Rape Victims in Austria Would be Well-Advised Not to Defend Themselves

The following article concerns a case that I mentioned several days ago in the news feed. A young woman fended off a Syrian culture-enricher who attempted to rape her, stabbing him with a knife that she grabbed out of her handbag. The perpetrator has been arrested, but his victim is also being charged with inflicting bodily harm for defending herself.

I’ve had this translation in hand for a couple of days, but neglected to post it until now. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Kronen Zeitung. The translator remarked: “I wouldn’t be surprised if the sick judiciary were to acquit the perpetrator and punish the victim for using a knife.”

He Got the Wrong Person

Krone made attempted rape public

A rape on Tuesday evening in the Vienna district of Meidling remained an attempt, solely due to the resistance of the actual victim of the attack, a 22-year-old woman. She pulled out a knife and inflicted several cuts and stab wounds on her attacker. The Vienna police made the despicable case public on Friday afternoon, i.e. after a three-day delay, in a broadcast — but only at the request of Kronen Zeitung.

It is the absolute horror a young Viennese woman had to endure on Tuesday evening: Shortly before midnight, when the 22-year-old wanted to enter the entrance area to her apartment building on Schönbrunner Straße in Meidling, she was attacked out of nowhere by an unknown person. The attacker pushed the woman into the courtyard, immediately grabbed intimate parts of her body and pushed his victim to the ground.

The perpetrator had chosen the wrong victim

But then the attempted rape took a dramatic turn: the woman, with presence of mind, managed to pull a knife out of her handbag. She stabbed her tormentor several times with it until he let go of his victim, grabbed her handbag and ran away badly injured. The failed rapist was discovered by the police a short time later with cuts and stab wounds at a nearby subway station and taken to a hospital.

After the first aid, the handcuffs clicked for the 24-year-old. The man is a Syrian asylum seeker who is said to have a lot on his rap sheet. When he was arrested, the suspect had alcohol in his blood and a small amount of marijuana in his pocket. The Syrian initially denied the crime.

Krone was informed by readers

The Vienna police made the despicable case public on Friday afternoon, i.e. with a three-day delay, in a broadcast — but only at the request of “Krone”, which was informed by attentive readers. They accuse the police of cover-up, which the state police department denies.

In addition, the public prosecutor’s office reported the woman (!) for bodily harm. “An absolutely insensitive approach,” says her upset lawyer DDr. Michael Dohr because the victim is still traumatized.

17 thoughts on “Rape Victims in Austria Would be Well-Advised Not to Defend Themselves

      • She needs to taught respect for good men. It has to be learned again and again. “You can’t keep a good man down”.

    • After watching both videos I am somewhere else.
      I dont know whether I should facepalm or laugh at such childish behaviour.

      To quote one of the comments from youtube:
      “Do they really think that a determined rapist would be stopped by such behaviour?”

      • In the first video I think they edited out the close up of Benny Hill’s eyes blinking and a dejected look on his face.

  1. I think the US response would be: Shoot, shovel, Shut up!

    In Europe it will be: Defend yourself and run away.

  2. please don’t get upset at this point. A person was hurt with a knife. It’s not the job of Austrian police to decide whether this was legal “Notwehr”; thats left to a prosecutor or judge.

    • Is being a moron a requirement to be a police officer? Or an Austrian? Do they not have an milligram of discretion to exercise that they can hold off issuing any charges until there has been a preliminary investigation of the situation?

      Heaps of ordure like this from the intellectual and genetic descendants of Nazis are precisely the reason why law enforcement personnel are despised and seen as evil by many law abiding citizens.

      • after the prosecutors investigation, charges will be dropped. And even in a nation of the law, excessive self defense is not allowed.
        And Lund is right: hit and run is the best solution!

        • Excessive self defense would be after stabbing the would-be rapist to death, proceeding to the local nest of villainy that it slithered from and setting it on fire after first barring the exits to ensure all the other orcs were exterminated as well. And then doing the same to the homes of whatever local politicians pushed to have the orcs imported into the community in the first place.

          Some idiots (Austrians) might call that excessive, but I see it as justifiable self defense and an inevitable and necessary step to taking back one’s community and country from the globalists.

    • A sub human 3rd worlder was wounded by a knife(should had a Glock) by a young female who defended herself, it is about bloody time weak, feckless sheep such as yourself realize that it is your God given right to protect yourself, the govt does NOT have the monopoly on force.

      • Perhaps a donation to the young woman of a longer knife or a Glock would be in order. Given that she apparently has more balls to actually use such instruments than almost all of her pathetic countrymen (wasters of oxygen).

      • Get real, G; in much of Europe, it’s near-impossible to obtain a firearm legally, and doing so illegally would, I imagine, involve dealing with some very unpleasant people.

        • Mark my ole friend, you can get anything in Europe if you want it. A brand spanking new Glock, Sig Walther 9 mm on the Black Market goes for about 500-800 American dollars, a old cold war Makrov goes for about 200-350 in US Dollars, a AK goes for about 800 US Dollars( they went up from 2 years ago). Go to Poland, Hungary, Czeck/Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Or anywhere in the Balkans, Heck you can even get yourself old German MG 42,s for about 1,000.00 US Dollars, a Mauser K-98 for 200. In Britain, sit down in a pub that caters to any east European or the Russians and they will get you anything you want. Just don’t ask me how I know this. Some of my good friends are very unpleasant people.

        • Being a dyed in the wolves Mark, you would never have heard of revolution, coup d’etat, Adolph Hitler,
          Winston Churchill, Stalin and Americans for freedom galore. Again,
          as free enterprise notices the growing market, Muslims on bended knee will learn, “A day late and a dollar short.

        • Mark have you never been to Belgium? The
          occupied territories across western EU? Wake up? The Muslim is a know quantity.

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