The New Exciting Sweden

The following series of interviews was conducted by Kent Ekeroth of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) for the online news site Samhällsnytt. The original YouTube version was close-captioned (CC) in English rather than subtitled, so Vlad and I built a subtitle file for it.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:07   We read almost daily about murders, rapes, and
assaults, in the wake of mass immigration.
00:15   Part 2 of our report
00:20   They represent, of course, large tragedies
for the victims and those close to them.
00:25   But there is another side of this
coin; one which we seldom hear about.
00:29   Smaller incidents, far larger in number,
which many more Swedes experience, daily.
00:37   It could be about the beach you used
to go to when you were a kid,
00:41   but now avoid, due to loud immigrant
families who quarrel and litter.
00:48   It could be the football field, where you
played when you were younger, but now avoid
00:51   due to the risk of getting in a fight with
the immigrant gangs who think they own it.
00:56   Or, the bus, going home, that you avoid
to not get harassed or molested.
01:05   Samhällsnytt presents
01:11   These incident are more
and more commonplace.
01:14   And more and more Swedes experience, that
their freedom of movement is restricted.
01:20   They don’t feel at home in their own cities.
01:24   There are Swedes who move from their
hometown due to these problems.
01:29   Swedes who don’t feel at home any
more, in their own country.
01:35   In this documentary, this round trip
we are embarking on, we have been
01:40   in contact with numerous people
with a story that needs to get out.
01:45   But very few of them have dared to participate
in these interviews, for fear of reprisals.
01:51   Either from society,
or from the gangs they tell us about.
01:56   We will start this trip with
visiting a woman in Kärrtorp, Stockholm
02:00   who will tell us about
her and her family’s situation.
02:05   But, as I said, for fear of reprisals,
she has asked to remain anonymous.
02:12   Such is the situation in the
new, exciting Sweden.
02:18   The new exciting Sweden
02:30   I was at home,
it was around three years ago.
02:35   My son had left with the neighboring kids
to play some ball. It was down in the valley.
02:42   It is a pretty small football field,
for kids, you know, not for adults.
02:50   He calls me and says “please,
mom, can you come down here?”
02:56   “The other kids sit crying,
I’m not really sure what to do.”
02:59   They had stolen my bike, because my son had
borrowed it, and thrown it into the woods.
03:04   So I hurry down there, and I see a
group of what I think are Hazaras.
03:13   You know, Afghans,
the people arriving via Iran nowadays.
03:19   They are around 25 years old.
03:22   They stand there kicking a ball as hard as they
can, at this young neighbor kid, eight years old.
03:30   He sits there crying, holding up his
hands like this, crying for help.
03:37   My son shouts to me,
in our language, “it’s them.”
03:43   I act emotionally, and go raging mad.
I get in a fight with them, simply…
03:50   I said to them, “I’ll damn well show
you what’s yours and what’s mine”.
03:54   That’s in reply to his, in barely intelligible
Swedish, “this is our territory, this is ours!”
04:02   I am honestly scared, because foreign
gangs have come up to my son, saying
04:09   “Are you Swedish? F***ing Swede! Got anything
to steal?”, pulling his clothes, and so on.
04:18   For me, of partly foreign background,
it doesn’t happen as often.
04:22   Especially not if I
talk a foreign language.
04:26   No… I’ve come to realize, it’s the
Swedes they want to get at. Mainly.
04:32   And it’s the Swedes they
are the most cruel to.
04:34   That’s the thing that stuck with me…
that there was this whole gang.
04:38   And these were still a bit younger,
around 4th to 6th grade, which was lucky.
04:49   But that really scares
me, that these are kids.
04:54   Me, at that age, I would never have dared to
do anything to anyone 3-4 years older…
05:01   But we see now, that they even mug adults.
There is no respect any more.
05:05   Somehow, the Swedes are pushed out.
05:11   The Swedes are pushed out of their
home areas, from their country, even.
05:20   It’s like the people are being replaced,
I don’t know what else to call it.
05:23   There is a new aristocracy, and it’s not
the Swedes. The Swedes are the losers.
05:49   When they robbed me, they tore down
a Swedish flag I used for a drapery.
05:54   They tore it down, spat in my face,
and said “your Sweden is gone.”
06:01   My friend, who I also asked if he wanted
to join, he didn’t dare. He was too scared.
06:10   He thought people would come over to his
place and hurt him if he was interviewed.
06:19   I often feel extremely
unwelcome in some places,
06:25   like the bathing place
here outside of Köping.
06:31   There is a large culture clash here,
that we Swedes are low-key, reserved…
06:39   … and we find the noisiness in
other cultures as very uncomfortable.
06:45   It doesn’t feel like home anymore.
06:48   I feel like a stranger
in the place I was born.
06:54   I have serious plans of
moving away from here.
06:58   It doesn’t feel like my home anymore.
07:12   (in German accent) So, when I moved here,
it was peaceful. Idyllic. No worries.
07:19   I was never worried for my kids, the door
was never locked. I really liked it here.
07:26   But 4-5 years ago, when the refugees started
coming, things started going really bad.
07:34   There were rapes here,
which we never had in ten years,
07:38   we had assaults in the middle of
town, which we never had before.
07:44   The development here has been really awful.
07:50   For example, my kid was at the
sports field, with some friends.
07:58   He called me, saying “daddy, come quickly”.
08:02   I ran to the car and drove down
there, seeing three Africans.
08:06   They were molesting some girl, and they wouldn’t
leave, until I got there. I chased them away.
08:21   Myself, I was jumped by three Somalians,
they wanted my wallet and my cell phone.
08:32   But I knew how to defend myself.
So things turned out alright.
08:38   It’s a bit more peaceful now,
