So Here There Be Dragons!

The essay below is the first in a new series by our English correspondent Seneca III.

So Here There Be Dragons!

by Seneca III

Part I — Prologue

How will the year 2020 be recorded in far distant future histories[1]? Will those historians who deeply ponder and then write the annals of the 21st century look back at how that year became the year of a defining nativity, of a bright new age, or will they record it as the final, fatal step towards an irreversible descent into darkness and decrepitude… into the once mythical world of Ragnarök?

    1.   In the study of History the key concepts are sources, evidence, continuity and change, cause and effect, significance, perspectives, empathy and contestability. They are integral to the development of historical understanding, and yet most if not all can fall into the trap of either subjective or objective examination where in fact the reverse is often more appropriate. The concepts ‘perspectives’ and ‘empathy’ are particularly prone to falling into that trap.

So, who will they be, then, these future humans poring over ancient texts, and what form, physical or otherwise, will those texts take — printed on paper or metal foil, carved in stone or pressed into baked clay, read electronically or from depositories full of entangled qubits? And will these historians be the descendants of the victors or the losers of the great battle now roiling about us? Or, perhaps, will their antecedents be so disconnected and totally different from who and what we are? If so, will this give them the ability to come to impartial conclusions untainted by the prejudices of lineage?

Possibly so, but unfortunately we will never know, because their methodology and conclusions lie in our far future. Indeed, our own immediate past is difficult enough to discern clearly, because the window through which we now peer has been opaqued and distorted into an increasingly narrow slit full of indeterminate images rendered meaningless by the ideological interpretations emanating from the fevered pens of revisionist historians whose scribblings are but ‘Woke’ opinion presented in the form of an emotive, multi-hued gospel which is being distributed throughout Academia to a generation of gullible children whose minds will be forever stunted.

So, if we are to shape our own history, we must at first understand the present as we live through it, and try to understand why so many people are desperate to alter it in ways oppressive and indisputably evil. Classical culture, the ability to experience and appreciate beauty, quiet civility and the faculty to experience and to understand the bonds between man and society have been subsumed by a loss of the art of conversation, by casual and outrageous incivility, and then exacerbated by mass deviation from biological norms and human decency[2]. Traditions and ancient humanist ideals have been abraded by inimical doctrines promulgated by the morally and intellectually destitute, and now lie in ruins as our economic and political systems mutate into unworkable Frankenstein monsters.

    2.   As I write this I notice that Google is “Honouring Transgender Awareness Week”, and the Bank of England “…have lit up our Threadneedle Street building in blue, pink and white in support of Transgender Awareness Week. We want to raise the visibility of and celebrate transgender people everywhere.”

How puerile, how pointless and how degenerate is that of the Old Lady? John Stewart Mill’s classic political treatise ‘On Liberty’ warned not just against tyranny by government but also about “social tyranny”, a situation whereby we are told what it is socially acceptable to think, do, and say. This first makes us do and say things that are illogical and contrary to our established norms, and then, over a period of time, they make us say and do things without thinking about them, and finally they progress to making us do and say things that before our indoctrination would be totally unthinkable!

And yet… and yet, despite all this, despite this steaming swamp of rampant speculation, opinion, inter-racial tension[3], downright lies and socio-cultural turbulence, there is one seminal question that hovers mostly unasked beyond our limited perspective, and is rarely if ever addressed in depth: “What if evolution is working quietly away out of sight and mind, that Homo sapiens sapiens, or some of its children, are in the process of undergoing a first major branching (a synthetic one) since an anthropoid ape lifted its knuckles out of the red African earth and walked upright? And are we thus now heading in a new evolutionary direction… and doing so relatively swiftly in terms of cosmological time?

    3.   Race is a biological fact; humans long ago fragmented into tribes and have been evolving separately for over 100,000 years. Evolution and environment have defined their temperaments and mental abilities just as they have their physical abilities; this is why there exists the combustible, compacted human collective that we find ourselves trapped in today. Denial will not change this anthropological reality, and mass ‘immigration’ into once stable homogeneous cultures and communities raises the possibility of spontaneous civil wars by several orders of magnitude. Perhaps that is what the deconstructionists have in mind.

