Jews Are Possessed!

The following video shows an exchange between a Muslim visitor and people protesting against sharia at one of Michael Stürzenberger’s events. The culture-enricher identifies one of the protesters as a Jew (I can’t tell if she really is one), and says she is possessed by the Devil.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   Yes, indeed! —You’re a devil in person, very personal. Look at you, you look like a devil.
00:08   What is that Christian? That’s a Jew sign! —Yeah, of course. —So what?
00:11   That’s completely normal for Christians.
00:14   You’re the devil. Look at how you look. —Jews are intelligent. —That’s right!
00:19   Jews aren’t people! —Jews aren’t people!? —They are possessed.
00:24   I would like to explain how this works. —They [Jews] are possessed, and you’re possessed too.
00:27   I can see it in your facial expressions. I see it. —OK, fine. Sure. Tell me more.
00:31   I’ll slap you silly. —He’s threatening me. —I threatened you? —Yes, threatened. Of course.
00:38   That was a threat? Yes, of course it was. —Really? Wow. And now what? What have you achieved?
00:49   Can you do anything else besides insult others? Are you able to do something besides insult others?
00:52   Hey, I’m talking here. —We could have a conversation. We’re presenting an objective clarification
00:57   about Political Islam here. —No. —OK, forget it then!
01:00   Political Islam? —Yes, Political Islam. —This is not politics, this is
01:04   about Religion. —No, Sharia is the religion of Islam.
01:07   Shut your mouth, damn it! I don’t want to hear from the devil.
01:10   You look like Lucifer. —All you can do is insult. —Yes, sure. What? — All you do is insult others.
01:14   Sharia out and then everything’s OK? —Yes, so and everyone is the devil, everyone is a f***er
01:17   or a spastic. —There’s the devil, look, you can see. —Why don’t you learn to have a
01:21   constructive conversation. OK? —You are totally blind. You’re blind.
01:25   Oh, OK. —In the worst way, you’re blind.
01:28   Policeman: We’re all going to move back to the assembly area. Everyone
01:32   please return to the event assembly area.

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4 thoughts on “Jews Are Possessed!

    • Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and it
      Was the allegedly Jewish people using such
      Language against the Muslims present?

      Arrests for hate crimes would ensue, a muslim
      Crowd were assemble in no time at all
      To demonstrate violently and Merkel would
      Flood the MSM outlets with abject apologies.

      I fear for The country of Germany, this situation
      Cannot continue without an inevitable backlash
      And all the misery and carnage it entails.

  1. Really, the devil? What is this, 1619? So that would be one year into the 30 years war, with witch trials and everything. But no, actually we live in 2019 and until recently, Europe used to be a civilized place.

  2. I’m my opinion, Islam has become the unofficial , undeclared “state religion” of many western countries!

    Islam and moslems get a free pass….to do or say what they want…all under the guise of “ religious freedoms” .

    If any other religion did or said what moslems do , there would be a huge scream fest from the liberal left!
    That Islam and moslems get away with so much that other religions can not, is proof that there is no equal treatment of religion. You’d have to be living under a rock not to realize that islam is clearly favored, and not only favored but every demand of moslems is pandered to. The liberal left supports Islam and courts moslems. I assuming they believe they can “use” Islam to help them achieve their agenda . We will have the last laugh about that but we won’t be in much better shape, so the last laugh will ,be had by moslems and islam.

    I really fear, that unless something drastic, or radical happens, that we in the West are doomed to Islam taking over.
    What’s to stop them? They are already getting moslems elected to Goverment positions, positions of power and authority , so those moslems can encourage other moslems romget elected and be in the position to control everything…

    So moslems come into a country and it’s just a matter of time until that country becomes an Islamic country , as said by Dr. Bill Warner.

