Rasmus Paludan in Canada, Part One

The following video is the first in a series taken from an interview that Vlad Tepes conducted with Rasmus Paludan in Canada earlier this month.

Regular readers will remember Mr. Paludan as the anti-immigration activist who was catapulted to fame in Denmark for treating the Koran in a fashion that “Danish” Muslims considered blasphemous. During the course of the interview you’ll hear him describe the sequence of events that resulted in his coming within a hair’s breadth of winning a seat in the Danish Parliament.

You’ll also see me in these videos, but I’m just kibitzing.

One thought on “Rasmus Paludan in Canada, Part One

  1. Takeaway from this interview: in Denmark, Antifa has photographers at anti-Muslim or anti-leftist rallies. They take your picture and harass you continually from then on, whether or not you participate any further. Antifa functions as the secret police of a totalitarian state. What is shocking is not their mindset, but that they are able to actually carry out this function within what we think of as a “free” state.

    This indicates strongly Antifa operates with the covert, or not-so-covert support of at least part of the security and police apparatus of the state. Or, perhaps they actually are the ones directing Antifa.

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