Testimony of Eyewitnesses to the Massacre in Hanau

Last night I reported on the possibility that there is more than meets the eye to last week’s massacre in the German city of Hanau, in which a “racist” named Tobias Rathjen supposedly went on a shooting rampage and killed eight people before allegedly killing his mother and himself.

The field of potential suspects for the murders in Hanau has expanded considerably. The following video contains audio clips from WhatsApp recorded by people who claim to have seen the attacks. Some of the reports were apparently recorded while the killing was still going on. Multiple perpetrators were reported, and some witnesses described them as Russians.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Okay, first of all, I’ll ask you to please download this video and re-upload it again.
00:05   Just type in “YouTube video download converter” at Google or other search engines.
00:11   or anything similar to that, choose any website, copy the link and paste then download.
00:15   Most importantly, everyone should upload it somewhere, because I’m sure that this video
00:20   will not be online for long, because it contains current information or
00:25   controversial information about the shooting in Hanau. I was contacted on Instagram
00:30   by several people who know the eyewitness accounts or know people who know
00:35   the eyewitnesses who are saying very clearly that it wasn’t the way the media are describing it.
00:40   And it’s not just one person. There are several. It wasn’t the person that is being shown,
00:45   but there were others. So it stinks like a false flag.
00:51   It reeks of it, and for sure it wasn’t the way the media are showing it.
00:57   In addition, I received a link to a WhatsApp chat. A video of a WhatsApp chat, in which
01:02   several forwarded messages were collected. They can be played one after the other and
01:07   I’ll show you the video right now. These are different
01:11   eyewitness testimonies, recorded from different angles,
01:16   from different perspectives, and in no uncertain terms these testimonies show that
01:22   it simply cannot be like what is being shown in the media and it is not just one guy. OK? And
01:28   it’s not the guy they are showing you. I’m repeating myself now, but this is clearly shown here.
01:32   As always, I don’t want to position myself as the one
01:35   who knows everything, who has already figured it all out and knows exactly
01:39   who it is, where they come from or anything like that. I don’t know for sure either.
01:43   I’m sure we’ll learn more about it in the next few days. Several people will make videos about it.
01:47   Oliver Janich is said to have made a video about it. Just to let you know. Then we’ll know more.
01:53   Until then, keep your eyes open, people. Don’t believe everything you see on television,
01:58   but investigate it yourself. Also look at other sources,
02:01   even those that perhaps at first sight seem somewhat dubious,
02:04   but I’m tell you guys, believe me, it’s worthwhile. As I said, all this information here,
02:08   download the video. And remember, think for yourself.
02:14   So people, I have some information. You know
02:19   the hookah club owner who died. It was Hells Angels or
02:24   a family argument or something, I don’t know. Something about money.
02:28   The owner is definitely dead. The Hookah is closing.
02:31   Everybody had to leave. They’re heading into town from (?) I’m not sure. So everybody go home.
02:38   I was in there, just smoking my pipe. Then three, four people
02:43   come in shooting, pom, pom, pom, at the boss, and leave.
02:47   So, supposedly (speaking to someone in the car)… So, supposedly
02:55   something is going down in Lamboy and in Bruchköbel.
03:04   This is no Amok shooting. This is war, and allegedly it is Russians,
03:09   who are driving around and shooting everyone.
03:14   I do not know; Laura you know this one guy Djahn, from Hanau?
03:23   So it seems his uncle is dead, and the little brother of this Djahn guy
03:27   owns a kiosk and now there are three dead people in his kiosk.
03:30   He just sent a voice memo to the boys’ WhatsApp group.
03:35   So now, allegedly, all hell is breaking loose there.
03:39   So here the latest, the latest news on the situation is that
03:43   there were two cars and they’re running around shooting everywhere,
03:47   an amok shooting at shisha bars, targeting all the Kanaken.
