Svenne Speaks Up

I’ve posted a couple of times about a young Swedish man who was robbed, beaten, and urinated on by culture-enrichers in Stockholm. He has now been interviewed for the media report below, and is given the pseudonym “Liam” by the reporters. I’m going to stick with “Svenne” (which is a pejorative term for “Swede” used by Muslim immigrants), however, because is what Svenne’s attackers called him, generally preceded by “f***ing”.

Notice the way everyone involved with this news report assiduously avoids discussing the cuture-enriching aspects of the crime.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   In today’s program:
00:09   They abused me, then one of the boys started to urinate on me while filming it.
00:16   Liam was robbed and humiliated.
00:19   Juvenile robbery is increasing and becoming a lot more brutal.
01:03   We’ll talk about this topic tonight, welcome.
01:07   We’ll start with the increasing juvenile robbery which is becoming greater.
01:15   “They have definitely said more than 30 times that they would kill me and my family.”
01:22   “I thought I’d die. Because they said that they had weapons.”
01:27   This is what the 18-year-old whom we call “Liam” said,
01:30   about the prolonged robbery during which he was forced
01:35   to go to various locations around Stockholm.
01:38   Juvenile robbery has increased strikingly in Sweden in the last two years.
01:42   The police testify that juvenile robberies indicate a shocking lack of empathy.
01:48   The wave of crime has intimidated many parents into not letting their children go out alone anymore;
01:54   the youths who are getting robbed experience often extremely bad feelings afterwards.
01:59   In Liam’s case, the robbery ended with one of the two suspected perpetrators urinating on him.
02:07   I got off the metro station where I live.
02:10   I was watching my mobile phone.
02:13   I didn’t notice at all that I was followed by two boys.
02:16   When I reached a desolate spot on my way back home, they attacked me.
02:22   The 18-year-old Liam was returning home from work.
02:25   He was watching a football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona on his phone.
02:29   This is on a Sunday evening in December of last year [2019], about 09:30 pm.
02:36   Liam was going home to study, but was attacked instead.
02:40   In the coming hours, he will be forced to follow two 16-year-old perpetrators,
02:44   Who force him to withdraw cash.
02:47   To be robbed by juveniles is far from being unique to Liam’s case.
02:52   Many victims are even much younger than the robbers.
02:55   A police report shows the number of reported individual robberies
02:59   of children younger than 18 years old has increased at a rate 100% in four years.
03:05   But it isn’t only the young victims who are increasing.
03:08   According to the report, even the number of juvenile perpetrators has increasing significantly.
03:14   The number of children under 15 years old
03:17   who commit violent crimes has increased by 40% in four years.
03:22   The juvenile inspectors at Haninge Police, Southern Stockholm,
03:25   recognize these figures readily.
03:28   They have become crueler.
03:32   More violent. More humiliating… more weapons, etc.
03:38   I think the youngest robber I have had was 14 years old.
03:42   Even at that age he was hardened enough to say “No comments” during interrogation.
03:48   A 14-year-old wanted to record his own interrogation on his mobile,
03:53   to be able to show his friends that he hadn’t snitched
03:58   A lot of threats happen after the robbery.
04:01   “If you talk to the police, you’ll see happens.
04:05   We’ll stab you. We know where you live. We know where
04:08   your mother works. We know everything about you.”
04:11   The parents are living a more limited life,
04:14   because they must pick up their children at schools,
04:17   and drive them to their leisure activities,
04:20   because the juveniles don’t dare go alone.
04:23   They don’t dare go outside when it gets dark.
04:26   They don’t dare go outside if their friends don’t follow them.
04:29   This way of life continues for many years afterwards.
04:32   Why do they abuse someone whom they have already robbed?
04:36   Why do they continue committing violence and humiliation after the robbery?
04:42   Liam is one of those who has been robbed by such people.
04:45   The perpetrators forced him to go behind a church.
04:49   I was first abused behind the church.
04:53   I was mainly beaten on the back of the head and on my back.
04:56   Then one of the boys started to urinate on me while filming it.
05:03   while they were saying, “F*** svenne”, “motherf*****”, “son of a bitch!”
05:08   and they were laughing scornfully.
05:12   Eventually, they forced me to get naked and filmed that as well.
05:19   Because Liam’s experience isn’t unique, many who hear such stories wonder,
05:24   “How can a juvenile, a child, do something such cruel?”
05:27   It definitely violates our fundamental values.
05:31   But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are psychologically sick.
05:34   In these cases, we see a “shift of values.”
05:37   That could depend on the individual’s own difficulties,
05:40   but also on “group culture.” According to the “group culture”,
05:43   the robbers consider that their victims belong to another group,
05:46   therefore they’re fair game. It is difficult to know, in individual cases,
05:50   why a person steps over the line! But this is a known mechanism.
05:55   One belong to a certain group and the victim belongs to the other group.
05:59   This creates a gap between the two,
06:02   and it becomes easier to cross the lines which wouldn’t get crossed otherwise.
06:06   Liam’s case is taken up now in court, and the verdict will be announced in a week.
06:11   It personally gives me a sense of satisfaction before the law.
06:14   It feels safer to know that those people aren’t out there
06:18   on the street and can’t do this to others.

18 thoughts on “Svenne Speaks Up

  1. Eighteen is not a “boy”. Eighteen is a young “man”. At eighteen you can go to war with the man army.

  2. The lessons?
    Be aware at all times of your surroundings, and resist the bizarre lure and distraction of smartphones in public places.
    Work to change your government and ‘Establishment; a government and ‘Establishment’ of the deranged, Liberal-Leftie persuasion which clearly is not working in the interests of native Swedes.

