Culture-Enrichers vs. the Spitting Teacher

This is a tale of two videos from Vienna. The first is an edited, pixelated, and sanitized version of the second.

The story concerns a teacher at school in Vienna whose classroom was full of belligerent, abusive, violent migrants. After a long series of deliberate provocations by the young thugs, the teacher reacted by spitting in the face of one of them. After that it was determined that he did not “meet the teaching qualifications” required by the school, and he was let go.

If it were not for a viral video of what happened, the incident might have ended there. However, the existence of the video meant that the Austrian media had to report on the “spitting teacher”, pre-digesting the events and presenting them in such a way that the violent migrants became puir wee bairns who had been victimized by the teacher.

The first video below shows an MSM report with snips from the edited and sanitized video, along with interviews and commentary about what happened. The second video is an unedited copy of the original viral video.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating the first video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2 (needs no translation):

Our Hungarian correspondent László, who tipped us to the second video, sends his take on what happened at the HTL Ottakring School:

Poor Vienna, how I liked it twenty years ago; I am so sad about losing it. For us Hungarians they are almost like our brothers. We call the Austrians our “brothers-in-law” (sógorok).

I think this is an example of the next stage of the local Islamic conquest: the transference of guilt and power. In this process the kafirs get the guilt, the muslims get the power in exchange. The muslims bully someone out of their soul and body and the bitter reaction of that kafir victim (who in this case indeed looks like a cornered dog in the videos) then becomes the pretense and justification for the further violent “backlash”. Nothing new; this is the old Pallywood game.

Reading the Austrian media, this is exactly what happened here: their headlines highlighted how this teacher was violent and spat on the “innocent migrants” (who cannot even be named, but everybody knows who they are), implying that this is “the cause of one altercation”. After all, do not you find it suspicious that now the entire Austrian globalist mainstream media is loudly talking about a violent story involving migrants? They used to hide these stories. It is not just Strache — he could not possibly unbend the warped evil Marxist media in such a short time. It is all about the guilt turned back on the good old Austrians: “He, the Austrian teacher” (note, also an authority figure from a Marxist point of view), “provoked those poor bastards — so he had it coming.” And this moral of the story is aired by loudspeakers for all the new dhimmis of Vienna so that they know their place.

This means that now a lot of Austrians will think twice before they dare to physically protect themselves and others against muslims. So the educational power of the story goes deep down into the nervous system and muscles of the inhabitants of Vienna, weakening them in their ability to fight back — speaking from a kinesiology perspective. In general, I noticed that muslims shape the actual “physical” battlefield in advance with psychological and political methods before they enter it and start to really attack on a bigger scale, and the above is just one example of these methods. Now many mohammedans got the green light in Vienna; the hunting season has been officially opened.

Note that Islam has not even been mentioned in the German media. The highest conceptual level they can grasp and talk about is “migrants”. So even if they manage to talk about it, they are missing the root cause.

Video transcript:

00:00   Vienna — Teacher Spits in Student’s Face
00:05   Leave the classroom! Out! Out!
00:12   This video went viral today. It shows students provoking a teacher.
00:15   The teacher spits on the student,
00:18   and the student becomes violent. This happened at
00:21   the HTL Ottakring School. The class representatives
00:24   have known about the problems between the students and the teacher for awhile now.
00:29   There have already been a few videos showing incidents with students from the same class.
00:34   The same students. It has just been escalating. It was obvious that something would happen,
00:42   but no one imagined that something like this would happen.
00:46   The previously posted videos are shocking enough.
00:50   Here a student rolls himself a joint next to the teacher, and another time
00:54   the teacher is pelted with paper balls. A further video shows
00:59   the students becoming violent when the teacher attempts to take a fellow student to the principal.
01:03   Why wasn’t anything done sooner?
01:07   Unfortunately, in this case, we already suspected that the teacher’s qualifications
01:11   were not sufficient for teaching.
01:14   That was my opinion and I also shared this view with my superiors,
01:17   along with a request to end his contract,
01:20   or at least not renew his contract. —It was already planned that the teacher
01:23   would be leaving at the end of the school year.
01:26   The students in question will attend a disciplinary conference.

24 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers vs. the Spitting Teacher

  1. You cannot teach morons with 1400 years of inbred stupidity. There is no tradition of Western style learning and empirical objective observation in Islam. It is and always was a backward, aggressive, vile assault upon Humanity. This is why the Communist scum love it. It is just like them.
    Feelings and personal want in the now is all. The level of the bestial-violent, envious, unsustainable arrogance based solely on their own self-centred sense of worth with nothing to back it up and their warped world view. Both are the result of huge senses of self-entitlement and the need to destroy everything and anything they envy. Their motto “I can’t have so you can’t have it.