To continue… as soon as I mooted this idea, I asked myself, “So what, then?” And I now propose that question to all of you, “What then is the probability (not the possibility, for possibilities are always present to a greater or lesser degree) of Homo sapiens solaris soon arriving on the scene, followed later, perhaps not too much later, by a diverse collection of Homo stellarians?”

In both cases this would give impetus to our outward urge by providing the means for our species to relieve the dangerous population pressure on this increasingly resource exhausted and hive-resembling planet. Driven by our adventurousness and our inner compulsion to endlessly explore everywhere we haven’t been, from the Arctic and Antarctic wildernesses to the deepest depths of the oceans, and our compulsion to delve into the unknowns of everything from the subatomic to the cosmic, would not the ability to travel far afield in search of pastures new be our salvation?

Whatever… A tertiary thought of mine on this subject is to wonder if this adventurous and inquisitive predilection of ours is but the fumblings and stumblings of young children trying to find and understand their place in a far greater scheme of things.

Either way, the questions so begged if we do undertake this journey are, principally, what baggage should we take with us, baggage old or new or none at all? And would it not be prudent first, before we pack and go, to do some internal house cleaning, digging into the dusty corners of our species’ long existence and deciding what to keep and what to leave behind, taking some things, ideas primarily, of lasting value and use and casting aside the no longer wanted or needed and leaving them to drift on the winds of time? In later Parts we will have a deeper look at some of this baggage.

For example, how do we define and deal with the concept of ‘primitivism’, if such a thing exists? Will it remain indefinable to us because it is a term the precise definition of which is relative to the extent of its opposite in as yet unknown and unexplored places out amongst the stars; will we discard some elements of it or none at all? For another example, is music a universal gift or is it peculiar only unto our species? Is it something separate from the natural rhythms of life rather than an integral and universally joyous expression of them? Is popular music, particularly the desperate screeching of scantily dressed passive-aggressive females, a sign of a decaying culture and of no significance whatsoever when compared to the great musical flourishing of the Enlightenment, the Renaissance and the expansive outward-looking centuries that followed?

Furthermore, has our penchant for internecine and extranecine violence served us well in evolutionary terms, or has it separated us from our relatives both close and distant in the animal kingdom and the world about us in general, and done so far too savagely for reconciliation? Should we temper those instincts in any way in order to accommodate the demands of alien environments and circumstances? Essentially, will we take this violent predilection with us? And what will be the penalty we may end up paying if we do not?

Consequently the why and the if and the how any of the foregoing could come about is the principal thrust of this seven-part series where I, and hopefully we, will examine in depth our current status quo and its history, its social, moral and technological progress (or otherwise) and, for better or worse, see if we can extract some reasonable probabilities and project them into an uncertain future.

Without any doubt it is incumbent upon us, indeed impelling, to ask of ourselves if we really do believe that our present situation is normal, or are we entering into a state of blind conformity to irrational diktats generated in order to propagate a new order of things? Simply put, is what we are undergoing simply technocracy unleashed, translated and then imposed upon us in the shape of new social behaviours and blind obedience designed to enable total command and control of the global body politic by an ambitious, privileged few? Or is it a demonstration of the failure of technologists to understand and adapt to abiding human social, spiritual and familial needs?

If one equates SARS-CoV-2 with Yersinia pestis and the direction in which the current situation is leading us compared with the aftermath of the Back Death, a disturbing thought comes to mind.[4] In the link below, under the Sub heading ‘plague’, I described how the Black Death destroyed feudal society once and for all. Is the future that we are facing as our plague begins to recede the reverse process whereby the re-imposition of feudalism is underway in the form of ‘The Great Reset’ — which would be far better designated as ‘Techno-Feudalism?

Feudalism is feudalism, whatever the new overlords waiting in the shadows choose to label it.

