Gavin Boby: Islam in England

Gavin Boby is an English lawyer who is best-known for his “Mosquebusters” operation, which has racked up numerous successes in preventing the construction of mosques by using legal appeals before planning commissions.

In the following series of four videos, Mr. Boby discusses the current state of England under the Islamic onslaught. I wholeheartedly agree with his basic tenet: “Things that cannot continue forever, will not continue forever.” When the change finally comes it will be dramatic and sudden, but neither he nor I is willing to predict exactly when it will happen. The situation is too stochastic to be predictable.

I’ve put videos 2-4 below the fold, so that our main page will not load so slowly for people who have bandwidth issues. People like us, for example.

1: The problem

2: Why are the politicians siding against us?

3: Why are we letting the politicians do this to us?

4: Why should the English survive?

For more on Gavin Boby and the Law and Freedom Foundation, see the Law and Freedom Foundation Archives.

13 thoughts on “Gavin Boby: Islam in England

  1. HM Government have decided that Cnristianity and the Church but also democracy be replaced by a system more suited to their tastes. It is called The Lancaster Plan and was exposed by a counter intelligence supposedly “spoof” article in New English Review. I checked this information out thoroughly in UK and US sources. Other intelligence sources I have also confimed these findings. People are simply too naive and trusting to believe the so called Establishment could be so evil and keeep voting for them. They are as bad as I state. Whether the Queen is involved I have strong doubts she would risk her throne but Chrales is another matter, known for his sympathies for Islam.

    No the plan is to change the country’s people and religion. I first heard about it in 1997 from my old tutor at UCL. Blair was involved but it actually dates back to the 1920’s and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office ‘Camel Corps” and diplomats fixated on Oriental culture. Many were Fabians too in league with Hassan al Banna and the dreaded “Iqwan” aka Moslem Brotherhood.

    These elements allied to ex -Nazi converts to Islam after fleeeing the Allies in 1945 to Syria and Egypt were also behind the EU and the Treaty of Rome via Bilderberg and its Dutch royal founder.

    Today we see the results.

    • But surely the elites don’t want to live in the resulting “civilization” that would emerge from the Lancaster Plan. What would be the value of being an elite in a [sump]? Who wants to be an elite in a country without high-brow endeavors? Art, the symphony, the ballet, etc. etc. Surely these people can see that being King of a [dungheap] is nothing at all.

      • You are assuming that the King himself has not changed his tastes. That is the problem with the slow boiling of the frog. Everything will seem normal once Islam takes over and just as it should be.

        • No. The issue is about far more than taste. I’m not referring to taste. I’m referring to human endeavor. Humanity is too broad in its creative energy for an Islamic world. Islam is too narrow and confining for the sum total of human expressiveness.

      • I am quite convinced of the theory myself as a kind of blinded tunnel vision on a future where a new kind of global aristocracy controls the whole planet, but because the west’s “aristocrats” are so detached and spoiled rotten without purpose and a spiritual guidance to frame their actions, they’re also too fooled by their own greed or blind to the reality that there is ZERO chance they will somehow become the aristocratic rulers of a pliable and compliant Muslim people, regardless of whether they convert or not. They’re simply the useful idiot traitors they are, who will always get slaughtered regardless of who wins because no one likes traitors, especially the ones they helped, because they more than anyone know just what treasonous untrustworthy snakes that will betray you that they are.

        It’s really the only thing that seems to make the slightest sense to me, because when you follow the basic advice that was given by someone to figure out why something is done, to “follow the money” you start realizing the at Muslim/Arab oil money is essentially everywhere after the housing fraud, called a bubble, which I am starting to think was not all that accidental at all in retrospect on who and what was recommended as remedy and who authorized it … Obama.

      • Actually, they do. They’re waiting for the right moment to profess the Shahada and become Muslims.

        It is not that they have any religious beliefs themselves. It is that Islam is useful to them. To be so, it is not necessary that Islam be true or that they believe it to be true.

        What matters is that the elites can use Islam to legitimise their lust for power and dominion and for every kind of sexual depravity.

        • No. There’s too much human energy and intellect to be satisfied for long with sexual depravity. Not to mention that at some point someone has to code, draft, build, litigate, etc. etc. It’s almost as if the Lancaster Plan has not been subject to what we writers refer to as “world building” in a novel. It’s radically incomplete and out of sync with the reality of human nature in some fundamental way.

