Culture-Enriching Jew-Hatred in Germany — It’s the AfD’s Fault!

Beatrix von Storch is the deputy leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) and a member of the Bundestag. She gave the following speech in the Bundestag in the wake of the orgies of Jew-hatred on the part of culture-enrichers during a recent pro-Palestinian demonstration in Gelsenkirchen in the midst of Hamas rocket attacks on Israel.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Below is the introduction to the video written by Beatrix von Storch, also translated by Oz-Rita:

May 20, 2021

When Merkel, [President of the Bundestag Wolfgang] Schäuble and company have to admit that Jews cannot move freely in our country, this is more than ‘just’ the capitulation of the German constitutional state to imported Islamic anti-Semitism. Under Merkel, the fight against Jew-hatred has become an empty phrase, just the usual blather of consternation instead of decisive measures to protect Jewish citizens and institutions. There is no need to talk about the insufferable CSU man [MEP Manfred] Weber in Brussels, who blames the AfD for the riots, given his obviously massive intellectual deficits.

Imported Islamic Jew-hatred and its organisations must be fought with the utmost force or banned in Germany, and the foreign financing of mosques in our country, especially by the anti-Semite Erdogan, must be stopped immediately.

The terrorist organisation Hamas in the Gaza Strip and its rocket attacks on Israel must no longer be supported through German and EU funding of the so-called UN relief agency UNRWA. Germany funded UNRWA to the tune of €173 million in 2020 and the EU funded the terrorist supporters to the tune of €157 million.

The BDS movement is the connecting link between left-wing and Muslim anti-Semitism. This common front is directed against Israel, Germany and the West. It reaches from Iran to the Greens, from Hezbollah to Black Lives Matter, from Hamas to Fridays for Future.

As the AfD parliamentary group, we call on the federal government to finally act decisively, to protect Jewish citizens in Germany and Israel from their Muslim enemies and to close the decades-old dictionary of platitudes. The time of hollow phrases is over.

The article below discusses MEP Manfred Weber’s blaming of the AfD for the upsurge in Islamic Jew-hatred in Germany.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from PolitikStube:

Disgusting agitation: Manfred Weber (CSU) gives the AfD joint responsibility for anti-Semitic protests

Those responsible for migration policy have opened the gates for the massive influx of Muslims and also for Islamists and Jew-haters, and thus additionally promoted anti-Semitism in Germany.

In order to distract from their own failure and guilt for the situation, Manfred Weber (CSU) says the AfD, of all people, the only party that has repeatedly warned against these conditions and the immigration of radical Muslims for years, shares responsibility for the anti-Semitic protests in the wake of the escalating Middle East conflict.

Manfred Weber is certain that the AfD is jointly responsible for the hordes of Muslim Jew-haters who roaringly spread their anti-Jewish chants in German cities.

Can one speak of character assassination against better judgment when a CSU politician tramples or twists the truth in such a way?

Berliner Morgenpost:

Manfred Weber (CSU) assigned joint responsibility to parties like the AfD for the anti-Semitic protests in the wake of the escalating Middle East conflict. “Radicals like the AfD in Germany or Le Pen in France have fueled border shifts in anti-Semitism,” said the chairman of the EPP group.

“You have to be named as the founder of such excesses.”

Anti-Semitism shows itself on the streets in Europe and on the net in a terrifying way, complained Weber.

“Politicians must take a clear position against anti-Semitism in every form; the rule of law must act consistently.”

Video transcript:

00:00   Debate about the fight against Jew-hatred in Germany
00:08   Madame President, Ladies and gentlemen,
00:12   We all have seen the pictures from Gelsenkirchen: a Muslim mob behind
00:16   flags of the Islamic half moon unleashes its Jew-hatred; the police
00:20   do nothing. At the same time you now present a 40-page report on anti-Semitism
00:24   in which you equate anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.
00:28   You put the Jews on the same level with
00:32   the Muslim Jew-haters: the victims with the perpetrators. This is no fight against anti-Semitism;
00:36   that IS anti-Semitism. Your Islam Conference is in fact
00:40   an Islamists’ conference. You are their stooges and
00:44   useful idiots… sorry. Even the government spokesman, [State Secretary Steffen] Seibert,
00:48   has now, faced with the unleashed Jew-hatred,
00:52   come to the realisation, let me quote: “These days
00:56   we realise that there is also a Muslim anti-Semitism.”
01:00   Congratulations! Welcome back to reality.
01:04   Surveys among Jews show the daily attacks on
01:08   Jews come first and foremost from Muslims.
01:12   “Jews cannot move about any longer in Germany” says
01:16   Government Spokesman Seibert now after Gelsenkirchen. And what signals
01:20   to the CSU man [MEP Manfred] Weber from his spaceship in Brussels sees
01:24   the raging Muslim hordes and says: “The AfD is to blame,” of course.
01:28   This fight against the Right has become delusional.
01:32   They just do not want to admit that now the fuse they have lit
01:36   is about to explode. With their immigration policy they
01:40   have imported Jew-hatred from the Middle East to Germany.
01:44   In the UN the German government as their loyal partner
01:48   always sides with the Islamic regimes and votes
01:52   against Israel. The German government is one of the main financial backers
01:56   of the Palestinian relief organisation UNWRA. In 2017 alone
02:00   €80 million for Hamas infrastructure and
02:04   Islamist propaganda. And you tolerate the Muslim Brotherhood, the Grey Wolves, the BDS movement
02:08   and as recently as today comes the news that three Hezbollah organisations
02:12   have been banned: The AfD works!
02:16   The BDS movement is the link between the Left and Muslim anti-Semitism.
02:20   This united front is directed against Israel,
02:24   Germany and the West. It ranges from Iran to the Greens,
02:28   from Hezbollah to BLM and from Hamas to Fridays for Future.
02:32   It was mainly, (besides the dFlp [?])
02:36   representatives of the BDS who registered for the violent Jew-hating demos
02:40   of the weekend throughout Germany,
02:44   as we heard this morning from the Ministry of the Interior.
02:48   While Hamas is firing thousands of rockets at Israel,
02:52   Fridays for Future calls openly for a boycott of Israeli products.
02:56   At the forefront of the boycott Israel movement: your climate icon,
03:00   Greta Thunberg. It’s good that the mask is now falling.
03:04   With your politically correct workshops and phoney dialogue events
03:08   you will not stop the wave of Muslim Jew-hatred, but it is clear
03:12   what has to happen now: Ban the BDS, Muslim Brotherhood
03:16   and Grey Wolves. Stop the foreign financing of mosques,
03:20   dissolve the Islam Conference, and stop the payments to UNWRA.
03:24   Merkel says that she won’t “tolerate”
03:28   the attacks, Seibert won’t “accept” them, [President of the Bundestag Wolfgang] Schäuble
03:32   finds it “unbearable”. Please, finally,
03:36   close the German lexicon of platitudes and DO something
03:40   If you wanted to, you could. The problem is that you don’t want to. Thanks.

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  1. How utterly disgusting of Germany. Have they forgotten their history?

    Do they not remember World War II??

    I hope Merkel gets her head out of her butt and acts appropriately to protect the Jews in Germany, although if I were a Jew, the last place on earth I would live in Germany.

    Baron, how are you doing? Is your health in good shape?



    • Merkel the commie will do NOTHING to help the Jews in Germany! She will do whatever she can to help the bloody savages of the 3rd world against her own people though. Time for the Jews to get out while you can, soon the so called authorities will turn their backs as your homes are burned, your women mass raped and men killed.

  2. Sick twisted confused pre-war goings on. Germany for one is in danger of creating a new wall far more permanent than the previous one. This time there will be no more west to jabber on about freedom and democracy.

  3. Merkel&CO mafia is responsible for this horrific mess , they are created, now CDU( Merkel party) dementing from EU. To open refuge centres for this illegals who just arrived to Spain and Italy !!, that tell you who is running the show mostly.,

  4. This government is a garbage all of them !!, vote AFD, that’s the last chance ..

    • How many GD times must it be explained to you that you cannot vote your way out of this mess any longer, it is just shifting the chairs on the Titanic. You will however have to shoot your way out of it.

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