because a lot of the refugees moved out.
08:46   But still, at the bathing place,
it’s not the same as it used to be.
08:55   They have another, how do you say…
mentality, compared to us.
09:02   We sit there and take it easy,
the kids play ball, or something.
09:08   [dash] I was down in Årjäng now, for a short while,
had a look around, talked to people,
09:14   asked them how things were, are there social
problems, fights, immigrant gangs and such.
09:22   But the people I spoke to had
nothing in particular to report.
09:26   They thought things were
as they had always been.
09:29   How come your experience differs so much
from theirs? Why do you think that is?
09:34   – Maybe because I’m pretty
straight forward. I tell the truth.
09:38   I can show you my Messenger, or cell phone,
what kind of messages I get from people in Årjäng.
09:46   They beg for help.
09:49   One woman got death threats
because her son is named Odin.
09:58   She went to the police.
And they did nothing.
10:02   Tuesday, 12th of June. July, sorry.
So about two weeks ago.
10:10   We had between 500 and 700 refugees
here, now there’s about 100 left,
10:17   so things have calmed down a bit.
But not completely.
10:24   At the time we had 500-700 here,
there were crimes every week.
10:31   Assaults in broad daylight,
rapes, theft, et cetera.
10:38   It was hell, honestly.
10:44   People call me and ask me to pick them up, so
they can get home, in the middle of the night.
10:48   “I’m afraid, there’s refugees
sitting around at the hotel.”
10:54   Molestations, sexual
harassment, and so on. Assaults.
10:59   People ganging up and
beating up lone people.
11:04   What they do everywhere,
they also do here, in “idyllic” Årjäng.
11:09   It’s not just the young people that are
scared, it’s the old people as well.
11:24   Many people tell me they don’t want to
go outside by themselves in the evening.
11:32   They are scared and rather stay at home.
11:36   I want my idyllic Årjäng back.
11:41   The Årjäng I had 10 years ago.
I want it back.
11:49   Open borders, open your hearts
– it wasn’t such a good idea.
12:03   I moved here to Badhusberget in 1973.
12:07   Me and my mother were the first to move
in to our house, where I still live.
12:11   Then I moved out for a while,
and moved back in 2004.
12:17   Back then we didn’t have to lock any doors
or close our balconies, let me tell you.
12:21   My kids were 10 and 16 at the time.
12:25   My son was out by himself
playing, never any issues.
12:29   Today, I would never let apribn10-year-old out by himself after 8 pm.
12:37   Lysekil has become a ghetto.
12:39   We have two gangs up here. One somewhat
older and one somewhat younger.
12:45   And elsewhere in Lysekil we
have two other gangs as well.
12:49   It’s horrible up here. A lot of
older people don’t dare go outside.
12:55   One and a half years ago, we asked Lysekilsbostäder (public
housing association) to lock the front doors earlier.
12:59   So the older people would feel more safe.
13:01   Because they invade the stairwells.
13:05   Sit around smoking and shouting.
Annoy people in general.
13:10   Lysekilsbostäder took no action.
13:13   Later that spring, there were four cases
of arson. In four different stairwells.
13:18   THEN they started locking
the front doors. At 8 pm.
13:22   It doesn’t help much though, because they
block the doors from closing with doormats.
13:25   But the insecurity here, it has gone… I mean,
I don’t go alone through the areas here.
13:31   I carry a key in one hand,
and defense spray in the other.
13:36   I don’t see why I should feel like this in
my own city, and above all not in my home.
13:42   One person who lives here, he had four people
break into his home, and was beaten up.
13:50   That case was later dropped.
13:53   He has filmed them, so there is evidence. But the
police does not act. Not social services either.
14:00   The widespread fear now, since the last
four-five years, it’s bizarre.
14:09   I don’t think we should have to feel
unsafe. Above all not my grandchildren
14:13   when they are here… I have to
keep an eye on them constantly.
14:16   “No, you can’t leave this area, don’t go further
away now.” It shouldn’t have to be like that.
14:20   My grandchildren, when they come to visit,
they should be able to play outside.
14:23   They should be able to have fun without
me having to be worried all the time.
14:28   Out by the ocean, it’s really beautiful there,
there’s an old place, called “Oscar’s”.
14:34   There they opened up an extra
youth center, in the same building.
14:39   So that youths should have somewhere to be.
But no other young people dare to go there!
14:44   I’ve seen them come running
from there, breathless…
14:48   One of my boys, he’s 18 now,
he got himself a moped now.
14:53   Because he was terrified that he wouldn’t
get out of places quickly enough.
14:58   I mean… no. It shouldn’t be like that.
15:02   Up here, they also hide stolen
goods, usually in the bushes here.
15:08   We have videos of that too.
15:12   And they hide it down by the parking lot.
And the police know about this.
15:17   A really nice multi-sport arena,
as they call it, was built.
15:20   Which also turned into
one of their hangouts.
15:24   Where we sit now is another
one of their hangouts.
15:27   My grandchild was going skateboarding,
and my son went with him.
15:31   He came back saying “nope,
no way we’re going there”.
15:35   [dash] And why was that?
15:37   [dash] They are noisy,
annoying in general…
15:40   shouting stuff like “I’m gonna f***
you, you goddamn whore.”
15:44   I don’t think that’s any language
fit for a multi sport arena.
15:48   It’s built for us who live here, right? So
everybody should be able to use it. But we aren’t.
15:54   People avoid going past Lysekil City
Park, and the main square.
16:00   [dash] Can you tell me, what’s it like at the
square? When passing by, what happens?
16:05   [dash] Threats, very menacing atmosphere.
16:07   They shout stuff like “Swedish whore,
I’m gonna f*** you to pieces.”
16:12   When that movie was released, the one at the square,
where they fought and beat people up.
16:15   Those were senior citizens,
that those kids attacked.
16:19   [Indistinct shouting]
16:24   At first it was younger boys.
