Who Really Committed the Massacre in Hanau?

As I reported on Thursday, a mentally disturbed man named Tobias Rathjen was alleged to have gone on a shooting rampage at two hookah bars in the German city of Hanau, killing eight people before shooting both himself and his mother to death.

Mr. Rathjen had posted (or liked, not sure which) some “racist” materials online, so that made him a right-wing extremist, and therefore an admirer of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). Establishment politicians and the media immediately glommed onto the incident as an opportunity to denounce the AfD and call for it to be investigated and restricted, if not banned outright.

In first part of the following video, you’ll hear what officials had to say at a press conference about the mentally ill perpetrator of the attacks. In the second part Beatrix von Storch, Deputy Leader of the AfD and a member of the Bundestag, answers hostile questions from the media, who want to pin the blame for the massacre on the AfD.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

In the second video things get really interesting. According to some social media groups in Hanau, the perpetrator of the massacre was NOT Tobias Rathjen. There are reportedly Turkish witnesses (writing in Turkish, naturally) who saw multiple killers, and none of them was the late Mr. Rathjen.

The following video features an audio account by an unidentified woman. MissPiggy says she has an accent, possibly Arabic. The speaker in the audio asserts that Tobias Rathjen was a money-launderer for the “Arabic Mafia”. He ran afoul of his employers for some unspecified reason, and as a result he and his mother were killed by them.

In other words, the massacre was an instance of enricher-on-enricher violence, with two additional victims who were native Germans.

Once again, many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1 (times are from the two separate originals):

00:00   In November my office received a criminal complaint from him [Tobias Rathjen].
00:04   He filed a criminal complaint against an unknown secret service organization,
00:11   and in this complaint he averred that there is probably an overarching larger
00:18   organization, perhaps independent of national secret service authorities,
00:23   which has the control. It even controls people’s brains and uses
00:28   certain things to steer world affairs.
00:00   Well, the Public Prosecutor obviously was aware of
00:04   a severely mentally disturbed person since November.
00:08   The Federal Criminal Investigation director said, “an obviously mentally disturbed person”.
00:13   Following this the Federal Prosecutor’s Office did nothing. It would have been appropriate
00:18   to revoke the gun license of this seriously mentally ill man
00:22   and to confiscate the gun, but nothing happened.
00:25   It is time we talk about yet another serious failure of our security authorities.
00:31   We should stop politically exploiting this incident before the upcoming elections in Hamburg.
00:36   We should be talking about the resignation of the Public Prosecutor. Thank you.
00:41   Mrs. Von Storch, the General Secretary of the Social Democratic Party, Lars Klingbeil, has demanded
00:46   that the AfD be put under observation, what is your reaction?
00:50   As I just said, we should stop politically exploiting
00:54   this awful crime. Once again, what we have here is serious misconduct
00:59   on the part of our security authorities. We shouldn’t be talking about
01:02   the political exploitation of this crime as used against the AfD,
01:05   but rather about the resignation of the federal prosecutor.
01:08   There have been accusations from the other parties
01:11   in the Federal Parliament that the AfD contributed to this occurring. —The federal prosecutor
01:20   has known about this man since November of last year. [Heckler screaming about the AfD]
01:25   The federal prosecutor knew about this man
01:29   since November of last year. This severely mentally disturbed man.
01:33   The Federal Criminal Investigation director said today that he had severe mental illness.
01:38   These kinds of people are not permitted to own weapons. It is a misconduct; it is a grave misconduct
01:42   on the part of the Public Prosecutor, and consequences should ensue.
01:46   But Mrs. Von Storch, just to get back to my question,
01:49   what about the accusations that the AfD’s use of language leads to radicalization of people?
01:59   I think we can clearly state that we have a grave failure on the part of the security authorities
02:03   here, once again, and that has led to eleven deaths. The Public Prosecutor knew about this person
02:07   since November of last year, and he could have
02:10   revoked the gun license. Nothing happened. That’s what we need to talk about. We also need to
02:13   stop using such things and these murders for party political purposes.
02:18   I’ll ask it another way round. Nevertheless, don’t you feel
02:22   responsible in some way for creating the societal climate
02:26   that causes someone to do something like this? I mean,
02:30   we know he was mentally ill, but he had a racist background and
02:34   he could have felt encouraged by the politics of the AfD.
02:37   The Federal Criminal Investigation director said today
02:40   that this person obviously had severe mental illness.
02:43   Mentally ill people need intervention. They need help,
02:46   and they need to be disarmed. This is something the Federal Prosecutor’s Office
02:50   could have done if they had intervened, then maybe nothing would have happened.
02:55   Certainly not this crime, with that weapon. —So that means the AfD has no responsibility for
03:00   the societal climate in this country in which such crimes occur? —What we observe is a high risk
03:06   of political exploitation, which is occurring now in advance of the elections in Hamburg.
03:11   We see that as extremely dangerous. —Mrs. Von Storch, have read the manifest of the suspect?
03:15   There are clear narratives included in it.
03:21   —Yes, I have read what the suspect wrote, and I think everyone
03:28   who reads it can see that this human being is severely mentally damaged. Everyone can see this,
03:33   and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office could see this,
03:36   and in fact already in November of last year. Thank you.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   So listen, all you up there, RTL, the homicide department and anyone else
00:07   who has anything to do with Hanau, I challenge you if you think this German guy is
00:11   the murderer. What I think is that he was shot at, too. Why was there blood in the stairwell
00:17   at his apartment building? I demand that you simply show us the video material.
00:23   The video recordings would show the suspected criminal. Prove to us that he is
00:28   the perpetrator. You are all so clever and twist everything around. Show us
00:33   the video material, make composite sketches from the camera images and take a picture
00:38   of that and release it on the internet so we can see the murderer. But you won’t do that,
00:42   because he’s not the murderer, and he himself is one of the victims. Along with his mother.
00:46   But you know that already. So it doesn’t matter who is watching.
00:50   I know I’m under surveillance here and I don’t care. I’m challenging you to stop giving
00:55   people the wrong idea. He was murdered himself; you are all just saying this so that
01:01   people stay calm and don’t get scared. Shahani Mafia Clan in Frankfurt,
01:05   aren’t you ashamed of yourselves for what you are doing? Are you ashamed? Why don’t
01:09   you admit to what you did there in Hanau? That’s right, you come from Frankfurt.
01:14   The actual perpetrators come from Frankfurt. It’s the Arabic Mafia.
01:18   So, demand justice. And RTL and The BILD, you’re all a bunch of liars and deceivers.
01:27   So now I am challenging the police to release the video material, and it doesn’t have to
01:31   show the murders. Just show the perpetrator, how or if he was really in these bars.
01:35   But you can’t because you don’t have the evidence, because it wasn’t him. You know
01:39   yourself because you help the Arabic Mafia yourself, and you’re not saying anything
01:43   because you’re scared s***less. You are trying to fool the public by telling them he
01:47   was the perpetrator. He was a banker. He was doing the money laundering for this
01:51   Arabic Mafia. He was in trouble with them himself and that’s why both he and his mother
01:55   were shot. It’s real simple. A German guy gets shot. He had uploaded a couple of videos
02:01   in the past and now he’s the murderer. You’re just trying to fool us all.

