Doubling Down on Deplorable

When political topics come up in conversation with my liberal friends, I tend to say: “Let’s not talk about politics. I’m a right-wing extremist; everyone knows that. So any discussion would be fruitless, and probably unpleasant.” My political opinions haven’t changed much in the last eight or ten years, but I’m much more of a right-wing extremist than I used to be, because the “center” has moved so far to the left.

Years and years ago I used to keep up with the latest news by checking Google News every day. Yes, it was obviously biased, but it still listed relevant news items. It might not feature or headline the ones I wanted to see, but they could be found. However, it gradually became more and more restrictive and censorious, so I gave up using it, and relied on the Drudge Report to headline the news stories that were most likely to interest me. Then a couple of years ago Drudge sold out, and his former site became just as useless as Google News. I had to cast about in other places to find relevant material. Doug Ross is an excellent aggregator, and provides useful tips. And Conservative Tree House is invaluable.

My most frequent stopping places are Power Line and Western Rifle Shooters Association, for very different reasons.

I’ve been reading Power Line since the “fake but accurate” Killian Memo days in the campaign season of 2004. Back then its contributors were Scott Johnson, John Hinderaker, and Paul Mirengoff. Since then they’ve added Steven Hayward. They’re generally more deplorable than National Review, but still well within the conservative mainstream. They live in the world of foundations, think tanks, and reputable right-wing journals. Which is fine with me; I’ve hung out with plenty of think-tank people since I started doing Gates of Vienna full time. I don’t fit in very well with that crowd — I’m more radical, and disinclined to zip my lip just to protect my income streams — but I like them well enough.

So I read Power Line to keep abreast of the right-wing mainstream. At least three of the contributors are lawyers, and often focus on legal issues, which is very useful. Two of them are from Minnesota, and feature the Woke absurdities of progressive Twin Cities political issues, which are as bad as those of Ann Arbor, Berkeley, or Portland.

But they don’t stray beyond the pale of the mainstream. That fact became glaringly obvious in the wake of last month’s election. All the massive, egregious shenanigans that came up in the weeks after the vote made it abundantly clear that the election was a complete fraud. There’s plenty of documentation available for those who care to look for it, but the Power Line guys are reluctant to discuss it, and tend to insist that the malefactions of the Democrats were insufficient to change the result. Joe Biden was the people’s choice, maybe not as much as the official tally would indicate, but still the winner.

I can understand their reluctance look the facts squarely in the face. Even if they dissent from liberal orthodoxy, they are still denizens of that environment where people have jobs talking politics and going on TV and writing books and papers and attending conferences. To admit that the election was a sham would be to acknowledge that their world is constructed of the flimsiest gossamer and can be rent asunder with the twitch of a pinky.

No, it’s better to pretend that conservatives can somehow manage to prevent the worst forms of electoral fraud in the future. They’re already gaming out strategies for the midterms in 2022, and thinking about Republican prospects in the 2024 presidential contest. As if future elections had any real meaning. As if Republicans differed in any fundamental ways from Democrats.

And maybe they’re right. Maybe the deplorables who descend on Washington D.C. next week will have no lasting effect. Maybe the new socialist regime will only be temporary, and Republicans will get another chance to pretend to be conservative in Congress and the White House. Maybe the earnest foreign policy wonks of the Right will get their hands on the levers of the military-industrial complex and initiate new military interventions to bring democracy to Berserkistan or engage in nation-building in Gondwanaland.

Maybe… Maybe…

But my intuition tells me that the country has been irretrievably changed, and not for the better. The gossamer fabric of the old political system will most likely be twitched aside soon by the Fickle Pinky of Fate.

For that reason, I tend to hang out more and more at WRSA these days. They’re so far beyond the pale that they don’t even register on the National Deplorometer.