And then they called older ones.
16:31   But then I had already
called the police, so…
16:33   [dash] What happened there?
16:35   [dash] They were at a bar downtown.
– The immigrants?
16:38   [dash] No, the seniors, they were eating there
and there was some live performance.
16:43   And then one of the gangs showed
up, walking by outside.
16:46   They start kicking the
windows and giving the finger.
16:50   One of the gentlemen in there
went outside to talk to them.
16:53   And then… they got into it.
16:57   [dash] A fight?
– Yeah.
17:00   [dash] Was he alone?
– No. The people at his table followed.
17:06   But I’ve raised my children,
and I’ve been raised myself,
17:10   to show respect to
people, and to elders.
17:14   They don’t care about that.
17:16   So I filmed it at first,
and then things escalated.
17:20   Some guy came up to me
and threatened me.
17:25   So I folded my phone, and sadly it stopped
recording then. So I didn’t get the end.
17:30   But we called the police, and the police were actually in town at the
time. So it didn’t take more than 20 minutes for them to show up.
17:36   But by then the younger ones
had called in the older ones.
17:40   Immigrant: What are you doing?
F***ing whore.
17:44   Woman: Leave this place.
Man: Go home, you little s***.
17:48   Woman: And stop saying whore to everyone.
17:54   So these people, they don’t only affect
us living up here on Badhusberget.
18:00   But also the shop owners,
restaurants, everyone here.
18:04   We have hockey, handball,
football, table tennis…
18:09   and we had that back
when I was 15-18 as well.
18:14   I didn’t go around torching cars. Or beat up
random strangers, or seniors, for that matter.
18:22   Verbally, things have gotten so
incredibly crude in our society.
18:28   To the point where today,
“Swedish whore” are commonplace words.
18:32   Immigrant: F***ing whore!
Woman: Yeah, okay.
18:38   (indistinct shouting)
18:40   Immigrant: Shut the f*** up, you c***!
Immigrant: F***ing whore!
18:47   I don’t think I should have to be afraid
in my own city. In my own community.
19:13   No, I don’t feel at home, because soon
I don’t know where I’ll be living.
19:18   I’ll say to you what I said to
my friend who lives in Kålltorp:
19:23   At her balcony I can sit and see
one black for every nine whites.
19:28   Here it’s the other way around.
19:31   I think it’s so annoying, how they don’t
discipline their kids. That really bugs me.
19:37   Why can’t they learn
Swedish and behave?
19:42   Like the Estonians who came
here in the 1940’s, fleeing war.
19:48   They didn’t get anything for free.
They really had to struggle.
19:55   I think it’s so wrong. The politicians are…
I don’t even know what to call them.
20:01   I don’t want to move, but as my son said
yesterday: “You live like in a ghetto.”
20:09   “Can’t you move?” he said. Well, where?
Easier said than done.
20:14   When I otherwise really
like my apartment.
20:17   Home is where people have
their security, usually.
20:21   I’ll say, as the Sweden Democrats say:
20:25   Why not help people in
their home countries?
20:29   If the guy upstairs with five kids gets
as much money as he does, from us,
20:32   and never does an honest day’s work…
20:36   That money could support a lot more people
in Somalia, if we helped them there instead.
20:42   We joke amongst ourselves,
that if we need to go to the dentist,
20:46   we could put on a
head-scarf, and get it for free.
20:51   [dash] So you know about that law.
– Yes. We know.
20:55   [dash] What do you think about it?
– I think it’s terrible.
20:58   Do you think we could
show up in another country
21:01   and get all the stuff
they’re getting here?
21:04   In Rome, you do as the Romans.
21:08   I think it’s messed up.
Our pensions are not that big.
21:16   I worked as a nanny, night
shifts, part time, so to speak.
21:24   I’m glad that I’m 84 years old.
I’ll tell you what I tell everyone…
21:30   If they somehow dig me uppribn20 years from now,
21:34   I’ll want to be buried again quickly.
Things will only be worse then.
21:40   That’s what I think.
If things continue on their current path.
21:45   We leave Gothenburg and Länsmansgården,
and head for Landskrona in Scania.
21:50   For more experiences from the
new, exciting Sweden.
22:00   The major difference is the increase in
insecurity. Everything feels different.
22:07   My wife, while walking our daughter
in a stroller, they threw rocks at her.
22:12   That would never have
happened when we were kids.
22:15   She was just walking down the road. She’s from
Chile originally. But she bleaches her hair.
22:21   They probably thought she was Swedish, because
they yelled some nasty stuff at her too.
22:26   She just tried to protect herself, and our daughter
in the stroller, while they threw rocks at them.
22:31   My daughter now, we’ve put
in a school outside town.
22:37   Too many fights, bullying, and
bad teachers in the schools downtown.
22:42   She’s nine now.
She’s witnessed two shootouts.
22:49   One in our street,
where people were firing Kalashnikovs.
22:52   Four o’clock in the day.
She was very scared after that.
22:56   The other time she was going to the
library with her mom, to return books.
23:00   And someone got shot aboutpribn40 or 50 meters from there.
23:02   My wife wont go out by herself when
it’s dark, or go by herself home from work.
23:07   If she waits for the bus,
some car stops by and
23:11   they want her to get in.
She finds it really scary.
23:15   Or that people stalk
her when she goes home.
23:19   We’re moving this autumn, actually.
23:22   [dash] Due to the situation here?
– Yeah. 10% the weather, 90% the situation.
23:28   It’s boring here, no future,
and I don’t want my kid to grow up here.
23:32   [dash] Within the country or abroad?
– Abroad.
23:35   I mean, I’m Swedish, I grew up
here, I love my country.
23:39   I really do.
Or I love what it used to be.
23:42   And I can love it still if we’re
visiting places like Småland or Dalecarlia.
23:46   Like the accordion meet-up in Rättvik,
where went with my grandma as a kid,
23:50   or vacations in camper trailers, and
stuff like that. But that time is long gone.
23:54   My grandma rarely leaves her house after her friend
