“Half the Population is Either Ill or in Quarantine”

The following video features excerpts from a report on Italian TV about the situation in Israel vis-à-vis the Wuhan Coronavirus. Israel is the most “vaccinated” country in the world, and it is also one of those with the highest rates of illness — all types of illness, not just Corona. There’s no demonstrated causal connection between the vax and the dramatic surge in various illnesses. It could be a coincidence. But the correlation is there.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

01:25   Anyway, numbers disprove the mainstream narrative in Israel.
01:28   Let’s show the first chart.
01:33   Here it is. Can you explain what these numbers are?
01:38   These data were taken from the Ministry of Health’s official website this morning.
01:43   They tell us that in Israel, so far…
01:47   Please, show the chart, so I can read the exact numbers.
01:51   There are roughly 6,695,000 Israelis
01:56   who got the first dose of vaccine.
02:01   Then, 6,112,000 got the second booster shot.
02:06   And then we see a remarkable difference.
02:10   Because only 4,454,000 out of nine million Israelis got the third booster shot.
02:18   So only half the Israeli population got the third dose.
02:23   And eventually, as you can see, less than 700,000 people got the fourth booster shot.
02:26   This first datum is very significant.
02:30   To begin with, it means more than 2 million Israelis are unvaccinated.
02:38   They weren’t inoculated with that serum.
02:41   Besides, it is significant to remark that among the Israelis
02:46   who got the second booster shot, more than two million would not get the third.
02:51   Why? Because so many side effects occurred.
02:55   So, people were not disposed to keep getting this serum.
03:03   So they have renounced the “Nazi pass”, which is called “green mark” here.
03:11   So this is the absurd situation that is going on right now, here.
03:15   Since this pass has a four-month validity,
03:21   half the population ended up without it, eventually.
03:28   This pass allowed people to work, above all.
03:33   Or gave them the access to all public facilities.
03:36   This is what’s going on here.
08:26   So it is objective to say that the longer the vaccination campaign goes on,
08:29   the more serious the medical situation becomes, according to all data.
08:32   This is clear evidence.
08:35   Yes, these are the official data. But as a scientist wisely said here,
08:39   there is the data, and then there is real life.
08:43   Speaking of real life, open shops or public offices
08:49   were reduced to half, throughout the last two weeks.
08:57   So many employees were ill, in quarantine.
09:00   So that personnel levels were reduced everywhere.
09:05   Even the bus schedule was reduced.
09:09   Because half the country’s population was either ill or in quarantine.
09:12   And another phenomenon is that day by day, so many people
09:16   are catching other diseases, diseases other than Covid.
09:19   There is no causal link with the vaccine, they say, of course.
09:24   But it seems so strange to me that many people are getting ill, all of a sudden.
09:29   Young people contracting cancer, all of a sudden.
09:33   People getting lumps…
09:36   Every day, when you go shopping, you hear people talking about nothing but this.
09:41   You only hear people talking about their mother-in-law, their sister-in-law, their cousin.
09:45   It’s all about people developing adverse effects, or people getting ill.
09:52   So, I cannot convey the official data about the effects.
09:57   But in my daily routine I am seeing that so many people are getting ill.
10:02   In a fashion that I had never seen before, in years.
10:06   It’s really shocking.
11:42   The Israeli Government has just withdrawn mandatory vaccination.
11:45   Despite this, so many employers and stores keep asking for the pass, de facto.
11:50   Even if the pass has been withdrawn.
11:54   And people are wondering why they withdrew it, after imposing it in all stores.
12:02   They think our government is really nice, for giving us our freedom back.
12:07   Actually the real reason is that the system had gone haywire.
12:13   Even if transhumanism predicts that we will need no useless workers
12:18   in the future, given that everything will be automated,
12:23   The system still needs public employees slaving away,
12:28   typing in front of a computer eight hours a day.
12:33   So, since half the population was either ill or in quarantine,
12:37   they didn’t know how to replace them.
12:41   So everything had gone haywire.
12:44   At that point, they had no choice but to reintegrate the healthy people into employment.