Concerned American — whose avatar is Zippy the Pinhead — posts numerous links to a variety of sites that disagree on many issues, major and minor. What they all have in common is an absolute dedication to the Second Amendment, without all the restrictions and revisions that have hobbled it for the last fifty years or so. And they also agree that serious trouble — variously known as the Boogaloo, Spicy Time, and the Big Ugly — lies just around the corner for what was once known as the American Republic.

This time it will be a real civil war. The Recent Unpleasantness of 1861-1865 is usually described that way, but it was actually a sectional conflict. The two sides held well-defined territory, and clashed in the traditional manner of opposing armies. Yes, the war divided families. And yes, the situation in the Border States was not clear-cut. Still, the war was a sectional one.

The Big Ugly will be different. It will pit rural and small-town people against the major metropolitan areas, and urban neighborhoods against each other. We have no parallels in North American history for the type of conflict that is likely to break out here. We will have to look to the Balkans or Rwanda to get a feeling for what we can expect.

Or maybe not. Maybe the Power Line boys are right, and all this will blow over. Maybe people will put on their masks, get vaccinated, and plop themselves back in front of the TV, where they belong.

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Earlier today I found an excellent essay linked at WRSA. It’s called “The Next Question” by someone who writes under the pseudonym Publius Valerius at American Partisan.

The author opens by laying out the facts of the stolen election of 2020. I agree that they are indeed facts — the election was stolen, in divers, clearly identifiable ways, as documented and attested by numerous eyewitnesses in affidavits and other forms of legal testimony.

It is also a fact that state and federal courts are largely refusing to receive the evidence of the attested materials, but that doesn’t make the latter any less facts. In the long run, the historical record will feature these demonstrable facts — that is, assuming that the historical record does not end up under the control of Google, Amazon, and/or the Red Chinese.

Below are excerpts from rest of “The Next Question”:

So. Here we are. These are the facts, and this is the situation. There is much that can and should be said and discussed about the present situation, but as I see it, the next and most essential question we each must now ask ourselves is:

Are we better off fighting to defend the properly elected President of the United States of America, to defeat this ongoing coup against the Constitution and the domestic enemies who aided and abetted it, or are we better off staying home, burying our guns, letting the Left complete their theft, and fighting the Federal power in the hands of the Left, as persecuted outsiders?

How each of you reading this decide to answer this question will determine the course of history. Will the domestic enemies of the US Constitution complete the destruction of the Document and the subversion of the American Republic, or will 70 million Americans fight so that those on the Left are defeated and held accountable? Make no mistake, there are no good choices. We are well past the point of having good options.

If we choose, as liberty loving people, to resist this communist coup, there will be blood. The Left has promised, and proven, violence if their coup is resisted. Many may die, patriots, tyrants, and innocents caught in the middle in the next few months. Some of us reading this may die. Some of our wives and children may die. The Union may fracture, perhaps irrevocably. The fabric of America will be irrevocably changed, and not for the better. This will start a civil war, and nobody truly wins in such a conflict. Isn’t the alternative better? If we just give in, won’t the Left leave us alone? What does history tell us?

If we surrender without fighting, as the Left is desperately urging us to do, then history tells us what happens next. Just as in Russia after the Revolution, or Germany when the National Socialists took power, or Venezuela, or in every other country where the Left has stolen the power of government, without exception, Liberty loving folks will be progressively and relentlessly hounded. Using the full force of the Federal government, initially in the ‘blue’ states, but increasingly everywhere, the Left will attack anyone they view as their enemy. Trump voters will be targeted, small businesses will be obliterated, the middle class will be but a memory, and any attempt at resistance will be crushed by the Left using the mechanisms of the Federal government. If you thought that the FBI, the IRS and the EPA under Barry Soetero were bad, then just wait and do nothing, and see what happens next.

