Sitting on a Park Bench, Eyeing the Police With Bad Intent

Germany, like most Western countries, has imposed stringent lockdown rules to combat the ChiCom pandemic. The current regimen permits people to venture outdoors to take their exercise, but there are strict limits on how long one may rest on a park bench during his constitutional.

The two videos below concern encounters with the police by German citizens who dared to sit on park benches, and received criminal citations as a result. The first was recorded by an elderly couple, and the second by a younger person. I don’t know if the cops lurk in the bushes with stopwatches, or what, but somehow they determined that these unfortunate burghers had exceeded their allotted two minutes en banc.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   I can send it to you by mail, I don’t know it by heart.
00:22   Perhaps you should tell the park management that they should place signs on the yellow banners
00:28   to inform everyone that sitting on benches isn’t allowed.
00:35   It is possible that while going for a walk it is necessary
00:38   to rest for a few moments. —Yes, we just sat down for a couple of minutes.
00:41   We haven’t been sitting for four minutes; it has only been two or three minutes.
00:44   You are detaining me. —Yes. —Do you have a telephone number?
00:49   Heck if I know. —He doesn’t know it by heart.
00:53   OK. A criminal offense is being issued. —For what? —Exactly, now I’m all ears. —For what?
01:02   Due to the coronavirus pandemic ordinance —We’re not permitted to sit briefly on a bench?
01:09   Without a legitimate reason it is not permitted to be outdoors or leave your residence.
01:14   That’s what you are doing. —The coronavirus ordinance allows exercise, walking in the fresh air;
01:20   that is a legitimate reason. —But you are not moving. —If you’d been walking a while and then
01:25   took a few minutes to sit down and to take a rest, then it is a legitimate reason.
01:29   I would like to know your name. —That doesn’t matter. —Of course it does.
01:33   Why not, if we’re being charged with a criminal offense? Really? You know what, I think it’s…
01:38   [edited because the policeman said his name]
01:42   State Police Inspectorate. —Good. Ridiculous. You should be thoroughly ashamed.
01:50   You are supposed to be there for citizens and not pressing odd charges against them.
01:56   How can you not be thoroughly ashamed? Really. Didn’t you take an oath to protect the constitution?
02:03   Didn’t you do that? The constitution. —Good that you’re leaving. I’ll keep the park.
02:16   This video is freely available.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   I’m situated here at the Saar River in Saarbrücken with a companion.
00:05   We were just stopped by the police and asked for our identification
00:12   because we were sitting on a bench for a couple of minutes.
00:15   According to this sign, sitting briefly on benches is allowed.
00:18   The police told us that we would be charged with a misdemeanor
00:22   for sitting on the bench for three minutes. I will post the video later.
00:26   [Sign] Please adhere to confinement rules. Max. 2 people* — NO GROUPS — Min. 6 foot/2m. distance — sitting briefly on the bench is allowed —
00:29   Dog walking allowed — No picnics — No barbecues — No sunbathing — Don’t use the playground — Don’t remove barriers

12 thoughts on “Sitting on a Park Bench, Eyeing the Police With Bad Intent

    • Nuremburg was a bloody mistake and should have never happened, that is why we cannot and won’t win decisive wars any longer.

  1. I didn’t think it could be worse than it is in some places in the USA. This is the most frightening video I’ve seen today.
    I am supposedly in a high risk group if I get the Chi Com Flu virus but I would rather take my chances with that than with the despicable despots who are ruining our lives.
    I guess that most people are fine with losing their freedom, liberty and God given civil rights, because I don’t see much push back at the moment.
    This whole fiasco is a gigantic hoax designed to take out President Trump and destroy our Republic. The CCF virus is terrible and it can kill people- True.
    But so does the regular flu, cancer, heart disease, TB, drug overdoses, car accidents, suicide, etc etc. Do we ever close down the Economy because of those deaths?
    No one is immortal. We will all die someday from something.
    Give me liberty or give me death.

  2. All they needed to do was wear some dirty man-jammies and sport an unkempt pedophile beard and some black robes with a burka for the female and the pigs wouldn’t have dared accosted them.

  3. Peter Bauer, the great economist and expert in third world economic development, described this sort of situation as perfectly describing third world police. The police are afraid, with good reason, of messing with real criminals, so they ramp up their statistics by applying draconian laws on normal citizens. The normal citizens going about their business are not dangerous at all, and thus attract the attention of police needing to show they actually did something.

    As countries accept more immigrants, they come to look more like the third world.

  4. sitting on the park bench, eyeing police and little girls with bad intent,
    Hey Islamic One!
    No apologies to Ian Anderson

    It’s Marathon my friend,
    so don’t you say that lawns aren’t easy,
    we grow our sod so you see it’s always green.

  5. It appears that the park bench sitters have gotten caught out by a new, poorly drafted local ordinance, that failed to spell out what a short-term sitting time should be. Lacking guidance from above, the police have turned to the traffic laws and are treating the park bench as a conditional no-stopping zone, in which people become illegally parked after three minutes.

    Such silliness sometimes happens in societies that like to follow rules. Germany is perhaps not the best place to live if that is too much to accommodate. I have seen crazier and worse.

  6. Not to be too flippant, but I live next to Kennington Park, just SE of central London (and have seen no patrols), but I’m already a bit bored with it.

    On Sunday, my beloved and I walked about a mile to the Thames at Vauxhall, and sat on a bench overlooking the river for about an hour, without being bothered; today I ventured a bit further, to Westminster Bridge, along the river to Waterloo, and home again.

    It was all a bit strange, even melancholy; so few people about (many were joggers). So far as I’m aware, the UK regulations don’t specify that you must take your exercise in a park. I’ve also taken to evening strolls exploring local streets I’d not been down before. In all cases, I encountered fewer people than I would in the park. Perhaps the “lockdown” is what you make of it?

    PS As I’m considered “high risk” for Covid-19, expected to self-isolate for twelve weeks, I’ve had two free food deliveries this week, one from the local council and one from the government. They’re currently generic, and I’m told they will be more “tailored” later, and I’m really not complaining about such generosity (I’ll donate the stuff I can’t use), but there was no coffee!!

    • I must put the record straight: there were some sachets of the instant variety. Bet they don’t deliver beer, wine or cigarettes though.

  7. The muslims and their feminist tools (sic) it seems just have to keep doing what they are doing to the native white males and eventually there will have a right little Zanzibar off the coast of Europe. I imagine.

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