Illegal Migrants Overwhelm Portopalo

Portopalo is a city on the coast of southern Sicily. In the following video, the mayor of Portopalo protests the arrival of 75 illegal migrants at the port on Easter Sunday. The mayor is notifying the Sicilian authorities that his city lacks the facilities to quarantine the new arrivals.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Good day to everybody, fellow citizens and everybody [unintelligible] listening at this time.
00:05   I am Gaetano Montoneri. Maybe you don’t recognize me in this outfit,
00:09   unfortunately an emergency outfit. Today, it’s
00:13   about 11:15 Easter Day.
00:17   I am at the port here at Portopalo,
00:22   because this morning at about 5 o’clock [unintelligible]
00:26   there was a landing of illegals. A landing of illegals
00:30   occurred today at the point of our port of Portopalo
00:34   at the… Ponente pier.
00:39   Why this communication? It means
00:44   we have just found these illegals who landed
00:48   in our territory aboard a rubber dinghy that was
00:52   abandoned at the, let’s say, point of the port.
00:57   So here we are. I have already told the Prefect
01:01   to the Assessor, Assessor Razza,
01:05   and to those on duty, that at Portopalo
01:09   we categorically do not have any suitable structure
01:13   to place in isolation 75 people
01:18   whom we are handling.
01:22   Sir, tell us where
01:26   they will be taken, but this, by today…

14 thoughts on “Illegal Migrants Overwhelm Portopalo

  1. ‘Tis a shame that the situation has not yet deteriorated enough to where forcing them back into the dinghy at gunpoint and back out to sea is an option.

    • Those bloody Sicilians do have a way of dealing with interlopers and it never ends well for the people that don’t belong there.

  2. Italian people don’t let them in !!! Send them back where are they came from !!, We here in Europe have enough problems, we don’t need extra with this useless savages, who came for free money and housing, they don’t have rights to be there at all , Where is Salvini to protect this beautiful country.. people wake up !! This all scum by , EU., UN. WHO and all this traitors like Soros, Gates , Merkel ,Macron , .. this whole virus is a scum too , to put you in the house arrest, then they can go and do everything according to the evil plan to destroy our democracy and freedom…

    • No, they don’t have any right to migrate where they’re not welcome, but even the economic migrants (as opposed to genuine refugees) can hardly be blamed for seeking better opportunities, and it seems unlikely that they’ve not heard back from their compatriots who’ve made the trip, about the ruthlessness of the smugglers, unsafe and overloaded boats, and conditions in the migrant camps in Europe. Yet, still they try…

      These are often people whose beliefs and culture are incompatible with ours, likely from failed states (maybe due to said culture and beliefs), but they are people. I’m not suggesting we should throw the doors open in welcome, but some of the comments here show a sad lack of human compassion.

      • I agree.

        I don’t have much compassion for invaders. No one forced them to get into the dinghys or cross multiple countries before reaching the shores of Tripoli. I agree that most are economic invaders instead of actual refugees but this doesn’t change the equation that allowing them in does nothing to deter others from attempting the same voyage.

        If the first group of them had been towed back out to sea and left to their fate, or immediately sent back to wherever they originated from if one wanted to be humane, there would not be millions of them aspiring to invade Europe at this moment.

        Camp of the Saints indeed…

      • Mark H, It is because of your civilized western compassion that is going to get you and yours buried in your high moral ground. Want compassion, get a dog. Now it the time for hard, cold, ruthless men.

  3. Indeed it is. I imagine these haughty backward Islamic predator dregs are being directed by their rat instincts for numbers. Breed for partition. In the meantime take full advantage of fully de-balled Western European societies living in make believe pc.

  4. People must, detain these marxist commie ngo traitors, boot them out, better to lock them up, with 10 years hard labour, and islamic sharia amputation punishments fir them, they get taste of sharia that there assisting to be put on us!!

    Invaders, must be forced back out to sea! Who cares if they drown, better them, than they raped and kill our people with there satanic
    Death cult,

    They must go to saudi or qatar, we dont want islam or any invaders
    , we want them all out, even the ones who are already here, they also mudt be deported out!!!!

    • Again with the bloody civilized means to deal with traitors and uncivilized 3rd world savages! Want to solve this problem!? Arm up and start dealing with it yourselves, the governments of western Europe are not your friends, they are the enemy, start treating them as such. Trying to vote your way out of this mess is a fools errand, that time has come and gone. Get active and make things happen instead of waiting for somebody else to get their hands dirty.

  5. This CCP Virus was a weapon of war released by China in league with Gates and WHO to destroy the Western economy. These sub-Saharan Africans and every other “Gimmegrant” must be expelled pronto and borders sealed. I have lost all patience now in the light of our current dire straights. We owe these carrion nothing-absolutely nothing.

    Now it is them or us. The NGOs and Communist scum that caused this must now be treated like any other dangerous invasive species along with their illiterate “pets” expecting free money, health, housing and cars for life. Eradicate by all and every means. There is no more time to indulge this disgraceful and disgusting nonsense-dangerous nonsense too. The game is up- these intruders are the enemy. As for the Politicians that still push this vile agenda, only arrest, trial, prison and the death penalty waits them if I have my way. I am sick of them and multiculturalism. Thess people are ten times worse than their fellow Socialists aka “Nazis”.

    And I predict shoot to kill on sight policy, will now become the only option if we are to survive. This virus is weapon of war forbidden by the Geneva Convention 1929 et al. Treat accordingly. People maybe shocked by my comments as a Churchman but I stick them.

    We are now in a war for survival. Act accordingly. As a Bishop I protect my own flock from the circulating drooling wolves seeking a way to kill us. I would be failing in my duty to say otherwise. As I said the game has changed-we are at war, time to grow up.

    There are times to be kind and tolerant to aid people in distress. These people are criminals with no compassion nor grace to offer their targeted nations, left to support these parasites. Their behaviour at any time is an act of criminal aggression, as is that of the traffickers that they pay. In a time of war and pestilence, especially one deliberately released to destroy our economies and make us reliant upon a giant Chicom imperialist scam, such activities are even worse. China has attacked us in league with the Globalist vampires. Treat accordingly.

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