Political Islam is Given a Seat at the German Table

Sawsan Chebli is a German politicianess of Palestinian descent. Deniz Yücel is a Turkish-German publisher and journalist who has written for a number of MSM outlets. The following report describes their joint effort to present “Islamism” as a part of the normal democratic process.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Chebli agrees with Yücel: Islamism belongs to democracy

After the controversial Turkish-born author Deniz Yücel, in a contribution to the debate for Die Welt, put forward the thesis that Islamism could also be part of democracy, he ran openly — hardly surprisingly — to open the door to the most gifted State Secretary of all, Sawsan Chebli. Chebli, the walking blossom of style and model migrant of the SPD, saw Yücel’s callout to intellectual terrorists as “building bridges”.

Although Deniz Yücel was actually able to convince himself of the democratic rule of law of a regime devoted to “political Islam” during his arbitrary political stay in Turkish jail (whereby Erdogan’s Turkey is still a more moderate representative of Islamist rule), he defends political Islam against attempts by liberal Western states to contain it: Yücel describes the fact that, after France, Austria is also planning to criminalize Islam with a political agenda as “questionable under the rule of law”, as “factually wrong” and as “distraction and submission at the same time.” Because: “Islamism can also be part of democracy. The focus on it is too wide — and too narrow.”

Immediately Sawsan Chebli — who is always emphatically tolerant of faith, but in truth masters with virtuosity the keyboard of Muslim self-styled victimization — felt a warm glow around her heart:

[Screenshot: Twitter]

It is revealing what Chebli describes as “hateful”: Not the terror, but the ensuing debate, which, mind you, had ignited after brutal acts of violence in the name of Allah (about which, even among the “moderate”, ostensibly non-political European Muslims, there was much less indignation than about the subsequent government countermeasures of the countries affected again by the terror).

Blood-soaked discussions rather than hateful debates?

It says everything about Chebli’s education and character that she is posting an apology for Islamofascism, as Yücel exhibits the best appeasement conduct in the “world” — on the fifth anniversary of the barbaric Bataclan attack in Paris with 130 dead — instead of tweeting about the victims of terrorism that springs from the same mindset that Yücel praises as “belonging to democracy”.

[Screenshot: Twitter]

Also with Chebli, who dreams of “building bridges”, of “pleasantly factual” dialogue with those who understand and sympathize with terrorism, there was nothing to read about concerning another current event, which she as an emancipated woman and Muslima (as she likes to see herself) actually should care about: In Iran, the mullahs’ regime (the all but complete realization of “political Islam”) sentenced the women’s rights activist Yasaman Aryani to 16 years in prison for her protest in favor of equality. Among other things, Aryani had refused to wear the headscarf in public (which Chebli and others celebrate in this country as a symbol of self-determination and cosmopolitanism):

Yasaman Aryani was imprisoned for 16 years for not wearing a headscarf . #Iran #Feminism pic.twitter.com/LYbFJbh5pY

— Andreas Hallaschka (@Hallaschka_HH) November 14, 2020

These examples of the reality of Islam (and Islamism, with all of its flowing transitions) apparently appear neither in the mind of Sawsan Chebli nor in the minds of most German mainstream journalists.

In an uncomfortable and superior, if not less well-off, tweet from the ZDF Today Show, the fairytale was put forward once again that ultimately we as Germans are to blame if Muslims do not renounce their fundamentalist roots:

[Screenshot: Twitter]

Does that mean that German landlords and personnel managers are to blame for the fact that bombs keep going off, that people are gunned down or beheaded? The tenor is clear: In case of doubt, we are always to blame. These incorrigible multicultural-obsessed people who are practically incapable of learning simply do not want to face up to the obvious truth, namely that the members of the parallel societies have no interest at all in “integration”, and therefore it doesn’t matter how many red carpets we roll out and how many arms we reach out to them.

“Islamists are not passive, lacking prospects and discriminated-against failures! That might fit into apologetics; however, it is not true! They are ideologically driven, with and without migration, also as educated and successful people. In Europe and in the Middle East,” answers the Islam-critic Ahmad Mansour to the ZDF comedians. But they will probably not understand it; their delusion is too far advanced.

5 thoughts on “Political Islam is Given a Seat at the German Table

  1. This woman just disastrously lost her election bid, and only got her current position by posing as a thorough liberal, her views aren’t even considered acceptable by the Green party!

  2. Given that Iran is Shia, and Turkey and Saudi Arabia Sunni, with consequent 1400 year old hatred, I do not think it is wise or useful to lump Sunni and Shia together under Islamofascism as is done in this article.

    Chebli is a Palestinian Arab with a financial interest I believe, along with her husband, in brokering medical services to wealthy Saudis traveling to Germany.

    And Islam in the EU is generally not Shia or Alawite, indeed, the latter two come under threat from the Sunnis.

    So while Saudi imams and Iranian mullahs both have the same stance on uncovered female hair, they are nationals of two mutual enemies, a fact that we may find useful at times.

    • While they intensely despise one another, they still adhere to the philosophy “Me against my brother, my brother and I against my cousin, and all of us against the stranger.” They will all gladly work to take down the West even as they are busy trying to stab one another in the back while they are doing so. Doesn’t make them any less dangerous or cancerous to the Western world.

    • A muslim is a muslim is a muslim no matter it’s bloody stripe, and they will always work with one another if it is against us western infidels. As Moon has stated above, they will stab and butcher each other while doing it. One way or another, they all gotta go by whatever means.

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