    The envious Saraceni could not withstand the idea of a Jewish Messiah with ideas light years away from anything these armpit sniffers were incapable of thinking up….

    So they invented their own travesty of an Arab “Jesus” named MHMD- a violent, materialist, greed soaked envious sexualised thug that perfectly reflected and embodied their outlook. Same with the Communist-more armpit sniffers. He was called Marx. Then their was Hitler. Same creed, same envy.

    Their envy has killed the following numbers.

    Islamic war on west 400,000,000’s
    30,00,000’s in India alone

    Socialist War on West 140,000,000’s
    8,000,000’s in Ukraine
    6,000,000’s in Europe
    90,000, 000’s in WW2 general war.
    4,000,000’s in Iraq since 2003.

    They never change.

  2. Difficult to watch without feeling very angry. How on earth did this teacher work in such circumstances. Little wonder he lost his temper. I wonder what he was trying to teach this scum of the earth?

  3. Are normal Austrians and Germans now going to refuse to teach these animals? I wouldn’t enter a classroom that was full of them, especially knowing that there will be no support from the school management when they start assaulting teachers.

    • John- you are so right. At the very least, the teacher should have had a chair and a whip when he entered his classroom.

      Notice what happens: the teacher loses his job and the savage criminal thugs “will” attend a disciplinary conference. What a sick joke!

      Instead of rewarding the thugs, the teacher should have been allowed to keep his job and been given instructions on how to physically defend himself, including with a weapon, preferably a gun. (if guns are still allowed?).

      The savage thugs should have been taken to jail and treated as criminal adults which they obviously are.

      • There is no way that PC Germany will ever allow a teacher to bring a weapon, especially a gun, into the classroom. One hundred German teachers can be knifed to death in their classrooms by their Muslim pupils and the German government would still not allow teachers to carry any weapons to protect themselves from their students.

        It’s like lambs to the slaughter. These Muslims cannot believe their good luck that they wound up in a place where they, as refugees, are the kings.

      • Older pictures / illustrations of lion tamers show them with a chair, a whip … and a holstered pistol on their hip !

  4. It is a complete farce for any civilized Western, European or American school system to try to “educate” or indoctrinate the barbarian savages. There is nothing you can do to change these vile young men and the teacher should have known better than to get into the room, unarmed, with a bunch of thugs who were only there to beat him up.

    The Communist/ Leftist /Progressive make believe teachers lost their souls a long time ago, at least here in New York and in the other blue liberal states. They are in it for the money, from kindergarten through the last years of college. Very little education gets done. It’s all about training the children from infancy to be good Leftist drones who only think good thoughts.

    I’m sorry, maybe I’m being too harsh, but I don’t feel sorry for the teacher in this video. If he really believed that he had a chance in hell of helping these young savages, he is obviously a fool.

    He and his fellow teachers should have banded together by now and simply refused to risk their lives in this fashion. Instead, they are cowards. I’d like to interview the guy in this video and ask him what he thinks of all that cultural enrichment by the immigrant savages.

    • Maybe in some schools, they get to train the children to be good drones, but in any mixed or inner city middle or high school, no such luck….as “teaching.” And admin will not even remove the kids. Guess who’s side they’re on? You’re told “the students have to stay in the classroom,” as if they are gaining something besides bullying skills.

      One class I observed, on an off period, was math, which they didn’t like. A group of 4–5 students sat up front and were taught by the teacher. The remaining 25 or so gathered in the back with music on, dancing, and playing cards.

      There happened to be an Acorn (remember them?) office in the next block, and we were warned continuously not to take the students out of the room for any reason, for fear of lawsuits. Just one of many, sad stories any teacher could tell, all from the Big Book of How the Left Ruined Education.

  5. László has a good sense of what is going on.
    I know it is a little off topic but it has triggered for me much of what we are up against, as there is an “obtuse” parallel, which authorities often do.

    “Police are all about keeping you safe and make you feel safe.” seems to be the new job description. yeah right.
    So what are the police looking for? When they arrive, armed on your door step, wanting to question one about a face book post.

    “New Zealand should be the safest country in the world”. Police Mission Statement. Tyrannical governments achieve this, by their authorities, hauling away anyone they do not like, just like that teacher was.

  6. “The class representatives have known about the problems between the students and the teacher for awhile now. There have already been a few videos showing incidents with students from the same class. The same students. It has just been escalating. It was obvious that something would happen, but no one imagined that something like this would happen.”