was mugged. 90 years old and shoved to the ground.
23:59   It’s what I tell the politicians.
It’s their fault.
24:02   I spoke to a friend yesterday, about doing
this interview about the situation here.
24:10   He used to live in Texas.
For 12 years, I think.
24:13   And moved back to
Sweden six years ago.
24:16   He told me, that when he
arrived from Texas at Malmö,
24:21   he thought he had landed at some
airport in the Middle East.
24:27   Not at Kastrup (Copenhagen
airport), no, at Malmö station.
24:30   Only Arabic and other foreign languages being
spoken. He felt like a complete stranger.
24:38   After just being a stranger in another country. But he
felt more at home in Texas, than when he came back.
24:43   He found that very odd.
24:45   Obviously poverty and alienation makes
it easier to start a criminal career.
24:54   But if we didn’t have such a large immigration,
we wouldn’t have those problems.
24:57   We had enough problems in Sweden before this. We didn’t
have to import even more crime, alienation and poverty.
25:04   It’s completely mad.
25:08   I think society has failed so many.
25:11   Especially us who have worked here, ran
companies, paid taxes, followed the law…
25:19   You don’t get much in return.
25:23   It is a good country, essentially,
and it’s limping along.
25:29   But whenever something major happens,
we can see how neglected things are.
25:34   There is no plan for how to handle
this, how to solve these problems.
25:38   No one in charge who
wants to deal with it.
25:41   That scares me a little.
25:44   It’s a breeding ground or extremists, polarization…
I don’t want my daughter to grow up in that.
25:49   I really don’t want that. It’s for my
daughters sake, mainly, that we’re moving.
26:07   (in Arabic accent) I moved out of here,
because I didn’t want any problems.
26:10   I moved down to Landskrona.
26:13   I was in deep s***,
and left it all behind.
26:18   I didn’t go looking for trouble,
it came to me, and I got out of it.
26:23   To be concrete: today,
I see a very big change
26:28   in the relations between Swedes
and immigrants. How life is now.
26:34   Unfortunately, a lot of the Swedes
I talk to are very worried.
26:38   They don’t feel safe.
They feel uneasy in society.
26:42   They barely dare to go out in the evening.
They are worried about their kids.
26:47   I remember when we were kids.
Hell, we would stay out late all the time.
26:50   In mixed groups, with different
ethnic backgrounds, Swedes and foreigners.
26:58   We hung out, had a social life together.
27:02   But over time, I don’t know
what the hell happened.
27:06   I hate to say it, but it is the foreigners
that are the major factor behind this.
27:17   I’m not saying “Swedes are better
than foreigners or vice versa”, no,
27:22   but looking at statistics, it’s those
of a different ethnic background
27:27   who cause these problems,
and the downfall of Sweden.
27:33   My friend’s daughter, goes
and has coffee with her friends,
27:38   returns home through the city park…
27:42   Three f***ers jump her, gang rape her.
27:46   Another friend, he worked at a shared
housing for unaccompanied minors.
27:52   Two Afghans there rape a woman.
He steps in and prevents it.
27:57   Now they want to fire HIM, and he’s
Swedish! But it was the two foreigners.
28:01   I’m not going to blame this s*** on
the Swedes. What they say is true.
28:07   The facts cannot be denied.
They can’t.
28:11   The truth is the truth. Why
deny the truth when it’s the truth?
28:17   Foreigners sexually harass
some Swedish girls, yes they do,
28:21   they harass foreign girls
too, absolutely.
28:24   Here immigrants collect the payouts, and
send them back home where they came from.
28:28   And it doesn’t stop there! When
it’s time for vacation, they say:
28:32   “Let’s visit our home country!”
From where they supposedly fled.
28:35   Now wait just a minute…
you say you’re a refugee fleeing war,
28:42   and you’re going back for vacation?
On payouts from here.
28:45   Where the hell is Sweden headed?
Where are we? What have we gotten into?
29:06   It used to be safe.
You could go outside as you wanted.
29:10   You could go out in the evening, visit friends,
regardless of if it was 7 PM, or 11 PM.
29:17   In the summer you could sit
outside, and not have to care.
29:21   As a seven year old or as a 12 year old.
Or as a 14 year old.
29:29   But then, in central Malmö,
we couldn’t move outside as we wanted.
29:35   You get a lot of stares,
like a piece of meat.
29:39   It feels predatory,
like they’re hunting prey.
29:42   It used to be that people looked, but nothing happened,
but now they’re chasing you down and try stuff.
29:48   That’s the big difference from before.
29:50   I used to go shopping a lot.
29:54   At the Triangle, at the promenades,
but now I almost only go to Mobilia.
29:59   Because it’s the calmest there.
30:01   I think it’s a shame, because I like the shops
at the promenades. I like the Triangle.
30:05   But I avoid it. Especially if I’m alone.
If I’m with someone, it might work.
30:09   But most of the time I avoid it.
30:11   Especially going out in the evening,
we go two and two. People don’t go alone.
30:17   You never say you’ll meet
up centrally at Gustav.
30:21   Above all, you don’t go
to Södervärn by yourself.
30:24   In the night, heading home.
Which I could do at 17.
30:27   People don’t do that any more.
Not me, at least. It’s too exposed.
30:32   I don’t go by bus. I avoid it as far as I can.
I used to go all the time when I was younger.
30:38   I commuted one hour one way just to
get to school before. Two hours a day.
30:44   Now I just can’t stand it.
30:46   I go by the regional buses, but absolutely
not the city buses. Not if I can avoid it.
30:52   For example: most people in Malmö
know Etage. It’s a night club.
30:59   I was there a few years
back, with some male friends.
31:02   I was going up the stairs
ahead of the group.
31:04   A guy pushed me against the wall, felt up
by breasts, and said I was “asking for it”.
31:10   I told him to take it up with my
friends behind me. So he got thrown out.
31:14   That I am alone is no excuse to push me
against a wall and say that “I’m asking for it”.
31:20   I always avoid going to the
beach, if I can.