4. To Chaos and Beyond — Faye, on Fate and Futurism, Part 2

Finally, in closing, I would add that this has been a demanding journey for me, ranging as it has across many disciplines — history, philosophy, psychology, science and the arts, national and international politics and metaphysics — and then trying to stitch them together, a journey which, had I fully understood the magnitude of it before starting out, I might well not have undertaken for fear of inadequacy or of its leading me in a wrong direction.

And perhaps it has, for it most certainly contains many lacunae and probable misconceptions as well. So you, dear reader, must decide for yourself… one way or the other.


Some Parts of this series focus on or refer to the constantly changing status quo, pointless political machinations, puerile ‘celebrity’ dramas and manic social convulsions throughout the Disunited Kingdom. However, similarities and parallels do exist throughout the Western Ecumene, and readers will no doubt be able to identify those that prevail within the boundaries of their own socio-political environment.

[As I write, the outcome of the 2020 US Presidential Election and Brexit remain undetermined, and possibly the former will remain so on the day of publication. The media and other means are overflowing with more opinion, commentary, allegations and projections than can be absorbed and analysed here and so this series will not contribute to those ongoing dramas in any direct way, although many aspects of it may indirectly reflect some of the root causes of both situations.]

Also, on another tack, a disturbing fact is that in the UK white reproduction rates are falling overall, are disproportionately distributed across the social classes, and miscegenation is being encouraged across all media and advertising space… the mongrelisation and consequent diminution of the UK’s collective IQ continues apace.

Perhaps the following shot of the opening pages of a catalogue from a good quality clothing supplier I have until now used for years is indicative.

“Where are the black women and white males?” I wondered. Well, some did indeed appear in the following pages but many of the photos of the white men were cut off at the neck so that their faces could not be seen.

Amongst the wealthy upper and upper middle classes, the benefit-dependent lower classes and of course in the occupied territories fecundity appears to be the order of the day and, meanwhile, the over-taxed, net contributing, hard-working productive middle and genuine working classes are struggling financially and generally have to limit themselves to what they can afford, which is 1.5 children on average. There can be little doubt that the racial demographic of the UK is undergoing profound change — in fact it is being skewed in favour of particular ideological, ethnic and political causes — and the implications of this relative to the aims of the ‘Great Reset’ cannot be ignored.

— Seneca III, in a wintry Middle England in early-December at the end of a troubling decade in this the year of our Lord 2020.

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28 thoughts on “So Here There Be Dragons!

  1. “Is the future that we are facing as our plague begins to recede”

    — there is no plague, this is a PSYOP. Let us debunk it and win.

    • A mutant strain may have been cooked up to keep us in line. Here in SoCal the hospital beds are full according to the reports from those whom I know work in health care and health care support.
      If you marry an agenda you must feed, clothe and house it. This appears to be what the powers-that-be have done and are doing.

      • The alleged fact that “the hospital beds are full” in some places does not necessarily mean that a dangerous “plague” caused them to fill up. It is ususally a decision made by the GPs to send these patients to the hospital, to “prevent” any problems (that are political). Medical doctors get strong incentives to ‘create’ Covid-patients, by transforming flu patients into Covid ones.

        Also, there is no proof presented about the existence of the new “mutant” virus, it seems to be a scam again:

        “Show us the evidence’: Scientists call for clarity on claim that new Covid-19 variant strain is 70% more contagious”

        • it’s flu season, the hospitals are always full during flu season. But no flu is being reported, only covid.

  2. I wonder if in equating the Black Death to our present day ginned up Psy-Op will have the same chain of events, when the operational inputs of the latter are rescinded?

    That Mark Twain saw may come with some payback attached. “It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

    Thanks for publishing this piece

  3. Ever so slightly o.t. Regarding the very first sentence:
    It’s a safe bet, that algorithms are in place and already shaping the history that shall be written by future historians…

    • God did not leave us to be tossed about in the wind. He left us His history book, the Bible, and He tells us that accepting the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ for OUR sins, sets us free to be His.
      The Bible does tell us about the End of the Age of Grace, how there will be a One World Government and ‘the Antichrist’, along with his False Prophet to extoll his (non)virtues.
      The End of the Age we are told will be like a woman in labor to bring forth a child; it will not be pleasant. Here we are. Don’t leave earth without Jesus as your Savior. He loved you so much that He died for you, so then He could be with you forever.

