Stockholm District Court Takes a Whiz on Justice

The young “svenne” who was robbed, beaten, and urinated upon by two even younger culture-enrichers has seen justice done, Swedish-style: last week the mischievous youngsters received a draconian sentence of “youth care”.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Those who humiliated robbery victim by pissing on him sentenced to juvenile care

Stockholm: Today the verdict was handed down on the two 16-year-olds who, in an attention-getting robbery, concluded by urinating on the 18-year-old victim and forcing him to undress the lower part of his body while the attack was filmed to be spread on the Internet.

After Nyheter Idag drew attention to the humiliation robbery of the 18-year-old youth, who for hours was led around some of Stockholm’s southern suburbs while being subjected to violence and threats, the question of humiliation and hate against Swedes is being debated in various ways. Today the sentence was handed down against the two 16-year-olds who were charged with the incident.

The district court wrote of the incident that “these crimes included a very serious violation of (the victim’s) personal integrity and caused severe mental distress for him. He was subjected to the crimes for almost three hours with constant threats against him and his family. He was humiliated by being urinated upon and forced to take off his pants and underwear”.

One 16-year-old explained this behavior that they were irritated that the 18-year-old couldn’t get money for them. Otherwise they have not been able to explain their behavior with anything except that it was “a bad idea”.

For the crime, one 16-year-old has been convicted in court of robbery and abuse, while the other — who spread the video recording — is also convicted of illegal breach of privacy. Both have been sentenced to youth care and together they will pay damages of just under 65,000 kronor ($6,500)to the plaintiff.

One of the perpetrators was also sentenced for two further robberies, one charge of unlawful detention, and another charge of abuse in a court case, which according to the district court calls for four years in prison for an adult who is not covered by youth reduction. Instead, there will be six months of youth care in an HVB home. The prosecutor demanded that he be sentenced to closed youth care, but he did not get a hearing for this in court. The other perpetrator was, at the time of the crime, already in the care of social services.

The case involved several different crimes, and besides the two mentioned perpetrators, another four 16-year-olds were sentenced for, among other charges, robberies.

11 thoughts on “Stockholm District Court Takes a Whiz on Justice

  1. I’ll be put this scums to prison till they adults , then after that immediately deport along with their family’s , but in this sick country with this sick government never happened..

    • Prison? Really? There is only one thing these savages deserve and that is a good hanging. Anything else is an exercise in futility. All these 3rd worlders have to go, all of them!

  2. .
    Why not in this case “closed youth care”?
    The convicts are sentenced to the mildest punishment.

    Why? Is this a peripheral expression of the special
    Swedish anarcho-fascist tyranny?

    A person who is 15-17 years old and commits a serious crime is usually sentenced to “closed youth care”, not to prison.

    You can be sentenced to “closed youth care” for at least 14 days and for at most four years. The punishment is served on special departments at special youth homes run by the State Institutional Board (SiS).

    “Youth care” and ” juvenile servicing”

    Juvenile servicing is a sanction which means that you do unpaid work for 20-150 hours for, for example, an association or non-profit organization. Raking leaves etc!

    You can be sentenced to “youth care” if you have a special need for care or other action (juice and buns and moralized conversations). This can be done either with the support of the Social Services Act or according to the LVU, the Act with special provisions on the care of young people.

    The penalty allegedly can be sharpened by combining youth care with fines or juvenile servicing.

    • This is woman punishment. Instead of spanking the child to teach him a lesson she mollycoddles him.

  3. Enough is enough!! Put 2 rounds each into both of them and call it a day! You have the sea and rivers all over the place there.

  4. There actually is an explanation for this sort of outcomes: “We know where your house lives…” (meaning the residence of every judge, police, other official, or anyone catching the wrong kind of attention from this honourable community by getting in the way of it asserting its own rules.)

    • Yes, entirely predictable.

      The proper response from a sane government would be to then start deporting them and not stop until they are all gone.

  5. There are signs that the realities of Islamic ideology are finally beginning to chisel away at the wall of denial in Sweden. Living here I know a thing or two about Swedish mentality by now. They may take what seems ages to come around, and whether or not it’s too late to undo the damage remains to be seen. But they absolutely can make unexpected u-turns, both individually and collectively (the latter is their hidden strength compared to other Western nations), and when that happens you better know your direction to run.

  6. I imagine seriously ambitious disasters and extreme butchery is in the sausages pie line. Would one of these fifths consider wiping a whole nation out in a single flash?Of course not. 9/11 was a one off. No wait.

  7. 65,000 kronen. Why didn’t you say so before? That will fix everything then. Nothing to see here now, move along now.

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