31:23   If I’m with male friends,
it’s not a problem. Then they stay away.
31:26   But with my female friends, we either go out
by boat, or visit my parents’ summer house.
31:31   I refuse to go to the beach with only
female friends. Not in Sweden.
31:36   It feels insulting.
That I have to adjust all the time.
31:41   That I cannot go where I want to go,
without possibly falling prey.
31:46   You always have to think one step in advance. Maybe
have your keys in hand. Though you shouldn’t have to.
31:52   Or telephone in hand.
I have 911 on speed dial now.
32:00   For going alone in the evening,
if ever needed to do that.
32:06   It doesn’t sit right at all.
Things have taken a terrible turn.
32:11   My experience is that I’m subjected to
this more by immigrants than by Swedes.
32:17   I have friends who are immigrants. They tell me
about the view of women where they come from.
32:26   As someone said, it’s really hard to come from a
country where everyone is covered head to toe.
32:31   Where it’s taboo to even wear a bikini. When
those people get here they can’t handle it.
32:36   I have friends in Dalecarlia,
and it’s a lot better there.
32:42   So I will move north. The question is only
when. Probably in less than ten years.
32:48   So I can do what I want to do again.
Go where I want.
32:52   But I wonder what things
will look like there in ten years.
32:57   I’m not going to stay in a
country where I can’t be safe.
33:03   At same time I want to stay because I
like my country. But there’s a limit.
33:17   It’s fewer and fewer Swedes and
more and more foreigners here.
33:23   It feels weird to live in
Sweden, but at the same time
33:27   feel like you’re living in
the Middle East. Or Africa.
33:32   [dash] But you want to continue living in Sweden?
– Yeah.
33:35   I went home from the store, in the middle of
the day, with grocery bags on the handlebars.
33:43   I met a car, which suddenly steers to the wrong
side of the road, and drives straight at me.
33:54   And less than a meter from
me, it steers away.
34:00   In the car, there are four Arabs,
I think, with black beards.
34:07   Four men sit there laughing, looking at me.
34:11   Because I nearly fell over with
my bike, being so scared.
34:19   Very unsettling.
34:22   My daughter’s friend was beaten
up, when she was outside smoking.
34:30   Because she didn’t want to give
cigarettes to some foreigners.
34:35   [dash] How did this affect your daughter?
How did she react?
34:44   [dash] She doesn’t feel safe either.
She never goes out in the evening.
34:49   If she goes out during the day, jogging or
something, she always has an assault alarm.
34:55   One woman in her 40s was gang
raped, right over there.
35:01   Last year in September.
35:05   Two of them got caught,
the third one is still at large.
35:09   Both the ones who got caught were
unaccompanied minors from Afghanistan.
35:17   If feels very bad when things
like that happen so close to home.
35:22   It could have been me, because I’ve also been
there during evenings and nights, sometimes.
35:30   I don’t do that any more, obviously.
35:33   I think it’s messed up, to be honest.
35:36   That I have to adapt because people
have come here who don’t accept us.
35:49   It feels like our freedom is being limited,
when we can’t move as freely any more.
35:57   My goal is to move out of here.
36:01   I don’t get why we let in hundreds of thousands people
from completely different cultures, every year.
36:13   If they continue this we will be
a minority in our own country.
36:19   It’s completely sick.
Now, not everyone is like this but…
36:24   You come here, invited by us, and get help
with housing and livelihoods and everything.
36:31   And they thank us like this. For example
by gang raping women, like those Afghans.
36:40   It’s deplorable. They have no place here.
36:43   I’m very worried about the future.
I’d rather not think about it.
36:50   If there’s no change soon,
things won’t end well.
36:56   The people who grow up now, they are used
to this, they don’t know anything else.
37:00   I remember what the 80s were like, but
they don’t know what it used to be like.
37:07   They haven’t seen the
change over time like me.
37:11   The increase in crime and rapes,
they don’t know about that either.
37:17   Those who are young now don’t know
that it didn’t use to be like this.
37:22   Sadly many won’t believe you. They say that it’s
just the rate of reporting that has gone up.
37:28   That’s a lie.
– What does your gut tell you the truth is?
37:32   [dash] That it’s because we have
let in very many immigrants.
37:37   From other cultures, with different
values, and worse views of women.
37:43   I feel pretty exhausted, to be honest.
37:50   If I tell people how it
is, they won’t believe it.
37:56   Instead they get angry and
call me xenophobic or racist,
38:00   and try to change the subject.
“Let’s not ruin the mood.”
38:07   That’s how it is.
38:11   The people who get it get it. But many don’t
want to know and they don’t want to get it.
38:17   They just want to live in their bubble,
and think that things are as usual.
38:23   We have seen people from different parts of
the country, who tell us similar stories.
38:29   How they feel that their country
is being taken from them.
38:35   It can be about threats and violence, but also that
they simply don’t feel at home, when going outside.
38:44   Media and so-called experts will want to dismiss
this as insignificant, or as intolerance.
38:52   But this affects very many
Swedes, in a very real way.
38:57   We have seen people leaving their hometowns,
others plan to leave their own country.
39:05   There are also many who haven’t dared to go public in this
documentary, due to fear for their or their family’s safety.
39:13   But we have spoken to them none the less.
39:15   And we know that here are many more stories,
all over our country, who deserve to be heard.
39:23   Do you have something that you want to be known?
Something you want Samhällsnytt to talk about?
39:29   Don’t hesitate, contact me,,
and we will hear your story as well.
39:39   I hope you have found this report interesting.
39:43   Keep an eye on,
where more reports are forthcoming.
39:49   Thank you for watching.