7 thoughts on ““Half the Population is Either Ill or in Quarantine”

  1. As a retired person much of this does not really affect me but:

    There are many more cars at the side of the road, one on Friday, in a garage forecourt, with the emergemcy ambulance in attendance.

    I know of at least three deaths in the last week, one a middle age man taking his driving test.

    Shops and restaurants are unexpectedly shut, shopping and dining has become russian roulette-ish

    At my son’s kibbutz, most of the very elderly are now dead, including my granddaughter’s G-grandmother on her mothers side who was one of the founding members. My son has attended more funerals in the last few months than than all the rest of his life put together. Ther are only a few unvaccinated on the Kibbutz, but more than a few are sorry they took the shot.

    • All I can say is that there is an increase in the “sudden collapse” or even “sudden death”. I ski since I were 5, and I have not seen anyone collapse on the ski slope ever: But this year, its like every week there is some “sudden cardiac arrest”. There was one just yesterday in the northern mountains of the Czech Republic.

      Two weeks ago we had two funerals in one day: One brain stroke, one heart attack, in one week. Both in their sixties…

      If it’s the vaxxines, it is very subtle indeed. It’s so subtle it is really hard to link these events together, but the “sudden collapses” are real, though there is like one a day or something…

  2. These videos are by Dr. John Campbell in the UK. The first one is a plea for people to contact their politicians where ever you are to try to get them to modify the way the vaccine is administered because it could be the cause of many of the injuries. It may be the case that all vaccines should be administered intramuscularly – I am not that knowledgeable. I am logical and I can infer, which I have said many times, the vaccine itself is inherently dangerous if administered intravenously for whatever reason – not by intention but by any mechanism. If it is administered intraveneously, you will get vaccine damage. The reactions to changing the method of injection is insane. Apparently Denmark did it right and Germany is changing there method. Several other countries also aspirate the injections. English speaking countries seem intent on not changing, I would suspect to avoid the fallout and damage to their reputation. While the vaccine manufacturer may be immune from liability, I am not so sure about the one who administers the vaccine.

    -Summarizes the underlying problem.

    – You must have anxiety – how Dr.s treat possible vaccine side effects.

  3. Israel went full Nazi with the vaccine BS. It’s as if the Shoah happened and absolutely
    nothing whatsoever was learned.

    Never again indeed.

    Something else. You can tell Israel has learned zilch because every single Jew in the country should have an assault rifle and ammunition to protect their loved ones from the Muslims who live in and around their country and who want them dead.

    The fact the Israeli government does not allow this is reminiscent of the Nazis not allowing Jews to have guns. Makes zero sense to me and I am by belief and attitude a Christian Zionist who prays for Israel every day. More Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s and fewer David Ben Gurion’s would be a step forward, but Ben Gurion hated Zhabotinsky and in that hatred you have Israel throwing common sense in the toilet ever since.

    • Ben Gurion and Weitzmann were communist fellow travellers and Israel is a semi-recovered state wounded by many years of socialism. The Moses of this almost recovery was Netanyahu, his lagacy is impressive, but he too is subject to a “never Netanyahu” movement.

      They are trying to prosecute him over receipt of cogars and champagne, and because he talked to a newspaper about their content (it would appear that no money actually changed hands)

      The Israeli left would have us seceeding huge tracts of land, including Sderot to the PA and Hamas, who will not be satisfied until Israel ceases to exist and the land is Judenrein.

      This is Nazism by another name…..

      • Wrong! It’s bloody communism, the naxi’s were first and foremost nationalist, it means their people first and foremost.

  4. “There’s no demonstrated causal connection between the vax and the dramatic surge in various illnesses. It could be a coincidence. But the correlation is there.”
    Not a coincidence as it seems to be happening everywhere. I suspect it is a combinstion of organ damage and weakening of the immune system.

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