Poland, PiS and the Liberal West

Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel sends this overview of the relentless pressure on Poland to adopt a progressive stance on issues such as immigration, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.

Poland, PiS and the Liberal West

by Green Infidel

In the Autumn of 2015, the Polish party PiS (“Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc”, or “Law and Justice”) won a historic election victory — becoming the first party to win an election outright since the downfall of Communism in 1989. Such a victory came on the back of the presidential election five months earlier, which was also won by the PiS candidate Andrzej Duda. Both victories would have been hard to predict a year earlier, and in both cases a strong factor was disillusionment with the pro-EU government of the PO party (“Platforma Obywatelska” or “Civic Platform”) led by Donald Tusk, who left the post of Prime Minister at the end of 2014 to become President of the European Council in Brussels (thanks to which, he was famously described by Nigel Farage as the “newest Polish émigré”). After Tusk’s departure, the PO party became weaker, and the new prime minister Ewa Kopacz faced accusations about her government’s becoming out of touch.

This feeling increased after the events of Summer 2015, when her government voted in favour of an EU mechanism to redistribute migrants among member states, after promising many times to reject it. This decision proved very unpopular with the Polish public, fearful of the possibility of large-scale migration from Islamic countries, partly out of prejudice, but also in large part because of the experiences of Polish émigrés in countries such as the UK (among whom the most popular party in the October 2015 elections was the even more anti-immigration Kukiz ’15 party, and the pro-immigration PO party only took fourth place). The feeling among Poles against Islamic immigration was so intense and so unanimous, especially on the internet, that in September 2015 the leading liberal newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza took the decision to close its comments on articles related to the migration crisis.

The leader of PiS, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, has always been one of the most polarising figures in Polish politics, perceived as desirous of power at any cost, and drawing the ire of the urban elite with numerous statements perceived as insulting, rude or arrogant. Before the October 2015 election, however, he drew himself apart from leaders in the Polish political mainstream by condemning the PO government for agreeing to the “refugee” quotas, and for saying PiS would reject them. Perhaps this became the catalyst for his party’s subsequent historic election victory.

Since that time, the Polish government has united with the governments of the other Visegrad countries (Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia) on the subject of migration, and often drew the ire of Brussels in rejecting the “refugee” quotas.

This was, however, only part of the story. By 2016 the Polish economy was booming, and for the first time ever employers were struggling to find new employees. This resulted in a record number of immigrants, and by 2017, Poland issued the highest number of first-residence permits in the whole of the EU, 683,000). In reality, a large majority of the newcomers came from Ukraine, perhaps due to the terrible economic situation of that country, while the second-largest number of immigrants came from Belarus. Many Poles find it fortunate that the immigrants are mostly from these countries which border Poland and, despite some historic animosities, share a very similar culture with Poles.

Nonetheless, many immigrants have also been drawn from further afield, especially from India. So much so that in 2018, long queues for visas were reported in front of the Polish consulate in New Delhi. And the results can be seen on the streets of big cities such as Warsaw, where chains like Uber Eats employ delivery drivers, seemingly exclusively from the Indian subcontinent. At the same time, universities were putting more effort into “urgently” searching for more foreign students, with the Ministry of Further Education allowing students to apply for more grants, to attempt to entice them.

While the government desires such immigration for economic reasons, the pro-EU centrist and leftist opposition have, predictably, been keen to lobby for immigration-friendly policies. In June 2017, the mayors of the 12 Polish biggest cities signed a declaration on migration, to “declare their openness and desire to cooperate with the government, NGOs and faith groups”. The declaration stated, that “Polish cities have, for many years, been open to migration processes and the diversity of their residents.” As the basis of the integration of migrants, the mayors highlight “friendly treatment in government offices, securing of an apartment, ability to gain employment, access to education and healthcare, and learning the Polish language and culture.” It is not specified whether the newcomers would be allowed to jump the queue for government apartments, as happens in other countries such as Britain (though one can hazard a guess)…

Later, in the local elections of Autumn 2018, the new liberal mayor of Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski won the election on a platform of “Warsaw for everyone”, although presumably this doesn’t include the far-right ONR (“National-Radical Camp”), which he declared should be banned for “inciting hatred”.