24 thoughts on “The New Exciting Sweden

  1. Volvo announced that they are considering moving the production out of Sweden.
    I am sure, this is not because of weather.

  2. I watched this video in its entirety, as if any GOV needed to do so. It is truly a destruction that is happening to Swedish society.
    I don’t know that the Swedes have it in them to defend their culture. They seem too far gone.

  3. This is disturbing on so many levels.

    I often times ponder how those of us in the West who are concerned about the destruction of our culture and history by the globalist elites on the one hand, and the demographic subsumption of Caucasian peoples everywhere by hordes of fast-breeding imported invasive races on the other, can effectively fight this onslaught. Those of you who have spent any amount of time reading the comments know that I believe this will not be settled for good without the shedding of “rivers of blood” that leaves either Western peoples victorious over the funeral pyre of Islamic civilization everywhere, or decisively crushed under the boot heel of Islamic tyranny and African barbarism until our descendants are raped and murdered out of existence.

    I believe this to be the case because I see no effective mechanism for slowing or stopping the external invasion, let alone reversing and somehow ridding ourselves of those whom are already here. And truthfully, the rot is much more insidious; many Westerners believe the tripe about the benefits of globalism or the wickedness of Caucasian peoples, and their self-loathing allows the rot to penetrate deeper into what remains of Western society. Many who do care see no way to fight back that doesn’t result in making themselves martyrs and sentence their families to destitution or worse. We, who are the blue collar working class, do not have the luxury or resources to have large families to counter the fecundity of muslim and african invaders. Modern economics, the destruction of the nuclear family, and the necessity of both parents working just to keep one’s head above water have made this mostly impossible. And it is a losing battle anyway. Those who are allowed and encouraged by the globalist elites to live at our expense can always outbreed us; especially when their breeding is subsidized by the state. Some here would respond to that by saying “take control of the state and get rid of the laws that allow this to occur”. Again, this is not an option because it takes both time and money to get into politics, which working class people have very little of, while those who belong to the political elite have more than enough of both to ensure that no matter how hard a grassroots effort fights, it can be undone with a single court ruling or new law, or just a plain refusal to acknowledge the results of grassroots campaigns. Brexit, anyone?

