Swedish Police Chick: “I’m Very Concerned That the Society Has Become So Tolerant”

The following video is a follow-up to the earlier one about “Svenne”, the young Swedish man who was robbed, beaten, and urinated on by his culture-enriching persecutors.

The clip features an interview with a female police chief from the area of Sweden where Svenne was so grievously humiliated. This time we stray just a little bit beyond the pale of politically correct discourse — “vulnerable areas” (i.e. no-go zones inhabited by non-Swedish ethnicities) are discussed, and the issue of ethnicity is briefly touched on. Gingerly, but the fact that it is even mentioned is significant.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Carin Gotblad, Central Region Police Chief.
00:04   You have recently surveyed crimes committed by children,
00:09   who are even younger than the ones in this case.
00:13   Liam’s case is a notable one.
00:17   What are your thoughts when you hear about it?
00:20   I think it’s appalling, and the sad part is that it isn’t unique at all.
00:24   We hear a lot of these sorts of cases.
00:27   Where a group of young guys target a person while he’s alone, often even younger than they are.
00:32   They humiliate them, use prolonged violence, and make serious threats.
00:37   The victims, those who dare to report it to the police,
00:43   say that they experience serious anxiety, because they feel they’ll die.
00:46   In this case, they even urinated on the victim.
00:49   Have you witnessed that in several cases?
00:52   Yes, I have. They urinate in their mouths,
00:55   they force them to chew and swallow cigarette butts,
00:58   and threaten them with what they’ll do with their family members and siblings.
01:01   These sorts of threats and horror can continue on social media.
01:06   We can now often tell, approximately, where those people belong to.
01:10   So you share the understanding of the Haninge Police authority and many others.
01:15   How do you explain the development and the direction it is growing in?
01:20   There isn’t, obviously, one simple explanation.
01:23   What I can say is that we need somebody in our society
01:28   to look at the youth who commit violent crimes..
01:31   There is very little research about this, almost nothing
01:35   So we hope that the Council for Crime Prevention, or another organization,
01:39   will start some analysis, because naturally there are many reasons.
01:43   What I can say is that many of the perpetrators come from the areas we call “vulnerable areas.”
01:48   But that doesn’t mean all of them, but…
01:51   it’s VERY usual! We know they live in families that have various kinds of risks factors.
01:57   Dysfunctional families, depression,
02:01   or families that don’t even have one adult who has ever had a job!
02:05   This can be going on into the second generation.
02:08   Or criminal families. We have a lot of children who are growing up in criminal families nowadays.
02:12   You have a survey regarding these perpetrators and the ‘vulnerable areas.’
02:18   Can you say anything about patterns common to them? There are debates about these.
02:24   We know, approximately, where those perpetrators live — they are from these areas.
02:29   But the police are not allowed to have any registry of ethnicity, for example — if that’s what you mean.
02:35   But these should be put together with a lot other risk factors…
02:40   to be judged currently and… wisely!
02:44   We also have to remember, most of the children and adults
02:48   who grow up in these “vulnerable areas”
02:52   don’t become criminals. But regardless of their background, if they’re 14 to 16 years old
02:59   they are grown enough to know exactly what they’re doing.
03:03   I’m very concerned that the society has become so tolerant.
03:07   We allow a lot in the schools, libraries and public spaces before we take measures.
03:13   Social services intervene very late. Many parents should be supported early;
03:17   many families need support even while the children are in kindergarten,
03:20   if we want to have a chance of intercepting the current development.
03:23   I hear from people who work with children saying that
03:27   there are many risk factors and families at risk among those children.
03:31   Single mothers, for example, hesitate to try to stop their children,
03:37   because they think social services aren’t supporting them enough to impede it. We must take action
03:42   earlier, and do it together. —So you’re saying that the police and social services can’t manage it?
03:46   No! It’s well-known that the resources should be employed much earlier.
03:51   There are many research results clearly indicating this fact from a long time ago.
03:56   Thank you, Carin Gotblad. So on this subject, you don’t know more than the factor
04:00   of “vulnerable areas”. That’s all you have today about the perpetrators?
04:03   And, obviously, the various risk factors in the families.
04:06   Thank you.

19 thoughts on “Swedish Police Chick: “I’m Very Concerned That the Society Has Become So Tolerant”

  1. Man forces his white girlfriend to watch nine-hour slavery mini-series Roots to so she can better ‘understand her racism’

    Police in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, seized 52-year-old Robert Noyes on Monday after he was accused of holding his girlfriend at a residence and forcing her to watch nine-hour slavery miniseries, Roots.

    Robert Noyes, 52, was seized on Monday for allegedly kidnapping a woman
    He is said to have held her at a residence on Second Avenue in Cedar Rapids
    When she tried to move, he is accused of saying he would ‘kill her and spread her body parts across Interstate 380 on the way to Chicago’
    Police say the pair had been in an on-off relationship for several years


    Racists come in all colours.

    • The Swedish man interviewed spoke of suggestions by others that the ethnic Swedes will form vigilante groups. I think it is more likely that a phenomenon akin to the following will arise.

      In criminal trials where a child has been killed by a drunk driver, motorcycle gangs send members to observe the trial. The gang member will approach the , usually, father of the deceased child and offer to have the drunk driver killed in prison by a member of the same motorcycle gang. In 2009 the going price was $10,000 down and another $10,000 when the deed was done. I know this because a friend of mine was charged with drunk-driving and voluntarily attended a ‘responsible driving’ course before he was tried. At that course, a father whose son had been killed by a drunk driver spoke of the motorcycle gang members approach to him. The father seriously entertained the proposition for a few days (he had accepted the motorcycle gang member’s phone number), but ultimately rejected the proposal.

