Austria Turns on a Dime

The Austrian government has done an abrupt about-face and eliminated most of its Wuhan Coronavirus restrictions. Most citizens will be allowed to regain most of their rights, and may live their lives in a more or less normal fashion, by March 5.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Kronen Zeitung. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Government unlocks everything — only one rule remains

It’s actually opening! As of March 5, 2022, almost all of the Corona restrictions that are still in place in Austria will be lifted, and the federal government will then lift both the so-called G-rules (with the exception of retirement homes and hospitals) and the dining curfew. Only the FFP2 mask requirement may be retained in certain areas. provides an overview of the current decisions.

As already announced, the first easing will be carried out in a transitional phase by March 5th — it will start this week. From February 19, almost all 2G requirements will be switched to 3G (vaccinated or recovered or tested) — this applies to cable cars, bus trips, excursion boats, physical services, sports facilities, trade and public fairs and events.

Unrestricted access for the unvaccinated

After that pretty much everything will fall. From March 5, unvaccinated people will be allowed to enter all areas that were previously restricted — and then without a test. They can even breathe a sigh of relief in night dining — the openings also affect discos and clubs, as confirmed in the course of a press conference on Wednesday.

Only the FFP2 mask requirement remains with us, but that only in public transport, supermarkets etc. and in the health sector.

“No more access regulations and no more green passports”

“No more access regulations and no more green passports within Austria,” explained Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens). “The outlook shows us that we are carefully and deliberately, but emphatically, bit by bit, restoring the freedom that the virus took from us,” said Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP). “We have to use the time we have now to observe the development of the pandemic.” [You morons had two years with this nothing-burger. How many more do you need? Another 20?]

When asked why — contrary to the recommendation of its own experts — society was opened, despite the continued high number of cases, Mückstein said that the “relevant number” was that in the intensive care units. The situation there is stable, albeit slightly increasing on the normal stations. The minister added: “I cannot promise you that we will not need stricter measures in the coming months; the virus has already taught us that.” [That means in plain speech that the next round of arbitrary measures is a given.]

Tests still free until the end of March

A tricky question, on which the localities in particular put pressure in advance, was whether Corona tests should continue to be free. The last word has not yet been spoken here. In any case, the tests will remain free until the end of March, said Mückstein. Then it will be re-evaluated.

Compulsory vaccination commission “almost formed”

There is still no decision on how to proceed with the compulsory vaccination law. Alone: A commission for the examination is “currently being formed” and should start its work in the coming days.

Vienna continues to go its own way

And how does it look in the federal capital? There they will continue to go their own way for the time being.

Afterword from the translator:

This is just a little trick from the Psy-op Box of the Great Reset to give hope to the tormented people. Nothing is over yet! Nobody should be so naïve as to believe that! Just remember the frog in the boiling pot.

6 thoughts on “Austria Turns on a Dime

  1. “This is just a little trick from the Psy-op Box of the Great Reset to give hope to the tormented people. Nothing is over yet!”

    I agree, though I hope we are wrong, I also believe that there is “another pandemic” in the making. The reason Why I believe is the way they dropped all pandemic mandates just like that…

    Here in the Czech Republic, they dropped all mandates, but passed a “pandemic law” which made the mandates a law should a “pandemic” reappear. All the politicians speak like: “The pandemic law will never affect us!” or “Easter will be just like in the old days”.

    The rhetoric is very suspicious, and if I go by the “black is white and white is black” rule, another “pandemic” is coming this spring.

  2. The politicians finally blinked, they saw that the crowds were almost to the point of torches and pitchforks, damn, what a missed opportunity.

  3. It is not a true turnaround though, because in autumn, beginning in September, we will be forced to take the fourth jab, and this time there is no pseudodiscussion as to which groups should get it, like elderly, or the multimorbid. It will be mandatory for all over 18, and in the red hellhole Vienna they are keen on getting their dirty communist paws on children from age five onwards.

  4. I agree with the translator: nothing is over yet. It won’t be, especially since there is a huge stockpile of unused vaccines that cost a lot of money. The question remains: how will these vaccines make their way into the designated arms? Many Austrians have realized they’ve been duped.

    As to the vaccine mandate: there is an old German saying: When in doubt, form a commission. (Wenn du nicht mehr weiter weisst, bilde einen Arbeitskreis.)

    On a personal note: Much as I hate these mandates and look forward to their dustbinning, much as I have continuously refused to abide by them, which meant I could not attend opera performances, I do hope they will be gone by this time next Saturday as I have tickets to the musical “Cabaret”, this season’s final show.

    As long as there is a single mandate in place, such as masks in pharmacies and grocery stores, there is noch such thing as freedom. Freedom is all or nothing. We must remain vigilant!

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