The Traitor Class Has Sold Germany Out to Islam

Ditib, the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (Turkish: Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı; German: Türkisch-Islamische Union der Anstalt für Religion), is the officially recognized organization representing Muslims in Germany. The German government is facing increasing criticism for partnering with Ditib, which is widely regarded as the lobbying arm within Germany of the Turkish government.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Politikstube:

Federal government must stop importing Ditib imams immediately

The State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Kerber, defended the cooperation with the German-Turkish mosque association Ditib a few hours before the meeting of the German Islam Conference on ARD.

Critics accuse Ditib of acting as an extended arm of the government in Ankara and of trying to bind the believers primarily to Turkey and not to Germany. Beatrix von Storch, deputy chairwoman of the AfD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, explains on the occasion of the Seehofer speech at the opening of the German Islam Conference:

While the NZZ [Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung] criticized the ban on discussion of the Islamization of parallel societies in Germany just in time for the Islamic Conference, Seehofer continued to curry favor with Erdogan’s Islamist Ditib troop.”

Merkel’s interior minister is playing down the support of the Islamists by the federal government with the correct but nonsensical description of a ‘reasonable dialogue’ for the mainstream. Yet it is not a dialogue, but a submission to Erdogan’s Islamist expansion, which extends from the Christian Nagorno Karabakh to Neukölln in Berlin and Marxloh in Duisburg.

As in the French banlieues, young men with full beards and half- and even fully veiled women are increasingly shaping the streetscape in more and more cities. Political Islam, propagated by the Ditib and exported by Erdogan, suggesting sympathy for the Islamist murderer of teachers in France, is a danger to any free society — and must therefore be fought and pushed back. Before it’s too late.

France should be a warning to us.

The continued importation of Islamist Ditib imams is not an ‘enrichment of our democratic society’, as Seehofer put it, but a concrete danger, because they primarily serve to expand Islamic parallel societies.

An afterword from the translator:

The German government knows that for any totalitarian regime to succeed in the long term, it needs a populace with a mindset that has already lost its individuality centuries ago. What better mindset than the followers of the Ideology of Islam?

Hitler admired Islam. Napoleon did, too. But both failed because their people didn’t admire it, because they still had a spark of individualism.

So, just replace the old populace with a new one, those born slaves, who will commit any atrocity in the name of their warlord prophet. The perfect tool, blunt towards the ruler and sharp towards anyone who disagrees and gets in the way.

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  1. I assume the collaboration in question is regarding Seehofers initiative for Ditib to train imams locally rather than in Turkey, his reason being it would reduce extremism? Ditib had government funding to their projects cutoff two years ago, expulsion or banning isn’t an option at the moment since “liberal democracy” is the dominant western ideology, but the other alternative to this action is what Mr. Macron outlined when he said “create an Islam of France”, tying Islam to the state, instutionalize it, make imam training a state affair. I don’t think thats any better, I think its worse.

  2. “Hitler admired Islam. Napoleon did, too. But both failed because their people didn’t admire it, because they still had a spark of individualism.”

    hmmm, this is a very dubious, Islam-centric reading of history, on both accounts.

    Still a much appreciated article regardless!

    • The hell it is. Hitler wished that Islam was the religion of Germans, if they had to have one. Just look for it. It is easy to find.

      • “The hell it is. Hitler wished that Islam was the religion of Germans, if they had to have one. Just look for it. It is easy to find.”

        Source: Albert Speer. You are wrong regardless, but a full length post wouldn’t be appropriate here. (I’ve read the blogposts on the Mufti here, so I’m familiar with the argument put foreword)

    • Yeah, good ole Hitler admired those bloody muslims right up until they turned on the Germans who had them properly shot, not to be outdone, ole Tito shot hundreds of thousands more after the war, for even that commi Croat knew you couldn’t let those rabid turk janissaries to live to fight another day.

      As for the common German, they bloody despise the turks, much less the 3rd worlders in their midst and when the time comes, they will make the old Germans look like rank amateurs in scope and scale at what they are going to do to them once the Great Purge begins. Funny that you never hear of what the East Germans do to them when they cross them?

      • “Hitler made a personal remark in 1939 in which he referred to the populace of the Middle East as “painted half-apes that ought to feel the whip”. (From a Quora conversation on this subject.)

        • Its definitely debatable wether he was or not and lots of have indeed debated about it. But the other aspect to what I say is that Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte were both beloved by their peoples and had to be defeated in battle rather than losing support, as unfortunate as that was.

