — with a targeted focus on the next day. The 14-year-old leader of the thugs — a “German Kazakh who is reported to the police as an intensive offender” (Abendblatt) — was arrested along with six other suspects. All seven of those arrested are said to be involved in other assault and robbery offenses.

“Southern appearance”?

Almost a year ago the Bild-Zeitung reported that the pensioner Gunda W. was brutally attacked in the Hanseatic city “by a child gangster” (Bild). The old lady was brought down while riding a bicycle and her bag with purse, keys and papers was stolen.

According to the victim, the perpetrator was only 12 to 14 years old, “of a ‘southern’ appearance” (picture), around 150 cm (4’ 11”) tall, with dark, short, slightly wavy hair.

Southern appearance? A paraphrase almost always for Eastern Europeans. Mostly from Bulgaria and Romania. Hardly anyone dares to use the term “Sinti and Roma” anymore. Mentioning that Sinti and Roma mostly call themselves “Gypsies” in private is already considered heretical today.

Afterword from the translator:

What is most incredible is the fact that this could have been predicted from past experience or from simply watching the behavioral pattern of those “children” in their home countries. Because there they behave in the same way. But letting them into Germany in the hope that they will miraculously change after stepping across the magical border of the Promised Land is childish at best.

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  1. I have never understood why checking the information of these ‘refugee children’ was forbidden. There can’t be a good reason for it. All I can think of is that they are trying to protect criminals and infiltrators.

    • “[F]orensic age examinations are generally not allowed in Germany for foreigners (weil rechtsmedizinische Altersuntersuchungen in Deutschland für Ausländer in der Regel nicht erlaubt sind).”
      Huh? How does this work? The age of a German child can be forensically checked, but not the age of an alleged foreigner child? Why? And how is foreignness proved?

  2. I never understand what’s the point to ring this parasites to the country, where they know they not gonna work, or even go to school,..Germany became Banana Republic country

  3. *Southern appearance? A paraphrase almost always for Eastern Europeans. Mostly from Bulgaria and Romania.*

    This should be checked. My understanding is that “southern appearance” normally means Arab or African.

    • Joe, ” südländisch” (southern app)means lightly darker complexion and dark hair. This excludes african ethnicity. And miraculously italian or greek origins, though they might have the above mentioned physiognomy. And it is not difficult to distinguish between a person of mediterranean typus and say an arab or pakistani.
      Presently, there is a trial going on about the death of a prison inmate here in Germany who burnt himself in his cell and was actually arrested by mistake. The police should not have confused the syrian with the wanted person from Mali, black Africa. Is it the lack of training in spotting ethnicities? The Gestapo skills are lost and for good. And why did the syrian guy kill himself? Did the DVD player not arrive in time? Was the chocolat fudge from yesterday?

  4. Nothing wakes a native European to cold brutal reality better than a gang attack, thus turning that victim into a very hateful and vengeful future nationalist, who when given the chance will unleash his pent up wrath upon them all. Keep up the great work 3rd worlders, it only gets worse from here.

  5. These „Romanians“ or „Bulgarians“ are gypsies, who live on tax money, prostitution and robbery in the respective countries. (A friend of mine, retired Bulgarian diplomat, had his beautiful house in the outskirts of Sofia robbed „to the bone“, i.e. they even destroyed walls to take the heating pipes & radiators, and also the whole windows – triple armored glazing. He was luckily not there.)
    Just go there and see for yourself (but leave your iPhone & wallet in the hotel, only take with yourself € 50 Eur for them to steal, otherwise you might not survive the beating.).

    When they heard of the German paradise (crime not being punished, €€€ monthly + housing and blond girls to rape without consequences), they went there – or sometimes are sent by the gypsy barons and must pay %.

    EU today.

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