Before the 2018 local elections, the PiS government released an advert warning about the dangers of the opposition allowing in more migrants. The advert, however, was received very badly, with opponents predictably accusing the government of hate speech, while even right-wingers accused the government of hypocrisy, given its own record on immigration. Ultimately, in the election, PiS performed very poorly in the big cities, and lost control of some local governments.

While migration was the big topic in 2018, the following year it was followed by LGBT issues, with many institutions joining in the international trend of displaying rainbows in the summer of 2019. Perhaps as a reaction, several Polish local governments in mainly rural, conservative parts of Eastern Poland started adopting declarations that they wouldn’t support policies which run “against family values”, such as lessons on homosexuality and masturbation to 4-year-olds (as were reported to be promoted by the WHO). The media raised the alarm that these areas were declaring themselves to be “LGBT-free zones”, as a result of which several partner towns and regions in France cut ties with these regions.

At the same time, progressive Poles helped push through initiatives such as rainbow-coloured park benches in the city of Kielce (voted through by a citizens’ budget — which does not require a majority, only a sufficient number of votes), while in Warsaw a similar initiative for precisely 666 rainbow-coloured benches is planned for this year. How long these benches stay without graffiti or damage (a favourite pastime of Polish football hooligans) remains to be seen.

Polish schools have also not been free of the progressive push from local governments, with lessons about LGBT issues given to pupils as part of “Rainbow Friday”, and even a drag queen being recruited to read stories to small children.

So why this sudden push for western “progressive” values? One cannot be certain; however, in my discussions with family and at work, there seems to still be very little enthusiasm for refugees or LGBT issues. There are no “Refugees Welcome” signs, or rainbow flags displayed “in solidarity” at work, as happens in Western countries.

What there is, however, is widespread annoyance at the government, especially the head of the PiS party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski. He likes to meet with Viktor Orbán, and be seen to be his Polish “equivalent”, however the difference could not be more stark. Whereas Orbán is undoubtedly the prime minister and the most powerful (and probably most popular) politician in Hungary, Kaczynski is neither the President nor Prime Minister (the last time he was Prime Minister, in 2007, PiS lost the election in a few months). Whereas Orbán is an established football player and has a family with five children, Kaczynski is a life-long bachelor, and lives alone with his cat.

Finally, whereas Orbán is known for eloquent, charismatic speeches, Kaczynski stated that the opposition should “shut their treacherous mouths”, and earlier said that his PO opponents are “standing where the Zomo stood” (Zomo was the brutal communist-era riot police, of whom many current politicians were victims, during their days in Solidarity. Both from the PiS government and the PO opposition — who, before 2005 were united in their opposition to Communists). Recently he was also seen flouting the social distancing rules his government set for the public, during the tenth anniversary of the Smolensk air disaster.

Kaczynski, however is not the only PiS politician to act in such a manner. In February this year, a fellow PiS politician, Joanna Lichocka, raised a middle-finger at the opposition and as a result, found herself in the centre of the opposition’s advertising campaign. Then last week, in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, the government was so desperate to hold a presidential election in May that it announced it intended to hold a postal vote, and even flirted with the idea of 3 years in prison for anyone who didn’t vote.

Such displays of arrogance, insulting language and dictatorial tendencies do the government no favours with the public, while perhaps enhancing the pro-EU opposition’s chances.

For now, the government won a second term in Autumn 2019, even increasing its majority, and in public polling a large majority of Poles remains opposed to both immigration from Islamic countries, and gay marriage and child adoption by gays.

The future, however, is the key… In spite of the many misdemeanours of PiS and Kaczynski, I can only hope that the pro-EU opposition is kept away from the corridors of power.

