Ilhan Omar: Incest and Polyandry

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is not really incestuous or polyandrous — the alleged marriage to her brother was never more than a scam, presumably to advance his immigration status. Her main squeeze, whom she belatedly married, was not her husband when she falsely filed joint tax returns with him. So there was no bigamy, just plain old tax fraud.

For the rest of this post, readers are asked to mentally insert the word “alleged” in front of any description of a crime or potential crime. Except for the fraudulent tax returns — which are documented in the public record — Rep. Omar has not been convicted of any crime, so the “alleged”s are de rigueur. Nor has she been investigated for any of the other crimes, as far as I know. Since she is a Woke Woman of Color, and a Muslim to boot, she generally gets a free pass.

She has refused to answer any questions about her siblings, her marriage to her brother, or related matters. Her spokesbeings uniformly dismiss such questions as evidence of “bigotry” — even when they are asked by The Star-Tribune­, the local Minneapolis paper that has served as her own unpaid PR firm from the inception of her career. Yes, even the earnest Progressives of the Strib are bigoted if they ask Saint Ilhan about her marriage to her brother.

The “bigotry” charge is, as usual, more than enough to deflect any serious media inquiries into the matter. Not that the MSM needs any real deflection — a Progressive Muslim woman of color is close enough to their idea of a perfect politician to ensure that they accept the Congressmuslima’s press releases as the gospel truth.

For the past three years three non-MSM people have been digging deeply into Ilhan Omar’s (or really, Ilhan Elmi’s) shady dealings. Two of them, Scott Johnson of Power Line and David Steinberg, formerly of PJM, have collaborated to do the investigative work that the “journalists” should have been doing, but haven’t.

Scott Johnson appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program to discuss the devastating information in David Steinberg’s latest report, which was published yesterday at Power Line:

To summarize:

Ilhan Elmi’s family divided itself into two parts to escape from Somalia. Her father and three of his daughters (one of them being Ilhan) took on a false surname in order to attach themselves to a family that had been granted asylum in the USA. Three others, Ilhan’s brother and two sisters, were able to get into the UK under their real surname, Elmi.

Ilhan later married the brother who lived in the UK, presumably to help him gain permanent residency in the USA.

To accomplish the above shenanigans, Rep. Omar had to lie at least eight times on various forms and declarations. Each of those lies was a crime, and some — perhaps all — were federal crimes.

None of that presented even the slightest speed bump in the young Somalienne’s political career. A simple accusation of bigotry has been sufficient to deter all serious inquiries.

We’ll see where it goes from here. My guess is that nothing will happen to her — the rot in this country goes deep, and there is little that Donald Trump can do to interfere with the machinations of the Progressive permanent government.

I doubt there are any indictments or perp walks in Ilhan Omar’s star-spangled future.

Hat tip: Conservative Tree House.

10 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar: Incest and Polyandry

  1. Tariya, Taquiya and Kitman are legal for muslims who are allowed to lie, deceive, cheat, and steal as long as it glorifies Allah. I’m not surprised at her conduct. The conduct only points up the general depravity of the religion, I mean cult.

  2. That a more wretched hive of scum and villainy could have originated in Somalia and then successfully transplanted itself to foolishly naive white-bread Minneapolis should surprise precisely no one. The parasite is perfectly tailored to it’s host.

    I would find it quite shocking if Trump orders the AG to try and prosecute the muslima; discrediting her and the Democrats by extension one drip of publicity at a time makes her far more valuable right where she as a Democrat Congresswoman afflicted with diarrhea of the mouth surrounded by an all-you-can-eat buffet of open microphones, than as a persecuted muslima mom behind bars in an orange jumpsuit. If she is ever forced out of Congress it will be at the hands of her fellow Democrats desperate to end the publicity nightmare.

    • The moon, exactly correct.

      She and Rachida are breaking all laws, like Hussein and who will dare take them to court?

  3. I think she is doing damage to the country. She has become a catalyst for yet more angry rhetoric. It is her extremist positions and Anti-Americanism that has caused people to be hostile to her, but the left deliberately turns this into accusations of racism by Trump and his many supporters. It is not racism, but they will repeat this over and over again. The woman is destructive. I would like to see her charged for her crimes.

  4. I don’t like conspiracy theories because they are post-facto explanations of facts and events. And like any other post-facto explanation, there is no real basis for deciding between the conspiracy theory and a alternative, less malevolent theory.

    For instance, we see the case that leftists who flagrantly break the laws are routinely not prosecuted. We saw this in the Washington DC Antifa insurrection, the Charlottesville Antifa assault, the videotaped mob attacks on individual demonstrators or journalists, the Jesse Mollet fraud, the FBI and Justice Department perjury and withholding of exculpatory evidence, and on and on and on.

    So, can we attribute this to a general zeitgeist that is easy on leftists, or to an organized, well-funded campaign by the Soros groups to fund justice officials and states attorneys who refuse to prosecute criminals, especially leftist political criminals? And we know that Soros funding supports the organization and equipping of Antifa street thugs, and most likely the John Brown gun clubs devoted to arming and training violent leftists. Is Soros willy-nilly funding anything leftist and Marxist, or does he have an integrated plan he is following? Soros is a billionaire one order of magnitude richer than billionaire Donald Trump. Except that Trump got his billions actually building things. while Soros manipulated currencies and pension funds. So, Soros is more than able to plan several moves ahead, as in 3-D chess…or 4-D chess.

    So, my ex-post-facto conspiracy theory is that cases like Jesse Smollet and Ilhan Omar are a dress rehearsal, confirming that police and prosecutors will not interfere with the violent breaking up of Republican or nationalist campaign rallies and events or violent attacks on campaign workers. Among other things, this will illustrate to Trump supporters that Trump is incapable of even providing fundamental justice, let alone do anything about immigration, legal or illegal.

    The whole scenario calls into mind Allinsky’s Rules for Radicals or Malik’s “The Quranic Concept of War”. Both prescribe the lowering of confidence in the present government as a way to move forward.

  5. The self-righteous posturing of “the squad” is both funny and repellent to watch. It is as though the entire history of European settlement and nation building in America is seen by these “justice warriors” as some sort of vast racialized crime. Hence their constant harping on racism, “white supremacy” and insane characterization of border facilities as concentration camps with agents cast as “nazis.” This type of historically illiterate, brain-dead BS demonstrates the type of infantile thinking that informs a lot of their commentary.

    Omar and co are only able to operate as they do because the institutions that enable them were founded on laws, customs and a cultural imperative that was intrinsically European in spirit… instituting a hard won liberty that was the culmination of long political struggle. Attempts by elements on the Left to discredit history using “racism” as a pretext is a bit like a lunatic cutting off his nose to spite his face. It is guaranteed to usher in something a whole lot worse.

    • America like many countries but specifically America is now a broken country and I think no way back. This follows something very simple to understand. Nearly half the population would not accept result of an election, that of Nov 2016.

      The same process is at play in Britain. Britain is broken due to half of the population not accepting result of election.

      Respect for elections goes back in America to 18th century. In Britain even further, to 12th century.

      Talk as much as they like…there will be no way back from this.

  6. If Ilhan Omar was any more related to herself, she’d be an honorary hillbilly.

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