On the Eve of Destruction

A gloomy message sent by Seneca III from the multicultural dominion formerly known as England.

On the Eve of Destruction

by Seneca III

CHANGE is both a constant and a variable; a constant because it is always with us, a variable because its flavour and intensity changes over time. In itself this is not a bad thing, but when change takes a wrong turning in the road and descends into an age of national decay and suicidal lunacy such as that which is now upon us, we must either return to the start line and begin again or accept that we will have to sacrifice our integrity, honour, way of life and independence… and our country as well.

Barry McGuire got it spot on. This song is old, but it doesn’t age:

“Better days will return, we will be with our friends again, we will be with our families again, we will meet again.”
— Her Majesty the Queen, 5th April 2020.

Over half a century ago I swore an oath, the same oath that all persons enlisting or commissioned into the British Armed Forces, except Royal Navy Officers, are required to attest to or equivalently affirm:

I _____ swear by Almighty God (or do solemnly, and truly declare and affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will, as in duty bound, honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, in Person, Crown and Dignity against all enemies, and will observe and obey all orders of Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, and of the (admirals / generals/ air officers depending on the particular Service) and officers set over me. (So help me God.)

[Until recently no oath of allegiance was sworn by members of the Royal Navy, which is not maintained under an Act of Parliament but by the royal prerogative. This is still the case for officers as, by nature of the Navy’s authority deriving from the Crown and not Parliament, the loyalty of naval officers to the Sovereign is taken for granted.]

However, Her Majesty is no more an immortal than you or I. Her time will come as it will for all of us, as evolution has designed us to eventually shuffle of this mortal coil in order to make room for the next lot. The sad thing is that her immediate successor does not inspire confidence in me, to put it mildly, and this causes me to have to seriously reconsider that part of my oath that refers so repetitively to ‘Heirs and Successors’.

Yet there may be hope for the second in line and his charming, duty-conscious family if they have not been too badly afflicted by the verbal ramblings, divided loyalties and ideological circumlocutions of the current Crown Prince. I do hope so. Our Constitutional Monarchy is a wonderful thing, and serves as a safe harbour for all of our hopes and custodian of much of our physical and historic heritage that the Wokists are doing everything in their power to rub from the pages of history. I also have nightmare visions of a Republic led perhaps by a President Blair or Johnson or Starmer or their ilk.

Anyway, enough of me. So where, now, do we find ourselves?

Not necessarily, I suspect, looking out across bloodstained foreign fields and barricades again, but inward, to our homelands, to the cities, the occupied territories where several generations of feral incomers go about their daily business of crime, drug peddling, benefit scrounging, mugging and gratuitous violence mostly beyond the control of an overstretched Woke and Common-Purposed constabulary carrying out selective law enforcement and led by serial incompetents who are supported by a Judiciary fully on board with the same agenda, none of whom our spineless government will or can do anything about, as more reinforcements for these ferals come piling ashore on a daily basis aided and abetted by France.

This could, and probably will, lead to nationwide violence in the very near future. Or, to be precise, war, and we will learn more about the reality of survival in a month of combat with our brothers and sisters in arms by our sides than during a lifetime of reading books, believing the disinformation peddled by the media or studying in a Woke Academia and then going on to a lucrative future in a polluted Cesspit-on-Thames. Combat means death, pain, blood, fear comradeship, filth and boredom. And the sheer wonder of it all is the amount of pounding a human being can tolerate and still maintain his or her sanity. Some, sadly though, do not.

For obvious reasons war is mostly the domain the young, for it is they who fight battles. They have the energy and a subliminal sense of immortality — their world, this world, is young to them like they are, and they want to seize it. Yet, as we grow older we begin to wonder if it is or was really worth it. There is always a search for answers, but few if any ever come easily. And those that do are transients wandering in and out of consciousness, perhaps because of a healthy scepticism which in itself is a valuable asset, but one we must not let blind us nor deny us an ability to at least mentally prepare by observing those things that are happening around us and then projecting them into a possible near future.