10 thoughts on “Who Really Committed the Massacre in Hanau?

  1. In this day and age of deep fakes, releasing the video evidence would not prove anything. It is difficult to discern what the truth of the matter was, although the likelihood of him being a money launderer who fell afoul of the gang he was working for is not too far outside of the realm of probability. Regardless, it seems that the people who were shot excepting his mother were certainly not saints, but the obvious political haymaking out of this incident makes everything associated with it a matter for dispute and the official story highly suspect.

    That being said, there will undoubtedly be a time when there is a clearcut instance of violence or retribution perpetrated by a sane individual against culture enrichers or the political apparatus that brought them into Germany and this individual will be unequivocably part of the AfD. There must be an effort on the part of the AfD or PEGIDA or any of the other nationalist right parties to address this preemtively with regards to how the importation of violent foreigners into European nations along with the subsequent suppression of any dissenting points of view or nonviolent forms of expression is inevitably leading to the time when the only way to express dissent or opposition is through violent means.

  2. I have to say I wouldn’t even be surprised if this was true.

    It’s good the Turks are speaking up though. About time those who apreciate European culture and want to integrate act on their wishes, instead of keeping silent because of fellow muslims.
    If they stop protecting eachother it might just be that nudge natives need to speak up as well.

  3. How do you like it? Maybe somewhere there is an analogue in English, but I have not found.

    Germany holds rally against Islamophobia and terrorism

    … The rally began with the reading of suras from the holy Quran. Then the names of the victims of the attack were read out, after which their memory was honored with a minute of silence.

    Speaking at the event, Turkish Ambassador to Germany Ali Kemal Aydin condemned the attack in Hanau and expressed condolences over the deaths as a result of this crime.

    According to him, by such actions, members of Nazi groups operating in Germany are trying to intimidate German citizens of Turkish origin and force them to leave the country. The ambassador expressed confidence that extremists would not be able to achieve this goal. “At one time, the Turks arrived here (in Germany – eds.) Responding to a call for help. They made a significant contribution to rebuilding a country destroyed by your Nazi predecessors. No matter how hard you try, the Turkish community will continue to live in Germany, ”the ambassador said.

    • And what do you know, the rally is almost all people who are Turks themselves

      Big surprise

    • »rebuilding a country «

      You know that in 1960 German industry was booming? As a litle boy then I visited Nuremberg city with my parents and there were only a few parcels not rebuilt.

      Yes, the Gastarbeiter were useful to German industry, and it was even more the US-Government that directed Germany to take them to relieve their NATO-partner Turkey of some of it’s youth bulge.

    • Your Excellence,Mr. Ambassador,
      when the first Turks came to Germany in the early 60 ies, the country had already been rebuilt. Speaking about building: I worked as a construction hand in 1963-67 in my summer vacations and did not see one single Turk, but dutch workers, few Italians and Spaniards. I like to add that those were skilled bricklayers or specialists not to be found in Turkey in those days.

  4. This is more about Establishment Politicians and their Media moguls using such murders for party political purposes then it is about protecting the public in large against such tragedies. In fact the murderers are most likely known by the Establishment Politicians, Judges, law-enforcement and the Intelligence community.

    Such large scale violence is allowed to happen when it benefits those in power. That is historic fact and especially in Germany. Just another one of those Reichstag moments that originated from the 27 February 1933 original where a mentally ill person also was made the patsy for the crime committed by the then political establishment of the time. CUI BONO? Who really benefits from it? SAVVY?

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