States that voted for Trump will receive disproportional attention; denial of revenues, increased regulatory attention, investigations and harassment of state legislators, and targeted violence and assassinations of influential state politicians. Self defence will be made a Federal crime and the means for self defence likewise criminalized. Worse, there will be no chance of change for the foreseeable future; once having stolen control of the Federal authority, the Left will never permit any repetition of Trump’s 2016 Federal victory, and all subsequent “elections” will result in victory by the Left. Just as in communist Russia, socialist Germany, and progressive Venezuela.

Should Trump fail to use the Insurrection Act, or his 2018 Executive order to smash this coup and if We The People do not wholeheartedly support him if he does, then rest assured that once the Left gains power, they will not hesitate to use these instruments, and others, together with the entire mechanism of the Federal government against their enemies. Against us. The Left has promised this, and can be expected to deliver. There will be no peace, should we fail, except the peace of the grave, and those not killed will be slaves to the Left, allowed to live on sufferance, and the Left will ensure that the survivors suffer. These United States will become Portland Oregon writ large.

I see no other realistic alternatives before us. We all will die someday. Either we run the risk of death in a hard fought civil war or we surrender and face the certainty of oppression and death by the Left, backed by the power of the Federal Government that we surrendered into their hands.


We are now at the moment when we must either fight, as Americans, for what is right, or surrender to the Left. The simple fact that the Left is bending every effort to divide us, demoralize us and blind us testifies to our strength. The Left would have us think that the odds are against us. Perhaps they are, but when shall we be stronger? Will it benefit us to give the mechanisms of the modern State, with all their potential for tyranny, fully into the hands of the Left? Will we doom ourselves to having to fight without any hope of victory?

Though it is not given to us to see clear victory ahead, nor can we predict the outcome, I recall over 50,000 enraged Americans descending on the Mall in DC to reopen the monuments spitefully closed by Barry Soetero. When the WW2 veterans were scheduled to come and see their memorial, tens of thousands of patriots and veterans, in violation of the law, and despite regulations forbidding it, opened the monuments and made those visits happen. I saw police cars bounced. I saw hundreds of DC police backing away rather than confront massive grassroots resistance. I saw thousands of people cheering those aged World War 2 survivors, who fought for our country. I saw thousands of people stopping traffic and piling up Barrycades around the entrances to the Spite House. I recall that, for a little while, the spirit of American independence showed itself.

And the Left recall that, too . We are far stronger than we know, stronger than the Left want us to be.

If on January 6th, the US Congress is allowed to count the fraudulent votes to illegitimately install Joe Biden as President, then we will be moving perilously close to that moment when we will have to fight with little hope of victory. I hope to see at least a million people answer President Trump’s call to come to DC on January 6th and demonstrate to the Left what will happen should they aid and abet the Left’s attempted subversion of the Constitution and their attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of these united States.

As the schoolmasters at Boston Latin said the morning of April 19, 1775, “Deponite Libros”. It is time to put the books down. It is time to decide whether you will stand for Liberty or kneel to tyranny. I will be standing in the District at the Capitol at 8 AM on January 6th. I am an American by choice, but I love this country as much as anyone born on this soil does, and I call on all Liberty loving Americans to join me there. In honour I can do no less. “Who dares, wins.”

Read the rest at American Partisan.

I don’t know who’s right about the shape of things to come. For my part, I’m not making any predictions — I learned my lesson after the financial crisis of 2009. There were so many bad predictions in those days, mine included.

However, it looks like things will get really ugly before the daffodils bloom on the White House lawn.

On the other hand, the nation might yawn, roll over, and go back to sleep. Who can tell?

25 thoughts on “Doubling Down on Deplorable

  1. I also follow WRSA. I agree that it is getting harder and harder to find good news sources that haven’t been corrupted or are just too spineless to speak the truth out of fear of their bottom line.