And, finally, we must not give up no matter what happens, but treat each morning as the beginning of another day, no matter how gruesome that day turns out to be, and accept that in the time of Homo sapiens sapiens’ dominance acquisitive aggression is the norm, and can only be contained and repelled by an opposite and more than equal force.

We must soldier on to the end as best we can, serviceman or civilian, male and female alike. That is the way of man, always has been and ever more shall be so. There is no new thing under the sun.

— Seneca III

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34 thoughts on “On the Eve of Destruction

  1. I think the last time I heard that song was almost 40 years ago – around the last time I was on a two way range. It always gave me pause – I would literally stop breathing for a moment when it came on or I noticed it playing. After all these years, I hope I don’t find myself back in that type of environment. I am not really in shape for it, phyically… Perhaps it is like riding a bike?

  2. Everybody wants to stick their collective heads in the sand in the belief that war can never come to their homestead, history says otherwise. We in the west have become feckless, weak and less sure of ourselves than what we were even 10 years ago. We may not want war, but war wants you, and one way or another with this diversity shoved up our backsides without our consent, will get war, because it will come down to the simplest terms, them, or us. It won’t matter if you are young or old, war comes for us all, so prepare and fear no darkness.

  3. I’m old, and dog-tired. Too old to play boy soldier. My legs don’t work so well, so I can’t run, carry a 90# rucksack plus a weapon and ammunition…

    But the war is here, NOW. I have young ones who depend on me. And if we fail in this fight against the globalists, my children will live- at best- as slaves, permanently indentured to the state.

    I cannot, WILL NOT allow that to happen.

    The collectivists have made their choice- to enslave my children. As such, they have forfeited their futures. A million or a BILLION of them, can’t equal the future of any of my kids. THEIR lives are now forfeit, for the choices they made.

    There will be no quarter given, and absolutely no mercy.

    These collectivists aren’t human, only rabid animals to be dispatched without a second thought, and without compunction.

    It’s taken me years to get to this point, realizing what I must do.

    Let’s FINISH this.

    • You might be old, but you can be in a stand off position picking off the chaff with a pair of bifocals and lots of ammo. Always look to the bright side of things my friend.

  4. Civil war in the UK is inevitable. The West and allies versus Islam. The Islamists have known it is coming all their lives and are patient. The Britons rely on hope while the demographics hold their feet to the fire, relentlessly, day by day, week by week, unerring in the doom they bring

  5. Embra, home of the Scottish carbuncle of a Parliament, capital city in the hands of the power-mad, pro-moslem SNP, yesterday, mid-afternoon, Prince’s street.
    Creatures on mopeds race down the main artery of Edinburgh (Protected heritage and all that, not that the Council cares a fig..), at full tilt, at well above double the speed limit, with one would presume deliberately damaged exhaust pipes to make as much of a racket as possible, the last one runs through the red lights, which had been red for a while.
    It is the first time I have seen that, although it has been common in France for maybe 20 years now.
    Where do they get the money from? An allowance to the invading “refugees”?
    Profits from the drug trade? pimping of white girls to hundred of musselmen and/or aspiring rappers?
    Then ‘Groids, as black as coal, bedecked in very expensive clothing, walk down the streets as if they own it. Again, where does the money come from for such garments?
    It is the first time I have seen the savages treat the main streets, in broad daylight, as their own racing circuit. This is very worrying, as these are signs that they feel their numbers are strong enough to start flouting the laws, openly.
    PS1: bennies = British English slang for state benefits
    PS2: I fully expect my comment to be toned down, it’s quite alright…

    • @ Nathalie

      The globalist project to terra-form Old Europe – including the U.K. – into something our ancestors wouldn’t recognize – is taking place on a lot of fronts and in a lot of ways. The generous social welfare benefits in many European nations act as a beacon or lure drawing “refugees” and “immigrants” in, where they know from those who went before that all they have to do is fill out the appropriate paperwork and they, too, can “hang fire” and live on the dole.