      • There is a somewhat End Times feel to what is currently happening, especially since it’s worldwide. There is a marked lessening of the will to live for many; lives absent joyful milestones become hollow.

        I see no end to the adverse consequences of the “plague”. Governments worldwide are gleefully destroying their own economies in fear of a .05% chance of death; it makes no sense, but there it is.

        Perhaps Jesus will come soon, and too soon it will not be!

  4. I’d rather torch the entire rotting edifice around our heads than be marched step by step into tech serfdom, or worse.
    And I won’t take the 9-month-developed RNA vaccine, come what may. If that means no air travel, etc, so be it.
    I won’t give up my guns, and I won’t be forced to take the vaccine. Those are 2 of my lines in the sand.

    • Agreed to your every word. I refuse to run and I will make my stand in my home. If it be my last, so be it. I have not worn the alien mask of compliance and the mask nazis are many, just more targets as far as I see them now. As to my guns, I will NEVER surrender them and eff no, I will NOT take the vaccine. Mayhaps we are the new ‘lepers’. So be it if so.

  5. Part of our society is interested in future outlooks, or what that future will think of us, while another segment is intent on unwinding and revising our history up to this point. Can anything good come out of this fruit salad of conflicts? Lat year stands ready to be used by either.

    But principled realists seem to be burned off in the afterglow of both.

  6. I think it will all play out like it’s played out countless times in human history. Government and big business take over and run everything into the ground. The honest, normal people are forced to take up arms and physically butcher their oppressors, their oppressors’ children, wives, friends, and everybody else associated with them. Foreign countries will pick whatever bits of meat out of this carnage they can pick while the pickings are good, but when the gore flood has passed and the scoundrels are all dead, we can get back to a better kind of life.

  7. Miscegenation is rampant in advertising not just in the UK. Actually the advertisement shown was rather mild because more often than not the a black man will be shown partnered with a *blonde* white woman!

    • “Miscegenation”? Which century are you living in? I’m reminded of MC’s remarks on eugenics a couple of days back.

      Yes, black and ethnic minority people are over-represented in media in the UK in relation to their numbers, but the choices people make in their personal relationships are- or should be- a matter for themselves alone. I’m a 72 year old, white Brit who’s had a couple of black girlfriends, and indeed two who were (at least) partly Jewish. My present partner has been married twice, to a partly Czech Jew and an Israeli. So what? Go and watch “South Pacific” or “West Side Story”- and learn.

      • We have learned, those of the southern hemisphere do not belong in the northern hemisphere, it is that bloody coldly simple. See bloody South Africa as to what our african’t interlopers have planned for us, the rhetoric and actions are the same.

          • Mark, all 3rd world cultures are the bloody same, backwards, corrupt to the bone and bloody prone to violence at the drop of the hat. I look on with amazement as you continue to be the sheep for the coming slaughter uttering wishful thinking slogans and believing in rainbows and unicorns wishing why can’t we all get along. LOL

      • No matter what, miscengenation is wrong, wrong, wrong. God separated the races at the Tower of Babylon. There are medical problems with babies who are biracial. [redacted]
        I am a race realist.

  8. I was checking out the total critical care bed count numbers in LA County. It is right around 2,500 beds for 10,000,000 people.
    That’s 1 bed for each 4,000 people. That certainly does not look like anyone in charge of medical services was trying to create a bed capacity for the huge numbers of Covid19 cases they swore
    were coming to overwhelm us.
    That’s another fact to add to the case that Covid19 is a political construct and a means to the bad end the globalist/Communists
    seek for the world.

