The Tendentious Alchemy of Lunacy

Early this morning a young man named Tobias Rathjen shot nine people to death at two hookah bars in the German city of Hanau, in Hesse. After his rampage went home and killed his mother and then himself.

Below are excerpts from the Bloomberg report on the killings:

Suspect, 1 Other Found Dead After 9 People Killed in Germany

Hanau, Germany (AP) — A man suspected of fatally shooting nine people in the German city of Hanau was found dead at his home early Thursday, hours after the attacks in and outside two hookah lounges, police said.

Officers also found another body at the same address, police said.

Police gave no details of the suspected gunman but said “there are currently no indications of further perpetrators.” They did not give details of his possible motive or how he died, or specify why they believe “with a high degree of probability” that he was the assailant.

The number of dead in the shootings Wednesday evening rose to nine, a police statement said.

German news agency dpa reported, citing unnamed security officials, that a written claim of responsibility and a video were found and are being examined by police.

Let’s have a look at his high school year book, as translated by Egri Nök:

Tobias Rathjen (Ratscheck, Racer, Raathjen [nicknames — translator])

One of the nuttiest people of the semester. He’s playing it cool, playing the career guy. Often goes off on rants without meaning and aim. Oscillating between cute and hyper-aggressive. He makes the most absurd comments at the most absurd moments. Jürgen Skiba and Harald Deuster [teachers’ names — translator] just “love” him.

He drives Mrs. Pfleger crazy with his “qualified” contributions to class. Last semester, he was handing out slaps in the face in the schoolyard.

[His full manifesto if you understand German]

The source of our yearbook photo is a classmate of his, who posted it on Facebook.

Terror Night in Hanau: Who is Tobias Rathjen?

It seems that Tobias Rathjen, according to his school yearbook, was already troublesome in high school.

Hanau. He killed ten people and himself in the night between Wednesday and Thursday: Tobias Rathjen. But who is he, and where did he grow up?

by Monica Bielesch

The Helmholtzstraße in the district Kesselstadt in Hanau is peaceful. Small terraced houses, close to each other. The neighboring streets have representative bungalows, the postman is riding his bicycle. A woman is walking her little dog on Kantstraße and changes sides, because camera teams and a police cordon block the entrance to Helmholtzstraße. In one of these terraced houses, gardens facing towards Kantstraße, the alleged killer Tobias Rathjen was living with his parents…

There is more, but it has become obvious by now that the whole thing is a set-up. Not that young Mr. Rathjen is a false-flag actor fielded by the intelligence services, but rather that he is a lunatic — paranoid schizophrenic or something similar — who was spotted and perhaps groomed by the intelligence services so that they could have an “extreme right” or “Nazi” mass murderer to justify further crackdowns on the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Yes, I’m paranoid. I know I’m paranoid. But I’ve seen enough of this kind of thing by now to be able to spot the pattern.

There’s a strange alchemy at work concerning mental illness in Germany and other Western countries.

If you’re a crazy person who kills a lot of people, and you’re a racist, or don’t like immigration, you are thereby transformed into a NAZI.

But if you’re a Muslim, and you kill a lot of people, you are thereby transformed into a LUNATIC.

Funny about that.

Hat tip for the Bloomberg article: Vlad Tepes

27 thoughts on “The Tendentious Alchemy of Lunacy

    • It’s a real mind duck. Mother Nature I imagine will step in with a bit of cleverness.


    interesting news out of britain very similar to hesse, note how they aren’t treating it as a “terrorist attack” cause some are actually saying he was at the mosque before….hmmmm

    what do you want to bet they are holding their breath hoping it was a non-muslim?

  2. “But if you’re a Muslim, and you kill a lot of people, you are thereby transformed into a LUNATIC.”

    A lunatic that counts as Far Right in the statistics.

  3. He obviously must have been insane. After all, we know far right ideology is a peaceful philosophy opposed to every form of violence!

    • The left has demonized, vilified and slandered those on the right to the point now where the left is creating the very Boogey Man they are too dumb to fear. This is just the beginning, just wait until it get organized and focused. Then fun will really begin.

  4. What did they expect would happen? I’m not condoning this act. What I’m saying, what exactly do they expect will happen? What are the options? Tell me. Go ahead, tell me that the mass hijra can have a peaceful resolution, and explain how. I want to believe that will be the result.
    People who look at events in isolation, who look only on the psychological profile of this unfortunate man, will not understand future tragic events.

  5. “Yes, I’m paranoid. I know I’m paranoid. But I’ve seen enough of this kind of thing by now to be able to spot the pattern.” Turns out you’re not paranoid at all. German media have already started to claim the attack is the AfD’s fault!

  6. I think the headline (“The Tendentious Alchemy of Lunacy”) sums it up brilliantly.

    “But I’ve seen enough of this kind of thing by now to be able to spot the pattern.”
    I would be very interested to read what you think the pattern, and previous examples, are?

    Thank you!

  7. He was certainly a lunatic and a loner.I am waiting for the MSM to report that he was about to apply for a AfD membership, had been spotted at one of their electional campaign stands. In all of the reports on radio and in papers, every second word is AfD, so the connection is concocted by framing. It seems that all those media people have thoroughly studied Hitler’s Mein Kampf, where he wrote that you have to repeat most the blatant lies only often enough to turn them into truths.