      The Muslims in particular have refined this into a de facto weapon of war. Specifically, their imams tell them that they ought not to contribute anything of economic value to their “new” nations, and that leeching off of them is “good jihad.”

      So, the hard-pressed taxpayers of Britain – or Sweden or the Netherlands or Germany, etc. – pay to support alien populations within their own borders who desire their destruction and are plotting to make that happen.

      That’s what the soldiers of Allah want, after all: They are not in Britain to accomodate to Britain and the British; they are there to force Britain and the British to bend to their will and their ways, ultimately sharia law and the caliphate.

      Even the non-Muslim diaspora have a largely negative economic impact, as they too disproportionately consume medical and social services, amongst other things, and otherwise act as a drag upon the economy. The assertion that these immigrants are economically “good” for Europe is an unexamined claim, and one which is in all likelihood, false.

    • And there is the key – “their numbers are strong enough to start flouting the laws – openly”.

      This is the same characteristic that follows them wherever they go – planet of the apes or the goat[shaggers].

      They keep a low profile and “fit-in” until there is enough of them to shrug off the cloak of fraud they have manufactured and then they compete with each other to take as much as they can from the local populace until there is nothing left and they are left to fight each other for what the other has.

      They are therefore vermin and should be viewed as such.

      As to the wonderful Monarchy what a detestable joke. John Liden wrote the only song I know worthy of the Queen.

      I hope that hag and her scumsucking family enjoy their stakes well done because that’s where their heads ought to end up.

  6. It would seem that war is coming but we don’t know when. What I do believe is that the enemy – islam – is actively preparing for it. I hear many stories of mosques in some parts of the UK being little short of armories and I have seen a video that was doing the rounds showing one particular UK based islamic leader boasting of their supply of weapons and telling his followers that they had little to fear because the English are all “gammon and full of talk.” I came out here some years ago to get away from all this only to see reports on RT that the Chinese are on the verge of invading Taiwan. There seems to be no escape from it all.

    I remember Barry McGuire when he was lead singer for the New Christy Minstrels.

    • @ Peter

      Re: “It would seem that war is coming but we don’t know when. What I do believe is that the enemy – Islam – is actively preparing for it. I hear many stories of mosques in some parts of the UK being little short of armories…”

      This is quite true. Most westerners see a mosque and think it is like a church or synagogue or some other place of worship. The reality is very different: A mosque is much more than just a place of worship to a believer; it is a piece of sovereign Islamic soil inside the land of the infidels. A colony, if you will, combined with a fortress. Analogous to a Vietnam War-era fire-base way back in “Indian Country” (enemy territory).

      President Recep Erdogan of Turkey, an unreconstructed Islamic supremacist and practicing Sunni Muslim, had this to say: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

      Sounds bellicose and it is, but according to Islamic traditional and doctrine, he is precisely correct. Far from being a fringe or extreme notion, such sentiments lie close to the heart of mainstream Sunni Islam.

      Authorities in places as far afield as Sweden have uncovered hidden weapons caches in mosques, upon conducting raids. The weapons were smuggled up from the Balkans, leftovers from the 1990s civil wars there.
      This may be one possible fate for all of those weapons “gifted”to the Taliban by Joe Biden and friends.

      A last point to consider is that within Islam, there is no meaningful distinction between a uniformed soldier in the military and someone who is not. The only dividing line of consequence is between being a Muslim and member of the umma (worldwide community of believers), or not being one.

      If you belong to Dar al-Islam, “The House of Islam” then you are a soldier of Islam. Regardless of your age, status, and so forth. Those too old or infirm to participate physically, contribute in other ways.

      Remember former army psychiatrist Nadal Hassan? The Fort Hood shooter and jihadist? His business cards provided at army expense had a small logo at the bottom: “SoA” – meaning “soldier of Allah.”

      It is how an Islamic society does total war.

      • And it is how we will conduct war when it finally comes, No quarter, no mercy, no prisoners, no excuses. No more muslims = no more problems.