    • I used to think flashing all the credit cards at the supermarket to advertise the high interest loan and probable unaffordable debt. Smartphones normal is creating another.

    • Swedes have always been suicidal. As the degeneration evil that is Islam is leaving no doubt about.

      • interesting point, here! Suicide seems to be more spread in protestant areas,as was shown by stats in Germany. It was in the beginning attributed to the communist regime in East Germany, but a deeper survey proved that the suicide rate in those mainly protestant provinces had always been higher in history. And I might add with mo cynicism intended that guilt or failure in protestantism is individual failure, most unlike in one other widespread religion where it’s always someone else who is to blame, but certainly not a deity because you are member of the best of all creatures. Consequently, for the followers of that faith, it is more meritory to kill a miscreant than yourself, which is what they do.

  3. How long does he thing they will be off the street in the Swedish justice system? Not long I would wager.

  4. The authorities seem confused and perplexed as to why there is an increase in this type of crime? Really? I shall enlighten them. It is because you have imported millions of 3rd worlders who hold no philosophies, beliefs or religion in common with you. In fact they hold the complete reverse of traditional Swedish culture and thought, and have fastened onto the Swedish body like a tape worm. Any doctor would advise that to get rid of the malaise parasites cause, you must first get rid of the parasite.

    • But liberals, especially the left leaning kind, don’t think that way. I’ve had this discussion over and over again with their kind of various ages and, granted, mostly women, and they’ve been blinded by their beliefs so thoroughly that it’s literally impossible for them to even consider this option. And if you push an argument that they can’t deny, they just completely drop the conversation.
      These people have made globalism and multiculturalism such an integral part of their being that they can’t imagine doing without, much like other people build their character around their families or career, for example.
      The worst part is that they would all too well understand their mistakes once the battle’s lost, but until then they will support the enemy with all their might.
      “The path to Hell is paved with good intentions” is literally about these people.

  5. “the robbers consider that their victims belong to another group, therefore they’re fair game.”
    What if they are TAUGHT that?
    Swedish television has not considered that part.
    The mosque INSTRUCTS that the filthy kuffar “belong to another group, therefore they’re fair game.”
    That is a basic teaching of Islam.

  6. I can easily imagine gangs of seriously drugged up third word dregs stealing a few Swedish gun boats or even a battle ship. Then just attack. Anywhere really.

    • I don’t believe that african and mid-east tribal savages would have the ability to exploit such audacity; maintenance, logistics, and the ability to use any technology more complex than a Kalishnikov are not strengths of such “cultures”. Swedes would have to have useful military hardware to steal, which they don’t outside of small arms.

      I do see a very high eventual likelihood of african and other muslim criminal groups stepping up their game as they realize the extent of Swedish impotence to target police stations, military guard and reservist armories, or even actual military installations for small arms, explosives, body armor, fully automatic weapons, light anti-armor weapons and mines. Such equipment is simple enough to be used by even the most ignorant tribal savage, and small enough to easily disappear into the ghettos of Sweden where it would then become far more dangerous for any attempt by law enforcement or military units to enter or pursue criminal gangs.

      • Swedish prisoners volunteer. Another unique “Stockholm syndrome” . You know with the culture completely wiped out.

  7. I was curious as to what the victim’s side of the story might be so I am grateful to GoV for providing it here.

    Three things struck me about the full story, all of which bode ill for Sweden’s future.

    Firstly, the events that passed between Svenne and the two attackers seem to perfectly symbolise the larger relation between Sweden and (an uncertain proportion of) its Muslim immigrants. They push, Sweden yields, which is seen correctly as weakness prompting further aggression, culminating in the humiliation of pissing (oh alright, micturating) in his/Sweden’s mouth.

    Secondly, the response of one eighteen year old Swedish male to the intimidation from two sixteen year olds. At the very least, when they “forced” him to buy them a meal he could have alerted the staff and other customers but he didn’t. He just complied with their orders.

    Not only that but in the video he appears to feel no embarrassment or shame for his feeble response, or anger, but only satisfaction that the legal system has taken its course. If a young man from other most other countries had allowed himself to be so unmanned I think he would be likely to keep quiet about it.

    Thirdly the response from the professionals:

    “In these cases, we see a ‘shift of values’. That could depend on the individual’s own difficulties, but also on ‘group culture’. According to the ‘group culture’, the robbers consider that their victims belong to another group, therefore they’re fair game. It is difficult to know, in individual cases, why a person steps over the line! But this is a known mechanism.”

    They clearly see a prime cause in the offender’s “difficulties”. This could be called pathological empathy. They show an awareness of the role of group culture but wilfully ignore the specific group and culture involved. Anyone who has opened a Koran must know that Allah instructs Muslims to be merciful to each other and hard against unbelievers. QED I would have thought, but these “experts” appear mystified.

    All in all the Swedes appear hypnotised by their guests. Someone (here I think) said Swedes are like battery hens. Another image would be that of the Eloi in HG Wells’ story of The Time Machine. Is it because they haven’t had a decent war in 200 years to keep them on their toes? Is it because of their famed reputation for suicide? Is it, aptly, Stockholm Syndrome? Is it something in the water?

    Whatever the cause Sweden is way out ahead in the race towards the point at which societies will have to decide to submit to Allah and his agents or fight back. The outcome in this case looks almost foreordained. Hard luck Sweden, it ain’t going to be pretty but you brought it on yourselves. The rest of us would do well to study their course closely if we are to survive ourselves.

  8. It seems no western country and it’s men and women can live without war and maintaining the fear of God in Muslims who might entertain long term hanging about plans. No wait. It’s the Christians idea. Popeye has spoken.

    • White European Men are nice, until we are not, and then, they will rage until none that oppose them are left.

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