  2. Islam is a totalitarian religion. And its supporters almost always favor oppressive government. With only a couple of exceptions, countries with a majority of muslims have socialist economies. That’s why the Democrats in the USA are constantly trying to bring more muslims into the USA. As a result, we now have members of the House of Representatives like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who want to greatly expand the reach of government and suppress the religious freedom of Christians and Jews.

  3. What I believe it all comes down to is the question of Individual v. Collective. Darwin began the debate by saying there is no god and we are the product of random chance evolution with morality an adaptive process that would bring man up from the animals and allow for growth, development and eventual civilization. The Lenin decried our continued worship of God and demanded that the State be worshipped instead as the source of everything needful as the individual counted for nothing unless the individual served the State. Then during the 60s the mantra became ‘serve and worship yourself’ and look out for number one because no one else would or will. Now it is ‘grab all the ‘gusto’ you can as society has degenerated into an assorted collection of hedonistic pursuits, which of course is encouraged by the elite as the pursuit of pleasure is making them and their multinational corporations wealthy and powerful.
    Against that backdrop anyone who would argue for the individual, Judeo-Christian ethics and morality, and the individual’s accountability to other for the consequences of their behavior is now regarded as a traitor to the new paradigm and the preaching of the Gospel as fomenting sedition. What comes to mind as an archetype is the struggle of the Rebellion against the Empire in the Star Wars saga in which the Force is the Holy Spirit who empowers believing Christians and the Dark Side as Satan who empowers those who have given themselves over to the pursuit of their lusts for money, power etc. while fashioning a totalitarian society in which there will be no disagreement, only a collective compliance with pleasures rationed out to those whose conduct has shown them to be the most trustworthy and without any individual thoughts or aspirations. Yes, truly a miry swamp of human refuse as civilization collapses, not with a bang but with a whimper.

  4. Boby is right to stop mosque construction, but the UK should also eject imams and other trouble makers. Ultimately, the best solution is to have Muslims ignore Islam.

    In the US, there are no efforts to curtail the construction of mosques, madrassas, cultural centers, etc., because “freedom of religion.” It’s a dangerous game we’re playing.

  5. I can’t say that I agree with Boby’s analysis. For example, he asserts that politicians are implementing Islam and immigration as a means to increase their own power and to make the population more compliable to totalitarian control.

    This assertion assumes that politicians always want totalitarian control, and that they purposely dissolve social and national bounds to do so. However, this has not always been the case. Up until 1965, politicians had consciously worked to keep the US mainly white and European. Therefore, the explanation for why the current government is so compliant to immigration and Islamic intrusion has to be separate from a general assumption of a drive for power by politicians.

    It seems to me the question of what caused the political classes to implement the influx is different from the question of what is the best response to it. The larger a government is, the more remote from the people the politicians are, and the more powerful the bureaucrats are. In a large, unwieldy system, the protected bureaucrats are the ones who control the laws.

    Probably the most effective counter to immigration and Islam is the advance of nationalism. One component of nationalism is the existence of smaller, more homogeneous, autonomous states. I notice that part 2 of the so-called Lancester Plan is to break up Britain into separate, autonomous enclaves formerly known as Scotland, Wales, etc. In fact, the breakup of large regions actually adds to the stability of the whole. I’ll make the analogy to a ship composed of watertight, separated compartments. The theory is, if a compartment becomes flooded or damaged, it does not necessarily bring down the other components because of the watertight walls between them. This was the theory of the Titanic, which unfortunately, did not design complete sealing off of the components.

    Anyway, an example of this is Hungary, which asserted its nationalism and independence from the EU by refusing immigrants. Another example is that of Denmark, right next to Sweden, which has emphatically rejected more immigration and which has closed its borders to Sweden, as Sweden is rapidly going down the tubes with unlimited immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

    It may very well be that Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, will vote to abolish themselves. But the existence of even one autonomous region (say, Northern Ireland, which values its English heritage) remains nationalist, it will have a large leveraging effect.

    • As I recall, Denmark also closed (or at least hardened) its border with Germany due to migration. It is fortunate for Denmark, too, that the dissatisfied enrichers can mosey on over the bridge to Sweden and disappear. A handy bolthole.

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