A Syrian Success Story From Sweden

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Mortada raped girl in school toilet — threatened to kill girl’s family

UMEÅ — The 16-year-old Syrian Mortada forced a female student to follow him into the toilet in a school in Umeå. There he raped her. Now he has been sentenced by the Umeå court for, among other things, rape, unlawful threats, and abuse. Due to his age, he will escape jail, and is sentenced instead to juvenile care. There will be no deportation.

It was on May 16 of last year that Mortada met his victim in the Grubbe School in Umeå. He had met the girl some months before, and now he called her over to him. After the two smoked a cigarette, she wanted to go off to a class, but Mortada had other plans.

She tried to leave the scene but was stopped by Mortada, who used words as well as physical means; he laid his hand on her shoulder. He later began to say that he was horny, and he wanted to lay with someone. He asked her if she could come home to his place, but she said that because of her class, she didn’t want to. He tried to persuade her and said that they could have sex in a toilet which was located near the entrance of the school, but she didn’t want to.

Mortada continued to insist, and among other things, he invited the girl to work in the local drug business in exchange for sex in the toilet. When the girl continued to turn down the invitations, Mortada’s tone became sharper.

From the judgment:

“He went on to say that if she didn’t want to have sex with him, then he would do harm to her family members; he said that he would kill her younger sister.

“Mortada also pointed to the ground and said, ‘your family will be there’. Mortada said that he would have someone kill her family members. He also made a gesture drawing his finger across his throat.”

The girl became desperate, and in the end gave in to Mortada’s threat and went into the toilet, where Mortada raped her, partially using physical force.

The raped girl is not the only girl who was abused by Mortada. Another girl, who he had earlier had a brief relationship with, was abused by him. He also threatened to hurt the girl’s family. He later sent an SMS to her and wrote things like, “whore” and “your mama’s p***y”.

In the district court’s judgment, the opinion of a social worker is highlighted.

The social worker thinks that the rapist should go through a “supportive conversation treatment within the framework of the program that is targeted at young offenders.”

From the judgment:

“The starting point for the conversation will be to strengthen Mortada’s ability for impulse control and help him develop sound attitudes.”

Mortada is sentenced by the district court to juvenile care and juvenile service of 150 hours for the rape, abuse, fraud and unlawful threat. He will also pay damages of 115,000 kronor to the raped girl. To the girl he abused, he will pay 10,000 kronor.

Mortada, who is Syrian, will escape deportation.

The district court states in the sentence that it is a very serious crime that Mortada is guilty of. They write that they are sentencing him to the longest possible punishment that can be given.

“Considering the high penalty of the criminal record and the nature of the crime, juvenile care is combined with juvenile service, and that will be the highest number of youth service hours that can be sentenced.”

14 thoughts on “A Syrian Success Story From Sweden

  1. Why they don’t deport Him ??, at age 18 , He deserved deportation , no questions ask , Sweden is done , finished, that’s why this savages doing whatever they like..

    • Deport my backside, hang the savages and call it a day. Cheaper and more efficient. Playing by Queensbury Rules with 3rd world savages will only get you and yours dead for your efforts. These bloody savages respect only one thing, the mailed fist. When these savages fear you, they will finally respect you.

  2. How about instead of an attempt to talk to him to understand why he likes to rape infidel girls the Swedes instead find their gonads and [intemperate details of execution redacted], sentence to be carried out immediately. Or, they could just wait until next time when their cherished Syrian rapist gets bored with only raping infidel girls and decides to make it a little more interesting by slitting her throat afterwards. Then they can give him a really strong talking-to before letting him go to do it again.

  3. This is pure evil! This is what leftists, femi nazis, and preachers of socialism have brought upon us.

    This teenage criminals is a wannbe gangster, he shoukd be locked up for life,
    Chemically castrated, and this is what he should have got.

    Hes destroyed the lives of other people.

    Wheres the fathers of these girls??? They should have taken revenge on him by the most violent means.

    Theres no men in sweden, if a swede touches any if these muslim savages he will be convicted of a crime, even if he was defending himself.

    In europe, men are afraid to even throw one punch, because cops will arrest you for asault, were supposed to lay down and be murdered, i hate the corrupt marxist judicial system, it supports the guily and punishes the victims.

  4. Blame the politicians. Until they are seen as responsible for this mess and until they are forced to face the consequences of their acrtions this kind of thing will continue.

    • The politicians, while undoubtedly evil, cannot be blamed for this mess. They do what they do, but at the end of the day it was Swedish voters who put them there. Take for example the current prime minister; he loses an election but remains in power since none of the parties will work with the nationalist right party which did much better but still only had little over 20% of the vote if I recall correctly.

      I will go out on a limb and controversially declare that the true culprit for this mess and others in every other screwed up western democracy has its roots in suffrage and giving women the right to vote. In my opinion, the downward slide of almost every western democracy can be traced back to that moment in a nation’s history. I do not discount that their cannot be wise female voters or that their are not plenty of male voters who are morons, but the priorities of men and women are different, and when women get their hands on the levers of political power, more often than not it inevitably leads to the downward spiral of society of which Sweden happens to be a very advanced example.

      • Yes, Moon!
        Stats show that more women than men voted for Hitler, however only in a low percentage.In the old days,it was commonplace to say that women always voted like their hubbies told them to vote.
        In this case it cannot be true. I can not fathom why women today are so much green- left inclined.
        Is a social psychologist out there?I mean,Hitler was not a George Clooney, rather the contrary of a Harvey Weinstein,not the type of a groper.Is that why?

      • Here’s what I said somewhere else on this blog: “Maybe the biggest problem is that women in the West have been allowed (by the menfolk) to play roles that they are in general not suited to – like women police chiefs for instance.” So I guess we have ideas in common.

        But I think that starting with the blaming of politicians for the state of things is an easy intro into the search for a new world view. And the politicians are acutely aware of their vulnerability – that’s why, in my opinion, the vast majority of British politicians were totally against leaving the EU – because bthey EU allowed them power without responsibility in that it meant they were one step removed and could and did fall back on the “we were only following orders” excuse. Now there’s no ducking responsibility.

  5. Sweden’s feminist(communist)politicians are responsible for this and also for keeping the young lad in the country. seems to me he is just the kind of person every leftist politician would like to bring to their country.

  6. He should receive the death penalty as a cautionary signal to his co-religionists. This ‘sentence’ encourages further such attacks. Unbelievable misplaced leniency disguised as compassion, borne of rank cowardice. The world has little sympathy any more for this apparent Scandinavian deathwish. It’s of a piece with last weeks repulsive SAS advertisement, opining that Sweden had NO culture worth preserving. In effect Sweden is raping its own daughters. Repulsive.

    • The daughters grow up to be voters, and they apparently keep voting for more of the same. I guess they don’t call it Stockholm Syndrome for nothing.

  7. No surprises here. Dim-o-crazy. In Germany it looks like ladies and Mr Merkel won’t be able to sneak off after all. See what you left overs have caused? Probably not. It will take full scale disintegration into civil war. Even then you will insist it’s all extreme right wing individuals acting alone. We have everything out of context?

  8. Very repulsive alright.. I have no idea why we in the west don’t make decent rules regarding immigration/crime. If you come here as a family and your 16 yr. old commits such a crime, 16 yr. old does serious time, and the whole family gets deported. It’s just not that hard to be tough on crime.

    “Unbelievable misplaced leniency disguised as compassion, borne of rank cowardice.”

    Yes, good way to put it.

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