All Your Citadel Are Belong To Us!

During the last ten days thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants have crashed the border between Morocco and Spain, particularly at two Spanish enclaves in North Africa, Ceuta and Melilla. The video below shows the triumphant arrival of African culture-enrichers in Ceuta, where they proudly proclaim their status as military invaders.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:27   We are military. We are military.

10 thoughts on “All Your Citadel Are Belong To Us!

  1. Just like Camp of the Saints. Europe allows itself to be overrun because none of the leaders have the guts to say no and do something to enforce it.

    • Or maybe an unqualified feminised element that was never there before that doesn’t know how to think with a single security focus? It’s all about fragmented “sharing and diversity. Men and their single minded focus on “security” (what’s that?) are the problem.” Caring and sharing and diversity is the answer. Muslims will take good care of that one – if only.

  2. “Where’s my UBI?” thousands scream as they break another nation’s laws, with impunity.

    Those who cross a border illegally should not be arrested or detained or sent back, they should be [intemperate recommendation redacted], period.

    Problem solved.

    • I am not sure what your “intemperate comment” was that had to be removed, but it couldn’t be any worse than the ideas that are going through my mind while watching the savage barbarians force their way in like this. Are there soldiers or police with weapons? If so, why not use them?

      How would it even be possible to civilize these creatures? Seriously.

      I doubt they are literate in their own language whatever primitive tongue they must speak. Furthermore, what kind of work are they capable of doing to support themselves in ANY occupation, no matter how low. I suppose that they come here assuming the Europeans will keep them and take care of them.

      Yes to the Moon – this is indeed the Camp of the Saints.

  3. Moo coomon to Ooroop! “We are coming to Europe”…
    The bare laid bare. God help us!

  4. There is nothing that the M-134 cannot solve where these 3rd world invaders are concerned. I frankly would love to see their faces as the lawn gets mowed.

  5. If they admit to be a military force, does that mean the Spanish army can gun them down?
    I am just asking for a friend.

  6. I can’t joke with this. I feel sick, and I’m half a world away from Europe. Don’t you dare upset any of your muslim neighbors, will you!
    Erdagon, Libya, Morroco, they’re all doing it. “Do as we say, or we’ll throw thousands of black bodies at you!”
    God knows, there’s certainly no shortage of ammo.

    Especially carefully hand picked this lot, by the looks of it.

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