      Now imagine you are the father of the Swedish lad, Liam, and you saw that the perpetrators of the atrocity committed against your son walked away without having a custodial sentence imposed on them. And somebody offered you vigilante justice at a price.

      • In South America the police and military formed death squads.
        Does anybody know if there was a tipping point when law enforcement said: Forget the (corrupt and politician obeying) judges. Just do it silently.

      • When the thin blue line and the justice system don’t do their job, vigilantism becomes the solution. It doesn’t even require pay in the Swedish case because the law of the jungle is in play.

        Example: A man on his way home from work accidentally ran over and killed a young boy. It turns out the young boy was a relative of the local mafia chieftain. A few days later, the man was killed. Notably, the man had done nothing wrong. The young boy had run through a stop sign and was hit almost instantly. This happened in NYC.

      • Swedes don’t have the intestinal fortitude to shoot their own dog, and aren’t likely to find enough of it to outsource the task to others. It is as if the concept of responding to the use of force in kind is completely alien to them. I find it hard to believe the male urge to protect one’s females and children has been so completely bred out of them but I have seen very little that would convince me otherwise. If this tale had taken place in Russia for example, we would be regaled with news stories of how the african savages were summarily set upon by gangs of Russian males and beaten to death and then a few more african males hunted down and killed as an example to others for good measure.

        • I think Julius has a good point exactly because of what your saying.
          Yes, in Russia the father himself would take a few friends and do the beating. Yes, a Swedish father wouldn’t do the same.
          But that’s precisely why this outsourcing seems like a way to go.
          There’s only this far you can push someone and once one person takes the offer, others will follow eventually. It’s a lot like alcohol use during the prohibition.

          • Looking at the current culture though the father is just as likely to go to the police and advise them of the solicitation to murder.

            There are regrettably numerous examples of parents, both mothers and fathers, who after their children were brutally murdered have gone on to offer friendship to the murderers (where the murderers are of another race) and to speak out against racism.

            In regards Sweden, remember that several years back a Moslem women claimed to have had her headscarf pulled off by a Swede. The response was both widespread and heartfelt, everyone condemned this racist attack of which there was zero evidence for it having happened. For what would in any case be a minor issue, having a headscarf removed, you’d think the woman and been brutally beaten and left for dead.
            Swedish women and even women elsewhere donned the Moslem headscarf in solidarity for this supposed crime.
            Gang rape of Swedish girls around the same time though? Nothing, not a peep of solidarity with the victims, instead we hear the occasional report from these forgotten victims of real crimes that they were urged not to pursue charges or not to talk about it least it proved the conservative viewpoint correct.

  2. Despite her only touching upon the ethnicity of perpetrators from ‘vulnerable’ areas, it was rather heavily implied in this exchange who the ‘they’ were:

    ‘In this case, they even urinated on the victim [Liam].
    Have you witnessed that in several cases?’
    ‘Yes, I have. They urinate in their mouths,
    they force them to chew and swallow cigarette butts,
    and threaten them with what they’ll do with their family members and siblings.’

    The immediate and emphatic way she answered ‘Yes, I have’ was shocking on two levels. Firstly, she didn’t prevaricate with an answer such as ‘It has been known to happen before, but it’s very rare’ – she answers as if it’s a routine occurrence. Secondly, that urinating in a victim’s mouth is a commonplace act of domination by Middle Eastern and other Muslims against non-Muslims is, of itself, hideous. It is the first time I’ve heard of it on the MSM.

    I very much doubt Liam will be voting for the Socialists when he turns 18 or reading Aftonbladet.

  3. Time to start educating all qualifying groups about their own very ugly racist and rubbish for reasoning. Western Europe is finding out fast and very very late exactly who these developed beyond their intelligence have in mind. Muslims are bringing our countries down. Everywhere white hot with hatred for our good will. Just look at Scandinavia and Western Europe. Why in Hell are Muslims being massed in the Christian countryside. Didn’t we learn anything from WW2? Read the Koran and the other so called books? Those kafirs they want to destroy. That’s you and me. Who would get through immigration with Mien Kamp (sic) wearing a Nazi uniform?

  4. “No! It’s well-known that the resources should be employed much earlier.”

    I remember an interview with a German psychologist (alas, I have forgotten his name) who said that children were only fully malleable in their first few years. If by then, you did not instill in them, healthy personalities, any aspects you malnourished became fixed as permanent, mental illnesses. Therapy could possibly ameliorate the illnesses for some years thereafter, but with decreasing chances of success and at ever greater cost. At some age between 12 and 21, even the poor behaviors became fixed and fully resistant to remedy.

    If he is right, the Swedish authorities can not intervene early enough to fully solve the anti-social problems – unless they stripped some families of their children and gave them a more social upbringing. I think that unlikely.

    • I doesn’t bloody matter the age of these 3rd worlders, these low IQ savages will one way or another have to go, the suitcase or the coffin.

  5. Maybe the biggest problem is that women in the West have been allowed (by the menfolk) to play roles that they are in general not suited to – like women police chiefs for instance.

  6. “There isn’t, obviously, one simple explanation.”

    If you search deep down – and maybe not that far down – you should come to the obvious conclusion that there is, in fact, one simple explanation.

  7. I don’t think the Swedes understand the meaning of the word vulnerable. The problem is likely the Swedish language and its dictionary translation.

  8. “How can anyone be shocked or even surprised by this? Import people that want to burn your civilization to the ground, then act surprised when the fire starts.”

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