    My intuition is that there are many who would welcome the commencement of violence and the chance to take the gloves off and deal with the left and their elitist backers with bullets instead of corrupted ballots. The problem is that no one wants to be the one to bell the cat. Every one is waiting for a leader or someone else to be the first to cross that Rubicon. Once that psychological barrier has been crossed, there are many who are currently watching and waiting who would jump in and get their hands dirty; at least until they realized it was for real and that talking about killing leftists in the abstract and doing it for real are a whole world of difference. If Trump continues to refuse to back down it will stiffen the spines of those who would stand up and fight to defend the republic from the theft of the election and the imposing of Lady Mattress and her village idiot upon the deplorables. Surely he is sharp enough to also see that, and he is just bold and brash enough to lead us into a civil war to cleanse the West of it’s elites and fascists.

    • Pay attention to the trifecta of feminaxi evil of the top leadership in MI, the boys that do their executive protection stated that they cannot protect them if the militia chooses to come for them.

  2. As for unadulterated sources of news and pertinent information, may I suggest Rapture Ready. I have been following its “Rapture Ready News” and the posted articles for nearly 20 years now and what has been posted has been spot on, always.

    • WE WILL go through the apolocalypse. there will be no rapture of Christians at all in fact it is never mentioned in the HOly Bible.

  3. Many thanks Baron, your courage, & persistence.

    I have posted this on another blog, and this also seems to be a good place, as Turley mentioned on another vid, to encourage, and stay the course.
    ——- – – – – —-

    Dr.Steve Turley at his most hopeful best, rant & all.

    BOOM! Senator Josh Hawley Announces He Will OBJECT to Biden Electors!!! Set to start 2 mins in to miss his initial blurb & ad.
    14 mins 02 secs : • Dec 31, 2020

    Young Senator Josh, not lining up with Mitch McConnell and so cracking the Senate.
    Rest of Republican senators will now have to think how they vote, and where their political career will go. 🙂
    This will put the facts, the fraud, the evidence, in front of the public, and difficult for the fickle media to spin this.
    This house debate may now go on for several days or even more.

    The media still denigrate, but will prove they are hecklers, with an agenda, not journalists, not reporters.

    Looking to the day when more politicians & activist populists will not care 1 iota about their reputations as defined by the mainstream media. + continues …..+ …. an excellent rant by Turley, figuring the media, leftist control will soon be over. 🙂 They will not define us. 🙂
    ——- – – – – –
    I hope he is right, as still every vote in Congress and Senate, will have to be counted, just like the chickens to be hatched, to know if the facts, the evidence, stack up, then with courageous conviction to vote accordingly.

    Thank you, as I use bits & pieces of your material, the news, thoughts, views, into some other blogs, and talking with certain friends, certain neighbours, adjusting to just who to agree to disagree with, or run silent, though that does not say a periscope is not raised, and a “stupid” pointed question or observation dropped for them to chew on, if they wish.

  4. Another vid I have watched and commented on.
    The photo of the resting skeletons put me in mind of this just put out a couple of days ago.
    A history that many do not know, and how things can change within 4 years.
    — – – – – – – – – – – –

    Steady pace of Scott Goulet, weighing up changes, the parallels, that may occur in the next 4 years as did in China & Venezuela.

    At this moment in time, the outcome of the U.S. election remains somewhat uncertain, even though the media have already pronounced Joe Biden the winner.
    We hear calls for Donald Trump to drop all legal pursuits over election irregularities, and to run again in four years. Of course millions of Americans would disagree.

    This suggestion is, of course, based on the assumption that we can vote again in four years, if we let America be taken over by a Socialist Party, such as the Democratic Party of today.
    So the question becomes, if Biden becomes president, will America still have a democratic electoral system four years from now?

    The process of veering into socialism has played out in many countries, and perhaps we can try to answer this question by looking at two of these countries’ experiences: China and Venezuela.

    America’s Near Future: Choices Now Could Make Our Country Socialist in 4 Years | Front Page
    22 minutes 20 seconds : circa 12:01pm Wednesday 30th December 2020

    The steps that Biden is moving for in cooperation with China, as shown by the appointment of his staff.

