The Ascendancy of Shariah in the UK

In the following video, a British woman explains the extent to which shariah has already become the law of the land in the UK, superseding English Common Law.

I don’t know who she is, but maybe some of our British readers can identify her:

Hat tip: Gaius Agricola.

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    Perhaps a Swedish reader can help ypu –
    if the Baron is too lazy to do it himself.

    The Baron writes:
    “I don’t know who she is, but maybe some
    of our British readers can identify her”

    Does it matter who she is: name, adress

    Undoubtedly she is a courageous person having an You Tube channel called


    with 14 037 ubscribers:

    She defines herself as:

    British/Danish woman, wife and mother. proud to be white, proud of my ancient
    Danish family. Proud of my British heritage.

    Visit her place – there is a lot of nteresting and useful things.

    And do also visit:

    • Seems to me her nom de plume, “Secret Sources” indicate that she doesn’t want to be identified. So, it would be a positive service, even if someone recognized her, to not publish her name.

      In any case, I’m sure she’ll be tracked down by the Queen’s constabulary, taking a needed break from their difficult, dangerous, and career-threatening work of tracking down Muslim rapists, pedophiles, and street criminals.

      • I believe you may have misprinted your post. I believe you meant to pen “their career advancing work of promoting Muslim rape gangs, and protecting Islamic rites so that Muslims may conduct with impunity what is criminal behavior under other moral codes.”

  2. The comments below the video show that it has touched a nerve in an audience that feels betrayed and voiceless.
    Consider this comment from Rickon Stahl:

    “Everything you have said here is the truth!! For months now, there have been printed, laminated signs in most of the bus stops in Alum Rock, Saltley, Nechells and Lozells in Birmingham, West Midlands, stating: “SHARIAH CONTROLLED AREA: NO WHITES ALLOWED HERE AFTER SUNDOWN”. Complaints have been made and the local city council and bus company keeps taking these signs down, but our invited guests keep replacing them. Mosque ‘wardens’ continually patrol around the area, telling white people to stop drinking, smoking, or eating food near the mosque… and white women are told to cover up or get out of the area. If they see anyone filming on a phone in these areas you will be attacked and your phone smashed. How long will the local councilors and politicians go on lying about this… there ARE ‘no go areas’ for whites in many English towns and cities now!!

    • It would be helpful to have photos of such signs to spread around the internet.

    • I don’t smoke, and I’m not sure about local laws forbidding consumption of alcoholic beverages on the streets, but I’d rather like the thought of a bacon butty party outside that mosque. I wonder whether the police would find something arrestworthy about it?

    • How long will the local councilors …go on lying? I would imagine the local councilors are Muslims. They move into an area en masse, elect local councilors and change the law. Then they stand for election in Parliament to change the nations law. You see it happening in US with this Omar woman and others. There is only one way to prevent this. Massive police (i.e. indigenous police)presence/Removal of signs, enforced compliance with UK Law and proscribing Sharia Law. Deportation of offenders.

  3. Commenters address her as Dionne.
    She explains in her video, “A Change is Coming”, that she is speaking from Denmark.

  4. .
    same theme – same plague

    An obviously important book depicting Islam’s planned and already ongoing conquest of Western Europe – not only Sweden

    Is Sweden ‘Ground Zero’ for Islam in Europe?


    Holy White Lies – Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden

    Sameh Egyptson, religious researcher at Lund University, presents his smoking fresh book about the Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden.

    “Every party official should have a copy”
    wrote the Svenska dagbladet in their review:
    Per Gudmundson:So the Social Democrats were infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood

    – unfortunately locked! – but you can read a Google translation
    which will be added later

    The author’s press release follows:

    The White Lie is a translation of a fatwa in Arabic, Al-Kedhb al-Abyad, issued by the theologian Yusuf al-Qaradawi, president of the European Fatwar Council (ECFR).

    Al-Qaradawi and his companions are part of one of the world’s greatest movements, the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a controversial movement that has managed to go all the way to state positions in many Muslim countries and has official and unofficial relationships with many politicians and religious authorities worldwide.
    At the same time, the organization is identified as one of the largest greenhouses for terrorist organizations and terrorists. In Sweden, the Islamic Federation with links to the Muslim Brotherhood through its subsidiary organizations has created a network that in the media has had to represent Muslims in a total of 8 out of 10 cases.

    In 2016, the Federation and its sub-organizations managed to get over SEK 300 million in contributions from the Swedish state.

    The study has just under 900 footnotes to mainly primary sources. To a large extent, material has been obtained from public state archives.

    The book cargo for the Egyptian editions (both Arabic and English version) to Sweden is stopped by the Egyptian security police.

    However, it is released on Google Books in English and Arabic.

  5. Dionne is an ex-police officer and had worked in Leicestershire Constabulary.
    Tommy Robinson’s arrest last May is what motivated her, as she was disgusted and furious as Tommy was not inciting, not breach of peace, and Dionne herself made a formal complaint to the police over TR’s arrest.


    That was the start of Dionne’s awakening.
    She had been doing video’s of her favourite interests, but from Tommy’s arrest a year ago, her video’s have became more active.
    A list of her videos here…

    I hope that she can continue with the knowledge and wisdom she has.
    Also that Youtube in its deletion of “blasphemous” “hate” “seditious” videos and already complaints from a year ago, from her first activist video, that it may be a rush to see her videos, and/or move copies of them to another safer site.

    It is with appreciation to Baron & Dymphna, for bringing their knowledge, with wisdom, and encompassing love.
    That shows a way, with dedication, a motivation, that I feel makes me resilient, though not as powerful, but to even quietly continue on with confidence, telling others of the situation, about valuing free speech, hate speech, etc. and the linked up opposing forces, and then to cut through the academia, politicians and media nonsense on so many situations, and to still stay true. Thank you!

    • She wasn’t wise to put he golliwog there; it only gives people an excuse to shout “waycist!” (not that they need much).

      • Hello Mark, Hope you are well. I think you will find that the inclusion of the Golliwog was an “Up Yours” to the PC/MC race baiters who seem to think they own the airwaves.

        • I am, thanks Peter; hope you are too. Must admit this hadn’t occurred to me.

          • I saw a lovely post on Facebook a few days back. A guy says, I want a tattoo of the man from the Jam. He ends up with a tattoo of a Golliwog and says, “It doesn’t look a bit like Paul Weller.”

    • Glad to see you can still access Gates of Vienna in Oz. I’ll bet we’ve been blocked in NZ.

      Have you noticed that Australia is much like the US while New Zealand is your Canada?

  6. I used to watch her stuff on You Tube. But she seems to believe anything. When she came out supporting the holocaust-denying author David Irving I went right off her.
    I think she is naive rather downright nasty like Irvine. But I suggest people watch her very carefully indeed.

  7. Do you have a link with evidence of her support of David Irving? I’m not implying that she does not. However, when a claim is asserted, evidence is the best way to persuade.

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