The Whip Comes Down in Ottawa

I emailed Vlad the following questions last night. His reply came in late, after my internet went out. I’m sure the situation in Ottawa has evolved further since then.

Did you see any of the arrests or vehicles being towed on Parliament Hill?

Today [Friday] I was at home watching live streams and on phone and Skype with multiple people plugged in to the Hill area. I saw arrests on live feeds.

Did you have to pass through the police cordon?

I went, or rather tried to go to the area tonight. All the main roads are blocked by police going into the area…

And even some of the bridges were barricaded off with concrete barriers.

Nothing like this has ever happened before.

We had to work at finding a way for one of our number to walk to the hill where he is now doing a live stream.

Are the demonstrators and truckers leaving the area in order to avoid being arrested?

Doesn’t seem so. The mood is not quite as jubilant as it was. There is a solid tablespoon more defiance in the general zeitgeist in the area. But people still seem pretty ready to tough it out.

Do you personally know anyone whose bank account has been frozen?

What I know so far is at least two people who have been contacted by MSM, in one case, Global News and the other, CBC, both of which are enemy propaganda, and vanguards of the communist revolution taking place here. Both of them were asked for comment due to the leaked and doxxed information that they had contributed to the truckers’ protest.

Government, ANTIFA, and MSM are one machine on all this. To understand this, just ask yourself why Julian Assange is in prison eternally with no trial for being in possession of leaked documents which are counter-revolutionary in potential, vs. the media, which is rewarded for using stolen or hacked documents against law-abiding citizens for revolutionary purposes.

I know that the publisher of Druthers, a great little print newspaper that is given out free all over Canada, has had his account frozen, and the government is including Trump supporters now as a potential reason for taking your money.

Freeland, Trudeau’s deputy, and therefore the WEF deputy Viceroy, has now said the new banking rules are permanent. This means, as one branch manager told a friend of mine today, that “banks are now just an extension of government.”

What is the mood of the demonstrators who are still there and have not yet been arrested?

I think if there is one mood, its patriotism, defiance, and a strong conviction in what they are doing. These are amazing men and women.

I’d like to add that the government has now put itself in a no-win situation. It can either go full Tiananmen, which it may have done if Roberta Paulsen [the woman who was trampled by mounted police] dies, or it can back down.

Trudeau is a coward, and a weak man. On top of that, not very bright. I cannot see him backing down.

Protestors tomorrow [Saturday] will need situational awareness.

11 thoughts on “The Whip Comes Down in Ottawa

  1. Must say, I’m totally disgusted.

    While I fully and absolutely support the truckers, and I can still see this going “either way” in the medium term, I’m also making plans to leave the country if it continues down the “Liberal” path.

    • Go where?

      There is nowhere left that these filthy scum can’t or haven’t already reached and infected. We can’t retreat forever. At some point we will have to stand and fight. A fight to the knife and knife to the hilt. No quarter asked or given. Until the globalists and their supporters and enablers are all dead or broken to our will. Otherwise they will harass us to the ends of the earth and do the same to us.

      • Thank you, I was going to say the same thing. Either stand and fight, or be the sheep for the slaughter, for there is nowhere to run too.

  2. Her name was Roberta Paulson…

    Maybe it’s time to go full Operation Mayhem on the Ottawa chief of police. Send one of his worthless testicles to the news media in Vancouver and the other one to Montreal.

    From the novel Fight Club; “The people you’re trying to step on, we’re everyone you depend on. We’re the people who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner. We make your bed. We guard you while you’re asleep. We drive the ambulances. We direct your call. We are cooks and taxi drivers and we know everything about you. We process your insurance claims and credit card charges. We control every part of your life.
    “We are the middle children of history, raised by television to believe that someday we’ll all be millionaires and movie stars and rock stars, but we won’t. And we’re just learning this fact, so don’t mess with us.”

    • throwing the gauntlet at their feet, eh mate? Do you think that they will be picking it up or simply driving over it?

      • They will pick up the gauntlet because they are stupid enough to think they will win, unfortunately for Trudope and friends is you can only push people down only so much before they bite back with a vengeance.

  3. The violent jackboot response was totally predictable, it’s what those psycho knuckle-draggers are paid to do and they do it with zeal without question or even the slightest bit of self reflection. Ditto for all their enablers.

    With all due respect and the deepest admiration for the truckers and their supporters, history is not on their side in situations like this. You can only appeal to someone’s conscience if they actually have one. Those scumbags are apostles of Mao who said “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”.

    In the aftermath; will their galant protest and sacrifice (jailtime, fines, loss of jobs and children) galvanize the whole of Canada into action, into removing, prosecuting and jailing not only the political administration but also the police and judicial apparatus along with the media, medical and corporate Quislings (I’m for mass executions myself) – or will their fellow citizens forsake them and remain idle and apathetic, willfully allowing, or even promoting, the continued transition into the Peoples Republic of Canada?
    If it’s the latter then it must become perfectly clear that all non-violent means of change will solve nothing!

    • Take a man’s livelihood away from him and you will fill him with terrible resolve and vengeance. The people tried the peaceful route(everybody knew Trudope would go full emergency with dictoral powers) , now that Trudope has shown what a good little commie that he is, there is no more peaceful route to be had, unless Parliament does something to put a stop to it and throw him out of office, I highly think they won’t and will play to the crowd and do nothing, violence is now what is coming and the powers that be, ain’t going to like to be targeted, the Provencial police and Mounties can’t protect all the politicians and infrastructure, Canada is a very vast country. Knock out rail, a few bridges and a power plant or truck line and Canada will be freezing and run out of food, electricity and heat in a big hurry, they it will no longer be governable, and this is where the western Provinces might break away from Canada. You will see Canadians fleeing here to the US.

      • Kicking the likes of Trudolt and a few others to the curb means absolutely nothing because the kickers are just as corrupt.
        They already have the replacements lined up, all handpicked by Schwab himself.

        Only a thorough shakedown, prosecution and jailing (the throw away the key type) of all those involved will suffice. Anything less and the oppression continues – with a temporary kinder-gentler face.
        I don’t give much credence to your ‘opposition’ parties either as they’re mostly carbon copies of what exists in other white countries i.e. the other wing of the same vulture.

        The alternative is a protracted war of attrition of the kind you mentioned above. This would be viable especially if it could force a complete secession from the techno social-marxist provinces.
        Do you think that British Columbia would join the split?

        • There is a list of Schwab’s followers and there are people checking that list to see who is who, as for the prosecution and jailing these traitors, there is only the noose that will do, everything is stupidity. A good hanging always leaves the best message for traitors.

          As provinces splitting from Canada? Every Province west of Ontario has been grumbling about it for years, because the oil revenues go to Ottawa and not much gets returned, same with agriculture. So the chances that BC goes with the rest if they split is better than 70%.

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