Gerald Grosz: “Political Correctness Twists Reality Beyond Recognition”

Gerald Grosz is an Austrian politician for the BZÖ (Bündnis Zukunft Österreich, Alliance for the Future of Austria) and the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party). His rants have been featured here numerous times in the past few months, but the rhetoric in his two most recent talks has been more somber, focusing on last Monday’s deadly Islamic terror attack in Vienna.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

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Video transcript #1:

00:00   People are struggling for their lives in hospitals, relatives mourn the victims of the terror,
00:05   the entire country is in shock, and it is possible that not all perpetrators have even been caught.
00:10   And those who, with their damned politics,
00:14   with their political daydreams, amidst this uncertainty,
00:17   this blood, this terror, these dead, these injured,
00:20   those who are struggling for their lives
00:23   and those fearing for their loved ones — what have they adopted?
00:27   The down-players, the benefiters, the pioneers,
00:31   that is, those who, with their ideology and their politics,
00:34   are complicit in the death of people, are now calling for a boycott
00:38   of the media in these times,
00:42   for a boycott against the media that have relentlessly shown the images of this horrific attack,
00:46   that do not cover up anything, gloss over anything.
00:50   Yes, one should at least no longer show the horror of this reality.
00:53   pictures of daisies would be more appropriate, or, ideally, cat pictures.
00:57   Just don’t show the ugly mug of terror, because that doesn’t fit into the play,
01:01   into the romantic story of the pink unicorn country
01:05   and its politically correct armada of sugar-coaters and liars.
01:09   While the public broadcaster speaks until 11pm of a shootout
01:12   or perhaps a rampage — rather stammers —
01:15   those social splitters who sit in these editorial offices
01:18   pleadingly hoped until the end that it was a right-wing extremist
01:23   or a mentally ill person; they are now judging
01:26   media that have only fulfilled their information mandate
01:30   to fully inform the population.
01:33   These reactions, these calls for boycotts,
01:36   these attempts at censorship, at present
01:39   show clearly the depravity of the country, the cowardice
01:42   of society, the hypocrisy of the oh-so-elegant opinion-makers,
01:46   whose political correctness twists reality beyond recognition.
01:52   Those hypocrites, who post the pictures of the dead
01:55   from the Mediterranean on almost 18-sheet posters in high resolution,
01:58   are now angry about the pictures of the dead on our streets,
02:03   those who are dead because of their incompetence.
02:06   Not about the perpetrator, a convicted, prematurely released ISIS supporter;
02:10   a free-ranging, officially known threat is not the discussion,
02:15   but whether the fact that one should tell mature people the truth.
02:21   And all those who participate in this diversionary maneuver
02:24   make themselves complicit in future attacks today!
02:27   The truth can never be hurtful, it is reasonable to people.
02:31   At least in an open, liberal democracy.

Video transcript #2:

00:01   Our Vienna was attacked. The terror has now also reached the so-called “Isle of the Blessed”.
00:06   No more clapping, in the hour of violence. The romantic ideological dream
00:10   has now come to a bloody end in Austria, too.
00:13   Today we woke up to the nightmare.
00:16   The surprise at the possibility of this madness
00:20   here in the heart of our country.
00:23   The shock and the sadness about this attack are great,
00:28   because with the permanently touched view of all other countries,
00:31   one would never have thought it possible
00:34   that this invasive war would also find its way to us.
00:38   The oh-so-neutral and peaceful “Mozartkugel” republic,
00:41   this microcosm of the sugar-sweet, romantic do-gooder,
00:46   in which politicians recently disarmed the police,
00:50   an interior minister wanted to send the executive on a corona-related beer hunt,
00:56   where political parties serve themselves up to the extremist wolves,
01:00   where warning voices are defamed as rabble-rousers,
01:04   has hit the hard, deadly ground of sad reality.
01:09   While Austria persistently waged the abstract virus war,
01:13   others meticulously prepared their diabolical work,
01:16   completely unnoticed and unhindered.
01:20   The bloody trail of madness now runs through downtown Vienna.
01:25   After Berlin, Nice, Paris and all the European cities
01:29   that are suffering from the bondage of terror,
01:32   this cultural war,
01:35   our streets have now become the arenas of the bloody struggle
01:39   against our values, our human rights, our freedom,
01:42   our democracy and our security.
01:47   As the price of trying to integrate the unintegrable, people died.
01:52   As the price of tolerating the intolerant,
01:55   fellow citizens had to lose their lives.
01:58   As the price of being “GOOD” always and at all costs,
02:02   innocent people lie in hospitals.
02:05   As the price of not hurting the “feelings” of others,
02:09   this country is now in shock.
02:12   As the price of being politically correct,
02:15   the various dangers were denied.
02:18   At the price of not having to act for years,
02:21   we are now forced to react.
02:24   Now everyone is saying that they “are not going to be divided”,
02:28   and yet they themselves have contributed, laying out the red carpet for the “Splitters”.
02:33   To deliver a country and its people as if on a silver platter.
02:39   “We are stronger than hatred,” and yet tonight people were weakly forced to the ground.
02:46   I’m reporting from Graz, the second-largest city in Austria,
02:49   where weeks ago a synagogue was targeted in a terror attack,
02:53   and a few days ago a religious sister was attacked in the tram.
02:58   I’m reporting from Austria, which now has to go through the saddest hour in decades,
03:04   because others have slept, negated, covered up and favored.
03:09   My thoughts are with the families of the victims,
03:13   with the police officers on this mission, with those who were terrified last night.