20 thoughts on “Poland, PiS and the Liberal West

  1. Re the “Indian” migrants, I should add that while much is said about them being “Indians” (which, in Polish, is literally the word “Hindus”), I’ve long had my suspicions… and this increased last summer when, during the Cricket World Cup, I saw on the streets of Lodz, on multiple occasions people wearing Bangladesh cricket shirts…

  2. The Drag Queen story telling to children confirms my suspicions about this being an idea from a centrally controlled organization. That is such a bizarre thought dea I cannot believe people on two separate continents both came to the conclusion it was a good idea. The Left is very good at making their numbers seem bigger than they are with coordination between influential people and the media propaganda complex. This idea came from some Soros affiliated coven, no doubt.

      • and may I suggest that the lack of public outcry against such a brazen perversion opened the gate to what we are experiencing now.

        • Your suggestions are right at the point !
          It started in Tehran and Yalta..and we know who are the culprits..
          Broken and savaged Europe had a chance to heal..
          Instead crocked Nations chose, like always in History..
          Egoistic self serving Hypocrisy and cynical Betrayal.
          What we experiencing right now in Europe and US is a harvest own misdeeds..
          Nobody else than “west” ,emboldened Marxism,commie-fascism Totalitarianism in Europe..As a matter of fact “west” countries are a “fathers founders” all of the problems we are facing right now..
          Gates of Vienna.We know why this symbol was so significant for Dymphna. and she was right.It was historic pivotal point for future of Europe.and what follow after..Like a fall and betrayal of Constantinople.
          Kingdom of Poland since X century was a “balancing act” between West and East. Poland was a Protector of Europe and Christendom from East..
          West decided to own East..Like in recent series Games of Thrones..Partition and disappearance of Poland follow..
          Where we are now ? If you live in Western part of Europe just look around ! than you will understand what happen..
          To achieve that

      • https://www.unz.com/estriker/american-oligarchs-i-the-pritzkers-and-transgenderism/?highlight=pritzker

        Soros? Think Pritzker!

        ……..”It seems like we woke up one day to find that, out of nowhere, distinguishing between male and female has become illegal. In defiance of intuition, common sense and 3rd grade biology, a number of liberal plutocracies like Canada and the United Kingdom have legislated to force-feed their subjects the doctrine of transgenderism, which contrary to the idea that it is an individual choice, is always coupled with mandates that ordinary citizens acknowledge the delusions of wealthy narcissists and perverts…..

        ……..”This family was very influential in Washington during the Obama years, where the Pritzkers, through bundling and personal donations, were able to collect $800 million dollars for Obama’s campaigns and inaugural funds.”

  3. Interesting article.
    Just wondering – not one mention of the Catholic Church in the most Catholic country in Europe. Strange that, or no mention of Soros.

    • The Church in Poland does a lot of work supporting the needy, including “refugees”, through the Caritas organisation… in Autumn 2017, however, it held rosary to commemorate the Battle of Lepanto, at Poland’s borders – something that generated a lot of outrage among leftists… Recently, the Church has also been campaigning against the education/indoctrination of children with LGBT values. Overall, it’s a very important voice for traditional values in Poland.

    • ..” Strange that, or no mention of Soros”..
      For us Poles,prime Enemy and Danger to our national Sovereignty is Germany..Russia is next.
      Israel “holocaust Industry” third..
      Basely this is our Polish political “Bermuda triangle”..
      Soros is also “popular” but is operating in Poland by proxy..EU Commissars, European Justice Court,Venice Commission, LGBT lobbies hacks etc..
      Green Infield doesn’t represent , Polish Patriots and Catholic- Conservatives views..I may brand his opinion as International Cosmopolitan, Green,New Age Warrior..Fringe and unpopular movement in Poland..

      • “Holocaust industry” (stop 447 etc) was a topic adopted by Konfederacja hoping to drum up support by whipping up some good old anti-semitism, and a reaction on the Israeli side. A pity, as many Israelis were actually sympathetic to Poland’s stance vs Soros and the leftists.

