Got COVID? No Problem, Come On In!

The following French-language news item reports on an Italian court decision that will prevent “asylum seekers” from being deported if there is a risk of their catching the Wuhan Coronavirus in their countries of origin. In other words, Britons aren’t allowed on the Continent because there is a virulent strain of COVID in the UK, but “refugees” from corona-ridden Afghanistan, Syria, Senegal, Mali, and Mauritania will be welcomed.

You can’t make this [expletive deleted] up.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita and MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   A potentially landmark court decision was handed down in Milan, which
00:05   ruled that the Covid risk in a migrant’s country of origin
00:09   could be a valid reason to grant humanitarian protection
00:13   to those who are refused political asylum or war refugee status.
00:17   Each situation must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis,
00:20   but a pandemic combined with scarce medical resources,
00:24   poverty and political and social unrest are all arguments
00:28   that could lead the justice system to consider the repatriation of a migrant as a risk.
00:35   The migratory flows across the Mediterranean have increased significantly in 2020.
00:41   The Italian authorities have recorded 34,000 arrivals,
00:46   almost as many as the cumulative total for the previous two years.
00:49   This is slightly less than in Spain (39,000), the top entry route into Europe for migrants.
00:54   Greece, on the other hand, recorded more than 15,000 arrivals this year.
00:59   Despite bad weather conditions, landings on European soil continue.
01:05   About 100 migrants were stranded on a beach in Lampedusa, where
01:09   they were immediately picked up and subjected to Covid tests.
01:13   The island’s reception centers are overwhelmed. They mainly accommodate Egyptians,
01:17   Syrians, Tunisians, Iraqis, Turks and Afghans.

6 thoughts on “Got COVID? No Problem, Come On In!

  1. let’s pour ash on the head of europe if they know the difference between wrong and right or friend or foe.

    the continent of infante terrible

  2. “that could lead the justice system to consider the repatriation of a migrant as a risk.”

    When will the justice system consider that the receiving of a migrant is a risk?

    • “When will the justice system consider that the receiving of a migrant is a risk?”

      When judges and their families start coming to very bad ends for enabling this legally sanctioned rape of western civilization.

  3. So, use the COVID virus for anything and everything you want, except to blame China for spreading it in the first place. Sounds a lot like the Great Reset….. aka opportunities galore. Don’t think of it as a deadly virus, rather as an opportunity virus.

  4. I have a simple solution. The judge is concerned that the refugees may contract Covid if deported. That is his reason. By implication, if it were not for that risk, they could be deported.


    Give them a vaccination. Wait a few weeks, give them the second dose.

    Now there is no reason they cannot be deported.

    • They would just come up with a different legal contortion to do their masters bidding. The judges and those giving them their orders need to be deported right alongside their orcs. If no third world feces hole wants the judges then deport them to hell. I doubt Satan would refuse his own citizens.

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