Sheep to the Slaughter

That’s what these clueless students remind me of. They attend a Catholic school in Brazil, and have been betrayed by their teachers and school administrators, whether the pedagogues and functionaries realize it or not. Not only have the Catholic authorities been gulled into allowing an imam onto the premises for an “interfaith” event, but the wily Muslim has used the occasion to lead the children in a recitation of the first chapter of the Koran, which specifically denigrates Jews and Christians.

The students haven’t a clue, but you can bet that any Muslim who watches this video grasps the full significance of the moment.

Many thanks to Ibn Al-Malek for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   In the name of Allah, the beneficent and merciful
00:06   Praise be to Allah
00:10   Lord of all the worlds
00:16   the beneficent, the merciful,
00:22   Sovereign of the Day of Judgement,
00:29   It is you we worship
00:35   and it is you we seek for help.
00:43   Guide us
00:46   to the straight path,
00:52   the path of those
00:55   upon whom you have bestowed favor [the Muslims],
01:04   not of those,
01:07   not those who have evoked your anger [referring to the Jews],
01:16   and those who have gone astray [referring to the Christians].
01:25   Amen.
01:32   [Applause]

12 thoughts on “Sheep to the Slaughter

  1. There are many religions on this planet but t what other religion is so insecure that it obsesses this much about others?

    • Because it has nothing to offer other than a means for sociopaths and psychopaths to satiate their blood lust. Show me one successful country based on the tenets of Islam. It doesn’t exist because it is a religion meant for troglodytes and nincompoops.

      Imagine a world where desert savages like the Saudis and the Qataris had not found oil under their beds that the Kuffars dug up for them. They would still be living in tents and riding camels.

      God has a sense of humour: he gave them oil and the industry that depends on oil to us.

      • There are plenty of other places with oil, USA included. Of course, primarily, the Saudi oil was cheap to drill. But most importantly, the area was controlled by “kings riding camels” so it was easy for the US oil mafia to artificially create the “oil rich middle east” as we know it today. There is whole politics of dependency tied into it.

        Lenin said that the communists will hang the capitalists on ropes they will buy from the capitalists. The Saudis are just required to sell their oil for Dollars, so they build mosques with those Dollars.

        • If the mid-20th century US and UK leaders had any intelligence they would have immediately focused on colonizing the Ghawar field in the years following WW2, say 1945-48.

          The US had the heavy lift capability, air conditioning technology, and nuclear weapons to pull off this colonization totally unopposed. Imagine what a world this would have been!

          Instead, we have this ludicrous situation where the natives of places like Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain are allowed to keep their unearned oil wealth and use it to fund the spread of the Islamic cancer within the West. It is even more ludicrous when one considers that the Western expats in these countries outnumber the natives 10 and 12:1.

          • LOL. It is even more ludicrous that westerners outstrip natives Ten and twelve to one?

            You mean essentially the same sort of people who run the EU and welcome the Islamic cancer?

            What is preventing you from surmising the answer to the following question? Exactly which power hungry group is it that is using oil wealth to spread the Islamic cancer throughout the West?

            A reader might think that you are inclined to believe it is the Qataris et alii alone. For then it is so much easier to sit back and wait for your representatives to “awaken” and save your society.

            If so, I am certain that the wrong entity has been identified as asleep.

  2. Love your last line that God has s sense of humor. He gave them oil and the industry that depend on oil to us. How true. How true. God does have a sense of humor and this proves it. [obscene intensifier]ing injects (Irish for idiots) they are.

  3. Why would the mosque pull this video? It would be enlightening to hear the imam’s explanation for that. What could he possibly say? If his actions in enjoining these students to disparage what is most probably their own faith were so benign, why not leave the video up so that all can see? For that matter, if this recitation is so beneficent, why not circulate it more widely?

    Most likely he’ll cite “hateful” comments and “Islamophobia” as he denies blame and deflects criticism.

    As for these young students, I guess that “Critical Thinking” hasn’t yet been included in their required courses.

  4. Cool. I’m surprised the Imam didn’t have them cite the shahada. Then, they’d all legally be Muslims, with the death penalty for continuing the practice of their previous religion.

    On another thread, I commented that the Catholic Church is finished as an institution if it tries to be a global, rather than local, religion. The church to attract world contributions, rather than, say, Italian or European contributions, has to dilute its message and tolerate widely divergent philosophies only tangential to the original teachings of the church.

    The church already is headed by a South American liberation theologist (nominally Christian Marxist).

    What real Catholic, familiar with the history of the church and the conflicts with Islam, is going to invite an imam to preach in a Catholic setting? It’s crazy. It’s like an Orthodox schul inviting an evangelical Christian priest to deliver prayers. There is a history. It’s not like Orthodox treat Christians badly in life, but there is a boundary.

  5. Salaams y’all,

    Like Joram van Klaveren, I used to take a similar view of Islam, based on particular preconceptions that seemed logical enough, as all of you. Like him I also saw differently once I researched history, theology and the underlying spirituality independently.

    Whilst there is not complete agreement amongst all the Ulema that these lines refer specifically to Judaism and the Christians, I am amongst those individuals that feel it makes sense that it does indeed do that.

    As such I believe it may not have been the most sensitive thing for this Imam to have done this without explaining the context and potential meanings. But insofar as Islam is critical of:

    -the Jews for not accepting Jesus (ohbp) as the true Messiah, as Muslims agree with Christians about, and
    – the Christians for saying the man Jesus (ohbp) is also God, as Muslims agree with Jews (and many early Christians, like the Ebionites) that this is just wrong,

    ….I’m not sure the need to be too triggered by this. Yes the religions disagree with each other, yes this critique of it’s brother Abrahamisms is quite open in Islam.

    I hope the moderators of this site have the integrity to publish this comment. I look forward to civil and constructive dialogue to help us all see beyond our prejudices.

    Yours in Faith,
    Isma’il Chan

    • How about beheading others, stoning them, advocating torture and the submission of women? Do these actions “trigger” you?

      I wasn’t prejudiced against Islam until I began to study it. There is no “civil and constructive dialogue” to be had with a belief system which is founded on submission and conversion and death for apostasy.

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