    How Mao with in his first 4 years achieved his “land-reforms”, moving through to “social equality” using the right slogans, that then changed through the years. The system of locking in the power & control, through the “3 anti” and then the “5 anti” campaigns.
    Note some of the parallels today.

    Again the promises, that are so familiar in NZ as were in Venezuela, a democracy, a separation of powers and an electoral system, but able to weaken judicial and legislature powers, which went across to the executive power.
    Good opposition, but sidelined them with free food, health, education, to “destroy suffering with love”, and the “kindness” “well-being” so oft quoted.

    Then Chavez set up “Emergency Legislature Commission” and then the “Emergency Judiciary Commission” which meant a lot of power went to the Executive, as then also moved to stack the Supreme Court.
    Health care and Education was free, but it had a costly kick back to the country.
    The fight back came too late, and Chavez managed to remain for the first 4 years, and then sealed in his power,

    4 years can set up and make it very difficult to turn back the clock.
    A quick brief summation of history of change in China, and Venezuela.
    —- – – – – – – – – –

    Those 2 vids Goulet’s and Turley’s put things very simply, the choice of paths to go down, and their consequences can be said loud enough.

    Again thanks to you Baron & commentators, with news, tips, and provoking thinking,

    • Maybe the best parallel is to compare withSweden where only the letf party always wins the elections

  5. As BB notes, who can tell what is going to happen?

    None of us can predict the future, but we can predict certain things. For example, if there is no violence in 2021 there will be no future democracy in America. If there is violence though, democracy will survive.

    We don’t know how this will play out, but we know the basic mechanics behind any future scenarios.

    • Paul, you boys in Britain are further along to a socialist state than we are in the States. I am left wondering when in the heck you boys will finally say enough is enough with the Marxist state and act? Sheep? Or Wolf? The time is at hand.

      • we WERE ahead of you G, but we have yet to experience a coup d’Etat such as you are currently living through. If Biden actually takes office (and remains there….) America will cross the line as Britain is still running the bend.

        • Paul, Very true, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Trump can pull a rabbit out of his hat and win by Constitutional rules and laws. If Trump loses, well, all bets are off and those over 500 million guns and trillions of rounds of ammo will be put to good use.

          I do know where you boys in Britain will be getting your arms shortly, look east. 😉

          A fun little something for you to maybe comment on later, the militaries of Western Europe have been letting out little pieces of information that when things get too dicey, they will take over and do what must be done. The various government apparatchiks are very frightened and they bloody well should be.

  6. Excuse the flippancy in a very serious situation (not only for Americans), but if he Right is going to champion democracy in Gondwanaland, why doesn’t it take the time machine further back and begin with Pangea?

  7. Most “conservative” web commentary remains within the boundaries of polite society and consists of picking over the entrails of the Former You Ess of Ay, tittering about the latest faux pas of the elite, and chortling over the foolish antics of journalists and academics. It’s sometimes informative, mildly entertaining, and time consuming, mostly in a benign way.

    WRSA is increasingly informative in a non-trivial way.

    GoV provides much appreciated info from Europe; pieces of news and commentary not otherwise covered stateside.

  8. Here’s my prediction. I’m giving it out for free and it’s worth every penny:

    If there is any violence to come, I think it will be less cataclysmic than people might think right now. Americans are a vocal bunch, particularly online and especially when discussing politics. Out of that bunch, only a few truly want to commit murder for their ideology. The vast majority of us are content to argue with and abuse each other online.

    I expect antifa or BLM terrorists to declare war and draw innocent blood. After that, I expect to see an average of 4 dead terrorists for each 1 American killed. If the President calls out the Army, you can expect to see the terrorists annihilated inside of a month.

    After the physical violence is over, I hope to start seeing all the communist collaborators in government rounded-up and duly punished. This may or may not lead to further outbursts from communist cells around the country, but they should be eradicated in short order. Trade and travel with China will likely be totally stopped. This paragraph is more of a pipe dream, but we’ll see.