    1) So Moslem get in a country, their population grows, they get political and start using the country’s democracy against the country , to benefit Islam.
    Population continues to grow, more and more moslems are elected to all the positions of power and influence..( not justgthe Federal Goverment but state and local too)

    …moslems are only estimated to be 1% of the US population, yet look at the influence they have ( and all the fuss they cause when “offended”!) It seems the worst crime a person can commit nowadays is to “ Offend a Moslem, or Offend Islam, be an Islamophobe!”

    The FBI states there are hundreds of thousands off moslems that over stayed their visas so that 1% estimate is off my whom,mows how much? …the Goverment has no clue where they are, if they are still here in the US, where they are in the US, or if they have left the country. So what are these moslems doing? Planning Jihad? Setting up Jihad training camps?

    2)More and more spread of Islamic influence, and sharia law, more persecution of all non moslems, more houses of worship of Christians and Jews attacked and destroyed.
    Increasing numbers of moslems elected and appointed into positions of power and influence, in all levels of Goverment, in police and military….and a gradual stripping away of all our rights and freedoms with a corresponding increase in the tenants of Sharia law.
    We know moslems support other moslems, especially over kuffar. And we know moslems do not assimilate. We know moslems support sharia law,.

    We have no idea what’s in their mosques, jihadi material, weapons? In France of the several mosques raided ALL were found to contain material urging violent Jihad as well and weapons of may kinds.

    Moslems will increasing be elevated to a special protected status, and correspondingly, all non moslems denigrated to an inferior status with little to no protection from whatever moslems might chose to do to them .Its starting now with CAIR “demanding” ( never asking, always ordering or demanding” …thatbthey can get away with this speaks volumes about how bad things have gotten) that any kind of attack on a Moslem or a mosque be prosecuted, elevated to the category of a “Hate Crime”….This is not just because Hate Crime carries a more severe sentence of convicted, but to establish a legal precedent that ALL future attacks against moslems and mosques be considered Hate Crimes. It’s part of the victimhood propaganda , that moslems use to gain sympathy form those ignorant of what isoammks, and the Liberal left.

    Read the Dhimmi contract and General dhimmi info at “ Enjoy the conditions of Omar” website.

    3) When moslems feel strong enough, then they will make the move to take over.

    No, it’s not going to happen now, and not in the next 5 years, but it will happen because we have the cancer of Islam in our body, our county’s Body ….and worse , in the body politic.
    And the years between now and the Islamic take over will be increasing,y repressive .

    Some think it will be a civil war, with Patriots verses jihadi shooting in the streets.
    No, this is Civilization Jihad, ( or Stealth Jihad as Robert Spencer’s book says) and it’s stealthy , insidious and all but impossible to fight, mainly because it has the active assistance of the liberal left.

    I don’t believe that our leaders will wake up one day to the threat Islam poses ( basically that Islam is NOT “ just another religion “ and is a political ideology, a totalitarian theocracy) and start doing something about it ( if they did, most likely by the time they woke up and took action, it would be too late )

    So how can this Islamification of America ( or any western country) be stopped? It can’t. Again, my opinion is that If something like a war occurs, like with Iran, or Turkey, or if the President declares martial law, of if the jihadi are stupid enough to do a really horrific terrorist attacking that gets America “woke up” as it was in the days after 9/11, then MAYBE we can start to put measure in place to stop the continuing Islamification.

    What those measures are, I don’t know. But to start with, we have to wake up our leaders, replace the politicians who ignore what the people want , and they must acknowledge and understand that islam is not just another religion , there are fundamental differences. The most important are
    1) Violence towards all non moslems. ,
    2) Willing to die and do the worst kind of violence for their beliefs.
    And 3) Never, ever, ever giving up in their attempt to make every country in the world an Islamic country , implement the totalitarian sharia law over everyone, and make moslems superior to all others,
    And it’s those differences that make Islam so dangerous to Western countries, and indeed, Western Civilization. And our leaders must stop favoring Islam And behaving as if Islam is “ just another religion”

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