    • @ Peter in Thailand

      Re: “It would seem that war is coming but we don’t know when. What I do believe is that the enemy – islam – is actively preparing for it. I hear many stories of mosques in some parts of the UK being little short of armories…”

      The war is already here, and has been for the last 1,400 years. Westerners and other non-Muslims unfamiliar with Islam and Muslims and their history, may be blissfully unaware of this state of affairs, but that does not mean it is untrue.

      Islamic doctrine divides the world into two and only two spheres: Dar al-Islam, which in Arabic means “House of Islam,” and stands for the world-wide umma or community of Muslims wherever they exist; and Dar al-Harb, which means “House of War,” meaning the non-Muslim world and those non-Muslims or kafirs (infidels) within it.

      According to the Koran, Hadiths and the Sira, the three foundational sources of Islam, the shahids “true believers of Islam” must wage war against the unbelievers and apostates until the entire world is Muslim and lies within Dar al-Islam. Only then can there be peace; until then, the soldiers of Allah are obligated to wage perpetual war against the infidels.

      The choice for non-Muslims is a stark one: If one is conquered, and finds one’s self under Islamic control, then the choice is to convert, become a dhimmi (slave or supplicant of Muslims), or death. Or one can fight and resist via force of arms or other means.

      For the soldier of Allah, jihad is a “win-win” situation. If the mujahid (holy warrior) survives combat with the infidels, he may seize that which his “right hand” takes, whether riches, booty or captives as slaves. Including infidel women, highly-prized for the slave market or the harem.

      If, on the other hand, he perishes fighting jihad, he is promised immediate ascent to paradise and all of the earthy, sensual pleasures he desires for all eternity and a place of honor amongst his own kind.

      This is the engine which continuously feeds Islamic aggression, imperialism and expansion.

      To paraphrase Leon Trotsky, “You may not be interested in jihad (holy war), but jihad is interested in you!”

  7. We must do our Duty no matter what the outcome, with humility before God.
    “Only fools will strut , only cowards dare cringe.”

    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

  8. I have come to the conclusion that a civil war will come to Britain. I only hope we win. I am sure the police and armed forces chiefs will be against the indigenous people, but I hope the troops will be on our side.

    As to Prince Charles, quondam tampax to Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles, our next Queen, the best thing he could do is abdicate. Other than that, it seems Her Majesty is in good health, and we must hope she outlives him.

    • I, as one who has sworn faithful allegiance to Her Majesty and Her Heirs and Successors, of course wish her health and long life.

      To Prince Charles, not so much.

  9. Sady there will be no rebellion by the deplorables in the UK. After 75 years of internalizing deep state propaganda most Brits especially women are fine with the woke agenda and the annihilation of the British patrimony. Brits like Americans are fat lazy and addicted to greasy fast food fornication drugs and moronic media.

  10. “Combat means death, pain, blood, fear comradeship, filth and boredom. And the sheer wonder of it all is the amount of pounding a human being can tolerate and still maintain his or her sanity. Some, sadly though, do not.”

    I do not understand this. What kind of comradeship is “fear comradeship”? Why is it a wonder of all combat that a human being can tolerate much pounding and still remain sane? “Some [some who?] do not [tolerate much pounding and still remain sane]?

  11. I read this morning that Donald Trump is going to run for President. Hooray!

    If he wins, and I think he will, since most of us are sick of that creep Biden, then I foresee (or hope) a much more promising future for the USA>

    No more people from the MIddle-east. We have MORE than enough Muslims as it is.

    Sad to say, I write this as an immigrant. I came to USA at the age of five and I have loved this country ever since. Through good times, bad times, through dumb-as-a-rock leadership I have loved America.

    I look forward to Donald Trump assuming the presidency and getting USA back on the right track.

    • Though I like Trump he was far too weak。Buckled at the first problem, threw General Flynn under the bus, appointed truly rubbish enemies like Christopher Wray (FBI) and William Barr. He appointed zero fighters. Trump pulls his punches & he’s more concerned with his own slighted ego been defending those around him.

      • Exactly.