  8. This “right wing” incident made the national news on 2/20. It’s been months since any Muslim attack has been reported in the MSM. Why not mention the Muslim terrorist murder of 24 worshipers including the pastor in Burkina Faso on 2/16?

  9. “There’s a strange alchemy at work concerning mental illness in Germany and other Western countries.”

    Yes. Check out Richard D Hall’s documentary on YouTube about the (supposed) killer of British MP Joe Cox, Tommy Mair who himself had mental health problems.

  10. It’s insane how they attacking AFD now !!, why they don’t see What Merkel did destroy this country with mess she created!!, AFD better defend them self good , if not it will be more disaster for the country to deal with all traitors: CDU, SPD , Greens, Linke , FDP, terrible parties , people wake up and vote for AFD , funny think is , this happened just before another election , same like with Trump circus impeachment, they doing the same to AFD ..

  11. Meanwhile, in Jacinda Ardern Unicornland, the murderer of a British woman is found guilty.
    The killers identity is ‘protected’.
    Any guesses?

  12. When this was reported, you could tell from the tone of moral disapproval alone that the perp’ was white. When a Muslim does this stuff (far more often the case) there is uncertainty, the name is withheld, terrorism is ruled out etc. In the Hanau case we got the lot dropped on us as if they had prepared for it all along. Now and again they need to justify their anti ‘far-right’ policy, what about than these young loonies?

    • and in the aftermath of the event,I asked myself how it could be caracterized as racist crime.It happened in a sort of Pub, public house by name, by law accessible to everyone. There could have been a majority of german guests in there. Or couldn’t they?In my town, hooka bars are closed down by law and fire fighters over and over again for tax evasion( undeclared ” tobacco”) and excess of carbon monoxide in the air.By the way, I have never seen a culture enricher in a typical german pub or restaurant, though nonalcoholic drinks are available.
      But I do not feel hurt when they avoid my company.

  13. Well, at least he got rid of some inavders.

    Sorry, no sympathy here. You invade another country to take it over – Hijrah – and you get wasted.

    You know as a Muslim you are in Dar al Harb. So get Harb. Sometimes you murder them and sometimes they murder you.

  14. The German patriots, if they exist, better act now!!!

    How can whole population of germany be held to ransom by a communist naxi woman named a merkel??

    It seems, that unless masses of peoole are able to organise to topple rge merkel neo stasi regime, then these sort of attacks, reprisals, killings, are going to continue on and on and on, get bigger, happen more often,

    Lots of people going get killed.

    This is now a fight for survival!

    Its european white natives v arabs, and africans, muslims who are now trying to take over, with the help of our traitor politicos, and left wing commies, femimists et al.

    Right now, its dangerous to even get into any conversation with strangers, because if u dare to raise this subject, u r risking a fight, argument, or worse, or being black listed by leftist socialist cliques, we are living in a divided society now, brought about by these social media apps, The internet has turned into a pandoras box!!! Suddenly were living in a world were a
    Every person has been poisoned with marxist propaganda, the commies afe back again, this time no tanks, but just a smart phone and apps, and the ability to reach millions of people in seconds. I predict civil war on a large scale. Where killing u neighbours, becomes everyday event, the levt have turned people against each other, including women against men, its awful, i see the end of humanity coming.

    • That’s simple: Germany has pretty much always had a leader that did their darnest to somehow benefit the people. Perhaps not always in a kind way, but generally speaking Germans have no reason to believe their leader is somehow against them.
      Add to that how they’ve been trampled on since WWII and it’s easy to see how they don’t dare to speak up. The fact that Prussia is no more is a major part of this whole ordeal as well. Deep down Germans remember their origins, but they dare to display them only on the jerseys of their national football team.
      At this point Germans are still more afraid of being called a Nazi than speaking up for themselves. They also firmly believe Nazis were right-wing, so they tend to vote left to avoid being called one, too.
      AND they’re so deep by now they don’t speak their mind even among friends, even among family members because their own chidren might give them a hard time because of the educational indoctrination system. Much less is he going to speak his mind at work.

      It’s really a perfect use of the German mentality and indoctrination.

      The only troublemakers are in former East Germany. The reason why is twofold: 1) just like the rest of the East Block, they still remember what it’s like to subject to a foreign ideology 2) genetically they aren’t exactly German, so their mentality is a bit different (though the socialists/communists have made sure to bring lots of Germans into purely Slavic regions of East Germany). In the greater picture they’re too few to make a difference though. What change did events like in Chemnitz make? Nothing significant.
      It’s better than nothing, but Germany needs a much higher wave to wash away all the debree at this point.

  15. This traitors created awful mess to this country and now they covering Merkel ,AFD schould go with this harassment to the highest court, unbelievable.. that old rug she should be in prison for distraction of the country.,and security..

    • yes, a dead perp comes in handy, here.I would like the details of autopsy: slugs from what arm, gunsmoke residue on presumed perps arms.
      I am not of the trade, but I think it takes more skills than a loonies rage to kill 9 people with hand gun coldbloodedly. What ammo did he choose? How many shots were fired in total?
      I was told by a cop friend that he had to fire an entire magazine to kill a raging Rottweiler dog, less mass than a human adult.Questions….

    • I think they use this Tobias before election to destroy AFD .., “ white racists “ to get rid of this party in Hamburg, ..

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