    Political resistance requires clear goals to be effective; it requires naming the problem and agreeing on a solution that is achievable through the application of pressure upon the correct centers of power. I was excited to see the rise of the Gilet Jaunes movement, and initially it was very successful in fighting back at the grassroots level to defeat a proposed fuel tax that was universally hated by working class rural French voters. Then, without clear, agreed-upon goals, the movement slowly degenerated into irrelevancy. There are a number of lessons to be taken from the Gilet Jaunes. Decentralization can be a strength, but also a very large weakness. The goals of the movement were different to every member, which gave it initial wide support but also ensured that once the initial goal of repealing the proposed tax increase was achieved, there was no common purpose other than a general dislike of Macron. There was no real plan for what to do after the tax had been defeated, and no other purpose that could unify the movement and draw popular support from its members. While some members of the movement resorted to violence even to the point of causing Macron to keep a helicopter on standby, the violence lacked purpose and therefore did not enjoy popular support by others within and without the movement once it devolved into destroying property. I believe that if the more violent elements within the movement had instead devoted their efforts to storming the Bastille or the Elysee Palace with the goal of occupying both locations until an agreed upon set of demands and changes had been met, it would have been far more effective in achieving political goals, which unfortunately were never clearly defined after the initial successes in overturning the tax increase.

    Regarding the destruction of Western society and the subsuming of Western populations by hordes of fast breeding muslim and african invaders, I see a major problem being just making people aware of the scope of the problem and the need to decisively deal with it by first stopping it then somehow reversing the invader population back to where they came from. Many people in all western nations share these beliefs and do not publicly express them for fear of being labeled a racist or losing their jobs. Populism has enjoyed success in many recent elections due to these fears and beliefs, but it is one thing to be brave in the ballot box vs being brave in the street. That globalists still dominate governments in most EU countries shows that not enough Westerners hold these views yet, or view other interests as more important when it comes to voting. Until this raising of awareness has somehow been achieved and has progressed to the point that enough people are willing to take action preferably nonviolently but in a meaningful way that encourages others on the sidelines to join in, then I do not see any hope of changing the trajectory of the West short of bloodshed on a scale previously unknown.

    • Hear hear!
      I agree, there is no peaceful future ahead of us. Only destruction on a level never seen before, either through war, or slavery of the worst kind.
      I prefer war, at least then we have a fighting chance. Quietly submitting to slavery will be eternal darkness.

    • Often appreciate your comments The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

      Well analysed, particularly pointing out the dilemmas, of what to do? who to support and how to support, becoming also a question of when.
      A dilemma that Churchill was faced with, knowing the price of sacrifice increases as time goes by.
      The risk of losing to be enslaved increases.
      The fortunate thing is that it made the decision of going for a total win to be more easily applied.
      Truly touch and go, at that time of WW2

  4. Humanitarian Superpower

    Time to change the flag to a nice shade of green like the Libyan one. The Libyans don’t use it anymore.

  5. unfortunatly the folk who read this website are already aware of these things, one day enough people will be red-pilled, and the cleansing can begin, i hope when that day comes, the traitor politicians and there familys are the first to be dealt with.

  6. In this interesting video I miss the question to the interviewed: “which party did you vote for in the last election?” As long as the answer is not “the Sweden Democrats” I am not sorry for them.

    Also I am missing that the video mentions the fact that nearly all perpetrators of these crimes in Sweden are muslims.

  7. When I try to play the video, it has a few seconds of play, interrupted by minutes-long pauses. It’s unplayable right now. I’ll try later and hopefully, the situation improves.

    • It’s a high res video (1920×1080) so that might give a slower internet connection a bit of trouble. You could download it first and then watch it directly off your machine. That’s what I had to do.

      • Thanks so much. I actually pay extra for a super-fast connection. Hopefully, it was a server issue. If it persists, I’ll take your suggestion.

      • I just checked my ethernet speed, and the capacity of my connection is well above what is required for HD video. So, the slowness must be on the server end. I don’t see a way to download the video. Can you point me to one?

          • I just read the transcript. It’s not quite the same, but the difference is not worth the hassle. The other videos on Dtube work just fine for me, so something is going on with this one. I have neither the knowledge nor the inclination to investigate further. Thanks for your reference.

  8. Max…not sure where you live but let me use a California example…I moved here in 1996 while serving in the military. I knew it was predominantly Democratic but I loved the sunny weather, oceans, & ski resorts within an hour’s drive. Hope was renewed for conservatives when actor Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for Governor in 2002 as a Republican (conservative) candidate. His wife Maria Shriver was a lifelong Democrat from the Kennedy clan.