      • “Yeah, good ole Hitler admired those bloody muslims right up until they turned on the Germans who had them properly shot, not to be outdone, ole Tito shot hundreds of thousands more after the war, for even that commi Croat knew you couldn’t let those rabid turk janissaries to live to fight another day.”

        Well, he didn’t, and anyone who says otherwise should read more on the subject (and expand their reading beyond Motadels garbage book or Hitlers Table Talks)

        • Mason, Sorry ole boy, but, you are wrong, I have first hand knowledge of the purges of the muslims when they turned on the Germans. Still have my Grandfathers shovel. Hitler towards the end of the war didn’t have clue as to what was happening despite the military telling him what he wanted to hear.
          The Serbs after the war shot hundreds of thousands of muslims by the order of ole Tito himself, those are facts.

  3. “ Emmanuel Macron accuses the Anglo-American press of legitimising terrorism in France by suggesting the country is racist and Islamophobic because of his stance on extremists”. Macron is turning out to be the only EU leader with balls. Becoming literal two. Bozo and Priti – Bp**.

  4. “UK “woke” Law Commission calls for Sharia blasphemy laws that would criminalize Muhammad cartoons”. Mu Ham Mad only? I think we are occupied and being choked. What use is what we have if… know the rest. Vive

  5. This comment is from France.

    All that German, French and other West European governments propose to tame and rein-in Islam is nonsense.

    There is only one solution: in my opinion, to solve the problem. Islam is not a religion but a cancer eating away at the very core of our civilisation.

    The solution is drastic but simple: expell all Muslims from European soil If it require a revolution all across Western Europe and an open conflict, so be it. Our survival depends on it.

    PS: If you still have doubt about tje absollute dangerosity of Islam, read the books written by Bat Yeor.

    • Western Europe has a diversity and self wrecking problem that makes the Latin expression “if you want peace, prepare for war” seem a bit queer. I imagine the initial casualties will be high.

    • You mean something like the Benes Decrees of today?

      Some time ago I wrote a text about them and mailed them to the Baron. Maybe it is time to modernize this text and put it on this site.

      • “The decrees remain politically controversial in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia” Mean-while Muslims today are creating unacceptable lev-
        els of disconnect across not just Europe but the world. The difference being that Muslims do not have a proverbial pot to p in.

  6. Not commenting on my country Germany but sharing some Swedish mainstream news. Some weeks ago on GoV there were reports on quoran barbecue or quoran football there. Now investigations by police on these have been laid down: not illegal to do so in Sweden!

    As Sweden may be the least religious people om earth, the most stupid thing Muslims could do is to try to change the law, as some leading imams have announced …

    • The Muslim’s politics as per his ideology allows and encourages lies, cheating, thieving or anything else that buys time until mass treach-
      ery. The free ride on civil and social infidel society in the meantime is a gift.
      Ask. It’s no secret.

  7. I don’t know much about Napoleon. But Hitler not only admired Islam, he had ties with Muslims too. Nietzsche also admired Islam since it looked like a savage ideology to him, suitable to bring up soldiers that way. There are evidences that Hitler also followed the same idea. GoV had published a rare photo of NAZI soldiers reading Islam. (look for it)

    Also I always thought of a possibility. At some point, European traitors may replace all the soldiers with Muslims, i.e. ISIS. They are already savages and do not need Islamic training. It’s time for soldiers and policemen in Europe to understand the danger and join the people to overthrow the traitors. I am not joking, I really think it’s a possibility.

    • Hitler might of admired islam, but his soldiers certainly didn’t. They despised them and when the opportunity arose, they had them promptly shot as the rapid animals they were.

    • My information is limited. It seems Saudi and Turkey are active in Europe. Iran is active in Americas. Canada, USA, Argentina, Brazil, almost everywhere. They don’t seem to be quite successful however. Their network in Canada must be extensive. There are scholars who act as 5th column and many students who are actually spies and fanatics. These are not real students, but mobs sponsored by government. They enter Canada universities or obtain residency based on investment ($400,000 I think, which is easy for government to sponsor). Their mission is not known to me, but perhaps they are waiting for the right time. This is almost all I know. I can give you a few names of these “scholars” who are without doubt working for government, but that’s dangerous for my health.

      • Thx for info, details are not needed. I was asking out of curioucity, I’ve read detailed analysies of Turkish networks in Europe & remember news of arm transports in 2015/16. Imho your suspitions will become reality when Turkey or Saudis will bancrupt.

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