    What an incredible lack of imagination and understanding of human nature to not imagine something like this would happen. Once these punks get away with one smaller thing they’ll escalate it to the next level, and and on up until they are stopped. I, personally, wouldn’t be surprised if a teacher is knifed by one of these Muslim students in the classroom. And, of course, the school throws the teacher under the bus. It would be Islamophobic to do the right thing and condemn the disrespectful violent students who caused the problem to begin with.

    These future Germans will only cause problems while they are in Europe, they will only take from the system while giving nothing but grief in return. They should be deported for their violent attitudes and criminal aggression but instead they have been supported while the teacher pays the price. Of course these useless students have learned a valuable lesson in that classroom: They can be the aggressor yet be treated as the victim. Their sense of invulnerability and entitlement has just gone up another notch because they learned that they can get away with it.

    I doubt that these future Germans will, as Merkel said, save the German pension system while it’s quite obvious that they’ll be sucking the German Welfare system dry for decades to come.

  7. The holocaust in India was conducted over an 800 year span. Islam repeatedly raided and killed hundreds of thousands of Hindu peoples over and over again. How many raids? Countless. A closer estimate of the population wiped out by these wars of attrition would be between 200,000,000 to 800,000,000.

    The Muslims wiped entire villages out all over the Indian world. They destroyed most of their temples and any significant edifice so that there is hardly anything of their culture left to tell the story of the Indian brilliant culture and accomplishments.

    The partition of East and West Pakistan from India in 1947 tells of the Islamic success in almost destroying India. As it is, there are over 100,000,000 Muslims in India today.
    Go to the Israel wire story of April 26, 2015 and read the story.

    • How these figures grow as they bounce arond the internet.

      Bill Warner’s estimate of 80m Hindus and 10m Buddhists are in line with earlier claims by writers like Durrant, Elst and Lal.

      Can you provide a source for the Israel wire story? I couldn’t find it.

  8. We desperately need the final (non-killing) solution to Islam. It is a world poison that has lasted long enough. The only way to do this is to totally avoid all interactions with them: no trade, buying or selling, no cultural or artistic or educational or economic or religious or sporting or travel or tourist interactions at all. We shouldn’t be allied with the Saudis or Iran or Qatar or Egypt or any of them. But, of course, this gets into the real-politic argument and this is a tough one. Also, if the world goes for a total shunning strategy as above, what do we do militarily after we are attacked or terrorized….just lie there and take it? I do not know these answers, but we can’t continue for another thousand years breathing this Islamic toxin. We are not total masochists.

    • There is no permanent solution to islam other than the kinetic one. It is us or them, and we in the West are not yet at the point where such thoughts are acceptable. Does anyone with a brain doubt the hardcore islamists would hesitate to use nukes or biological weapons against us if they had them?

      Islam is a religion structurally incapable of reform or being reformed, and the most rabid of its adherents also happen to be its most profligate. Any western country with a muslim infestation will be replaced with mathematical certainty through demographics alone, without any further action on the part of muslims. Prosperity is somewhat of an antidote, but Turkey should be an object lesson to its ultimate futility when the most venal and ruthless also happen to be the most successful at clawing their way to the top of the political system and then inflicting their will upon a previously secular people.

      Islam is a cancer upon civilization, and as a cancer there can be no half measures if one wishes to be rid of it.

        • That is why I clarified my assertion as “hardcore islamists”. Pakistan’s leaders, as dysfunctional as they are, still possess some level of rationality since they are leaders of a nation state and therefore belong to the good ole boy’s club. Iran also falls into the same category in my opinion, because the leadership does actually have a functioning nation with a veneer of theology.

          What worries me is the true believers, the ones who make up the membership of ISIS or Al Qaeda, and their theological allies who don’t have to concern themselves with the practical issues of running a country and dealing with rival countries. They have nothing to lose by using such weapons, which thankfully they do not yet have since the resources required (for nukes at least) for their development are beyond the abilities of amateur and even professional terrorist organizations. The leadership of a nation on the other hand, has to worry about losing their privileged position since they would most assuredly lose their country if they were to use a nuke or two on the US or Israel.

  9. islam was built on kufr genocide. By the way has the age of these students ever been verified? They have a twenty something age look to them. Perhaps they were held back many, many years? Dental exam time.

    • Europe may be destroying itself or it may rally in time, in fact the burgeoning political representation of nationalist parties gives cause for hope, but it definitely is not yet destroyed. Do you think this defeatism helps?

  10. This is an Occupational Health and safety issue. The teacher should never have been put in this situation. They should expel the students, not let go the teacher.

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