03:51   Now they’re in the Lamboy, near Kohl’s restaurant.
03:55   That’s by the former Black Magic, there in front.
04:00   Black Sounds, former Black Sounds, where tiles are sold and in the restaurant.
04:05   That’s where they are right now. —Guys, it’s also happening at
04:09   Bruchköbel. They didn’t go in, but shot it up,
04:13   but they’re at Bruchköbel now. —Hey, guys, my uncle was killed in my store.
04:20   In my store my uncle was killed. My uncle is dead.
04:26   In my shop there were three murders. Inside the shop, in the newsstand. My uncle is one of them.
04:33   Yeah, brother, this Midnight [club], there are all these people,
04:36   and they run the Hook-Up too. So they’re all tied in together.
04:39   It’s not easy to tell who is actually the owner, so I have no idea,
04:43   but in any case they are all intertwined.
04:47   If the story— so the story up until to now is that there was a scrap between Russians and Kurds.
04:58   These Kurdish families have a huge clan with kebab shops, Shisha shops, (?)shops, discount shops.
05:05   There were two cars, and there was a shooting. So today it was revenge
05:11   carried out in all the shops of this whole Kurdish family.
05:20   Like I said, last week there was a mass brawl at the Hook-Up in Frankfurt.
05:24   They are the same owners as at this Midnight bar
05:28   here in Hanau. And that’s somehow a big number.
05:31   As I said, last week there was a mass brawl; they smashed everything up,
05:35   and today there are eight people dead. That’s sick. Not one, not two, eight dead so far.
05:42   Yes, so I’m here in Hanau, because as i said, a friend of mine has a bar.
05:46   Right now there’s a state of emergency.
05:50   Every shop had to close, including the restaurants that were still open.
05:56   All the Shisha bars are now closed here. They’ve shot up several places.
06:00   As I said, it was supposedly two Russians. They went first to Kesselstadt somehow.
06:04   Then downtown, they were in the Lamboy, and now they are supposed to be here in Rosenaue (?) in Hanau.
06:08   The entire Freiheitsplatz is full of police in riot gear.
06:12   The busses have stopped running. So everything is
06:15   in a complete state of emergency, with helicopters, and it’s catastrophic.
06:21   My neighbour Joel, his buddy was in Kesselstadt yesterday
06:25   and had the gun right in front of his head and was asked:
06:28   “What are you looking at?” He was really lucky, because
06:32   the guy then went around the corner and just started shooting.
06:37   So, and the guy that held the gun to his head, it wasn’t that Thomas R. or whatever his name is.
06:44   The shooter’s face looked completely different. That guy is still probably on the loose.
06:49   I was just meeting people mourning, the family members of those involved
06:54   in the shooting, and there were two girls
06:58   that were there that day. Yesterday. They told me that
07:03   when the man came in, these two girls said they hid under a table
07:08   And everything. Well, they themselves said, these two girls,
07:14   that it wasn’t the man (Thomas R.). They swore the whole time,
07:20   And said: “No, it really wasn’t him, we looked at the guy’s face and it wasn’t him” and so on.

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  1. Yes , that’s what is happening in Germany!!!, they cover everything up , to screwup AFD !!!, that’s what Merkel&Co are doing, AFD schould see this conversation and take all this traitors to highest court .. it’s beyond disgusting what is going on in this country, His father is member of Greens , the latest polls in Hamburg shows : SPD 40 % , Greens 32 % voting, and AFD 5.1 percent!!, and on top of this big news everywhere: AFD is loosing!!, people shouting in Hamburg Nazi raus !!, Nazi Raus !!, everything is planning very well..

    • The Greens had their highest scores( over 35%) in the most gentrified areas of Hamburg, thus the least inflicted with cultural enrichement. I have siblings there and they are no exception. My suggestion for a new policy in those areas: defend all cars over 75 hp and german premium brands. Control for unnecessary rides to country clubs outside or skiing vacations ruining the alpine environment. Close all upscale food places(they are plenty there) that sell cheese or wine imported from far abroad.And: take care of a healthy population mix in the area by low rent housing projects!

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