        Observe the Litany:

        I will lock her up! – crickets

        I will throw out the dreamers! – crickets

        I will get rid of Obamacare! – crickets

        I will drain the swamp! – crickets

        I will build a wall – crickets

        I wont sign that 1 trillion dollar bill! – gee that’s a nice pen

        I will get the US out of Nato!- crickets

        I will ensure NATO members pay what they owe! – crickets

        I will stop paying the WHO! – crickets

        Deep State appointments:

        Wray – head of FBI

        Haspel – head of CIA

        Sessions – head of DOJ replaced with

        Barr – head of DOJ


        Little Marco Rubio

        Lying Ted Cruz

        Bimbo Betsy Devos

        Mark- “free of commitment caucus” Meadows

        Mike – “Im going to bomb Syria without your knowledge” Pompeo

        Jared – I need to sell building 666 to which I am in debt to the tune of a billion dollars – Kushner – oh and can my dad get out of jail free?

        Steven – “is my head to big for this hat” – Bannon

        Niki – “how deep does this knife go in” Haley

        Kellyanne – “my family hates your guts” Conway

        Ronna – ” What did you expect, my dad hates your guts” McDaniel

        John – ” I want to blow up everything on this map” Bolton

        James – “the chihuahua” Maddog Mattis

        John – ” the excommunicator” Kelly

        Mike – “the fag” Pence

        And a host of other gems too numerous to name and too painful to remember!

  12. all I can say is I hope Trump is our next president. He has the gonads to lead this country in times like these.

    Joe (the pervert) Biden is in WAY over his head!

  13. As a believer in grand solar minimum and the coming little ice age – just a friendly reminder, that Britain is not self sufficient in Power and Food. I can see the history unfolding with “dark winter excercise” – which is basically a “winter collapse”, to make the “civil war” especially spicy. That’s just how I see things now.

    • Barn Swallow – that is a very prescient message because if you are someone like me who has surfed their life away in a multitude of places across the world for the past 40 years you will know that our weather systems made massive changes this past year to 18 months.

      The changes are strengthening too and damn quickly. Lots of issues with planting crops where the soil isn’t as warm as it usually would at the same time last year or the year before – take a look at crops in Russia, South America and currently in Oz.

      Ocean currents aren’t what they have been for the past 25 years plus. Check the NW typhoon station stats to get an idea. I would expect to see between 23 to 30 Typhoons develop in the North Pac during Japans spring/summer/autumn. This year we might see 4. Last year just a couple more.

      Start buying as much long range food as you can because prices will go through the roof just on climate let alone energy costs.

  14. Unfortunately, if civil war does come to the UK, expect the rest of the world to intervene on the side of the invading barbarians. Will the Queen and the Royals choose the right side?
    Also, civil in a nuclear armed nation is a rather frightening thought.

    • The rest of western europe will be in the same boat soon, so let it rain, it always was the end result of mass 3rd world invasion. People were just to stupid to see it.

  15. @ Harry_the_horrible

    Re:”Unfortunately, if civil war does come to the UK, expect the rest of the world to intervene on the side of the invading barbarians. ”

    The danger is that the European Union and/or the U.N. would be mobilized on the side of the globalists and their Islamic allies. Perhaps even NATO. A few years back, EU President Jean-Claude Junker called for – and I believe French President Macron as well – the two of them called for the formation of an army under the control of the EU in Brussels. With what object? The subjugation and defeat of invaders from without, or rebels from within? It stands to reason that they wish such a force to act as the enforcers of the new world order they wish to create.

    Traditional people are not without allies, however, as there are hundreds of millions of people all over the world who would support such a fight against tyranny. Eastern Europe – especially the Visegrad Four (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary) nations, and the Baltic States and some others also – have thus far successfully-resisted the edicts of the tyrants in Brussels. The so-called “silent majority” in many Western/Northern European nations would also likely support such an endeavor. Witness the “yellow vest” movement in France, Brexit in Britain, and so forth.

  16. No quarter must be given. We must learn to be brutal and uncompromising. No prisoners can be taken.
    If we do not do this, our people will disappear from history because the mizlimes and other browns will write itm

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