    California flourished during the eight years (2003-2011) of Arnold’s leadership. Then he was replaced by old Jerry Brown for eight years of Democratic-socialist policies. And his Lieutenant Governor – Gavin Newsom (Nancy Pelosi ‘s nephew) just became our latest Democratic Governor in 2019. Our major cities have been overrun with homeless Americans – many are mentally ill & drug dependent. Although housing shortages are supposedly to blame, California allowed one million illegal migrants & unaccompanied children to enter the state during the past two years. Economic migrants were given affordable housing & monetary benefits while American citizens are put on affordable housing waiting lists! Even senior citizens!

    Some “smug” acquaintances state those of us conservatives who remained in California are stupid & blind. Many are now voting with their feet & putting their homes up for sale. I live 25 miles from Sacramento in the Sierra foothills and just lowered my home price by another $10K. It’s been on the market 80 days.

    Once a progressive, Marxist-socialist party gains majority control of a region, they (politicians) deliberately flood cities with third world migrants who keep the sell-out politicians in office! I hope you never encounter this horrific, political strategy where you live. Watch your major cities & state Capital for migrant influxes. NGOs like the Lutheran Immigration Refugee Services (LIRS) are paid $2K per individual they settle (relocate) into American cities. Many were flown on red eye (midnight) airline flights at off-peak times to avoid scrutiny. This happened when Obama’s administration allowed thousands of migrants from Muslim countries to relocate here. President Trump put restrictions on 5 Muslim countries but if he loses the election next year to a Democratic candidate, the migrant floodgates will be wide open again! Indigenous Americans may “buy” themselves a ten year reprieve by moving to a more conservative area…but state & local governments will enact progressive policies to benefit the third world inhabitants. Thank God I’ll be dead or raptured in 20-30 years when Western nations are overrun with Africans, Eastern Indians, South Americans & perhaps Chinese migrants.

    • I grew up likely not far from where you live if you are in the Sierra foothills. In an old Gold Rush town across the canyon from Auburn. Now that I am an adult, I realize how fortunate I was to have lived in that part of California when I did. I have not been back in a decade; it is too depressing to see what the state has become, and the town I grew up in is no longer the carefree quiet and peaceful town of my youth.

      I remember the influx of yuppie Boomers when I was in middle school and high school, who were moving out to the sticks to escape the high crime, traffic, taxes, and high real estate prices of the Bay Area. Of course, they drove up the costs of real estate locally, and brought their stupidity with them as they proceeded to vote in election after election and slowly turned rural California into the same excrement-hole they had just escaped from.

      Now that I live in the frozen midwest, I have learned to loathe Californians who move out here and complain because it is not like California. If it comes up in conversation that I once lived there, I say that I am a refugee from CA to distinguish myself from the recent jerks who are quick to want to change everything into what they just fled. And I agree with you regarding Lutheran Social Services. They have turned Minneapolis into Mogadishu, and have sown the seeds of ethnic warfare all across the upper midwest. If our country ever breaks down into regional conflict and guerrilla war, they are very high on any potential list for retribution.

    • California’s time has come and gone. I was there before it went socialist, and it wasn’t perfect, but it was good. By the way, Pete Wilson was the last good Republican governor. Arnold sold out and was beaten by the left into to a spineless, whimpering mass of jello. The Great Arnold couldn’t stand up to the immoral leftists, and thus began the final descent of the once-great state of hope and promise.

  9. I am afraid that some people might use the Swedish dilemma as an occasion to support the immigration of white Swedes into the US. These Swedes will vote socialist and support huge, totalitarian bureaucracies, just as they did in Sweden. You can see it in some of the interviews. They talk about how upsetting it is the immigrants cause such havoc and how they should know better.

    They don’t realize yet the immigrants are an entirely different breed or race of human. This holds out the possibility for these Swedes that if you can just get the social services right, or the right politicians, or the right government agency, they’ll take care of the problem. So, they come to the US, mainly Minnesota, and try the same failed approach once more.

    A country or state that cedes its reins of government to large, faceless bureaucracies seems to be universally ripe for immigrant invasion. Sweden, though not a large country population-wise, has been under a soft totalitarian hobnailed boot for at least half a century. See Roland Huntford’s “Sweden. The New Totalitarians”. By the time you accept living under a totalitarian state for economic security and relief from the responsibility of making your own decisions, you’re already on the path to mass invasion and destruction. You have allowed people to rule you who have no vested interest in your well-being. Can anything be stupider?

    It is instructive to look at the arguments for England staying in the EU, arguments still being made today: if Brexit occurs, they’ll: lose money, lose markets, have trade deficits, will lose the “benefits” of EU-sponsored science research .

    The arguments all appeal to the insecurities of people and to a fear of losing some money stream or another. Totalitarian governments seem to flourish when people think they can use the government to get more money from other people than other people can get from them.

    I’m not one to make judgments on other people, particularly when they’re facing violence or economic deprivation. But I can say unambiguously those people should stay where they are. And I don’t support sending them aid either, unless the individual wants to send his own money, in which case I have no opinion one way or another.

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