  9. I knew someone who was a liar and a thief until they day they died. It was a way of life for them. They knew the difference between right and wrong, and that lying all the time caused more than a little collateral damage. We label such people as sociopaths. I know one now, in my own family. These people are absolutely blind to the fact that what they are doing is actually evil, and for them, everything is in Opposite Land. Knowing that they are breaking the rules is meaningless. Like the scum on our streets, getting what they want is all-encompassing. Who, or whatever, gets in their way is just something to be run over. That’s why they can’t be reasoned with, or even bargained with. Nothing matters except what they desire. Sometimes they’re only drug or alcohol addicts. And sometimes, some clever people with no thought for the consequences, steal an election for them. Our opposition aren’t people. They’re lampreys.

  10. Vibrant diverse cultural enrichers will never allow us to journey to the stars.
    As for the bestest and brightest legends in their own minds AKA the controllers they won’t be exempt from the misery and chaos.
    The aquifers they have bought can be contaminated and the praetorian guards are only loyal to steady pay and pensions.
    They know something cosmic is coming down which is why they put the pedal to the metal with the beast system and Branch Covidian plandemic psyop which was in the works for decades.
    Everything is delegitimate and you owe no loyalty or obedience to any of it.

  11. I wish that I head read Glubb when I was getting my history degree. Everything makes sense in the framework he lays out. Important to read that essay again, and again, and again.

  12. Whatever the globalists are preparing us for, it is evil. First order of business is to clear up the “vaccine” business. A vaccine is medicine that is injected into the body and is basically a mechanism to create huge amounts of money for their creators.The horror we are faced with now in an INJECTION of RNA plus whatever else may be in the coctail, and we have no idea of what it will do to our bodies. The ChiCom Wuhan flu is worldwide and is the cause of how we are being controlled today. Masks, lockdowns that do not work but destroy jobs, weaken the economies worldwide and further help to control the populace. INJECTIONS introduce more control functions into our bodies. Think Bill Gates and Microsoft having to introduce updates to his software into your computers.

    A very wise and intelligent woman set up the trap that the globalists are herding we sheep into. We cannot even see the mechanisms but this explanation should help.

    1. The tech people are building the cloud and communications that will deliver commands to the sheep once it has been in put in place.
    2. The military will be putting up sattelites that will deliver the products.
    3. Pharma will be creating the INJECTIONS with the modifying DNA.
    4. Media will be churning out the propaganda.
    5. Central bankers will be creating the cryptological system.

    The systems are being put in place and it will not be too far into the future that we will see what the future will look like to our utter dismay. The controlling government will not be one that Americans would recognize. No basic freedoms such as speech, assembly, worship (except worship of the government). No guns for the people. The trap is being set and the door has not closed and we can stop it when we understand the globalist plan. To get a better understanding of our imminent danger, go to and read the article on globalist takeover of the world. There is an interesting video of an interview with the author regarding her views. You do not want to miss this one.

  13. [redacted]

    Speaking as a Christian, this sort of [material that I disagree with] is no different than the pablum put forth from the left. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I somehow expect a Christian worldview from ‘our side.’ Even as I type those last words I become aware that I am speaking of MY side, and that taking a Biblical understanding of the world places me at odds from secular humanists, regardless of whether they are on the right or on the left.

    These discussions never seem to grasp that it isn’t about various HUMAN ideas battling for “who is right,” as God IS right. Period. Long before I became a follower of Christ, I had already come to the conclusion that we are totally screwed up! The Fall is obvious without even reading Scripture, mankind is ALWAYS fighting both between ourselves and with God. Until we are reconciled to Him, none of it really even matters. But to expect fallen humans from opposite ends of the political spectrum to coexist is lunacy.

    Man has ALWAYS been at war with God and with his fellow man. Truth is not subjective, it is REAL. Nobody, I mean NOBODY can truly live consistently in this post-modern scheme. The left has certainly upped the ante with embracing of the ultimate lunacy, TRANSGENDERISM, but it all simply demonstrates our rebellion from our Creator. Romans 1 is a nice synopsis.

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