  4. Current leading political party PIS and proxy president Duda ,are loosing popularity among Conservatives,Catholics and National Patriots, due to huge political mistakes in last 6 years made by Kaczynski and Duda..
    We find out Kaczynski in real is Socialist with deep Masonic background..
    Politically hi see himself as a Centrist but his heart wobbling toward PPS (Polish Socialist Party)
    Last 6 years we are (unsuccessfully) pressing him and his party(PIS) for more pro-Poland and anty-Globalist ,anty-EU stand.. Hi is promising but NOT delivering ,so we are pretty feed up with him and his wishy-washy politics..
    His party DOESN’T have a majority in Parliament..Duda,( curent President),Kaczynski patsy ,showing his real “cosmopolitan”colors and test..
    It looks like new per-terminate elections are coming..
    I see myself as a Polish mainstream, Conservative-Catholic Patriot..

    • “Current leading political party PIS and proxy president Duda ,are loosing popularity among Conservatives,Catholics and National Patriots, due to huge political mistakes in last 6 years made by Kaczynski and Duda..”

      So if PiS loses, who do you think will win? Korwin? Dream on… PO is loving this kind of talk.

      “I see myself as a Polish mainstream…”


      • I don’t really care who will “win”…because i have no political agenda..
        I/m stating here for Internationals current state of affairs in Poland..so they know..
        All political life in Poland is totally crocked last 30 years..Political theater without meaning, it is..
        Only meaningful power in Poland are Catholics and Polish Catholic Church
        all others, are acting agents for a International groups of Interest..
        German State,Russian State,International Jewry..International Corp..and Globalist..
        I suggest you ,do NOT peach in GOV with your anti-polonism phobia under disguise anti-Islam banner..and take your “green” agenda somewhere else..

          • Indeed, W Imie Boze !
            We already are useful, but our Polish way ,Anima Christi..
            ANIMA Christi, sanctifica me.
            Corpus Christi, salva me.
            Sanguis Christi, inebria me.
            Aqua lateris Christi, lava me.
            Passio Christi, conforta me.
            O bone Iesu, exaudi me.
            Intra tua vulnera absconde me.
            Ne permittas me separari a te.
            Ab hoste maligno defende me.
            In hora mortis meae voca me.
            Et iube me venire ad te,
            Ut cum Sanctis tuis laudem te
            in saecula saeculorum.

  5. Yes folks there you have it , Poland and politics …. I am living here thirteen years now and I still do not really understand how this nation seemingly so united is as divided as it is . As you can read here for yourself in the discussion between Green Infidel and Maria . I enjoyed the article , a truthful summary of recent political history in my opinion . Than followed by a hefty discussion…, Polish daily life events here on GoV in the comment section . Beautiful. !!

    • ..”Polish daily life events here on GoV in the comment section .”
      Thanks to courtesy of Dymphna and Baron..Slavic “flavor” may enrich this other-ways Anglo-Saxon beton dinosaurs, think-tank :-))
      Green doesn’t live in Poland but in UK..
      Hi is NOT active blogger..Very un mature opinions pointing to his young age..Typical green/rainbow “warrior” living somewhere else…on somebody else expenses..We in Poland are very fortune they in mass move to “enlightened ” West :-))
      Some common sense,young Ukrainian ,Russian move in their place..Learn Polish language and enjoying peaceful,safe quality life ..
      There is already blossoming , awesome Genetic offspring from this marriage :-))
      All white ,pale skin ,blue,green eyes,blond hair Christian kiddies :-))
      Future look very bright for Us ! contrary to novaday “brown” West ..Europe..You are here so you know what i/m talking about..

    • ..” how this nation seemingly so united is as divided as it is .”
      For untrained eye it look like “divided” :-))
      We Pole see this as a healthy social polarization.very good democratic exercise :-)) Life without arguments and different narrations is really boring..
      But when it come to push and show we know what to do and what is our National order of principles…..

    • As you may have seen Michael, there’s nothing Poles love to do more, than argue with each other… Preferably while drinking a lot of vodka!

      Btw, contrary to Maria’s allegations, I’m not in the UK, but am typing this from near to the very centre of Poland.

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