    • it’s not what ‘biblical prophecy ‘ portends … death and carnage on a ‘never seen before’ scale with the’ four horsemen ‘ laying the ground work for the demise of ‘mankind’ on a scale even mankind will find ‘unbelievable’ … “HE” tried to warn us … we chose not to listen … the rest they say is history …….

    • Sorry John, Nobody is going to deal with the commie SOB’s and their money men but rough men ready to do very nasty and unspeakable things. As for the army? Good luck with that, antifa/BLM have gotten away with murder and everybody sat there and let them do it with local gov sanction. If you want a job done right, you always have to do it yourself, for depending on other people to save you is a losers bet. The high moral ground is reserved for those who will be buried in it, for in war, there is only Victor and vanquished, that’s it, and how you get to be the Victor is by what you are willing to do to make it so.

  9. You can also try “Bad Blue” – has all sorts of articles from very conservative to very liberal. Also “P2alm” has a good roster of websites (you’re on it) to check out – some Christian , some secular

  10. Thanks Baron. Like you, CTH and WRSA -good stuff.
    AND GoV.
    Happy New Year to all.
    from the land of O -sanity.

  11. The anger we have won’t turn into violence because no one is hungry, yet. I suspect the real evil hasn’t shown itself to us quite yet. Once that evil appears it may be too late. We all cumulatively allowed the decline to happen over the decades, piece by piece, since GHWB declared a kindler, gentler nation was the cure. Of course that heralded in the Clintons and the rest is history.

  12. Who’s writes history used to be important,now it is who controls the recording technology . In the past any books were written and it was hard to burn them all. Then tapes and dvds and there are many copies. Now everything is digital and held on the cloud. If they don’t like it they can just erase it by mistake or forget to back it up or transfer to the next version of their cloud. The books I read as a child have been thrown out of the libraries and I wonder how many copies are left ins existence, none in Australia, and how many in the world and then I realise that any thing can be made to disappear. Then did it ever exist? Only a few people remember it and they are dying off. That why young people have a new truth because they have never been exposed to the old truth and as it is no longer at the library or comes upon their phone or device. Therefore they question whether it ever existed or just in the imagination of the elderly. Old movies are becoming impossible to acces as they are not brought across to the new technology, why bother when no demand. Suits the elites as they dont like much of the values and storyline’s in them.

  13. WRSA is an outstanding site. I have been a follower for many years. I do not mind the difference of opinions there as they are all in the pocket for the 2nd amendment. It is a very educational place to hang out. CTH, G of V, WRSA are the best, Truly not looking through coloured lenses of any sort. Happy New Year to all who tread here and get lead. If you have some, get more, and more, and more.

  14. The first day of the New Year would not be complete if I did not stop by the incomparable Gates of Vienna to see all the latest commentary about our current situation.

    Many thanks to the Baron for years of dedication, patriotism and work on this site.

    I love this article plus the links to the other blogs- really outstanding.

    Let us hope and pray for Liberty and Freedom in the coming months, hopefully without bloodshed.

  15. May I use your quote in paragraph 1 for my liberal friends and family?

    Also, while Powerline is mainline, there is some variance among the authors. Mr. Hinderaker appears to believe that separation is the only plausible remedy for America’s troubles. He might be onto something.

    Also, if you feel the authors are too restrained, the very erudite commenters generally are not. Powerline has a very robust commenting section, with ALL opinions represented.

    • Yes, by all means, use the quote.

      None of the Power Line writers (with the possible exception of Steven Hayward, who doesn’t really discuss the topic) think that the level of electoral fraud was large enough to affect the outcome of the November election. That’s the great divide in the USA right now, and that’s where I part company with them. They’re discussing the necessity of “electoral reform” between now and the next election. All I can say to that is, “Dream on.”

      They’re team players for the Republicans, but I still enjoy their posts, and appreciate their shrewd insights on various topics.

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